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Acura TL Tires and Wheels



  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    Thanks, slushbox indeed.

    I think I was drawn to the UHP category by the high ratings for the Conti's in the snow. And relatively lower prices as compared to some tires in the "Touring" or "High Performance" category. I'll review them again. Given the nature of the TL, I do tend to value ride/noise comfort over handling. But, after the dreadful in the snow Turanza's I am looking for a decent "All Season" tire.

    Did you have any thoughts on the quality of Kumho tires? Sounds like Contis and Avons aren't high on your list...

    Took the family to Newport yesterday in the TL. Nice ride. The TL cruises effortlessly @ 80mph and Derek and the Dominos sounded fab coming from the ELS... My son has decided that "The Breakers" is too big of a house for us to buy. Thank goodness, I didn't relish cutting that lawn with my Sears push mower... :)

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I think I was drawn to the UHP category by the high ratings for the Conti's in the snow.

    That seems contradictory to my experience. The "HPT" tires that came with my TL were Bridgestone Potenza's. Much, much better in warm dry conditions than the standard Bridgestone Tourenzas that lots of TL buyers complained about. But, they wore out in under 20k miles and were absolutely horrible in light snow. The softer compound of a high performance tire (W, Y and some Z rated) will "freeze" in cold temperatures and the tire might as well have a coating of silicone on it. I literally had a tough time getting out of a grocery store parking lot in 2 inches of cold granular/icy snow.

    By comparison, we were at our second home this spring when it snowed 1-2" every day over the Easter weekend. I took out my old Nissan Maxima with H rated Goodyear Eagle RS-A's and it took me awhile to realize I didn't have to baby it. The snow handling of the Nissan was far, far superior to the TL with either my original Potenza's or replacement Avons.

    It really depends upon how you drive the car. If you really aren't testing the handling limits, don't be fooled (like I was) in thinking you need a very high performance tire on the TL. I am sure there are some excellent H or V rated tires that will give you much longer tread life and better snow traction. If I decide to keep my TL long enough for another set of replacement tires, that's what I'm going to look for.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    Were the Potenzas the RE950 summer tires? I ask because the Potenzaa Pole Postions RE960a are highly rated (by TR users) in all conditions. They are an UHPT, as are the Conti Extremes and Kumho ASX.. Are your Avons the 550 M&S?

    Yes, I have the dreaded Turanzas that have dismayed me so in the white gold. I've not been stuck or (too far into) in a dangerous situation with the Turanzas due to the traction/brake assists, experience in the snow and (mostly!) luck. While I don't expect Blizzak perfomance from All-season's, a lifetime of FWD/All-season tire driving has served me well as I spend fabulous times driving to and skiing the mountains of New England. Until the Turanzas, now my TL does not go north of Mass. in the snow!

    I still have some time, so will review the "Touring" and "HPT" categories vs. the UHPT.

    If only it would snow 1-2" daily from December through Tax day at the ski resorts of New England! :)

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Were the Potenzas the RE950 summer tires? I ask because the Potenzaa Pole Postions RE960a are highly rated (by TR users) in all conditions. They are an UHPT, as are the Conti Extremes and Kumho ASX.. Are your Avons the 550 M&S?

    I believe the Potenzas were the RE950 summer tires. They were definitely rated as a "summer" compound.

    The Avons I have are the M500 in 245/45WR. I went up to the 245 from 235 width to try to protect the rims a little better. (3 out of 4 rims have scrapes from just slightly touching curbs). Lousy design by Acura - my 911 wheels have no rim scrapes and I've touched curbs just as much with them, with even lower profile tires.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    My TL, too, has a couple of scraped rims. And yet I have no recollection of close curb calls. On occasion, however, the evil wife and I do switch cars... :surprise: Agreed that this is one of the TLs (minor) flaws. Along with a trunk lid that dumps water into the trunk, makes me think of a Caddy XLR in that respect. Maybe it's the 21 or so coats of Zaino that forces the drops of water to slide with such fury from lid to trunk!

    Comparing tires on TR, I'm still drawn to the UHPT category, with the qualifier that I'm looking at the All-Seasons, not summer tires. Overall, this category seems to offer more choice for the TL, with performance ratings comparable (or better) than GT or HP. And at more reasonable prices. The aforementioned evil wife insists that we will be upgrading our fireplace to a gas insert next month, so I have to save money somewhere. And she fully knows how unimportant tires are to my well being... :sick: Just kidding, of course. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets (Damn Yankees!). She shall have her warmth and I will have my tires...

