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We have now been fighting General Motors for months, trying to get them to take responsibility for an obviously substandard vehicle, and take it off our hands. In October 1999 we took possession of a new 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier, expecting a reliable car, but instead we have been getting the privilege of having our vehicle serviced an average of once every 2 to 3 weeks.

Their customer service department has proved highly ineffective, and their sense of taking ownership for their mistakes is laughable.

Here is an example of a very poorly managed customer service experience, and the inability for General Motors to admit when they were wrong.

Oct-99 25 New Car

12-Jan-00 6059 Washer nozzles replaced

20-Jan-00 7309 Right front wheel sensor harness replaced - ABS & Traction control failure

18-Feb-00 8583 Left front wheel sensor replaced - ABS & Traction control failure

23-Feb-00 8851 Vehicle damaged by Roadside assistance in attempt to change tire, tire inflated 'OK'

24-Feb-00 8851 Vehicle delivered to Mews via tow truck, same flat as 23-Feb-00

27-Mar-00 10110 Transmission knocking - no fault found

12-May-00 13229 squeaky wheels - replace front brake pads (*later diagnosed as hubcap squeak)

15-May-00 13519 squeaky wheels - lug nut cover broken on 12-May-00 while re-installing wheels (see * May 12)

18-May-00 13862 squeaky wheels - replaced all hubcaps

04-Aug-00 21466 squeaky wheels/dash - lubricated all hubcaps, replaced dash pad

09-Aug-00 21926 Rear drums knocking - resurfaced rear drums

30-Oct-00 26239 squeaky wheels & transmission leak - lubricated all hubcaps, ordered cooler lines

15-Nov-00 27059 Transmission leak serviced by Mews

11-Jan-01 29763 Air conditioner compressor inoperable, faulty jack – compressor replaced, jack ordered

15-Jan-01 31163 Right front wheel sensor harness serviced - ABS & Traction control failure, previous repair attempt unsuccessful. Blower motor replaced.

16-Jan-01 31253 Right front wheel sensor harness replaced - ABS & Traction control failure, previous repair attempt unsuccessful

18-Jan-01 31353 Front end rattle, verified w/Vince @ Surgenor, Towed by Andy's to Mews - red fluid beneath left front (transmission), oil stain as well Transmission service of 15-Nov-00 re-attempted, O-Rings replaced, Faulty O2 sensor replaced, front rotors replaced, rattle not duplicated

23-Jan-01 31774 Front end rattle (see 18-Jan-01) duplicated and serviced, broken strut mount and bearing replaced

25-Jan-01 31927 Right front wheel sensor harness replaced - ABS & Traction control failure, previous repair attempt unsuccessful

01-Feb-01 32167 Left front wheel sensor harness replaced - ABS & Traction control failure. Blower motor replaced.

02-Feb-01 32232 Left front wheel sensor harness serviced - ABS & Traction control failure.

10-Feb-01 32436 Rear brakes serviced

21-Feb-01 32744 Front rotors replaced (also replaced on Jan 18), rear drums replaced. Front rotor runout exceeded GM maximum specifications. (service document not yet scanned)

22-Feb-01 33850 Traction control failure. Error code: C1275-PCM Requested ETS to be disabled.

23-Feb-01 33891 Traction control 'serviced', unable to find cause, TC code set by transmission sensor?

23-Feb-01, letter from General Motors HQ (dated Feb 21-01):

Dear Mr. Deyell:

General Motors of Canada Limited has completed a full investigation of your concerns with regard to your 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier.

Upon your last visit to Mews Chev Olds Limited, Mr. Stephen Holmes, Fixed Operations Manager, has confirmed that your vehicle is operating within acceptable General Motors specifications in spite of the fact that it has been involved in two collisions.

Our District Service Manager, Garnet Burke, has offered you a management rebate towards the purchase of your next General Motors vehicle. This offer was made in the interests of our customer satisfaction but was not acceptable to you since you indicated your purchase preference had changed.

As such, Mr. Deyell, we are confident that General Motors has given you every consideration however, we find no justification to repurchase your vehicle.

We have already acknowledged our position to Mr. Tony Cote of the Ottawa Citizen.

Yours truly,


Donald McGregor

Executive Review

All original service documents are on http://www.lemoncar.ca, the most recent 3, as well as the General Motors letter will be added over the next few days.

Some notes about GM's letter:

Two collisions - #1 hood + headlamp + ac condenser replaced. paint and body work done.

#2 rear bumper re-finished due to minor dents in plastic cover.

Both consist of superficial damages, both repaired to GM specifications by a GM authorized dealer.

Management Rebate - approx $800 extended warranty to be included at no cost to us on a new 2001 Malibu with the purchase or lease of a 2001 Malibu. Dealer will include freight + AC tax + fuel tax at their cost. $5500 lease buyout to be paid by us to get out of the Cavalier.


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    I'm not sure what you are asking here, but given the mileages you have recorded, it seems to me, that as regrettable as your experiences were, you should consider the offer made and bite the bullet. I don't think, in my own non-legal opinion, that you qualify for a buy-back under the law, since I believe in your state you have to prove loss of use (not with 30K++ miles, you see?), safety issues and loss of value...all three at once in other words.

    Anyway, if you want to pursue it legally, you'll have to hire an attorney and sue the dealer...GM has obviously put the ball in your court.

    I realize that it would require a leap of faith for you to buy another GM product, but many people have had good luck with their Cavaliers...it's kind of the luck of the draw I guess.

    But good luck whatever you choose to do, and sorry to hear of your troubles.
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    My 2000 Olds GLS has been in the shop going on 16 days now, I supposedly needa fuel pump that is on national backorder.....GM parts manager called for availability and they have none and no plans to ship any. Iowa lemon law states car out of service 20 days.......help
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    Good advice. Wow, thats twice in the last week that I had to agree with you! He-He.

    fatjuan: are you getting a loaner???
    It would seem that would be the issue. That does suck though. I know you want your own car.
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    IMHO, I don't think the problem is so much that the Cavalier is a lemon as the repair center is a joke. How many ABS harnesses are they going to put in that sucker before they figure out it isn't the problem? Gimme a break! (or brake as the case may be) If the harnesses were that prone to failure we would be seeing a recall on the Cavalier. Looks to me like the repair center is not doing their job.

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