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Spectra Paint Quality?

canuckkiafancanuckkiafan Posts: 21
I am still loving my Spec 5 overall but recently have noticed how easily the paint chips - approximately 15 spots on my hood and front side panels. I took it to the dealer for a routine service & pointed out these spots - zero feedback from the dealer other than to say that this is to be expected nowadays that leadbased paints are no longer used & I should invest in a hood deflector. I have read earlier posts that the paint quality was a problem, but am seriously unhappy with the feedback I received - I can't believe that this is to be expected from a new car (1 year) driving primarily on paved roads. Plan to take it to another Kia dealer in town & see what they have to say - told the dealer as much but received no further response.
Feedback sought & much appreciated.
Still a Canuckkiafan


  • dekandekan Posts: 7
    Really sorry to hear that the dealer is turning the deaf ear to your issues. I too have had a few issues with the paint on my Spectra5 but each time my dealers response was "ok, well take care of it". They have repainted my hood twice now without any hesitations. We all get the dings and such from rocks but my issue was the paint peeling/chipping off. The next time I had it in for an oil change they gave me a loaner car for a few days and repainted it.
  • sanaesanae Posts: 1
    I agree with you totally! I love driving me kia spec5 i bought 3 weeks ago, BUT... the paint is chipping in certain areas and I'm finding all these cracks (well, cracks in my opinion) that don't look like scratches and I got a good run around at the dealership and service department saying it's expected of "ANY CAR" and that people will sometimes "bless" your car and that there's no technology at the autobody shops to match paint so if they fixed it, it wouldn't match and probably look worse than a big a$$ chip filled with non-matching touch up paint! :mad:
  • My 2005 Spectra5 is having the EXACT same problem. Chips on the hood and all over the driver side door. It's at least 15 on mine as well, some down to the metal even. The dealerships gave me the same lines about the lead being out of paint, this is just normal on any car, and it's not their problem. I saw 1 Kia rep for Ohio and not only did he say it was just rock chips he said HIS Spec5 had the same problem too. Hmmm.. making me wonder why Kia is letting all of this go. And btw my husband saw one in a parking lot yesterday and guess what.. paint is chipping off of it too. We seriously need to do something about this. Kia has to take some responsibility for their poor quality. Granted, these cars aren't luxury cars but the paint should last longer than a year and the price of Kias is on the rise. I've never owned a car in my life with this problem I've had a mazda, ford, dodge, and chevrolet. Not wise for Kia to be jerking us around when we're in the market for a new car. You can guess where we WON'T be buying a car. It's a good warranty but if your car is going to look like trash in 8-12 months who cares.
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255
    Sorry to hear about the paint and dealership issues that the recent posters are experiencing.

    Can you all post some specifics about your cars on here? Things like:

    - Color of your car
    - Road conditions you primary drive on (gravel, pavement, etc.)
    - Month year and month/year built

    My 2004.5 Spectra EX sedan has 23k miles, and is sand beige (gold).

    My paint looks fantastic. I drive almost completely on pavement, so flying gravel usually isn't an issue. I've had two small nicks by a headlight that I've had to touch up, and that's it! Was there a paint formulation change between 2004.5 and the more recently built models? I was at my dealer today and mentioned this this thread to the service department, and they said that they haven't had any out-of-the-ordinary cases of paint chipping on Spectras or Spectra5s coming through.

    My dealership experience(s) have also been good. Waaaayyyy better than any experiences I've had at the Ford dealers I've frequented in the past.

    The bottom line is that I think it would be good for you all to use this forum to compare (specific) notes in the open where everyone can see them... including Hyundai/KIA.

  • Mine is red and is driven on paved roads. Can't say much about the month and year built, where would I find that information? Called yet another dealership yesterday that I will go to Thursday to get a second opinion from them and try to get an appointment with the Kentucky Kia rep ( I live near Cincinnati so we're only 15-20 miles from kentucky). Talked to the service dept and he said they have seen a couple of these come through for paint.

    Keeping my fingers crossed,

  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255

    If you open up the driver's door, the sticker showing the build year/month will be either on the "B pillar" section of the body (the part to the right of the door opening), or the end of the door (facing you) itself.

    Mine was built in March 2004.

  • Thanks, mine was October 2004

  • Hi,

    My Spec5 is Volcano Blast red. The date built is listed as 01/05.

    I drive only on paved roads - have taken approximately a dozen trips on gravel over the past year, but since I don't drive rally style, definitely do not think this would be a contributing factor.

