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Chevy Aveo New Owner Reports!



  • please see previous message -
    2007 red hatch
    cd/mp3/aux jack

  • paco3paco3 Posts: 4
    I bought a new '07 Aveo back in January. I've never owned a car this small and I absolutely love this car :) This car is a big step down for me. I also have a Ford F250 and commuting in that truck just didn't cut it for me. I'm getting about 31mpg in the Aveo as opposed to 11mpg in my F250. I live in Northern Michigan and the car handled the harsh winter here with no problems, snow and all. Ofcourse it is parked in a heated garage, but handling in snow and ice was impressive. It is a base model with no frills. Not even a cd player! My only gripe is the rear wiper. It sucks when you have to use it to wash the rear window.
  • paco3paco3 Posts: 4
    How do I start a new topic? I wanted my previous message as a new topic, but ended up in 'new owner reports'. Thanx.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    I moved your post to the current topic for Aveo modifications.

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  • veloraidveloraid Posts: 5
    I've been following the forum for the past few months and finally took the plunge and bought a 2006 Suzuki Swift + demo, 5 speed (exactly the same as the Aveo 5; I'm writing from Canada, not sure if the Swift is available in the U.S. yet). I've liked the styling since it came out. I have a 91 Honda Civic hatch which is still in great shape and goes like hell but is getting harder and harder to get in and out of due to the fact that it's so low. so I treated myself to the swift for my 50th birthday. Everything's great except the gas mileage. I wasn't expecting mileage like the Yaris and yes, I do almost exclusively city driving but Christ, the mileage is absolutely in the toilet, so much so that I'll probably be forced to sell it. Good thing I kept my Honda. I'm using 13 litres per 100 km which if I've done my calculations properly is only about 18-20 mpg. The dealer tells me nobody else complains and there's nothing wrong with my car. Anybody else seeing these kinds of numbers? :(
  • pbolpbol Posts: 15
    My 06 aveo gets exaclty 27 miles per gallon city,hi way i get about 30
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    I am in Dallas the way I am getting about 27-30 around town now and 35-37 on the highway my mileage dropped and I put some RXP gas additive in the take and ran it all out and then filled up a new take and my mileage has gone back is that darn gas-ahol or what ever they call it this time around it doesnt burn like gas and you get 10-30% lower mileage on it and it causes carbon deposits on the fuel injectors which makes things worse......try the rxp though it helped me.......
  • Hi, just bought a new Aveo 2007, any vibration problems to report? So far I have a strong vibration on the head rest when the car is idling (stopped at a traffic light for ex.) when I have the AC on, when I turn it off it's virtually gone, but there is still a very slight vibration. Also the AC motor seems to be pretty noisy. Also, when I'm driving over 60 mph I feel a slight vibration on the accelerator pedal, and the car generally doesn't feel smooth on the road. Didn't bring it in yet, I wanted to get educated on this a bit before going and getting the run-around. Have the issues about vibrations from the previous model been resolved? Does anyone else have a similar situation with their 2007 Aveo? Thanks,
  • pbolpbol Posts: 15
    I had a vibration on my 2006 while driving but not what you are having,Around 50 to 80 km i felt a vibration driving in the front,I changed my tires to a performnace tire and she drives smooth now,So far i found that pavement has issues with the car,It will pickup more bumps than a normal car will,Feels like a go cart when i drive the car,Quick accurate steering and that is what i like.
  • hi, you feel the vibration on the steering wheel and gas pedal right? I commute an hour one way to work and I noticed that too though not as pronounced as the AC motor thing. First day I drove it I was really impressed.
  • akveevoakveevo Posts: 12
    I have a 2006 Aveo that I recently bought as a left-over with 43 miles here in Orlando. I've been keeping tabs on the forums due to the 'vibration' in 5th gear. So everyone thinks it's the tires? All people are doing is changing the tires? No new rims? Upgrades? I really like this car except for the vibrations. :)
  • akveevoakveevo Posts: 12
    I was reading on that the Aveo weighs more than the average car in it's class. This may be a plus. I always stuck 20lb bags of kitty litter in my trunk of my GEO Metro when I used to live in Pennsylvania during the winter months. It did help a lot! :shades:
  • akveevoakveevo Posts: 12
    I agree with the "Remember all manufacturers are capable of making a lemon or two so do not be fooled by those individuals who have had bad experiences with a certain brand of vehicle -- every manufacturer is capable of producing a lemon or two" as you said. People are passing up a great little car!

