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Matrix Transmission Problems



  • lilmaxxlilmaxx Posts: 2
    I also own a 2003 matrix xr, and as of today it also needs major transmission work. I replaced the gear oil @ 100,000 miles and it was as black as dirt. That seemed to calm the noise for a while and then it started to chirp, now it sits in the driveway and won't even go into gear. This will be the last toyota I ever buy.
  • kate18kate18 Posts: 1
    My '03 Matrix manual transmission went at 104k (km) .

    All the tramission need to be replaced. This job cost 4300$ at a Toyota Dealer.

    A failed to change transmission fluid which Toyota Canada said meant the warranty is over. They offered $2000 as a Goodwill gesture. So I still have to pay 2300$.

    I look to repair by independant transmission garage and the cost for a used one is 1500$.

    What do you think I should do : accept their offer (cost 2300$) or buy a used one (1500$)?

  • tuxristotuxristo Posts: 5
    Well, how many km would the used one have on it?

    Judging by the posts in this forum, it's pretty likely that a 5-speed manual transmission from a 2003 Matrix, will fail at about 107,000km (+/- 5000km)

    So, if the used transmission is less than 102,000 km old,
    you'll put it in and it will probably fail.

    As sad as it is, I'd just get it fixed, if I was you. :sick:

    I would also print out all the posts in this thread and talk to a manager and get them to cover the entire cost of the repairs based on the fact that these transmissions are bad. :lemon:
  • alikaalika Posts: 3
    The same thing just happened to my wife's 03 5 speed. 76k and the transmission and clutch blew out. So far Toyota has offered nothing, but we're starting to get our notes together. Maybe if enough of us got together and approached Toyota with one voice, they'd have to acknowledge that there is a problem.
  • canonlawcanonlaw Posts: 20
    I am working on a website about this. I am going to hopefully have it show up at the top of google searches and will include all the info on here, and hopefully it will get more responses from people.
  • alikaalika Posts: 3
    Keep me posted on that website. We're really steamed with this whole issue. Thanks
  • augureraugurer Posts: 1
    I don't own a Matrix, but my 2003 Corolla S's 5-speed manual transmission with 63k miles is displaying similar problems as described here.

    The car was making an abnormal noise when in all gears, with the noise level increasing with the RPMs. I wouldn't describe the noise as grinding, however. The noise was similar to the normal idling noise, but sounded like the rotations were off-balance - the noise had a cyclical/oscillating quality.

    I took it into the dealer, and they've indicated the transmission needs to be replaced. I haven't been told exactly what the problem is/was, but faulty/failing bearings seems plausible.

