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Honda Fit Wheels and Tires



  • How many miles can be expected out of those Bridgestone WS-60's? I will extreme commuting about 150 miles a day back and forth from Detroit next winter and I am planning ahead...wheels, and then eventually tires for the steel wheels. We all know the kind of weather Detroit offers.
  • Pete, I have a set of 4 14" steel wheels coming my way for my Fit Sport. I will use them for dedicated snow tires as well. Bought them on eBay today.

    Love my Fit - Too bad I am going to drive it into the ground starting July 1st!
  • Richard,

    Sounds like you are set for winter. If you go to and input your make and model (Honda) (FIT) (Sport) then you will find that the recommended snow tire for the car is the one that I got. I got my wheel/tire set from the Honda dealer in Kamloops B.C. I found later that the same set from Tirerack would have cost almost 200 bucks less. We still have this weird price differential from the states in Canada. It was snowing tonite on the way home though and the tires were great. The WS-60s are third generation Blizzaks and I think they got it right. If you peruse the tire tests they do on Tirerack you will notice that the Blizzak will out perform the Michelin Ice-X among others and gets first place in the comparisons. Tirerack actually rented a skating rink and did acelleration tests, braking tests and a slalom to get the ratings. The Michelins came in third!?!?! The baseline tire was a winter tire that was studded. It came last in all the testing! Go figure. It goes to show the technology payoff in the new winter tires.

    Cheers, Pete
  • >> Do you notice much difference with the 14" vice the 15"? >What is the bolt pattern<<
    Pretty much a non-issue if you stick to Honda small car specs, same wheel. That is why a lot of us Sport owners have locking lugnuts. The kiddo's can use our Fit Sport wheels on their low end Civics.

    Unless you live on a street that is seldom plowed, try to stick with the recommended snow tires sizes from the various vendors. If it is not plowed, look at an SUV.

    Mike C.
  • I have a set of Blizzack 185 60 15 on my 2005 Scion and I'm in my 3rd winter with them. I drove 112 miles/day for the 1st 2 winters and drive 60 this winter in the DC-West Virginia corridor. Great tires! I roll in snow where the giant SUV's slide and wreck. I don't track mileage with them nor my summer tires. I got the upgraded rims when I bought the car new and requested the stock rims for my snow tires. The Firestone dealer that I purchased the Blizzacks from said that I should get 2 seasons out of them but there is still about 1/2 tread depth left in this 3rd season. I swap the snows on in November and swap out in April. Hope this helps.
  • Yes, very helpful. I was wondering about the Blizzacks as I will be commuting back and forth to Detroit (about 80 miles one-way) and I was wondering how many miles I could get out of a set of Blizzacks; and it appears that I will be able to at least get two seasons out of them, maybe three. This will work for me. Thanks for adding your info on your experience with those tires. :shades:
  • bigred12bigred12 Posts: 12
    Has anyone tried to put a full-sized spare in the storage well? If so, does it fit both in diameter and depth? (Will the cargo area floor lid lie flat?)
  • emmett5emmett5 Posts: 2
    I drive a 2007 Honda Fit Sport that comes stock with size 195/55/15 tires. I have changed those for size 205/55/16. What is my actual speed when the speedometer says 30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100 and whats the difference between my actual traveled distance and what the odometer says or is the difference so small its not worth noting?
  • I have a 2008 Fit Sport MT with 195/55/15 tires and want to know if I can sub. 195/60/15 tires. If it is possible (not scrape when turning), what effect would I encounter? With Speed-odometer-MPG calculation? :confuse:
  • emmett5emmett5 Posts: 2
    Or where might I find the answer?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    You can find tire size calculators online, but the difference in diameter of those two tires is about 6% and your speedometer is going to be off by a corresponding amount. Not insignificant. Also, I've seen recommendations that anything more than a 3% increase can lead to brake issues not to mention possible suspension issues when you change the size of the tire/wheel combo.
    Read the section "What is the right size for my vehicle?" at

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  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    question: is MPG negatively impacted with the bigger tires? for example, the '08 fit base comes with 14" tires. But if I wanted to, I could buy 15" or 16" rims/tires to fit this vehicle. I'm wondering if the bigger tires would negatively impact MPG. Opinions?