    As of today, Chevy has sold more than 20,000 AVEO's since it's release. Most owners on here post the 2004 / 2005 are the ones that are having issues. There is nothing posted for the 2005 / 2006 AVEO on the HNTSA website (national recall data base). And the 2004 has one minor recall for that particular year :D .

    Go to to see a list of recalls for car makers. Just an FYI.....if you are cocerned about recalls, take a look at the Ford Focus since it's release. There have been NUMEROUS reports about this car. My significant other has one and we've been having issues since the car was purchased. On a more positive note.....WE MAY BE the only ones having issues with this car. :)
  • 7e5f6e7e5f6e Posts: 2
    A 2004 and 2007, both sedans. The 04 has 63K, no problems except for the new bushings - dealer covered it. The 07 has 6K - no probs at all. Both cars average 28 - 33 MPG in the city, well into the 30's (best is 38 MPG) on the highway. I drive the cars as they were meant to be driven, NOT like a sports car. Use the cruise if you have it, keep the oil and filters changed. Common sense stuff. It's not a Mustang and therefore can't be driven like one. I'd recommend an Aveo to anyone. They are neat, reliable, and inexpensive to own. BTW, turned down a Nissan Versa - the 2007 Aveo was cheaper to own in the long run as far as maintenance etc.
  • pbolpbol Posts: 15
    ((Exactly )) how 7e5f6e mentioned .Drive like a normal car and you wont have problems,Want to go fast,Take corners like your on a race track?,Buy a mustang/mits eclipse/vette or a soltice.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Just passing through. Don't understand this post. Why would weight in the back help with a fwd?
  • I just purchased a 2007 Chevrolet GMDAT Aveo LT on May 01 of this year, with the Limited Edition RS package added to it.

    It's a misty blue sedan with 5 speed transmission, ABS. The RS package adds ipod nano, 6 speaker premium stereo with steering wheel stereo controls, rear spoiler. Price paid was $17860 CDN with freight and PDI added, taxes additional. The price includes a rebate of $980 for the sunroof.

    Do they sell the RS package in the United States?

    So far I have almost 4,000km on the car and nothing has gone wrong. I simply love the car. Sure it could use more power on the freeway (sometimes I need to gear down into forth to get going on hills), but the car is very solid and quiet on the freeway, even during high speeds of 150km/hr.

    Very very happy so far with the car. I love the newly designed exterior, especially the aggressive front end. The interior looks fantastic - puts the Yaris to shame.

    Austin in Vancouver BC Canada.
  • I recently took my car to shop just bought it in June w/ only 300 miles on it well it Sept. and I have only 2400
    miles. As many have said when stop they have vibration. I also am having the problem as well. when I took it in last week its the lower control arms need to be replaced and now I am having engine problems as well doesn't sound right.Car will go back to the shop Monday. 1st week I had it had a leaky vale steam which they fixed with no problem. The lower control arms (front will be done on Monday as well) any body else having same problem? thanks Debra Poquette Lakeland Fl.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I am VERY intrigued by this. That price is really high,unless the Canadian dollar is VERY strong against the US dollar? I don't know. You paid nearly $18K for a 'LT' version of the Aveo. Did you get a hatchback or the sedan? For all that extra money. Did you get any engine upgrades? Bigger wheels/tires? A sunroof?
    Leather seats? How many extra HP does your engine get? We in the US obviously dont have an 'RS' version..but for a spoiler, premium stereo, and remote steering wheel controls, THAT is an RS? That is basically an LT model here, and the doesn't even include any alloy wheels, power windows/locks/theft system/ Is it an 08 or an 07? And is it the hatchback or the sedan? I am VERY curious. Any picture of it?
  • Pricing is all in Canadian dollars for a fully loaded LT-RS Sedan 2007 or 08 model. You can find out more at and simply select the Aveo. The price isn't expensive at all considering that I priced out a similarly equipped Toyota Yaris Sedan and it was just under CDN$24,000. The pricing includes the RS package which adds upgraded 15" Hankook tires, 15" alloy wheels, upgraded 6 speaker premium sound system with sound system controls on steering wheel, rear spoiler, sunroof, chrome door handles, ipod nano, and RS badges.

