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Spectra Paint Quality?



  • proudnaniproudnani Posts: 1
    I Purchased a RED Kia Spectra 05 in August 2005, and I myself noticed right away, I had some spots on the hood of my car and I told the Kia dealer and they told me they were just smudges...LOL...and when the guy washed my car, he said they went away. Yeah Right... Ughhh...

    So the next time I went in to have the car serviced, the Manager tried to say, that because a rock had hit my windshield in between time that was the cause of
    my paint problem... Well if you saw these spots you would know that was impossible and he knew it was also, he was just being a well, u know what..... These spots were from the factory, it was like they didn't have enough paint left in the can, it was like someone got lazy and forgot about refilling the can. They are white and have gown since. Also I am getting chips, I have one on my passengers side door.. It really saddens me... I could cry to be honest with you.. I have taken good care of my car.. I only have 13,000 miles on it.

    It upsets me to think all of us pay dearly for our cars and the paint is under warranty for three years or 36,000 miles I checked in the book. I don't see what the
    problem is. People will say bad things about them, They will get a bad name, and now they do not get my money anymore for service every time. I go to someone
    else, because I do not trust them. So they have lost a customer and I will always tell people to stay away. Why encourage people to buy a car that the company does not honor their warranty. Don't get me wrong I love my Kia, aside from the paint and the customer service... This is my very first brand new car, I am 47 years old.. I was so proud..But now I discourage people from purchasing a Kia, why would I want others to have the same problems.

    To me GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE is everything. GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE brings people back every time. Some companies just don't realize that. Obviously KIA is one of them. I would willingly travel a distance, to get good customer service as I know most people would. If they would HONOR THEIR WARRANTY then I would change my mind, but until then, it stays as is. I have one more dealer I am going to try.

  • I leased my spectra 05 red color two years ago in Vancouver. About two weeks ago I noticed that in several places the paint is damaged. It is like the paint is flaking off in different places and in different sizes, some the size of a quarter and some the size of a dime.
    I took the car to two KIA dealerships without results. They say the external damage is not covered after the first year.
    There is no impact from rocks and we drive the car in the city on the paved roads. I have never seen anything like this before and called KIA Canada only to hear the same excuse from them. They say in order for them to fix the problem there must be a hole underneath of the areas that the paint is coming off. They also try to blame the problem on bird dropping or some other material. The fact is that
    we keep the car very clean and as a matter of fact about
    a month ago that I took the car for general service to
    a KIA dealership they washed the car very well ant did not mention any paint problems to me.
    I appreciate any suggestions.
  • I wish I could offer a suggestion, but if you have read all of the other posts you will see that Kia is completely ignoring this problem. My 2005 Kia Spectra5 has had the same problems and they blamed it on everything but the paint. They even tried to tell me that this is just what happens to all cars now because paint no longer has lead in it. Now, in the last couple of weeks I've noticed the clearcoat peeling off of my car as well. My car has no bird droppings on it and there isn't a single tree in my front yard, so they can't blame it on sap or birds. The clearcoat is bubbling and coming off though on the rear spoiler. Per my warranty, the paint warranty is only 36,000 miles and wouldn't you know my car turned 37,000 the first of September. I am done with Kia and have actually been able to talk several people out of buying them in the past year. I show them my car and they cringe and thank me for the advice. At least I'm helping others not get screwed over.
  • the 2007 red kia spectra i bought has had problems from day 1 all 4 tires were no good made car pull hard to the left took it back car sat there 2days problem still knott corrected they lied said it was fixed and had really did nothing williams kia of naples now the paint has bubbles drips paint seperation i have only had this car 30days my trade was 2000 chevy caviler and it was better than this peace of crap i think i will get lawer and sue them because i have sufferd so much mental agguish behind this i have been to the dealer 10 times in 30 days .17000.00$ WORTH OF JUNK BUT ITS TIME TO STOP THEM THERE IS NO EXCUSE THE CAR IS NOT EVAN 30 DAYS OLD .
  • red01red01 Posts: 2
    I bought a 2006 KIA Spectra LX a 1 1/2 years ago, I bought it brand new, I have had my car into the dealer two times for rust on the rear quarters , behind the back doors, the first time was just about 6 months of owning it and I just took it in again for the same problem, apparently it is poor design of the car itself, the rear quarters sit out farther then the doors itself, I have noticed on the 2008 spectras this problem has been resolved, well I would think for the most part. This still will not change my decision about buying another KIA, this was my very first brand new car, and so far it has left a sour taste in my mouth, and will not purchase one again. I have contact KIA, with the problem, they have for the most part, not said its not covered under warranty, but my question is, am I going to have to keep taking this car in for the same problem every 3 months, until my car is out of warranty. I would not recommend this car to anyone.
  • PM:

