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Nissan Maxima vs. Honda Accord



  • sebbsebb Posts: 16
    Hi Gretchen...the price on the Honda seems ok. I believe invoice is around 22,700 or may be able to get the car at lower than the 23465 you quoted. However...I have no idea what accesories (foglights/splashguards/rear spoiler etc) may be on it. If it is just a regular EX-V6 with Leather...22,700 is invoice for that car. On the Maxima...again depending on options/accessories...the car you describe (GLE with Meridian only) would invoice for about 24,700. However, if you start throwing in rear spoilers, floormats, sunroofs etc...your invoice can get up into the 26k area real quick.

    As you describe it, the Nissan price seems high but I don't know what is coming on these cars. I have driven a 2000 GLE extensively (with Meridian) as my in laws own it and we have driven it on long trips. A very nice riding car. Roomy and comfy...and the heated seats are worth every penny the Meridian edition charges!!! I test drove the Accord EX-V6 when we bought our Max SE and the Honda is a very nice car no doubt. But the amenities in the Max feel more luxurious, the ride is "softer". I thought the Accord felt a little cramped...with bland styling. The Max is a little bigger with more trunk and passenger space...and you have more options with the Maxima. (Bose, Homelink, etc..) But...these are just my opinions. Both are excellent choices. Good luck!
  • jdimottajdimotta Posts: 55
    Just bought an SE for 25k in Silver Mist w/ SE package and Bose system,mats ,micro,deflector,and had them throw in the mirror with compass,list is at 28k...this is just an outstanding car and a looker...we got a thumbs up from a few folks on the this a good price?..Thanks...Joe D.
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    Hi, I'm so happy. After reading your posts, I finally decided on buying a new 2001 Maxima SE auto with all the options except the 6 cd changer. I got the silver mist with black leather. I must say, the interior is very luxurious. I got more that what I expected. I paid $25,963 ($28,343 with 8.25% taxes and registration) with 6.9% financing. I actually had a shouting match with the finance guy because they thought they will make more money trying to jack up my interest rates to 9.9%. Anyway, the car is awesome. So much power that I can't wait after the break in period. My last car was a 95 bmw 325i so the first thing I noticed was the handling. The steering is light and effortless. The max's ride is also a bit choppy and I do notice that long radius on turns. On a smooth highway however, man, I'm going 80 at 2500 rpm and the car feels like its just coasting. I think that is where it stands out - Comfort on those long drives. About the stereo, I don't understand what the big deal is with the bose. I find it having way too much bass for listening purposes. The clarity is also not up to par with some good systems out there.

    Sadly, I have to bring my max back to the dealer this week due to a wheel alignment and headlight adjustment. Also, I've noticed on a couple of occasions that it wont start on the first and second try. I waited 5 seconds and then it started. Don't know if its a problem but it did happen a couple of times so that makes me wonder.

    Just have a question. Has anyone gone to the carwash with those 17 inch rims? I heard from someone not to bring it cuz the tracks on the carwash scratches the rims.

    Thank you.
  • That is a problem I wouldn't mind having. You have a sub in your Maxima, right? Does it have variable output? Can you adjust the sensitivity? What size is it? What kind of power is supplied to it and from what source? When I testdrove an SE 20th Ann with the Bose system, the stereo sounded great to me. It had a sub in between the two back speakers. It sounded great. My main listening interest is classical, though, and I hardly ever can get enough bass with that.
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    I can't speak to the Honda, but the price for the Maxima seems high. I bought a GLE with the heated seats/side air bags, sunroof, traction control last summer for $26,300, including destination. Unless you're quoting a price that includes tax, title and tags, seems like too much.

    Suggest you try another dealer. You will love the car if you buy it! One plus the Maxima has over the Honda in the convenience dept. is the split folding rear seat. We use that a lot, put the dog's crate/bed flat on the smaller part of the fold-down.

    Good luck, whatever you decide.
  • I recently bought a pristine '95 Max from an individual and am deliriously happy with the
    deal and the car. The seller said it is an SE but I see no markings inside or out or on
    paperwork which indicate the trim level. Can this be determined from the VIN number?
    Help! Deliriously Happy in Indiana.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    I think it would be great if Nissan (Infiniti) comes out with a performance vehicle that competes against BMW 3 series. Lexus IS300 has done it. However, when it comes to performance and handling, I think Nissan is light years ahead of Toyota and Honda.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    Maxima's in 1995 model year were GXE, GLE, and SE.

    The easiest way to determine the three models is by the outside door handles. Only the SE has body colored handles. The other two have chromed handles.