    Photos of my car are here:
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    " am VERY intrigued by this. That price is really high,unless the Canadian dollar is VERY strong against the US dollar? I don't know. You paid nearly $18K for a 'LT' version of the Aveo."

    The Canadian dollar and American dollar are now the same in value. There is a big controversy going on right now of why Canadian cars are so over-priced. I recently saw some figures that showed the same model Volvo was $7,000 more in Canada. Mercedes Benz was in the news yesterday responding to claims of price fixing in Canada and said that they will not charge more and will adjust any prices that were inflated. This is just the beginning as more people are coming out with complaints. Supposedly, there are many people coming over the U.S. lines to buy cars to bring back to Canada. This used to be in reverse just a few years ago but fell out of favor when the big auto manufactures here in the states said they will not honor Canadian car warranties for American buyers.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    The lower control arms (front will be done on Monday as well) any body else having same problem?

    Surprised to hear about that on an 07, especially with such low miles. Replacing lower control arms has been an issue for a number of 2004 owners -- I would have figured that with a redesigned suspension, the problem has been corrected by now.

    At least you're still under warrantee. Good luck.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    My 2006 Hatchback is the same color blue. So you have the 2007 sedan and no automatic! My gosh, they do overprice the Canadian Aveos! I mean it is a nice looking Aveo. But not even an automatic at that price.? An IPOD is only $100 to buy yourself here in the States,did it come with the sound system? I am sure I could get that car for around $14K easily here. I hope you enjoy your car. It is beautiful.

    But I think GM is taking advantage of our Canadian friends! Here THAT car is an LT,not an would be fun to buy the RS badges!! I got to try. A Yaris here is probably nearly as high here. The steering wheel controls is a nice thing to have. To bad they dont have the transmission shifters paddles on the steering wheel,like on the Mitsubishi Lancer. But I think they come with the automatic to get them anyway. Well enjoy the car,and as long as you know you got a good deal, that is all that matters.

    I dont know the Canadian pricing system. It still seems high to me. But it is the newly designed sedan and 'loaded',but not even an automatic at that price to me is very high! I got mine a 'lowly' LS hatchback with just an automatic and A/C and cd stereo for under $10K. I know the new sedan has a few new things on it standard, and once you add all the stuff you mentioned it would drive the price up. But I would think $14K would be tops for in Florida. :D Enjoy is VERY nice looking! **** Where are the RS badges?? I cant find them in the pictures. All I see are 'LT' badges. I'd love to buy RS badges from a Canadian GM dealer. What do they look like??? Or where are they on the car?
  • Well there's the frieght and PDI included in the CDN$18,110 price and that price now also includes free sunroof. So we can subtract $1200 for PDI/Freight and another $1000 for the sunroof and the LT-RS is now $16,000CDN. The RS package adds two RS badges to the front door panels. Do USA Aveos have heated mirrors? I went back to the GM site and did some pricing. If you get an LT and add the alloy wheels, rear spoiler, cd player with 4 speakers (still not the RS 6 speaker), and sunroof the price is over $19,000 with PDI/Freight included. So it makes more sense for us to buy the RS package and get the 6 speaker cd player, sunroof for free, and stereo controls on the steering wheel (not available on LT). But yes I see what you're saying about USA versus Canadian prices, but what can we do. I think our market is very different from USA so the prices reflect that. We buy over 50% of all our vehicles in the subcompact or compact class versus just over 13% in USA (our figures are similar to Europe), due to our gas prices being far more expensive.