    Thankfully I purchased the extended warranty and the repair will be covered (~$3k US).
  • matrixyukmatrixyuk Posts: 1
    My 2003 Matrix transmission failed two days ago at 150,000kms. I was shocked to find this thread. It is still in the garage, no estimate until Monday as they are taking it apart. I am really pissed.
  • lilmaxxlilmaxx Posts: 2
    Got my 03 matrix back today $2100 poorer. They replaced the tranny with one from a 2007 that had 7000 miles on it. I'm saving my reciept from this in case it goes to a class action lawsuit. I also asked the owner of the transmission shop how often to change the gear oil inside the tranny and he said every year or 30,000 miles. As much money as i now have wrapped into this car i'll be joining Al Bundy in the million mile club.
  • pivofreakpivofreak Posts: 1
    Add me to the list. 2003 matrix with 91k miles, dealer wants $3200 for a new tranny, 2800 for a used. Both with only a 1yr warrenty! :-)
  • upset4upset4 Posts: 5
    2004 matrix 5 speed transmission blew at 110,000 miles. The clutch was gone too. Cost is $2625.00 for a REBUILT tranny and clutch. This is crazy !! Has anyone heard of a class action lawsuit beginning yet? Something has got to be done. No car should do this at mileage its' happening. This is my 6th toyota..and it's my last.
  • gutloadedgutloaded Posts: 4
    This one's typical:
    '03 Matrix, purchased brand new December of 2002.
    85,000 miles
    Just started showing all the symptoms described throughout the the various posts, grinding at low rpms, progressively getting worse (louder) Grinding started exhibiting itself halfway through my drive from Chicago to Denver. Stopped in Nebraska at a Toyota dealer, 3 certified Toyota mechanics scratched their heads, couldnt figure out the problem was (other than "we think it's either your transmission or clutch...). Said to just push on through to Colorado, and deal with it when I got there. Well I made it, and I'm taking the car to couple shops tomorrow, to get it checked out again (I suspect it's the blown transimission issue), dont know what I'll do at this point. Gotta figure out how to get it back to Chicago, as cheaply as possible... never expected this from a Toyota w/ such low mileage.
  • upset4upset4 Posts: 5
    I knew it was coming. I travel a lot & rented cars to avoid breakdown far from home. Thought the humming & grinding was bad, but when it fell apart, it literally sounded like it fell out & it blew the clutch @ that moment. :cry:
  • gutloadedgutloaded Posts: 4
    Wow, so you drove 20,000 miles with the grinding before it blew? Hey all you other guys, how long did you drive w/ the grinding before it just puked out?
  • upset4upset4 Posts: 5 began very faint and progressively got louder and louder. We own courier 20k miles comes quick for me. The last 5,000 I didn't drive it out of town - I thought any minute it would go because it got SO loud. Thank goodness when it did...I was 2 miles from home.
  • gutloadedgutloaded Posts: 4
    I'm at 85k, no warranty, on vacation in Colorado (home is in Chicago). Would you recommend new tranny, or rebuilt? Also, would you recommend using an independant Toyota certified mechanic, or taking it to a local Toyota dealer to have the work done? What did you wind up doing?
  • glawglaw Posts: 5
    Our 2003 Matrix XR has 107km's and we had to have the transmission replaced as the old one was completely shot.
    I believe Toyota knows there is a problem but feel it would be cheaper to ignore us ( who have problem cars ) than to issue a recall so keep calling them at 1-888-869-6828 and let them know that this issue is not going away until they address it properly. When we called them at this number they said they were unaware of any problem with the Matrix and that they had received no calls from customers complaining about it. So PLEASE CALL!!! Maybe a call to an investigative news show is in order?!
  • glawglaw Posts: 5
    You may want to check into CAMVAP ( Canadian Motor vehicle Arbitration Plan ). Go to there website @ or call them @ 1-800-207-0658. It's a free program. Please call them, it's got to be worth $2100. I am in a similar situation, 107,000kms, had trans.fluid changed @ 99,000 and now @ 107kms trans.has to be replaced!
  • damm, i was considering buying a new toyta matrix but all of this has me worried!!!!
    shoudl i get a fit instead? or a nisson verssa?
  • I have been hearing about a class action suit against the Toyota Matrix transmissions. Is this true to anyone's knowledge? My dad purchased a used 2004 Matrix with low miles and since he is a courier he puts a lot of miles on his car. He got to 199,000 miles before his transmission went out but when he went to have it repaired he found out he had 1 of 4 prototype transmissions that cost him $4200 to rebuild. He would have paid over $4000 just for parts if he would have went through Toyota. Luckily the mechanic searched high and low and found the parts he needed all throughout the United States. Has anyone heard about this or may possibly have one of the other three? Thanks in advance for anyone's input.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Well with 200K miles, you certainly got your money's worth out of it!
  • My wifes 03 matrix xrs 6sp, had the clutch replace twice, a piece of garbage to me. Also the belts 3 times, o2 sensor twice, plugs and coil twice too! total cost to me around 4000 dollars and that's not included the tires and other stuff too. She has 2 payments left and it's goodbye toyota forever! Toyota knows it has a problem with this car but won't do anything to it, it's just going to replace it next yr with the blade. This has been the worst car she ever own and for me too (money to fix it). Too many people say she does not know how to drive a manual, but she's been driving for 30 yrs (always a manual) and never had this type of problem before. J.D. powers need to send out a new survey after 2 yrs and ask people about their cars and get the true answer to other folks out there. Just my 2 cents! Goodbye toyota soon! P.S. mileage is only 86000 miles
  • filepfilep Posts: 3
    I am in tears. I also, have owned other Toyota's and have to rplace my transmission at 110K miles and I have 12 months of payments. $4,000 to replace tansmission. 2004 Matrix stick shift and I drive to work that is a 40 minute trip up and back everyday. Changed oil at 3,000 miles. I am crying, I can not believe this is happening I loved this car and had no problems other than oil changes. Why is this happening I thought I could go more miles than this. I am not happy and stand by you! What can I do? Should I dump this after replacing transmission? I am going to call and complain but who do I complain too???
  • filepfilep Posts: 3
    I am the New case for August 13, 2007 Lucky(13) 2004 Toyota Matrix 5 speed manual Trashed transmission at 110K miles. No problems until now Original owner. Never had a problem until NOW. What can I do? pay the $4,000 along with 12 more months of payments. And sell this car. Not far to the next person. Please help me with advice or direction???
  • glawglaw Posts: 5
    If you are in Canada start by calling Toyota customer relations at 1-888-869-6828. If you can't get any satisfaction from them then call CAMVAP ( Canadian Motorvihicle Arbitration Plan) at 1-800-207-0685 or check there web site at . They know they have a problem but for them it is cheaper to ignore us than to do a recall so it is important that you call. Even if you are not from Canada still call CAMVAP and they should be able to give you a number to call for your country.
  • Well, I think it is time to do something, I am just not sure how to go about it. I think the first thing to do is to get everyone's contact information as a group of people is much stronger than one person. We need to get the serial numbers of all the cars this has happened to, all of the old parts and a lawyer who would be willing to take this on. My car is getting noisier by the day and I am just waiting for the tranny to drop out! Very frustrating, disappointing and I certainly feel your pain. I have been quoted as $3000 to replace my tranny when it finally goes and I have already spent over $3000 on tires, a new clutch, oil changes, timing belt and fluid changes in just a year...this car is a money pit. So, is there anyone out there that can help get this thing off the ground??
  • I agree, this is the worst car (2004 Matrix XRS) I have ever is truly a lemon. My 94 tercel is a much better car but unfortunately my mom won't give it back!!
  • glawglaw Posts: 5
    Please!! start by checking out CAMVAP at 1-800-207-0685 or . When you call you will either be talking to Mindy or Jill. CAMVAP's decisions are legally binding and if enough people contact them they will be better able to understand the scope of this problem. At least call or go online and find out what it is about!!
  • Yet another victim. Glad to see i am not the only one. 125,000 km's and it started getting louder. Its now really loud at 135 km's. Dealer is suggesting a new tranny! This is insane. Pure junk! I bought a manual thinking it would be cheaper to repair? Wrong! 3K to rebuild and install. If you check ebay, plenty of automatic trannys available for sale, no manual trannys? hmmm...??? obviously demand is very high for manual transmissions leading me to believe this is a very common problem.
  • glawglaw Posts: 5
    Has anybody tried contacting CAMVAP ??????????????? It may just get your money back!!!!!!!!
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