    When you mention rust on the rear quarters "behind the back doors", are your referring to the area near the bottom of the rear doors that tends to get stone chipped?

    I've noticed stone chipping going on in that area of the quarters, but no rust. It probably helps that I've touched up the 3-4 I've gotten on both sides with my factory touch up paint.

    My 2004.5 EX is pushing 50k miles on it, and it has been a wonderful car for me.

    I can't believe that you would not recommend a Spectra to someone based on this one problem (if that's all you've experienced).

    I've eyeballed SEVERAL Spectras over the past 3 years here in rustbelt Michigan, and I've never seen any rust on the rear quarters of them. Not even in the touch-up zone I described above.

    What color is your car? White? Just curious, since any type of minor rust speck would be magnified on a white car.

  • It's not that I wouldn't recommend a Spectra to anyone, it's Kias overall. Their customer service is garbage and they do not honor their warranties. I have never dealt with another company like this in my life.
  • I got rear ended a week ago by a woman and she did some damage to my rear bumper and back quarter panel. I spoke with the bod shop today to see how things were coming along. The guy was impressed with my car overall and asked if I had any problems with it. I mentioned all of the paint issues and he said "I bet! If this paint was sprayed on any thinner, your car wouldn't even be red." He said it was the thinnest coat of paint he had ever seen and that the clear coat was either equally as thin or non existent. I am going to have him really check into it and double check the clear coat and make sure it is there. I checked my warranty manual today and can only find anti perforation warranty for 100,000 miles. Will call kia to verify some information and see where this goes. Unfortunately, in the midst of all of my fighting with them previously my brother died suddenly and I had no time to waste dealing with a company about paint. I had bigger issues to deal with and unfortunately may have given them the advantage because of it. If nothing is resolved due to my waiting, then no big deal, but if this truly is a problem I will get it looked into. I hate to say I'm lucky that I got hit, but if I hadn't nobody would have been doing this paint work on my car to see what a crappy job it was. And BTW, my car held up surprisingly well considering the accident. Hit in the back and into a pole in the front. Almost zero damage to the front other than spoiler getting pulled off, back was a bit worse, but still fixable.
  • I bought my Red Spectra 5 6 months ago and my hood looks polka dotted. I am printing all these complaints and taking them to the dealer with me. The first sign that they will not honor the warranty and I will put a sign in my car window in bold letters saying kia doesn't honor the warranty, then I file with the state of MA for the Lemon Law protection. If everyone having this problem can get organized and go after Kia they would have no choice but to listen. Feel free to eback and let me know if they helped you & I will do the same next week when I take my car in.
  • Everyone PLEASE, let's band together and force Kia to take care of these problems. I find it an odd coincidence that we have so many cars with identical problems. If we all get together and share our information Kia can't deny a problem. I will take it to the local "troubleshooter" on the news and smear Kia's "good name" to everyone if I have to. I have been in contact with another owner willing to fight this, but we have to do it together. Email me with general info on your car (year, color, month/year built if you know, dealerships and reps you've dealt with, what you were told about your paint). Let's get this taken care of, we have all tried our hardest to be nice about it... it's time to get tough. princessmelissa @ yahoo. com
  • Hi, I am trying to organize a collective attack on KIA by all the Red Spectra owners ranging from 2005 to 2007 all having the paint chipping and peeling and being denied warranty by KIA. We must all be driving in gravel pits all day.
    If you have any information on who you delat with and the outcome in your case and are willing to share this info with me who knows we all might benefit from a ruling against Kia. I am filing with the State of Mass under the Lemon Law because I bought the car in MA. Since I can't prove defective paint I am making a case of design flaws using their own words against them. If Kia knowingly sold cars starting in 2005 that were desgined so badly that normal road conditions will peel the paint off in under 15,000 miles then it was deceiving the consumer. They also told me that my windshield is severly pitted which means the quality of glass is so poor normal conditions in New England will destroy the windshield.
    Any help will be help for all of us. Depending on how I do in MA I will speak with an attorney that handles class action law suits if enough of us are willing to go against them.
    Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you.
    Anna Golderese
  • Please join with us to get Kia to hold up their end of the warranty. Refer to my other posts as well as the posts by princessmelissa.
    Collectively they can't stand against us.
  • I have already discussed my dealings with a local Kia dealer in a previous post. Suffice to say it was a miserable experience.