    When I have a moment, a phone call to TR seems to be in order for further research. Or I could just replace the TL with a new Jag XK which, of course, will come with new tires. Oh, yeah. I'm not Lola... :(

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Like I said, go for whatever turns you on, but I'm inclined to go with longer lasting, quieter all-season tires on the TL the next time around - realizing that it is a FWD sporty family sedan, not a sports car. I didn't realize that "Ultra" high performance came in all season compounds / tread design, so perhaps I'll check them out. But you should also check out some other ratings besides Tire Rack. I'm not impressed with their highly rated Avon Techs and the tires are considerably noisier than my former Potenza's.

    Now, on two other points: What's up with the Jag XK? not impressive in my opinion and only comes in an automatic. I know that works for your marriage, but you really ought to consider having your wife to learn how to drive a stick so you can consider some higher performance cars when you do hit that jackpot. ;)

    Second, since when is a gas fireplace insert an "upgrade"? :sick: In our area an price range, it certainly isn't. Cheaper to build and easier to maintain, yes, but no genuine architectural character and no "performance" i.e. compared to smell, sound and aesthetic qualities of a real wood burning fireplace (preferably stone construction). I wonder what Frank Lloyd Wright would do if someone wanted to put a gas insert into the fireplace at Fallingwater. Probably come out of his grave (and melt all the vinyl sided houses that have been built in the last 50 years while he's at it).

    Don't be offended - I'm just trying to give you the ammo to go back to your "evil" wife before she spends money on that non-upgrade. Money that could be well spent on that next sports car with a real 6-speed stick. ;) ;)
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    Thanks for the pep talk!

    (Like many men...) I'm a fool for a pretty face. And that the Jag XK is, imho (one dealer down the road is advertising $16k off MSRP! Still a bit steep for me). Just like our TL and the classically lovely 911. Every review I've read, and from some over on the (wealthy, erudite, combative, diesel-loving, intelligent and just all around neato) "Luxury Lounge" one gentleman has purchased a convert and seems most pleased. A big manny-tranny bunch over there, too.

    Evil wife can drive a stick, I taught her. "Made" her drive one for about 10 years as I had a company slushbox and wanted a little row your own for weekend fun. Since I'm a few years away from a third car toy (kids! Summer camp, college, clothes, braces, lunches!) anything and everything is possible including the fab Germans and their offer of do it yourself gear selection. But that Jag sure is purty...

    Re: Gas insert. Since I tend to keep our New England abode on (in her opinion) the cool side in the winter, she thinks the gas insert will heat the house significantly. She doesn't understand that I will keep the insert thermostat cool too! A penny saved (gas heat, oy!) is an R8/911/Cayman/Aston Martin in the future garage. The Mendota we will be buying actually looks pretty good. Plus during power outages, it will continue to generate heat without drawing heat ex. the house up the chimney. Only the blower needs electricity. But, and here is the most salient point, she wants one. I'm sure our second (ski/lake) home will be of the wood burning type...?

    Where might I find more tire reviews, other than TR? And here... Local dealer is high on Toyo Versados, a new GT all-season...

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "Where might I find more tire reviews, other than TR? And here... Local dealer is high on Toyo Versados, a new GT all-season..."

    I wouldn't necessarily throw the TR reviews or their personal recommendations completely out, I'd just try to supplement with first hand info from other sources. We have several perfromance tire shops in the area that I will consult, even if I don't buy from them. Also, my Acura dealer is also a Mercedes dealer and the owner is a car nut with a Cayman S and SL65 in his personal garage, so I'll check his opinion next time around (on both my TL and 911).

    As for the Jag XK, it is a very nice looking car, although perhaps not as impressive, IMO as when it first came out in the late 1990's. I was guilty of staring at them back then. My gripe with Jag isn't the looks, it's what's beneath the skin. Just completely underwhelming as far as precise, tight driving dynamics, IMO. Essentially, a Ford. The Cayman S, by contrast, is a lot closer to what the good old E-Type would have liked to evolve to, IMO. At least as far as the driving experience.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    Thanks. I'm heading to my local tire shop on Wednesday for an oil change/rotation. Will query them then.

    Yes, I believe that the prior gen XK is a work of art that will stand the test of time as did the original XKE (in my youth, a friend's Dad had an XKE 'vert. I was not much of a car guy at that young age, but I've never forgotten riding in that car. Nor, for some strange reason, another friends Dad's Triumph Stag!?). This latest iteration is also quite nice, in a modern evolutionary way. I MUCH prefer Ian Callum's design signature to Chris Bangle's... But I'm sure Bangle loses no sleep over that!

