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Nissan XTerra SUV



  • I've had my 2000 X for about 2 months now. It's an automatic and sometimes when you are at a stop with the tranny in Drive, a slight vibration occurs. The RPM's drop a little and then it vibrates. I was curious if anyone else may have experienced this.

  • Anyone know where I can find a R/C Xterra in the Chicago area? I can't find on anywhere. :(
  • I finally had time to take apart the plug and take a close look. Xcanuk, you were correct in stating that the contact probably just required a few scraches (partly, anyway). After disassembling the plug/bulb, I found that the low beam connector in the plug was too wide for the contact on the bulb and would therefore move, causing the connection to fail. What's more, the plug appeared to be defective where the one connector in the plug seemed to be loose. This caused the hot metal of the connector to come in contact with the plastic surround and melt it completely on one side. The other two contacts still have their plastic surround in place, so there isn't a big chance of a fire from the two contacts touching. The "burn" also left a bit of residue on the bulb's contact, decreasing the connection.

    I bent the connector on the plug inward a little to ensure a snug fit and I'm hoping the bulb remains in contact with the plug. I definitely need to replace the plug though as I fear this defective one has a chance of fire.
  • Update on #323

    Turns out the Service Engine Soon light turned on because my gas cap wasn't screwed on right sending air into the system and the computer sensed that. The service dept. reset the settings: told me the first time is free & after that it's $57 and some cents (maybe disconnecting the battery will do the trick). Did a search on the board for Gas Cap and found more info under Maintenance & Repair.
  • A number of people have posted about this problem. You should visit the board if you haven't already. That board has a good search feature. If I remember correctly, there have been various solutions from replacing the sender unit as xcanuk mentioned to the entire gas tank. Unfortunately, it's not something you can fix yourself.
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    good to hear you found the semi solution, I'm pretty sure the fuse would blow before the contacts caused a fire.. that is why they are there. That is the one catch to most of the new connections now, they have to be done straight on and slow.. the same goes to those micro fuses they use now.
  • haldudehaldude Posts: 18
    G'day, mates. I had the 3/4 but full problem myself. Dealer diagnosed it as 'wires rubbing against the fuel pump sending unit arm.' The solution was to tie wrap some wires together to something else.

    I think the people in Smyrna should send a pack of twist ties with each X, along with a little cheat sheet showing where to use them. Like the cruise control cables, etc. Ha ha. Anyway, hope this helps Mindie and all the others out there!
  • Hi all just wanted to let everybody know the good deal I got on my X. I got a 2001 xe 3 pack with auto trans for $21900. These deals are out there if you know how to get them.
  • Bobo,
    I just wanted to let you know I leased my last vehicle and all of my family leases and none of us ever had any probs. If you are a person that does not put much milege on a vehicle and takes good care of it you shouldn't have any probs. I plan to lease my X because I like to keep my payments low and get a new vechicle every few years. I also live in NJ so if you get a good deal let me know.
  • mindiemindie Posts: 109
    Just wanted to thank xcanuk, silverxglider, and haldude for their feedback!

  • I am looking at a 2001 Xterra as a potential new car for me (XE Auto with Power & Utility). After reading everyone's posts, I know to look for scratches on the underbelly, the fuel gauge giving incorrect readings, and the tires being inflated well over recommended PSI. Could any one who has a 2001 XE with Power/Utility please respond with their general happiness/unhappiness with their Xterra? Edmunds talks about a "weak V6" and "cheap & plastic interior". Comments? I'm going to the LA Auto Show tomorrow to check out Xterras and others, but I would like some consumer, not dealer or researcher, opinion and experience. (Also, the Nissan website posted interior photos and I was wondering if the shown fabric was an XE, SE, or the waterproof seat covers... it has what appears to be black v-shaped lines that run the length of the seats.)

    Thanks a lot!

  • shek3shek3 Posts: 72
    I have a 2000 SE with 30,000 miles....V6 is adequate....I have no problems getting on the highway......the interior is nothing fancy.....If you want toys go somewehere else....this is almost basic transportation with 4x4 capabilities....the truck on the Nissan website is an SE....Good luck, Mike
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    I think this came up once before, or somewhere else. Once a truck is no longer new, most reviewers seem to think a truck should be a car, and comment as such... step in too high,.. drives to rough.. etc... The X is.. well an X. Basic, but can be dressed up and added to to suit anyone that needs the space. Problems on this board seem to crop up for 20 posts or so, but it is usaully only one or two that have the hiccup, the rest shoot out quick fixes if any.
    I'm still happy one year later, and I'm still changing it around to my liking..which is half the fun, ...give one a good test drive and let the X convince you.
  • haldudehaldude Posts: 18
    Hi there, W. Before buying the X, I did quite a bit of analysis. Considered most everything from the RAV4 thru the BMW X5, etc. For me, the conclusion was that when asked to fill the SUV role, the X offered the best value coupled with high overall satisfaction from users.

    With that said, here is where I'm at... Took delivery around Thanksgiving on a 2001 XE with all three packages. 3000 miles later my only beefs are that the driver's seat is not compatable with me. (Lacks comfort, adjustments, and just seems to be designed wierd.) But that is a personal issue that doesn't seem to bother a lot of people. Secondly, I think the fuel economy should be a lot better considering the weight of the vehicle and only about 165 horses.. Just the same, the power is adequate and the manual transmission is VERY smooth.

    Would I do it again? Probably 50/50 chance. But my situation, just like everyone else's, is unique.