    (I know the speedometer/odometer would not be accurate/need adjusting)
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    Hey all, my 2007 sport AT is approaching 50k miles. The OEM Dunlops are doing ok, but probably need replacing in the next 10-15k miles. Anyone put new tires on? I got Yoko V4s for my wifes Acura, they seem to be doing well, but they're all-season. I just want comfort and quiet, in a summer tire. I don't need super grip or anything.
  • There's online formulas for calculating the speed diff when changing rim/tire size. Basically, when you go up 1 rim size, you need to bring the middle number down by 10. 195 55 15 would turn into 205 45 16. Keep in mind that size does matter with these little cars. I replaced my original 14" rims with 17s. I then put on 205 40 17 tires. I basically did everything by the book but am still rubbing the fender when I hit bumps. Now i'm trying to get the supplier to drop it back to 16" and cover the cost.
  • Does anyone know where I can buy a set of 15" steel wheels to put winter tires on my 08 Fit Sport, with 195/55/15 tires? I have bought numerous sets of tires and wheels for various cars from, and they have a great selection of winter tires, but no steel wheels in 15" dia to fit an 08 Fit Sport. The steel wheels are typically $40-50 each in this size, but the cheapest wheels to fit this vehicle they have are custom style wheels starting at $75 each, and it makes no sense to put winter tires on custom wheels. I have 3 08 Fit Sports, and right now it's a different game plan for each one. I did buy a set of winter tires for one, and Wal-Mart will swap the tires back and forth (without balancing) at $3.50 X 4 is $14 in fall and $14 in spring, or $28/year. For Fit #2, I am buying a set of Michelin Pilot Excalto A/S V-rated tires in the 195/55/15 size (got a good deal through Army & Air Force Exchange Service AAFES of $525 on sale for a set of 4 including mount/balance and lifetime protection plan) and am going to put them on the stock alloy wheels, as the Michelins are highly rated for year-round driving. For Fit #3, the plan is to garage it on bad winter weather days and have my drive my 03 CR-V EX with AWD. By the way, the Dunlop SP31 tires that come on these cars are terrible in ice and snow, my son found that out last winter, so if you live where there's winter driving, be careful if you're going to use the stock tires.
  • My 2007 fit is a base model. It came stock with 14" wheels. I upgraded to a 15" and then 17" aftermarket. The 17" wheels are supposed to take a 205 40R 17 tire size, which is what I have. However, my tires hit the wheel well when I hit bumps. They also did that with the 15". I noticed that their is a lot of bounce with the stock suspension which could be causing the problem. My question is, has anybody plus sized their wheels to a 16 or 17"? If so, rim width and tire size did you use and also do they rub?
  • I added a posting a couple below your original one, asking about winter steel wheels for a Fit Sport. I am planning to replace the Dunlop SP31 stock tires on one of my 08 Sports with the Michelin Pilot Excalto A/S (all-season) in V-rated design in size 195/55/15. This is a top of the line tire and is #1 rated for year-round use by - go there and you'll see. The downside is a set of four costs around $600 installed, or $150/tire. The best price I've found after much searching is $525. If this is more than you're able to spend, I recommend you go to and input your vehicle description or tire size and you'll see they probably have 30-40 choices, along with their test results and customer ratings. I've bought a lot if tires and wheels from them and they ship fast and have great customer service.
  • I have a 2008 Fit LX , and was just wondering if its possible to put 185/65 15 on the car instead of 195/55-15? I think the 185/65 is like 20mm taller but its narower.
  • Not too interesting, but I saved a set of Kosei Racing wheels from an '04 Civic when I traded it for an '07 Accord. The Fit is the same H100 4-bolt pattern. With 215/45 Kumho sport tires, it would be fun. The 17" wheel with tire weighs about a pound less than the stock aluminum wheel of the EX Civic. These 215/45-17 tires are around 5% larger diameter than the stock Fit's, so an indicated 65 mph would be about 68 actual. They'd fill out the wheel wells nicely.

    The trouble is, I can't bring myself to sell any of the cars I have. I'd get a Sport manual transmission. The Sport weighs only 31 pounds more than the base model, which is important to me because I'd put a free-flowing exhaust on it and drive it like a sports car.
  • Many of the questions I see can be answered by using a tire size calculator available online (as our host pointed out). Following is a good one:

    You can compare OEM tires with any size tire and/or wheel. It returns difference in speedometer readings, revs per mile, difference in diameters, and more.