    And my desires so far are only shaped by my AutoWeek/Car and Driver/Auto Mile/International Auto Show haunting reviews and views. I probably should just for fun, but I don't start test driving 'till I'm somewhat serious about buying.

    I'm sure that if I actually drove a Cayman/911/XK/335i that I'd probably just start throwing my credit cards at the salesmen...!

    One of the two billionaire auto dealer magnates (well, one is a Jr.) here in the Hub of the Universe-land is replacing the Auto Mile Dodge dealership with a Ferrari/Maserati store. A logical progression to me.. Oh, that's not going to be good for me... Evil wife put on her best fake smile and said, "Of course if it's what you want you can buy it..." when I came home in an '05 MB E class on a test drive. She knew full well my inherent "thriftiness" would steer me to a more prudent ride, $ wise. She, as always, was right.

    But I've vowed to put us into bankruptcy with my next auto purchase. I'll show her! (picked up our daughter today from her camp on Cape Cod. In the parking lot was a shiny, new Bentley Continental GT in a most unattractive shade of blue. Another sign?) And that new Ferrari/Maser dealer might just be the sign I was looking for to contact our lawyer to begin filing for the bankruptcy declaration!

    Oh, well. Time to pay some bills... :sick:

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    Have to decide soon. Tire store wouldn't rotate tires as the fronts are too far gone. They're really pushing the Toyo Versados (GT Tire). Buy 3/1 free through 7/31. Claim are quiter with better ride/handling than comparable Michelin or Bridgestones... Price includes "free" 3 year Road Hazard Warranty, free rotation/balance every 6k miles and free flat repair... What to do, what to do...

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • joshuah1joshuah1 Posts: 22
    I dedcided to get after-market wheels for my 2007 Type S. The problem is, the Brembo break caliper is so big, I'm having trouble finding a wheel that fits. They put the wheels on but the front ones shake (maybe the back ones to too) through the steering wheel. They put some spacers on and that reduced but did not eliminate the shake so they are ordering some custom spacers. I hope that solves the problem. Anyone out there have a similar experience and/or solution? JH
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    Today the new Toyo Versados were mounted on my '05 TL replacing the OEM Turanza EL 42s. Very, very early impressions: MUCH QUITER!!! And smoother ride. Of course, these are brand spankin' new and the ELs left me with a little over 31,200 miles on 'em.

    Thanks for the thoughts, Habitat1. I decided to go the Luxury Tourning A/S route over UHP A/S (as you suggested). I'll have to see how the handling is now. Looking forward to an improvement in the snow....gosh, I hope so...

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    Okay, 1000 miles on the new tires. They offer a much smoother and quieter ride over the OEM Bridgestone Turanza EL42s. Handling seems fine, maybe a bit more understeer? No issues in rain, awaiting the snow test...

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • jefhjefh Posts: 6
    After 35500+ miles, my 05 TL automatic has worn out the original Michelin MXM4 tires. However, I have some doubts:

    1. Actually only the inner rims of all 4 tires are bald, but the rest of the treads are still ok. Is this normal to TL? my friend's BMW X5 and 5 series have tires mounted non-vertically on purpose for stability, but I can't see that on TL visually. Does this look like alignment problem?

    2. Even though the tires are almost dead, the original brake pads still have around 90% left (according to 2 different dealers and one gas station who just fixed my flat tire) and it's like that since my 1st 7500 service. Am I so lucky (they still make squeezing sound sometimes as common 05 issue, which is not as good) to have these or it's common to TL, too? I drive on highway most of the time, but I don't think it'll last that long (by comparing to my previous 02 SAAB 93 which cost me rotors also in < 30000 miles).

    3. Are V rated tires runs longer, rides smoother and quieter than the W rated OEM tires? I like the MXM4, but not the price. And I don't think I'll risk driving it above 120 mph a lot :)

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Brake life can vary tremendously, as I learned yesterday. Our 2005 MDX at 37,000 miles, needed new pads around and needed to have the rotors refinished at a total cost of $750. That's about $350 more than I've spent in 155k miles on barkes for my 1995 Maxima. It needed new front pads at 90,000 miles and at 150,000 miles and new rears at 120,000 miles. The rotors have never been touched.

    I had the Acura service manager confess that Acura is only "average" when it comes to brake life and performance (with the exception of the "excellent" Brembo brakes that came on my 2004 TL).

