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Matrix Transmission Problems



  • marjomarjo Posts: 28
    While you're at it, all Canadians write to W5 at CTV. Might not be a big enough story for them, but worth a try. They love car scams. I wrote them a letter but haven't heard back. Wonder what consumer reports' used car guide has for reliability for the 2003-04 Matrix? Should be zero.
  • gmoregmore Posts: 11
    I will call them, email them and write them a letter.

    For a good laugh, here is the response I just got from Toyota Canada regarding the my transmission:

    "Toyota Canada Inc. is not aware of any common concerns with the transmission on the Toyota Matrix. However, we suggest discussing this directly with the Service Manager at your Toyota dealership. They would be in the best position to advise you in this regard."

    Poor dealers having to lie on behalf of Toyota Inc not taking responsibility.

    Lets all chant together "Buy a Honda, Buy A Honda, Buy a Honda, Buy a Honda"

    When I get my car fixed, I am going to put a info sheet on both windows as well as stick notes on other Matrix Cars, telling the world what Toyota is doing. Bye Bye Reputation!

    We should all do that!
  • marjomarjo Posts: 28
    I've been tempted to leave notes on every Matrix I see, but haven't had the time. I emailed Toyota dealers in Halifax, Dartmouth, Fredericton and Saint John as well as Toyota Canada.
  • gmoregmore Posts: 11
    Just so everyone knows the president and CEO of Toyota Canada is named Kenji Tomikawa.

    I am trying to search for an email address or phone number. If anyone can assist, then post what they find on this blog, it would be appreciated.

    Also another problem.....

    Since Toyota will not admit there is a problem, then there is no sure fix. If you purchase a replacement part for your transmission from Toyota, it will blow again. If you purchase a used transmission from the wrecker (if you can find one, because I just called everyone in Greater Vancouver and they are all gone as its a hot item), it will blow again as this is a manufacturing problem.

    Luckily my brother-in-law who is a Honda mechanic is getting a new custom main bearing made for me and doing the work for free. I'll just pay for the parts. So I am luckily. But Toyota is wrong and I will not purchase from them again.

    Until Toyota admits there is a problem, there is no fix. So to those that have fixed their transmissions already, you also need to keep up the pressure as your transmission will blow again - sorry.
  • jamesimcbjamesimcb Posts: 13
    No custom bearing is needed. There is a updated kit. The problem is a defective main bearing from Japan. Not sure where the revised kit bearing comes from. My personal opinion is that Toyota will not do anything. The 5 speed transmission is probably only 10-15% of all of the Toyota Matrix on the road. I have heard of some going up to 200K before failure. As it only affects a very limited sub set of customers and most bearings are lasting at least 100K km's I think we are all screwed. If the automatic transmission was failing you could be almost certain that there would be a recall.

    Keep in mind that this is the same Toyota that for years did not admit to the sludge problem in their 4 bangers. The dealers were trained to say that it was normal just as the dealers are trained to say that our 5 speeds wear out and that they have never seen the premature failure before!

    It sucks but it is fixed in the 2005 on. Lesson learned that first gen cars always have more potential for problems until they work out the bugs. Usually in the second or third year of a bran new car.
  • Alright, I have have heard enough!! I have been on this website for over a year listening to all the complaints about the Toyota Matrix between 2003 - 2005. Is anybody willing to do anything about it???? I go to Japan every year and I can tell you that if the President's of Toyota in Japan knew what was happening in Canada they would be totally ashamed of what is happening. DO YOU KNOW THAT THE MATRIX IS BUILT IN CANADA AND USA? I have a Matrix 2004 XRS manual transmission and had to have the clutch replaced at 113,000, I am waiting for the transmission to go. If YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING SOMETHING HAPPEN THEN I NEED YOUR VIN NUMBER ON YOUR CAR, YEAR, AND CONTACT INFORMATION. I will definitely contact W5 and get this process started. I have been a committed Toyota user for over 20 years and have never had such a lemon as the car I am driving now - 2004 XRS Matrix 6 Speed. STOP COMPLAINING AND MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN... I went to a Toyota dealer in the lower mainland who fully admitted that there was a problem with the Matrix between 2003 - 2005 because of the gear ratio and transmission. MY DAD IS A MECHANIC AND AGREES WITH THIS! When I logged onto this website there was only 8 there are 162....LET'S GET THINGS MOVING! PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS AND I WILL GIVE YOU CONTACT INFORMTION....MATRIX RELOADED
  • marjomarjo Posts: 28
    Not sure how to contact you directly, but since I sold this car, I don't mind putting the VIN on here.:
    2003 Matrix Base indigo blue purchased May 2002.
    Only became available Feb'02 so mine was in one of the earliest batches of cars.

    My 1986 Corolla was way better than this piece of crap and had 230,000km on it when I sold it. Hence the reason I bought another Toyota! I like my Honda Fit, but it's kind of small and I don't appreciate a new car payment again after just paying off the last lemon.
    I did email W5, but the more people who do the better. I tried [email protected]
    I'd still love to get my $2000 back from the repair job. Sold it 2mths after I fixed it so I could get a reasonable amount of cash for a down payment for a new one rather than waiting for re-failure.
  • gmoregmore Posts: 11

    Thanks for your help.

