Audi allroad: Electrical Problems

drsp511drsp511 Member Posts: 1
My '02 allroad (45k miles, I bought about 6 mos ago) won't start in the following scenarios:
1- Car is not driven for a couple days.
2- If anything is left plugged into the sockets, such as a radar detector, cell phone charger.
3- I added an iPod adaptor (connected via pre-wired cd chager) in rear cargo compartment. This seems to drain the battery as well...

These are drawing very little power and I don't have any problems using these devices in other cars...

I jump the car to start it and it is fine for a while...
I took it to the dealer and the tested the battery / alternator / electrical system and said that it is all within acceptable limits. I took it home and it continues to happen.
I'm taking back to the dealer tomorrow. I have till the end of the month till my factory warr runs out...
I love this car but don't want to have to jump start it 1/2 the time...

Has anyone else had a problem like this?

Please advise. Thanks!

BTW- Also considering whether or not to buy extended warr...
Any advice here?


  • allroad1allroad1 Member Posts: 1
    After the turn signal shuts off on my 2002 Allroad, there is a constant clicking noise coming from the dash. It appears to be directly behind the hazard button and radio. It clicks very quickly at first and then begins to slow until it stops after a minute or two. Can anyone help me understand what this may be?
  • brummiebrummie Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Allroad and find the lights especially on dipped beam poor. I have put in new extra bright bulbs with some improvement. Has anyone any experience with retro fit Bi-Xenon kits. Any help greatly appreciated.

  • jpe1963jpe1963 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 2002 A4. After sitting idle for a few days it fails to start. After running a series of diagnostic tests the dealer replaced the battery (which was only 6 months old!). This seemed to fix the problem for a few months, but it is happening again.

    To drsp511 - Has your problem been fixed?
  • blueeyesawblueeyesaw Member Posts: 1
    I have a 98 A4 Quattro wagon for a year now, works great but I had the light switch replaced last week got in the car Monday and it wouldn't do anything just click, click, my mechanic replaced the battery. Now the car dies when at a complete stop periodically not consistently. Anyone else have this problem?
  • beretta1beretta1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 allroad, my blinkers will only blink once or twice then they stop, will not stay on. This happens on both the right and left blinker lights.
    Did anyone every have this problem and can you direct me to the fix?
  • bullet3bullet3 Member Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with my allroad. I got a new battery and not it sat for 8 days and was dead. How did you resolve your problem? I'm off warranty so any help would be great so I don't have to waist money paying someone to figure it out.
    Thank you.
  • stu1975stu1975 Member Posts: 3
    Hi, did you ever get to the bottom of this fault as my allroad has started to do the same.
  • bullet3bullet3 Member Posts: 2
    No, I just had it in the dealership and they see a draw on the battery but could not find the cause. They need it for a day to research it. I'll let you know what they find.
  • stu1975stu1975 Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I had my allroad into the local garage and all they did was spray silcone switch lubricant into the indicator/cruise control switch and it seems to be working fine now, that is over a month now with no problems.
  • knappknapp Member Posts: 2
    I am another person having the same problem, with my 2001 allroad I purchased Dec 2005 with 50K miles.

    Aug 2006
    Car was parked at Philadelphia airport for 2 weeks. Battery was completely dead and I jumped it, drove 30 miles to home. I did not charge battery, but car started a couple times afterward. I think it sat overnight and was dead again next day. Local garage found starting and charging system working properly. Tested system for draw and found 353 milliamp draw after shutting engine off and 30 milliamp draw after letting car sit for 1 hour -- electrical draw within specs. Charged and tested battery -- found marginal battery (Interstate MTP-93 which I think was new when I bought). Replaced with new MTP-93 battery.

    Sep 25 2006
    Everything fine with new battery, but I took to dealer for checking. Dealer checked battery/starting/charging system and found "no defects present."

    April/May 2007
    Drove to Arizona in Feb 2007 for 6-month work assignment. Had several trips where I left allroad at Phoenix airport for 1-2 days. But later, 2 trips were 1 week, and each time the battery was dead when I returned and I had to jump start.