    If you try a tire size more than 3 per cent different in diameter, a warning pops up that doing so would risk brake failure.
  • I don't know if any other Fit Sport owners out there have had this situation, so will post my info FYI. I have 3 08 Fit Sports and live in Nebraska, where we do get winter temps, some snow, and a lot of ice, with hilly terrain in some locations (like my driveway and the road I take to access the Interstate to go to work, or the secondary road I take to work when the freeway is a mess. The Fit Sport standard tires are Dunlop SP31s, and they are terrible in snow and ice (my experience last winter). Compounding the challenge is that I have yet to find a steel wheel in 15" diamater to mount winter tires on. Plus there's the TPMS sensors, so if you buy steel wheels you do without the TPMS and look at the warning light every time you drive with the non-sensor wheels on. Last winter I bought a set of Bridgestone Blizzad WS-50s in 195/55/15 size on clearance from ($289 for a set of 4 with shipping), then paid Wal-Mart auto service $14 in fall and spring to swap the stock tires off and back on (no balancing). This winter, for Fit Sport #2, I just bought a set of General Altimax Arctic winter tires (same tires as a well-known European brand, since a German company bought General Tire). I also went to a 185/60/15 narrower/taller tire to see if that might help. These were on $269 for a set of 4 shipped (same deal with mounting, un-mounting fall and spring is the plan).
    I will post an update on these winter tires on this thread after we've had a couple winter snow and/or ice storms with a report on how both the Bridgestone Blizzaks and General Altimax tires performed.
  • I just put winter tires on my 08 Fit Sport. The mechanic said that the TMPS would work with it. But, now the TPMS light is on. How do I make it go off?
  • ANY help would be much appreciated...

    Will the Honda Fit '08 HFP 16" wheels fit the '09 fit?

    I am new to buying rims, and no one seems to know the answer for sure, but before i finalize and buy the HFP's WILL THEY FIT?

    WHEEL INFO FOR '09 FIT 16" OEM alloys:
    Rim Size: 16 X 6 J (offset 53)
    Tire Size: 185/55R16 83H

    WHEEL INFO FOR '08 FIT 16" HFP rims:
    Rim Size: 16 X 6 1/2 JJ (offset 55)
    Tire Size: 205/45R16 83W

    as I said i am pretty clueless with regards to offset/ tire size, etc... but i don't want to end up with 4 useless... and expensive hunks of metal...

  • lewjac3lewjac3 Posts: 15
    It seems logical that 15 inch wheels would keep the rpm's lower than 14 inch wheel's, that said can I assume that 15 inch wheel's would produce better mpg, than the 14 inch wheel's?
  • I called up some Honda dealerships across the country and talked to SERVICE/ PARTS depts. (if I am going to PAY FULL MSRP + markup for a car they can aford to answer all of my many questions over the phone...) and here's what I learned... (hopefully all is accurate):

    +(ALSO check out college hills honda (C.P.H.) on youtube... some good info)


    +TPMS sensors are the same part# from the stock '09 steel wheels AND '09 alloys... they are detachable/ swapable to new set of rims... aftermarket, etc... BUT 1.) the sensors may not fit "very well" in rims that are not made with a MILed out hole... but dosent seem to be a big deal... per C.P.H. video... 2.) there may be calibration issues due to tire/ rim size changes in tire pressure... this can be solved by a $95 TPMS calibration from honda... this is actually in the instalation instructions for the accessory alloys... the sensors from '08 WILL NOT work for '09... (no work around at this time except swaping the sensors or disabling the light... something about a diff. wireless frequency...)

    ... this may account for the TPMS light turning on even if the sensor is installed...

    1.) the tire shop/ installer could have broke the TPMS sensor when changing tires/ rims... see C.P.H. video of changing out a TPMS sensor, he actually slightly breaks sensor with "clamp" even though he is a HONDA tech and seems to be being carefull... i am shure if this happens there is a chance they will just install it and not tell the customer... also the sensor does not really fit too well in a new set of rims, which could be affecting its reading...

    2.) the tire pressure may have changed for the new set of tires... (snow or otherwise) causing the sensor to trip... i would be safe and either manually check tire pressure or take to HONDA to calibrate the TPMS... but thats just me, and it is almost $100 bucks a "pop" to calibrate (no pun intended)...

    3.) finally from what i have been reading the sensor really only engages after the pressure is dangerously low in order to prevent "catastophic tire faliure"...remember those FORD explorers some years back... but this should not replace manually checking tire pressure and regular service... the sensor wont help protect against MPG loss/ poor handling due to slightly lower pressures...