    I do not have a hood deflector yet, but will likely get one. Thing is, there are marks all over it - side panels, doors too - it just does not make sense to me. I've owned & driven various vehicles in my 20+ years of driving, and and have never ever seen the likes.

    I actually purchased the clear coat warranty, so have to take it in soon for it's annual inspection. If not satisfied with service at the original dealer, will ask for the cost of this back + be taking business elsewhere.

    As I said, I still do enjoy the car overall, but because of this, am disappointed with both the quality + service.

    I'll post once I've taken it in, likely next week.

  • They take zero responsibility for the driver's door being chipped. I came across yet another chip in the hood, but this time the paint around the chip was visibly raised as if it had bubble up prior to chipping off. I also found 2 small bubbles above the back door and took those in for inspection. The Kia representative for this part of Ohio was in town and unable to deny that these were bubbles. He agreed to have the entire hood repainted and sand and repaint where the small bubbles were on the back door, but still maintains that the driver's door chips are unrelated and caused by rocks. Even worse, I will be without my car for a minimum of 3 days and they will NOT provide a rental car. Kia says it's not their policy to provide a rental for warranty work. So basically they built a car improperly and will only now fix it after 5 months of refusing to do so, and I'm without a car for 3 days because of their poor workmanship. To me the chips on the door seemed more unusual than the hood. How do you get hit by rocks on the side of your car like that? #1 Hard enough to chip the paint #2 All over the door #3 more so on the upper portion of the door than near the road where you would expect rocks to come from. A good 80-90% of these spots are above or around the door handle area. It just seems out of place to have "rock chips" there. At least I got somewhere this time, although I'm still not very happy with the results. I warned the Kia guy if the repaint and touch up didn't hold up I would be back again. I think he figured as much.

    Melissa H
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    By way of confirmation- water based paints, they are the standard now world wide do exhibit this flaking people talk about, when they are defective.

    My 2002 Kia Spectra GS has the " CLassic Red" paint and it is still gorgeous. The clear coat is there and doing its job.

    The car has numerous chips from stones and such , but we used the touch up paint to keep them in check.

    We are located inn upsate New York near canada and we park the car indoor from Dec to March. The rest of the time it is outdoors.

    once a year we wax it.

    so I think you have defective paint, and the automated robot painting that day was malfunctioning.
  • Well, you can't really blame kai. A lot of manufacturers are now using this type of paint, because it is more environmental friendly...
  • helenedhelened Posts: 2
    I own a 05 spectra 5, red with 17,000 miles. The paint is chipping off mostly on the hood, and some on sides. The windshield is also showing ware. I have owned many cars and trade in around 60,000. I drive carefully, do not tailgate, nor stay behind trucks. My driving habits have not changed. What i am seeing is "POOR QUALITY". If i wait until 60,000 my car will be down to the primer. This is unacceptable. Of course i got the run around from the dealer, basically it is my fault. This is wrong and kia needs to be held accountable.
  • I have a Kia Sedona 05 with similar paint problems that are being discussed here. Anyone have a satisfactory solution from Kia?
  • Kia repainted my hood that had a visible bubble on it and the many chips, but only because I was able to catch the paint in mid bubble. My driver's door is trashed they won't touch that. Found 8 more bubbles on the car as well. Kia authorized for the dealer to sand and repaint but they just "buffed them" instead. Now my bubbles are all little specks in the paint. Found 4 more bubbles on the front quarter panel that I will be going back to have worked on. I will not allow them to simply buff them and I am demanding that the other spots now be fixed. Tough part is now the body shop is denying that they even touched some of the bubbles. If they didn't, why are the bubbles now gone and specks in their place? I am so sick of Kia. I'm hoping to trade in ASAP and move on to another make of vehicle. I've never dealt with a company like this is my life, and I've dealt with some real doozies. Bottom line: Kia doesn't stand behind their product. We need to let them know that and hopefully they will listen.
  • I finally took my car back in to have them assess the paint issue. I have to say that they have obviously taken my less than happy customer feedback seriously and have been actively staying in contact and acknowledging my frustration. They submitted a claim under warranty to have the hood & side panel repainted this past week, will now wait and see what the outcome is. If it gets covered I will be pleased and have faith in them; not sure what I'll do if not. In any event, I'll post when I get word.

    Apart from this, I really am still enjoying the car and have absolutely no other complaints.