    I purchased my red, 2007 Kia Spectra5 LX in September of last year and the roof and trunk have already been repainted due to rough welds (on the trunk) and leftover welding residue (on the roof). In addition, the rub strip was replaced (at my cost) due to blistered paint and an interior trim piece was replaced (again at my cost). This all occurred with approximately 3500 kms on the odometer.

    Now, with only 8000 km on the odometer, the paint is chipping off the hood and left rear door. I was amazed to discover the paint chips yesterday – they weren’t on the car when I drove it to work. As the car is new I park it in a location that is away from other cars and can see the car from my office window. No other cars were parked next to mine and the car was not moved all day. In addition, the rear door faced the lawn and not another parking spot. When I left the office there were two chips on the left rear door. There is no other explanation than the paint simply flaked off in the bright sunlight. I am about to discuss these issues with my local dealer, but my expectations are low that anything will be done.

    In the past when I have approached my local dealer they insisted that I take the car to the purchasing dealer. When I spoke to a Kia Canada representative they indicated that I could take my car to any Kia dealer to have issues reviewed and (hopefully) resolved. Yet, the dealers refuse to work with owners who purchased their vehicles elsewhere. To get issues reviewed I must drive for two hours to the purchasing dealer.

    As an example of a past service experience, I provide the following example:

    Several years ago I purchased a used 1989 Toyota Tercel DX from a Chrysler dealer. I had the car serviced at a local Toyota dealer and they noticed small bubbles in the paint on the rear hatch. They informed me hat they would repaint the rear of the car and provide me with a loaner while the car was being painted. When the car was returned I indicated that there was a small amount of overspray and that the work wasn’t all that great. They agreed and had the car repainted. Although I had not purchased the car from the dealer they understood that they represented the Toyota brand and took responsibility for resolving quality issues quickly.

    Like many who posted here, this is my first new vehicle purchase. I am very angry that the quality of the paint is sub-par and the service I have received to date is appalling. I would recommend that anyone considering the purchase of Kia look elsewhere. Save a little extra money and purchase a Mazda3 or a Saturn Astra. They are much better vehicles. Please, don’t make the same mistake I have.

    If anyone doubts the veracity of the claims made in this email, let me know and I will provide photographs and receipts for the work done to date.

  • Hi PW,

    I appreciate your re-capping these events. And nobody beleives you as much as I do. My hood, the front panels, side door panels and the roof all chipping as we speak.

    If you could send me photos via email that I can use in court to prove you and your car are real. The name of your dealership and even your name if you do not object. I will gladly provide you my information.

    You can email me at

    Again, thanks for responding, maybe I can get some help for all the Kia Spectra owners.