    Here is what I have now done.

    1. Wrote a letter to W5
    2. Wrote a letter to the Ministry of Transportation who is responsible for Vehicle recalls.
    3. Wrote a letter to Toyota Canada
    4. Went to my local dealer whom I bought the car from and complained to the service manager (whom, without outright admitting there is a problem, said there is one and that the new bearing will not explode).
    5. Sent a link for the blog to Toyota Canada and my dealer.

    I think your idea of complaining directly to Japan would be awesome. Also, I have been trying to get a lawyer who would be willing to take this to a class action level. I will keep trying.

    I dont want to post my details on a blog, so please email me at [email protected] and I will follow up.

  • I own a 03 Matrix XRS "AUTOMATIC!" and it currently has 67,000miles. I purchased the car summer of 04 as a "CERTIFIED" pre-owned with just over 8,000 miles. The car has been making a "GRINDING" sound like it is stuck between gears and it is getting louder and louder to the point "my teenage boys hate seating in the back seat." The noise is worst when I'm on the highway "loudest between 55mph and 70mph." I had taken the car for new tires at SEARS where the mechanic took the car for a test drive and confirmed the bearing on the car needed to be addressed. I'm will be scheduling an appointment with the dealership this week in hopes this will not turned in to a nightmare. :( I will post outcome.
  • pannobajipannobaji Posts: 8
    there is a court case going on in toronto against toyota canada as regards transmission failure
    toronto provincial courthouse
    347 sheppard avenue east
    toronto ontario canada
    10.00am july 11, 2008
    third floor
    i am not sure of the room number its probably 304 but if i am wrong try room 301
    might help your cause
  • aleonaleon Posts: 2
    I wrote around 2 to 3 wks back about my 2004 XR Matrix 5spd. I wrote that the transmissions going out due to a faulty bearing. I stopped driving it immediately. Was taking the bus, bumming rides, and always was on other peoples time. I bought the matrix off of a coworker and I came to find out she had an extended warranty on it. My mileage was at 61,0000. I first found out through my mechanic, then i took it to a transmission shop, lastely upon finding out my coworker had an extended warranty that she did not disclosed a year ago... I took it to the dealership. They replaced a brand new transmission free under warranty. It was to easy! I felt truly blessed! Lets hope that this baby lasts!! Also, the dealership has a goodwill program. The customer service and finance department folks are nuckleheads and do not know about what they can and can't do. Climb the chain.. be determine. Get your Matrix fixed. Be Strong!!
  • pannobajipannobaji Posts: 8
    i have posted info on entry 167 and nobody has reacted stop complaining and do something about the problem here is a court hearing about problem you are having TAKE NOTICE OF THIS TRIAL
  • marjomarjo Posts: 28
    Any idea who the law firm is? I'll be in TO this weekend and could sign paperwork in person if they want more people on the case, though I bet their office won't be open. I'd gladly sign onto the cause, I just can't be there July 11. Or is there a court website where I can look up the info?
  • tuxristotuxristo Posts: 5

    I haven't posted in a long time
    mine went out a few years back and my original post is #17!! of this ever growing thread.

    Anyway, the court case cought my attention and i think we should find out more about it.

    from some googling, there is a courthouse at 47 sheppard ave east in toronto .... phone number for their small claims is 416-326-3554
  • pannobajipannobaji Posts: 8
    thank you for correcting the address its 47 sheppard ave east and its the third floor
  • picnicpacpicnicpac Posts: 1
    I bought my 2005 Matrix with an AUTOMATIC transmission and only 45,000 miles on it on June 9th. It's back at the dealer for the 3rd time in 2 weeks. The first 2 fixes didn't work, so now they're putting in a 'brand new transmission'. I'm just sick over this. This is the newest and most expensive car I've ever purchased, and I've NEVER had these kinds of problems with my Hondas or other Toyotas, even when they had 195,000 miles on them! Although I live in Ohio, I'm going to follow this court case and I'm going to send my info to Matrix Reloaded as soon as I get the car back (the vin# is in my dash). Wish I would have done more thorough research first. I live by Consumer Reports, and they aren't showing any of these problems. :cry:
  • gmoregmore Posts: 11
    Aweseome on the Court Case!!!!!

    Tell me more about the Court Case. I am in Vancouver, BC, so I cant make it.

    Update on my car. Its fixed!!! Yes!! And its running just like new.

    Thankfully my brother in law is a mechanic and did all the labour for Free! I bought him a gift card, beer, pool game etc, etc.

    It was the main bearing just like everyone else. And we determinded that the fith gear is not broken by the bearing, but by when toyota pulls the gear off to get at the bearing. Interesting. The bearing only costs $50!!! Its all labour, so dont believe the dealer when they say its $600 parts - they are lying. Call up your local dealer and ask what the price of the main bearing is and they will say $50!!!!