    As for tires, I've said this before. A "W" rated tire on a FWD TL (even the 6-speed manual, "S" model) is absurd overkill. If you drive the car hard enough to claim to need that kind of tire, you better have a big life insurance policy. In vigorous driving, the 60/40 weight imbalance and front heavy "plowing" through corners will wear the "W" rated tires faster on a TL than on my 911S, which happens to be capable of 182 and 1.01g's, not that I'll ever test either.

    You would do just fine with V rated tires. That old Maxima of mine got through 155,000 miles with H rated tires on 15" wheels and (thanks partly to a 500 lb lighter curb weight), handles nearly as well as my 2004 TL 6-speed with the firmer suspension on the original W-rated HPT tires.
  • Hi,
    I'm looking to purchase a pair of wheels for 2007 TL TypeS. Mine got stolen and I need a replacement ASAP. If anybody knows where I can get a pair (could be used) please let me know. I spend all day calling all the shops and junk yards with no luck.

  • pashanyc,

    Sorry to hear about that. I was thinking of place locking lug nuts on my wheels and now I'm going to.

    Most Acura dealers carry wheels for the Type S. Finding a wheel to cover the Brembo brakes is a real mission. I purchased the chrome look-alike wheels from Acura for $475 per wheel. They're made for the car so not only do they look nice, they give a good ride.

    Try this message board as there has been plenty of discussion about wheels for the Type S TL.
  • i just replaced the tires on my 05 today. i'm also on my 3rd set of front brake pads. it's my understanding that 30,000 is common for the tl tires. the brakes were free both times. The first set were "prematurely worn." I went to have the second set replaced and there was actually a service bulletin at the dealer because there was a bad batch of brake pads installed on many tls. Lucky that yours are still intact. I replaced my tires with four dunlop sp9000. they feel strange day one, very good dry handling, but a bit harder ride. I have been riding on a spare for over two weeks so my judgement may be off.
  • jefhjefh Posts: 6
    thanks for the comments from jmboerner and habitat1. But I'm still wondering if there's any possible structural issue (such as chassis and/or axle) with my TL, since only the inner rims of all 4 tires are bald whereas everywhere else is still good ( at least 5/32 left ). Do you see the same when you replace your tires?

    I'm going to keep driving it for a while and do it all together @ the 37500 service. I might be opt for YK520 from Yokohama, specially made for America's tires, because of high user rating, 520AA UTQG and VR speed rating.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I replaced my "high performance" tires a little early at 18,000 miles, but as I recall, the wear pattern was even accross the tire. You may indeed have some sort of error in the adjustments causing the excessive inner wear.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    I see a few for sale on Ebay- check there ;)
  • Acura are selling rims and winter tyres up here in Canada for the type s;
    Blizacks and rims $1450
    Michelin X ice and rims $1625
    Price includes TPMS, tyre mounting and tax

    Anyone got any preference between those 2 tyres?
  • Iam expeiencing balding on my 2 front tires
    after 14000 miles the dealer acura and michelin is giving me the run around how should i frame a letter to acura and to whom should i send it too
  • Rotating the tires on my TL was the key to getting the most mileage out of them (michelins). Still, I think the most I got was 20k. The car eats tires. Some people have had good luck w/ other brands. Search the TL forum for "replacement tires". I don't believe the oem tires have a warranty on them, so michelin probably won't be sympathetic.
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    I've got Michelins on my 2006, 25k and they look pretty much brand new. If you don't rotate the tires regularly on any car the front tires will show excessive wear pretty quick.
  • I live in Minnesota having lots of trouble driving my 05 Tl in just 2-3 inches help! I have new Toyo tires on thought that would help, any advice? Have lived here all my life so i know how to drive in snow had a 2000 Honda Accord coupe before this and that car was great in snow...
  • Can you be a little more specific about your problems.
    Is this your first winter with this car? :confuse:
  • No this will be my 3rd winter, the car likes to get stuck quite a bit, seems like a lot of snow pack between tires and wheel wells, poor traction (toyo proxes 4 tires on right now)
  • Two words: snow tires. I had 4 Blizzaks on alloy rims. Cost around $800 when I bought the car. Try
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,062
    I'm afraid that upstatedoc is probably right. This is my third winter with my '05 TL, I blamed the Bridgestone Turanza EL42s for the poor snow performance. Replaced the Turanzas this summer w/Toyo Versados. A noticeable improvement in noise and smooth ride. However, today was our first bit of snow here in Boston. My TC was employed all the way up my driveway. ABS came on at a stop sign. I'm afraid that the Toyos may be worse!!!???

    Wide, low aspect ration all-season performance/luxury tires. Just not a good combo in the snow it appears. Maybe I should have gone with the Conti ExtremeContacts... Snow tire are probably now the best bet...

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

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