    Good luck on your decision, W.
  • cletusecletuse Posts: 14
    I too did a lot of comparison shopping before purchasing my X. Price was not a big obstacle, but with my other car being more luxury-oriented ( a MB), I wanted a fun, no-frills SUV. It may sound silly, but it's just like the ad - "everything you need, nothing you don't". Or something like that. I put 27K on my 2000 XE S/U/P before trading it in on a 2001 XE S/U/P 4WD a month ago. So yeah, I did do it again. Also, I used my X for a lot of business roadies and found it VERY comfortable.

    Rock on,

    Rob in Santa Fe
  • I have had a '00 XE 5sp since May 2000. I am completely happy with it. It's not a rocket but it has more than enough power for cruising and passing. (I came from a 4cyl. '88 Isuzu Trooper so the X seems plenty fast to me.) It's also very torquey for slow speed off-road driving. People have complained about gas mileage but I'm getting an average of 21.5 mpg which is more than I expected. AS far as the interior goes, its perfectly functional and easy to keep neat and clean. If you're looking for wood trim and leather (and you have another $5,000-$10,000 to spend) you won't find it here but that's a matter of taste. I think the X gives you the most bang for the buck.
  • haldudehaldude Posts: 18
    Way to go, Idaho!! Great mileage! Is this an equal mix of highway and city? Do you always stay under say 50 mph? Are you augmenting the powerplant with solar panels or sails? Running on steel wheels? Is your odomoter accurate?

    In all seriousness, how do you account for this? I've heard about an aftermarket air filter, but doubt it would add THAT much to the mileage situation.

    What's the trick?

    Slurping around Sacramento (at 17.5 mpg)
  • Hey,

    I have enjoyed reading all the posts much so that I just bought a 2001 SE Silver Ice beauty today! I am totally enjoying it, as it the Pooch, but I wanted to get some tips on where to find an after dealer dog-gate. I think I have seen a post somewhere in the stack, but can't find it now. I checked the site to no avail. Any info would be much appreciated.

  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372

    Sometimes long links don't work.. xterraparts > interior > cargo

    Nissan Pet divider is more or less fixed in place, just something to consider if you use all your cargo space.

    Dogs love Trucks, welcome aboard
  • I just purchased a 2001 SE 4WD Auto within the last month. I too am having a vibration, sputtering, choppy idle type problem when the vehicle is in N or D. The problem has gotten progressively worse marked by greater frequency, bigger drops in rpms and stalling. Very frustrating. I took it back to the dealer today ... I will let you know how I make out.

  • No, Glad Wrap is what helps mileage. I have it wrapped tightly over the entire truck, it greatly reduces wind resistance. I also only drive at night when the pavement is cooler.

    Seriously, I do about 90% two-lane highway/rural road driving, about 10% city/no rush hour. Because of the kinds of roads, I don't have much opportunity to exceed 55-60mph and I was never a speed demon anyway. Also, I keep my BFG Long Trails at about 30 psi. I tend to shift at the speeds recommended in the owner's manual. I was must say I was pleasantly surprised to get this kind of mileage.
  • haldudehaldude Posts: 18
    Thanks for revealing that the man from glad gave you a great new use for that stuff!

    Actually, we all appreciate knowing that we don't have to feel like wierdos for not getting such awesome mileage.

    Speed plays a huge key. Drag increases by the square of the increase in speed. So, if you go 60 instead of 50, that is a 44% increase in drag.
    (1.2 x 1.2). With these X's having a less than sleek profile, aerodynamics are going to be a big factor in the mileage situation.

    Thought I'd share some practical math that us airplane pilots have to know about.

    See ya'
  • the vibration in mine seems to have gotten worse as well. It's annoying and I guess I will have to take mine in as well. Please let me know the problem if they find out. Thanks!
  • xsexse Posts: 66
    here are sure fire tips to get your mileage up:

    1. replace your air filter with a spagetti strainer
    2. put a block of wood behind the gas pedal so you can only push it down 1/4 way.
    3. replace your wheels with motorcycle wheels/tires
    4. pump them up to 60psi
    5. take out all the seats and replace them with lightweight aluminum lawn chairs
    6. take out all the windows and replace them with saran wrap- duct tape to body
    7. get a clamp and squeeze off the feul line so only a trickle gets thru
    8. tape up all gaps, part lines, openings so your x is one smooth form.
  • haldudehaldude Posts: 18
    Great tips, XSE!

    However, here is my plan. I am going to buy a house at the top of a mountain. I will coast to the bottom and take the ski lift back up at the end of the day.

    With the money I save on gas, I'll put a 300 cd changer in the engine compartment since I won't need the '6 anymore. A 5hp briggs and stratton will work fine.

    I'm out'a here. I promise, my next posting will be serious...
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    If you use the new cling on Saran wrap, you can forgo the duct tape, plus they come tinted.. check state laws first. I've heard you can't remove the wrap from the sunroof with the basket in place though.

    Silly Putty works for the smooth shape as well, unless you have kids..( they always want to make spegetti out of it )
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    Don't forget- You'll need some zip ties to hold on the saran wrap.
    Should I use the silver or the black?
  • xcanukxcanuk Posts: 372
    chewing gum works.. and it works for an emergency patch kit for the motocycle wheels, or that road side meal since the X will be rolling so slow in rush hour.

    Don't you still have those seats from the Lada ??
  • haldudehaldude Posts: 18
    I am impressed with this group's wit and sense of humor. ( Not to mention their great choice in automobiles! )
  • gonzo7gonzo7 Posts: 259
    I finally realized that that bulge on the tailgate is a perfect place to carry my bag of zip ties.
    I decided to use the black ones since my X is Solar Yellow.
    Did I pay too much?
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