    CKF :)
  • helenedhelened Posts: 2
    well the regional manager looked at the paint job 3 weeks ago, but never returned by call. I have been very busy, but this week i am going to followup on this. other than yourself, how many people have you been in contact with that are having paint chipping off their Kia.
  • Hi Helene,

    There are about 5 folks on this site that have had similar complaints; other than on this forum, however, I haven't been in contact with anyone. There have been replies on this site that indicate this issue is not unique to KIA, but I still think it's completely car is just over one year old and it's scary to imagine what it will look like in another year.

    As I said, I did provide feedback that I was not satisfied after my previous service visit and they now appear to be trying to resolve this issue....stay tuned for details on the outcome!

  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255
    Hey folks....

    For the benefit of the rest of us KIA owners out here, could you grab a digital camera, snap some shots, and post them up on Yahoo or, or somewhere like that for us to see?

    I'm reading some intriguing descriptions above about "bubbles" on doors, massive chipping, etc.

    Since my 2004.5 Spectra EX hasn't shown any signs at all like those above (even after 25k miles), I'm really curious to see these.

    The quality of the paint on my Spectra was one of the first things that caught my eye when I looked it over. It's the Sand Beige metalflake, and it was perfectly smooth, glossy, and with no orange peel. I just looked over a friend's new Chevy Malibu, and though it was a nice car, the car's paint job made look for a 'SunKist' sticker on it. :P

    Here's my ride:

  • I tried getting pictures of my bubbles and such, but you can't get a shot to actually see them. It's not like the bubbles are the size quarters or anything and I can't get a picture close enough without it looking blurred. I tried to do that before I even let them touch it just to have documentation of the issue and nothing would come out clearly and still be able to see the bubbles.
  • Seems like most of these 05 spectra5 paint issues are red. I mentioned that to the rep and took in print outs of these posts and he said every car in the world does this we just notice it on our cars because they are red. He said silver or white cars the problem isn't obvious because the paint matches the primer. Also said that his red 05 spectra5 has the same problem, but it's just his son's fault, not a defect. A while back we were asked about the year our car was made and only a couple of replies. Maybe we should all get together and compare notes on our cars.
  • The cincinnati kia rep is from columbus. His name is Don Bower, any dealership should be able to at least have him get in contact with you or call the kia national number. Although he was supposed to call me thursday and never did. If you would like to email me privately that would be ok, we can discuss the issues here further.

    princessmelissa @
  • That is the same rep kia said was over our area.I contacted the kia number 1-800-333-4kia.They have done nothing but argue with us.They claim you can only go through your rep through the dealership.We have repeatedly ask our dearlership to get a hold of him but they dont. I have emailed your private addresse.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Paint chipping off spectra 5 (05) UPDATE....
    I got two estimates per the Kia dealer shop manager. Both stated that that the chipping was excessive and one felt the bonding process was the problem. I gave the estimates to the dealer who said he wanted a cause for the chipping. Maybe he would be happy with a chemical analysis....regardless, they have not been honoring the paint warranty and certainly are not customer oriented. I will pursue this through the channels as appropriate.
    Do they want a happy customer? I wonder.
  • Hi

    It's been awhile, but thought I'd give an update. Service rep at my dealership in Ottawa took photos & sent them in for feedback & tried to make a claim under the warranty. As per most other attempts on here, it was refused.

    Am still happy with performance of the car which is good, guess I'll be paying for the paint job myself. Not sure what the cost will be, just took it in for an assessment for both paint & body work, lower side doors were schmucked by a [non-permissible content removed] when parked!

    If anyone else has any news, do post!

  • Hi, Im new here but just wanted to point out a paint problem w/ my 05 spectra. At 12,000 miles the paint behind the rear door towards the bottom was chipping and causing rust to set in. I called the KIA dealer and they said that they were aware of the problem. They repainted and readjusted the doors all under warranty
  • Perhaps your difference was the rust. My paint chips/bubbles haven't resulted in any rust, and as far as I know none of the others either. Out of curiosity, what color is yours? So far this seems to be a major problem for red 05's.
  • Mine is black with the silver trim.
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  • amk2amk2 Posts: 1
    My husband and I bought a brand new Kia Spectra about 8 months ago. Its white, and I didn't drive it today, so I don't know the month and year it was made...but its a 2006.

    We have about 15,000 miles on it, and the paint is already chipping AND rusting!!! My husband mentioned it to the dealer today, they said its not covered under the warranty, but they will see if they can buff the rust spots out. My husband's concern (& mine) is if its chipping and rusting already...what is it going to look like in 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? It will be a rust bucket and the warranty won't mean diddly! We knew that Kia's weren't high end vehicles, and we purchased this as our work vehicle, but c'mon. Rust after 8 months and 15,000 miles??? That is just crazy.
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