    I plan to take to dealer in AZ. Very frustrtating!
  • jnrckjnrck Member Posts: 1
    We are having this problem with a 2002. Did you find any solution? It's completely inconsistent as sometimes, it works just fine.
  • stu1975stu1975 Member Posts: 3
    Hi, what it happened with me the noise was coming from the Hazard switch, we changed that but still the same. It turned out to be the indicator switch on the steering wheel column. Local garage just sprayed in some silcone based spray and it has worked fine ever since. Good luck and hopes this helps. S.Munro,Aberdeen,Scotland.
  • knappknapp Member Posts: 2
    I believe my draining battery problem is solved. Audi dealer in Chandler, AZ measured an higher-than-specification-allowable volatge drop between alternator and battery. Therefore, they diagnosed the problem as a short in the cable connecting the alternator and battery. They replaced it (discovering the old cable had corrosion) along with a new Audi battery (in place of the Interstate) and I have not had the problem, even after a 2-week period where the car was shipped by car carrier; the car started fine.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Member Posts: 402
    Glad you found the problem and it was a minor one!
  • allroad2allroad2 Member Posts: 1
    This car broke down on the highway yesterday when my temp shot up to red hot and my temp/collant alarm flashed manicaly for me to pull my car over??? HISTORY: I have had my 02' Allroad for just under 2 years (bought at expired lease time with 48k and now I have 88k). Last year my suspension air compressor malfunctioned and I paid to replace (2 G's). I had to have a new transmission put in 2 months ago (not AUDI's fault) when a non-certified mechanic changed my oil and accidentally drained my trans fluid instead and decided not to tell me (7 G's). My battery has died twice, new. My Bose Symphony CD changer now toggles between ERROR (will not work) and fully functional every other day or so. My interior lights blink on and off at random times. I service my car at Byers Imports in Columbus Ohio and last week I did an oil and brake pad/rotor replace (550$) and was told my car was in tip top more worries sir. Right? Well yesterday my car randomly and without warning experienced a critical collant failure and is now back at the dealer for another unexpected operation of unknow proportion ($$$)? I am back in my rental car again. My credit card is maxed and this car keeps kicking me in my [non-permissible content removed]. Is AUDI a good car manufacturer and do they stand behind their product? How can I get AUDI to acknowledge my woes and pitfalls and to give me some guarantee that I didnt buy a certified piece of [non-permissible content removed] that is going to rob me of every dime I have and prevent me from sending my daughter to college....oh and I cant even play a CD reliably to help take my mind off of this nightmare. HELP if you can?? Thanks
  • chipdalychipdaly Member Posts: 6
    Yes, I have an 2002 Allroad. It happened last year. There's a blinker switch under the dash. I had a dealer fix it for $80.
  • chipdalychipdaly Member Posts: 6
    The other day when I started my 2002 Audi Allroad and began to drive the car, it seemed like it didn't have much power. Then I realized there were 4 warning lights on the dash. I also realized the transmisson inidicator on the dash wasn't on letting me know if I was in drive, park, etc. I also realized the car felt like it was taking off in 3rd gear and wasn't shifting at all. I tried the manual tiptronic and couldn't shift the gears, couldn't down shift or up shift. Anybody have an idea of the what problem can be. A friend suggested it's electrical and perhaps disconnect and then reconnect the battery???????????//
  • brasnpantiesbrasnpanties Member Posts: 4
    I have the same problem with my 01. I took it to a mechanic friend who tried 2 different Emergency / Hazard button relays and it still made the noise. He didn't want to mess with it and told me to take it to a dealership. The dealership said it was a faulty turn signal stalk and it needed to be replaced. They want to charge me almost $ 800. I bought a new turn signal stalk and will have my friend install it. Has anyone else had this problem ? How did you fix it ?
  • brasnpantiesbrasnpanties Member Posts: 4
    The lights for my adjustable suspension come on and go out here and there. I have tried to raise and lower the suspension but it doesn't move. There is an odd noise when I push the up or down buttons that sounds like moaning. The dealer wants to charge me $2,000 to fix it stating it is the self leveling control unit. I called 3 audi parts stores and they don't know of that part. They all tell me there are 4 seperate leveling units for each wheel and a main control relay. The main relay is $ 700 and I don't want to buy it and find out it was something else. Anyone have similar problems ? How did you fix it ?
  • brasnpantiesbrasnpanties Member Posts: 4
    I have the same problem with my 01. I took it to a mechanic friend who tried 2 different Emergency / Hazard button relays and it still made the noise. He didn't want to mess with it and told me to take it to a dealership. The dealership said it was a faulty turn signal stalk and it needed to be replaced. They want to charge me almost $ 800. I bought a new turn signal stalk and will have my friend install it. Has anyone else had this problem ? How did you fix it ?
  • angus5angus5 Member Posts: 7
    The warning display shows that the tailgate is open when it is securely shut. The central locking does not work on the tailgate and the red light in the lid and trunk light do not work when open. I assume there is a sensor/switch which is mal functioning-its happened before but sorts itself out by opening and slamming shut the tailgate. This time no joy!
    Does anyone know where the sensor/switch is located as I can't see any around the rim of the tailgate or under the stainless plate where the catch is. Or indeed what the problem might be. Also the LED alarm light doesn't flash when the car is locked (but the trunk isn't)
    Any comments would be appreciated. The Audi dealers in UK charge $190 an hour!!!
  • fcb001fcb001 Member Posts: 1
    Have you had any luck with finding a solution?
    I have a 2005 Avant and this tailgate problem started yesterday.
    Like you I've looked around for sensors etc, but have found nothing.
    The only thing different is the car was washed on the friday, so maybe something got wet that shouldn't have?
  • yeven_stasyeven_stas Member Posts: 1
    i have same issues with my allroad what sensor they change u know? please help
  • vtraudtvtraudt Member Posts: 52
    Any more updates/suggestions on the draw subject on AR?

    I see 330 mA on battery.

    Is there a way ti simulate close hood and closed driver door (jumpers or manipulate switch or lock)?
  • tollstolls Member Posts: 1
    Indicator on the Allroad was turning on but constantly not flashing. Used electrical contact spray in side the stalk and hey presto all good( for now)
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