    Also check out these photos to see how the GMDAT Aveo is sold around the world:
  • Can anyone give me details about the pre-installed alarm system on the Aveo? Is it factory installed or dealer installed?

    Also, on the sedan, if you lock the doors with the key fob and then open the trunk with the key, does the alarm go off?

    If you are inside the sedan and lock the doors with the key fob, can you pop the trunk from the release button?

    Any help you can give would be appreciated.
  • I'm not sure if the alarm is factory or dealer or both. But what I can help with is this. If you arm the alarm system outside the car (locks the doors), you'll still be able to use the keyless remote or key to open the trunk without setting off the alarm. However, if you unlock all doors and open the trunk and keep trunk open for longer than 60 seconds, the system on 2007 and 08 Aveos will lock all doors as a security added feature. If you are inside the car and decide to lock with the keyfob and try to start the car the alarm will go off. You are advised by the instruction book to lock all door by pushing down the driver's door lock - this locks all 4 doors. To unlock all four doors from the inside, just pull up on the driver's side interior door lock.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    "Do USA Aveos have heated mirrors?"

    Yes, but only on the LT model.
  • Just pick up ours yesterday. It had a vibratory squeek on the left door, but apparently worked itself out in about 1 hour of driving. It was not any worse than my wife's new Focus, which had a sqeak on the door, vibrating trunk, and terrible wind noise on the left window since we bought it new. The quiestest new car we've ever own is the Corolla. But I can't ask for more from a $8300 car that we paid $7000 for.

    The stick shift was a little hard to learn at first, as it is like many cars, difficult to get into 2nd when you down shift. Once you've realized that you can not accidentally get into reverse (there is a finger activated release that you must use - which is great), you can jam it hard into the corner, so you will not mistake 2nd gear for 4th. It took a while to get use to that.

    The steering was nimble, which handled better than the Equinox that we almost bought. But apparently was a big complain from other folks.

    Beware of the back seat latch. We had major problem with a 2008 in Mexico that had only 400 miles, and I read it online too. Don't force it or jam it or it will lock. Hopefully it will not give us major problem. So far no problem yet, but it could be for folks who use it alot. I imagine lots of WD40 will help with the jamming issue.

    I find it interesting that the 30000 mile timing belt check was removed on the 08 model, but required on the 07 model. Apparently a visual check is worthless, and they've done away with it. I am still planning to replace that timing belt every 30 to 40 K after the first replacement at 60K. Don't want to mess with these interference engines.

    Please give feedback on your 08 Aveo experience. Hopefully they've got most of the glitches worked out.
  • No more squeeks from my car today, the 2008 aveo we got 2 days ago. The shifting is still difficult to get used to, going from 4 or 5 to 2. I still have problem putting it into 3rd.

    The cup holders are wayyy to small, crampted, and tight. Hard to shift with 2 sixteen oz pop in it, as it cramps up against the stick shift. I would not put any double 20 oz pop, or they will bump each other's lid off. It really was meant for small coffee cups or small coffees.
  • sv6ridersv6rider Posts: 1
    Well just got a new 08 Silver Aveo Hatch. Replaced my 98' Cavalier, I mainly use it for work commuting and have only put 30 miles on it but the car is nice. Our main vehicle is a 07 Equinox AWD which is awsome. The main problem I have with the Aveo is how cheap the switch gear feels and how thin the doors are, sorta reminds me of the geo tracker and metro. I will accesorize it in time. First up are tinted windows a better set of speakers with a small 4 channel amp. I will keep the stock head unit because it lets me plug in my SIrius radio. and the aveos idea of a premium sound system is a joke. but what can i expect from a 14000 dollar car I got for 11000 out the door, then minus trade and cash for a whopping monthly car payment of $122
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