    The GXE and SE could also be had with 5 speed manual transmissions while the GLE was automatic only.

    I have a 95 GLE with 180,000 miles on it that still runs great. Good luck with yours!
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    Nissan has already come up with a BMW 3/Lexus IS300 fighter. The code name is XVL, and it will arrive shortly under the Infiniti badge. Here's what it looks like.

  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Thanks for the photo! After taking a closer look, I still think it looks bland...just like all other Nissan designs. Why can't Nissan design sporty looking cars? I think in order to make it a Beemer fighter, Infiniti needs to design a nice looking coupe with horsepowers and great handling.
  • liposlimliposlim Posts: 3
    I have had two "Nissans" ("Datsun 280-ZX" and "300-ZX") . I was extremely happy with both cars, and I can tell you that "Nissan" IS a great company! Do you know that they issued a "Recall" for my 1995 "300-ZX" for a small problem with the "Fuel Injectors" (Hardly even noticable!) in 1996 (OVER 10 YEARS LATER!)! They replaced all of the "Fuel Injectors" at a cost of over $700.00 per car! NOW, Check this out! On my car, I wasn't happy with how it was running (It was bogging), they replaced the "Fuel Injectors" THREE TIMES, at no cost to me! This IS a great company! However, between the "Nissan Maxima" and the "Honda Accord" I go with the "Honda" "Hands Down" over the "Nissan"! I have the "Honda Accord", I love it, and I just do not like the "Maxima" in particular! Sorry "Nissan", I really am! I feel bad saying that, but I am being honest.

    Now, on a different note, I have a bit of a problem, which I need some advice on.

    Here's the deal: I bought a "Honda Accord EX" (6 Cylinder VTEC) in 1998 (My first). I think we paid like 28,000.00 including all costs (I could be wrong) however we did trade in a piece of junk and got $4 grand on it! (It is actually leased -- $320.00 per month) Now I am a guy who has had nothing but "Sports Cars" ('67 "Mustang Fastback," "1982 Datsun 280-ZX," "1985 Nissan 300-ZX, and a "1989 Porsche 944") my whole life! I NEVER would have believed I would own a "Honda," and I would NEVER believe I'd say this, but "I LOVE THAT CAR!" I mean it's a beautiful car! It has every amenity, and a set of balls to boot! My wife and I love the "Gold" color (Exterior), and gold "Leather Interior"! I even threw in a $5,000.00 "Audio Video System" (Sounds, and looks awesome! The "TV" keeps the kids busy too, so the wife and I can concentrate!) My wife is blown away by it! My biggest problem I have right now is that the lease is up next month! ("April")My problem is this: I need to decide whether I should keep this car, or lease a new 2001! I believe it is basically the same car, right? I also don't know if they have the "Gold" color on the new ones, which I would like to get again,although the "Gray" is sharp too! Anyone know if they do still have the "Gold"? Anyway, I need some advice here! (No doubt I would get another "Accord" and another, and another!) What should I do guys? (Keep in mind I would need to move all of the "Audio Video" equipment, which could be costly! and the car IS in "Mint" condition both inside and out!) If I do get a new one, which color do you all suggest I get?

    Thanks Guys (and Gals)

    PS - I must admit, I DO sometimes miss that "Porsche"! (lol)

    From ""
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    Keep in mind that the XVL you see in the pic is a concept car, it's not the final version of the car. I happen to like it though, it looks like a mini-Merc.
  • My SE doesn't have the trim designation either. But I think GXE's that were fitted with spoilers have a brake light in the spoiler and at the bottom of the back window. If it was an SE it would never have had a brake light at the bottom of the back window. The wheels and sunroof and other stuff could be on any Maxima. The only other thing I can think of is the chrome door handles, as mentioned.
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    If you've got a car that's running great, you love, your wife loves it, you've modified it with the AV equipment to suit you - then keep it! You will be so much better off financially, unless the residual is set higher than the current value of the car (unlikely, considering lease deals in 1998 in general). Pay it off, keep it another three years after the pay off but continue making "car payments" to yourself, and you'll be in a position to pay cash for your next car. A great feeling, not having car payments.
  • edwardsa1edwardsa1 Posts: 34
    Is there a "reason" you use so many "quotation marks"? It is, well, "distracting" to "read".
  • maxhuntmaxhunt Posts: 8
    I have both the 01 GLE and the 01 V6 EX. Both are great cars. The Accord is my wife's, so you can guess as to which car I think is better! I enjoy driving the Accord, but LOVE to drive the Maxima.