    Wish me luck.
    Anna Golderese
  • red01red01 Posts: 2
    I would be more than willing to help, I posted a while ago, I have a 2006 Kia spectra, mine is silver, I have had nothing but problems with the paint, the last time they fixed it (painted chipping on the rear quarters, behind the rear doors), they said they were doing me a favor, they painted it and put a chip guard on the area, well it hasn't been more than two months and it is rusting again, I am so frustrated with this, I bought it brand new, and have had nothing but problems with it. And now I don't know what to do, because contacting them again, I have a feeling they won't do anything this time, because the last time they said there needs to be a hole, which anyone knows a hole won't show up for a few years, after the warranty is already up. You can contact me at
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Please avoid posting email addresses in the forums, trolls scan forums to gather email addresses to spam. You can email each other through your member profiles or via Carspace! Thanks!
  • ipwinsoripwinsor Posts: 1
    Hey Prairiewriter, et all,

    Apparently this is not a unique for Spectra's or red. My black 07 Magentis with just less than 20,000km on it is similarly afflicted. I dread talking to Kia after reading your experiences.

    Ian in Ontario
  • You will be in for a heck of a fight since you have alot more mileage on your car. The rest of us started at much lower mileage.

    I will post updates on my progress as it happens. I am going to implement whats called the Lemon Law in Massachusettes and it may take a few months but I plan to nail Kia to the fence.

    Good luck to you and keep us posted.
  • andigirlandigirl Posts: 1
    The Sapphire Blue paint seems to have a similar problem, too with the thinness of the paint and clearcoat. I bought my car last September, only 3000 mi. I love the car but started noticing little scratches with white underneath after only 4 mos, or so, being told all dark color paint have that problem. The touch up paint hadn't even been on the market yet. I love the car, very safe even though the mpg is a litlle less than advertised. I bought touch up paint today, but don't plan to use it for a few days until I get Kia to make good on their paint warranty. I'll update all.
  • How many persons do you got for the collective attack on KIA ?
  • I am helping organize this, but it's another woman who is keeping tabs. I just forward her any information I get and some people email her directly. If you would like you can find our email addresses in previous posts and get a hold of us that way.


