Matrix: Rattles & Squeaks

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I have an 05 Toyota Matrix XR and I'm having problems with sqeaks and rattles. I'm especially hearing the noises from the rear of the car every time I drive on rough pavement.


  • fear_hopefear_hope Member Posts: 90
    Do you store anything in the hatch area under the cargo cover. The area is hard plastic and anything hard (plastic or metal) will rattle as you drive. I had something stored there and removed it because I couldn't stand the rattling. I'm trying to figure out a solution now because I have quite a few things to store there. Hope that helps!
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    I wrap anything I put in those compartments in bubble shipping wrap. Works like a charm!

  • fear_hopefear_hope Member Posts: 90
    Good idea! I think I'll get some bubble wrap, fold it and tape up the sides to make storage bags. That way I can store different types of stuff in the bags. (I'm an organizing freak...) Thanks for the tip :)
  • csmatrixcsmatrix Member Posts: 13
    I found out there was a bolt in my sunroof that came a loose and started rattling.
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    I have a 2007 Matrix XR with 4,000 miles. A frequent but not constant rattling noise comes from behind the gauge view area. Thoughts and/or recommendations are appreciated?

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    I had this one to for the longest time. Not sure what the hell it was but it eventually stopped. This could be due to the fact that I moved from NorCal to SoCal (Cold to Warm) and I have taken off the gauge paneling once to disconnect the beeping on the reverse.
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    This rattling and squeaking is uncommon in toyota products but it seems in particular that the toyota celica, and matrix suffers from the rattles and squeaks , and quality issues. Even the new camry is getting toward the bad quality side. :(
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    How about a description of how you disconnect that bell? Thanks!
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