    Anyway, Color. Our Accord color is the Naples Gold Metallic. Beautiful color - get that color!

    I've had two Maximas and my wife has had 5 Accords. We've had great luck with all of them.
  • yaobyaob Posts: 5
    The 2002 Altima might be a good competitor to the Accord,
    anybody know when it will be avaiable????

  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    The 2002 Altima will be shown in the upcoming New York Auto Show (April 11 is the debut), and should hit Nissan dealers in the fall.

    Hope this helps

  • pbhattipbhatti Posts: 87
    The Skyline is Nissan's answer to the lexus is300/bmw 3. It's 2.5L V6 with 280hp and AWD. They only sell the car Japan for about 50k. Check this site out for more
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    The Skyline is really a sports car, not a sedan like the Lexus IS and BMW 3s. The most attrative version as you pointed in your link is the GT-R, which is a probably for the money one of the best sports cars in the world. A company in the U.S called Motorex will sell you one for $80K. Too bad Nissan will probably never bring the Skyline GT-R in its current form to the U.S., because at around $26K (it's selling price in Japan) it would have a lot of buyers here. Shucks!
  • ON a 2001 honda accord ex - v6 sedan, i negotiated a price of 22975 and a down payment of 2000, and i wANT A 36 month lease, and the local sales tax here is 6%, please respond quickly thanx
  • It depends on where you are in this great nation of ours, but all over Honda has great lease deals right now.

    The host CarMan quoted me a money factor of .00213 and 57% residual on 15,000 miles/39 months. The dealer confirmed this, except he said the residual is 56%.

    On the EX 6cyl, It gives us us a payment in the 325-330 range with no money down. This is excellent for a 25000 car with V6, leather and all the luxuries.

    Something worth considering, Can anyone touch this deal in a maxima?

  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    I have a 48 mo. (no cap cost reduction other than first month and sec. deposit) lease for my $26K Maxima SE with Confort and Convenience package and auto.

    I pay $354 per month with tax. Remember that the Maxima is more expensive than the Accord, but you can get a Maxima below invoice.

    Good luck

  • srgzsrgz Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    I am a new buyer.I have never owned a car before.
    I have three cars in my mind, Accord Exv6,Camry Lv6 & Maxima se or gle.
    I dont know which one to go for.I almost decided on maxima,
    but i saw so many starting problems in the discussion .I know there culd be many
    probs with camry or honda as well.If any had experience with all the three,pls
    give me some advice as to which one to go for.
    other than frequent starting probs is there any major prob with max?
    Thanks in advance,
  • actually i heard the best way to deal on a lease is first negotiate a buying price and base ur lease on that price, and i got a deal so far with 2000 down 289 for 39 months, the 2k down include all tags taxes etc or with 3000 down 261 a month
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    Go with the car you like. You really can't go wrong with the Accord or the Max, they are both great cars. I drove the Accord, the Solara, and Maxima. The Maxima sold me outright...mine will be two years old and it has been perfect. No problems, true joy to own and drive.

    Good luck!
  • gnlgnl Posts: 94
    Agree with speed 100%. I had a Camry in the mid-90's, reliable as they come. But my current Maxima is my fourth Nissan, love it. It's just sportier, more fun, less seen on every corner. And equally as reliable if not more so, by the way. The Camry had a problem with burning out one taillight at frequent intervals, can't remember why.

    By the way, you guys might get a kick out of going to a site called Click through it a little bit, there's a list of what cars say about the guys who own them. A BMW is saying "I bought my wife," an Acura "I'm too good for German cars," a Porsche - well, you'll have to find out for yourself what a Porsche means!
  • When you load up an SE with leather, CD changer, moonroof, etc., it prices out between an Accord V6 EX and the Acura TL, matches the Acura horsepower (much faster and better handling and breaking than the Accord 200 hp), and is bigger inside than both. I think the TL looks nicer and maybe has a better resale/reliability track record. Doesn't the TL/Maxima comparison make more sense?
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Posts: 650
    Actually, a better comparison is the TL vs. the Infiniti I35. Since they are both the luxury versions of their respective divisions. Even a loaded Maxima can be had for thousands less than a TL.
  • kevinw5kevinw5 Posts: 3
    Quick question...Has anyone had any luck with leasing a car and then buying the car once the lease is up. I can't afford to buy a maxima but can afford to lease one but I know that I will rack up the miles and wanted to know if this could be a possible option for me. Can anyone tell me the downfalls to this plan. I'm looking for words of wisdom!!! Thanks KW
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