    By the way, someone at toyota did say that the new bearing will not blow like the last one. Unfortunately, we will not get him on record, but the good news is once it is fixed, your done.

    I am also looking out for other matrix owners and when I see them I tell them about this site.

    Way to go on the court case keep it up.
  • pannobajipannobaji Posts: 8
    The bearing on the fifth gear is failing and will keep failing.
    The transmission code on the 5sp is C59. Check inside of the drivers
    door where it tells the date your car was made. C59 refers to the transmission
    used in the car. And by the way it is the same transmission code used from
    2002 to the brand new 2009. So they have not redisgned this transmission.
    The expert witness said that it will keep failing. I have replaced this trans 7 times.
    I have approx 535000kms on the car. I have no complaints with the rest of the
    car. Just the transmission.
    Basically this is a slam dunk case. Toyota on the other hand is trying anything
    to get off. That is obvious. Good luck to them. But we will keep pursuing till
    the end.
  • pannobajipannobaji Posts: 8
    If you could get W5 to the court house on July 11 then that would
    be best. It is at the toronto small claims court July 11 10 am 47 sheppard
    ave. east toronto 3rd floor . Any media would be good. The people
    need to know what is going on.
  • canonlawcanonlaw Posts: 20
    You replaced it seven times? Why would you keep doing that? That would be crazy! Did you keep putting in another transmission, or did you rebuild it?
  • jliberijliberi Posts: 4
    I have a general question:
    Is this still a problem on the 2009 XRS with a 5 speed auto as I was just about to purchase this car but now I am verrrrry worried.

    any info would be helpful
  • canonlawcanonlaw Posts: 20
    I think it is too new to know for sure. Someone here posted that the manual transmission part code is the same in the 09s as it is in the 2003, although they could have updated the failing parts like others have suggested. If it were me, I don't know that I would get the XRS, simply because they seem to not be able to handle their own power, at least the MT ones can't. I would, however, get a new Matrix S (is that the same as the XR?)
  • jliberijliberi Posts: 4
    I am looking at the auto trans not the manual.
    is it only the 5 speed manual that is having this problem?

    what do you mean by "not be able to handle their own power"? is the car rolling or becoming unstable?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I think you will find that the '09 XRS uses the Camry powertrain in its entirety, not the transmissions that are mated with the 1.8L engine in the '03-'08 Matrix.

    As such, you should have no particular cause for concern. If you research 4-cylinder Camrys, you will find nothing out of the ordinary with regard to problems with engine or transmissions.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • jliberijliberi Posts: 4
    Do you know this to be fact?
    If so, that is good to know as I am looking at the 2.4 liter engine.
  • dallasdude1dallasdude1 Posts: 1,151
    Sounds like there is some Asian denial going on here. Fear not!!! I had mega problems with an 92 Camary (that was the first front wheel drive Camary). Everyone was just acting as if Toyota's were so so reliable and this just couldn't happen. Now I see that there is data out there which is consistent with the 92, 93, 94, 95 are just pieces of fecal matter. With all the hype about Japanese being superior, even that has gone to their head. they claim that if the car has one defect off the assembly line (at the Camary plant), IT CRUSHED. Well they missed one in
    Prior I had a 79 Celica and an 82 Supra. Both were awesome and built to foster brand loyalty. However, since that 92 Camary, I won't buy another Toyota. They never admitted to their errors and their egos have gotten bigger ever since. Toyota is living on a past reputation and we all know that catches up with them soon. Toyota or Lexus, they don't have transmissions which they would warranty for 200,000 miles, which they claim is low mileage for their product. Neither will after market warranty companies take that risk.
  • rich505rich505 Posts: 33
    I have a 94 Camry V6 LE with 94K+ miles. I have had some problems in the last few years that have been not cheap to fix: water pump seal leak and the ABS actuator failed. They had to replace the front calipers and rotors when they did the ABS as there were problems with the calipers seizing. The card had been through 12 Illinois winters where copious quantites of salt are used instead of plowing the streets.

    You see lots of high milage 92-96 (or whatever year models had the similar trunk lid lighting system) still on the road in Illinois and Pennsylvania where we live now.
  • loudog2loudog2 Posts: 83
    Are any of the AWD models having trans issues? We had an 2004 xr 4wd. No problems. Now we have a 2009 S AWD. Just wondering if I need to worry.
  • pannobajipannobaji Posts: 8
    Can anyone get the media to the court house on July 11/2008 at 10:00am
    W5 / the star / marketplace
    47 Sheppard ave east
    toronto, ontario
    Floor 3
  • rich505rich505 Posts: 33
    I beg to differ again, I just noticed more misinformation in your post.

    I had an 88 midyear (they called it an 88 1/2) made-in-Japan V6 Camry. I got that one in the Spring of 1988. It had 165 HP, the 4-wheel disk brakes were not very good, long stopping distances. That was the first V6 Camry and it was front wheel drive.

    I sold the 88 in November 1993 when I took delivery of one of the first US-made V6 Camrys. The braking in my 94 Camry with the optional ABS is/was better than most comparable cars at that time. The 94 had more horsepower than my 84 Supra.
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