  • Aloha Everyone,
    I also have a black 2008 spectra5 purchased in december 07. In march 08 my paint started to bubble on the hood, rear hatch, door trims and roof. I went to the kia dealer and was told that it was bird droppings that took the paint off my car and of course it's not covered in the warranty! Unbelievable response, I am now trying to go through the Hawaii Lemon Law and I guess I'll see what happens there. Ultimately I dont even want the car anymore which is really unfortunate because I really like the car, just not lying and deceptive KIA employees!!!! Has anyone thought of a class action lawsuit?
  • oldsman4oldsman4 Posts: 8
    Oh my gosh, I have been searching and Ive got the EXACT car- 2008 Spec5, and I have got spots all over the top and hood where the paint starts to crack in a circle and then "boils" off to the primer when the car sits out in the heat. The spots are one eighth of an inch in diameter and are popping up out of nowhere. Dealer says its an outside caustic chemical that got on it. Its either in my garage or at work. What can we do? Now, I dont even want it repainted- how long will that last? Any help would be appreciated.
  • knowbtr42knowbtr42 Posts: 8
    You will go to KIA and they will tell you its your fault. Then if you try to talk to a factory rep you might get a response like I did. He told me he decides whats covered & what isn't. He said I must be driving on gravel roads and it is from rocks hitting the car. I work in Providence same place for 8 years, my old car didn't have a scrath on it. Last I checked I95 was a paved highway. KIA does not honor the warranty plain and simple.I was going for the Mass Lemon Law then my father took ill and passed away. I missed the timefram to file so I'm screwed. Tell everyone KIA does not help their owners they blame us for owning the damn car. The paint loss seems to have reached its pinnacle about 6 months ago. I guess I must have stayed out of those gravel Oh don't be surprised if you have windshield probelms and your tires won't be worth anything in 8 months. Due to the design if the car if a feather brushes against it kia tells you its pitted badly and thats proof of your paint They have all the answers. Spread the word. Put a sign in the car window when its parked and say KIA doesn't honor the warranty.
  • Yep, got the same story. Called Kia Customer service and same 'ol song and dance- its not our fault- its your fault you spilled "caustic chemicals" on your car. Not to mention the spots of BURNED paint are not even close whatsoever to the pattern of a spill. I must have strategicly spilled it in my sleep when I was at the nuclear power plant maintence shed. I was fortunate enough to purchase it from a corp dealership that has a support entity as opposed to a private dealer that can not be held accountable for their actions. I think Im in for a fight, but a year from now I wont have any paint left. I just dont think Its my responsibility to repaint a year old car from a man defect. Anyone else have problems with black Spec5's?
  • kenomankenoman Posts: 1
    I got the same message from my Kia dealer, my car has 30,000km. My wife noticed spots on the hood of the car, so I washed it with the hose and found the car hood, fenders, and roof covered in chips. My car has also have a chronic problem with wheel speed sensor (each side has been replaced at least 3 times each) and now the O2 sensor is acting up, it was replaced Jan /09, then again July 24/09 and 6 days later the light came on again for it. Needless to say, my car has been in the shop no less than 15 times in the 2 years I've owned it. The last time it was in I asked them to look at the paint chips, and dealer took a towel and wiped off the hood and the windshield. After scrubbing the windshield he called me out to look, he pointed out 2-3 spots on the windshield barley visible to the naked eye that had a "possible" chip. He then added that all the chipping on my car was the result of stones. I told him that 95% of my driving is in the city under 60kms an hour on paved streets, he said it could happen anywhere. I have 2 other vehicles, 2004 Dodge Van 50,000kms no chips, 2000 Dodge Dakota 180,000kms no chips both are my highway vehicles.
    I'm going to try taking my car to 3 paint shops and get their professional opinion and start the fight from there.
  • My Spectra 5 2007( I bought this car new) is chipping the painting showing circular white primer in a 20.000 miles. The dealership said that is normal, said those are stone, he came with a paper tape to remove more of my car painting, of course he can not remove a car painting with a paper tape, just so irritating. Then, he use a pen to show me 3 stone chipping that my windshield to prove those were stone chipping were the cause of my car peeling off ,very cheap painting work.

    I drove much older cars much more intensively than this one and never saw this chipping so quickly like that. Spectra is a nice car, but when I am planning to sell this car, my car esthetically is going to look horrible.
  • My Kia 07 Spectra 5 I drive like you, I am having the same problem. It is unacceptable
  • Had the dealer inspect it and the rep could not deny that it was NOT outside influence. Ive got little bumps, squiggly lines, and all kinds of wierd shaped bumps coming up from undernieth the paint besides the burn holes where the paint is missing. He even said that it looked like something was under the paint, but their solution was for ME to pay 200$ of the 850.00 estimate and they would fix it. Um, well if the car was out of warranty and it was goodwill that would be fine. Not when its under warranty. Isnt that what the warranty is for? In case there is a man problem painting the car? Sounds to me like there is. Look at this thread! Just very frustrated to pay 17K for a car and have to repaint it a year later.
  • jenaejenae Posts: 3
    edited April 2010
    I have a RED 2005 Kia Spectra 5. I bought it brand new. My first new car ever. Of course I take very good care of it. About 1 1/2 years ago I notice the paint on the back fin was starting to have little bubbles in it. I called the dealership and they asked me to bring it in so their service manager could look at it. I did and he said that it was outside the paint warranty time and they wouldn't pay to fix it. But if I wanted to get a new part it would be about $300 for them to order and install it. Well, I didn't go that route and now I'm glad I didn't. Because now it's almost all over the back of the car. Any metal part on the back hatchback has paint peeling and bubbling on it. So far only the back of the car is having this problem, but who knows what it will look like in another 1 1/2 years. Other than the peeling paint my car looks immaculate. No dents, no scratches, nothing. It makes me so sad. I can't believe there hasn't been a paint recall on this! :sick:
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