    ... i hope any info here was helpfull... but also i make no guarantee it is correct... assume it is wrong and call up HONDA... or go in and ask the service techs for your specific question...

    -$174 for a set of installed floor mats... WHAT!!!!!!!?
    I just got a 2009 Honda Fit w/Nav. The std tires are the 188-55-R16. I live in Seattle and I need a good wet weather all-season tire. I thought of going with Nokian WRG2. Nokian does not offer a 185-55-16; they do offer a 205-50-16. Any comment on the Nokians or some other great wet weather all-season tire?

    Thanks, Howard
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    I just got a 2009 Honda Fit w/Nav. The std tires are the 188-55-R16. I live in Seattle and I need a good wet weather all-season tire. I thought of going with Nokian WRG2. Nokian does not offer a 185-55-16; they do offer a 205-50-16. Any comment on the Nokians or some other great wet weather all-season tire?

    I run the WRG2's on my 2008 Civic Si, we were going to trade the car in at the dealer as my wife really wants a 2009 Fit but they want cash on top of my car. I told them no way. The Fit with destination is $17,560. My Si was $22,000
    Anyway the Nokian tires work awesome on my Si and I'm sure they will be unbeatable on a Fit. My dealer said the tires I have for my Si would work on the Fit but I doubt it, not with the stock rims, anyway.
    You can't get Nokian tires at Tire Rack so try a local dealer I have one up here and he's very good. But I would't buy aftermarket rims from him as he's a Tire guy not great for prices on Rims.
    Nokian has an 800# so you can call them up and ask them. They are very helpful.
  • I have an 08 Fit Sport and I know that I will need snow tires (soon). Does anyone know if it is a problem to just switch over to snow tires on the current wheels. Could this hurt the tire sensors? I don't want to pay someone to remount the tires if the sensors could be damaged. They are not cheap. My other option would be to buy snow tires mounted on steel wheels. using this method, there would be no sensors on the car for the winter months. Can this hurt the tire monitoring system if it doesn't receive any information for several months. I do not mind seeing the warning light for a few months as long as I am not going to damage the system. I tried to speak to a Honda dealer and they said they would take care of the problem by selling me a new set of alloy rims with snow tires and sensors. They wanted over $1500.00 out the door, That is not going to happen.
  • fitisgofitisgo Posts: 40
    I have 3 08 Fit Sports, so have been down this road. Yes, you can take offf the stock (summer/all-season tires, which are Dunlop SP31s, and really crappy in the winter), leave the TPMS sensors on the alloy wheels, and put on new snow tires.
    The sensors should not be damaged unless the tire service person has no clue what they are doing. On one Fit Sport I did this at the local Honda dealer and they price-gouged me, $105 for the dismount, remount and tire balancing for 4 wheels.
    The next time I went to Wal-Mart auto service, skipped the wheel balancing (bought lower-cost snow tires and they wear out faster than all-season tires anyway, so balancing and rotating is less important), and Wally World charged me a total of $14 ($3.50/wheel X 4).

    I've looked into buying steel 15" wheels and putting the snow tires on (no sensors) and driving this way. Yes the TPMS light will be on all the time, but this does not hurt the TPMS system (unless the indicator light on the dash itself burns out from being on each time you drive during the winter). The catch is I can't find any steel wheels for an 08 Fit Sport, not even from, where I've spent thousands of dollars over the years on tires and wheels. So if you find a source for 15" steel wheels for an 08 Fit Sport, please post it here.

    Yes, the dealer was trying to get you to spend a whole lot of money you don't need to (new set of alloys w/sensors plus snow tires).

    The ideal solution, in my opinion, is to replace the crappy stock tires with really good all-season tires that are also highly rated for winter use. The only tire I can find that meets that criteria is the Michelin Exalto Sport A/S V-rated, but a set of 4 installed is about $600 installed/balanced (about $150 each). I've been to the local Costco discount store several times, but they keep telling me they can't get any of these from Michelin. This is suspicious, because does have this tire (for more money of course).
  • I have a 2008 fit sport. I ordered "winter tires and wheels" from tire rack. You have to click on winter tires and wheels. They reccomended 14" wheels and tires. I ordered them and they got to me in two days. I;ll run without tpms sensors for the winter and am looking into just removing the fuse so I don't have to look at the light. ;)
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