Scion xB Safety & Crash Test Results

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Sorry if this has already been posted, but here's some crash test scores from Japan.

Also I posted the crash test scores for the xA in the other topic, but I'll post them here too for anybody who's interested.


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    The literature refers to side air bags and head curtains but the sales rep I spoke to said that the doors were too thin and too close to the seats for the side air bags to work so they were not available? He said that Toyota was working on the problem? Does anyone have any info on this? I'd hate to buy one now and find out they become available in a few months. I also would like to see how the Xb does in a broadside hit test, given that it is so high and so light.
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    The local guy at the Scion dealership said they were not available but the literature lists them as options. I remember how Echo literature cited the availability of ABS and side air bags but I don't think anyone on the continent ever reported seeing one.
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    I know NHTSA and IIHS have not crash tested the xB yet. Does anyone know when it will be tested? Any preliminary word on expectations? Thanks.
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    The xB has not been tested yet by NHTSB or IIHS, but the xA got four stars across the board on front and side impacts. That's easier for me to understand than physics, and hopefully translates into similar results for the box:)
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    It's been out awhile now. I wonder why no crash tests.
    It is quite small and light and looks like it is an old design. The crash tests could be really bad and there are no side curtain airbags.
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    Well that's what you get when you drive a cardboard box on wheel...kidding people. I don't know why it hasn't been tested. It's weird. It costs 13-14k so the IIHS could buy one for cheap.
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    It was introduced almost a year ago in California, so it does seem like it could have been tested. I don't know how these things get scheduled. The xA received four of five stars for front and side impacts and the xB has scored well in Japanese government tests, though I don't recall the score or the scale used.
    Side-curtain air bags are available as an option on the xA and are not offered at all on the box.
    The design is about four-years-old, using the same "platform" as the Toyota Echo, whatever platform means. I imagine the engineering on the body is quite a lot different.
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    I guess platform means the chassis design.
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    I just drove my cousin's xb and loved it and plan to trade in my 2000 beetle. However I am concerned about the lack of crash test results. so I e-mailed the NHSTA and this morning I received an e-mail from them stating that they have no plans to test the Scion xb. They explained that they cannot crash test every car so they go by the sheer volume of cars sold. I guess the Scions have not sold enough to attract the government's attention. They gave me some links to other agencies that may have tested it but none of those have tested it either and some links I was unable to open up. I am curious about the testing done in Japan. I know the Scion has everything going for it and I am anxious to get one. Yet I'm not sure I want to give up my beetle's 5 star rating and side air bags just yet as i have two teenage boys(one with a learner's permit and a lead foot). Any info anyone has would be appreciated.
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    Here is a link to crash test results for the bB in Japan.
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    They should still add side curtain airbags. A vehicle that small should have everything available to help mitigate the size and light weight.
    Maybe 2005 or 2006.
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    A Scion dealer told me that the reason these are not an option on the Xb is that the tall height of the XB from the seat cushion to the roof would require a much larger air bag application than normal and perhaps a faster firing time and that Toyota opted not to go that route. They are optional on the Xa.
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    What we were told at a training meeting was that the xB is a much older design. It has been in Japan for several years and they pre-date the popularity of side air curtains. The car just was not designed for it. The xA is a brand new design and they incorporated the side curtains from the beginning.
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    I'll take your answer on the side air curtains. Couldn't they at least put side air bags in the seats? One could be rather exposed in a side hit in an Xb.
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    They probably could, but the utility of simple side air bags has always seemed questionable to me. The xB will only be around for a short period of time anyway and I expect its replacment in the 2006 model year will have them as an option.
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    The xA seems like a better vehicle overall. Better performance, and better safety with the side curtain airbags and newer design. The styling is just so bad on the xA and the xB looks good.

    I wonder when the xB redesign is going to be.
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    Hi Cliffy.
    In message #880 you said that the 2006 xb probably would have side and curtain airbags.
    We would like to buy one, and were wondering when you think we can expect the 2006 to arrive.
    Thanks, Niels
  • micwebmicweb Member Posts: 1,617 is the insurance industry safety institute that tests cars with more severe crash tests than the NHTSA, the federal agency. There is a three level hierarchy of testing right now: manufacturer testing, to insure compliance with 30 mph full frontal impact crash test requirments, and out of date law that requires passing without the use of seat belts (that is to say, with airbags alone); the 35 mph full frontal test with seat belts run by the NHTSA for which passing is not legally required (but where failure or low scores looks bad, hence manufacturers endeavor to get good scores); and the really severe Insurance Institute tests, which are based on modern thinking (Consumer Reports, Euro, Japanese and Australian) that an offset crash into a deformable target (similar to an offset crash between two cars) is more realistic than a full frontal crash into a solid barrier. The IIHS runs their test at 40 mph.

    IIHS also just started running side impact tests, but they went one further than the NHTSA - a heavier impact vehicle, at truck/suv height, with a contoured (for greater penetration) front end.

    While the xB and xA were not tested (and have done well in the milder NHTSA tests), 14 out of 16 other small cars failed the IIHS test miserably. It is worth Googling and reading the press release. The main thing that comes out of reading the lenghty news release is that side curtain air bags are a must have for anyone willing to plunk down the dough on a new car, regardless of the size of the car; and "size matters," small cars are going to have to be redesigned to pass the new test.

    In fact, the Honda Civic is currently being redesigned and given Honda's extensive safety testing facilities, should pass by the time it is released (Honda made running changes to the CR-V when it failed its initial side impact test). The Accord with side curtain air bags passes. It would be a shame for Honda to release a new generation Civic that promptly failed this new, well publicized test.

    Anyway, I love the xA and xB but the IIHS test is a real wake up call. Even the New Beetle with side curtain airbags got a Poor.

    There are two existing (dull) vehicles which pass (barely). The current Corolla, and the new Chevy Cobalt. We can only hope body structures and air bags will be upgraded on the upcoming xA to also pass the new test, and that, as recent posters have noted, that a new side curtain airbag friendly xB will be released....
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    I'm trying to decide between the Scion Xb and the Honda Element for a car that will be used 90% of the time in city driving. The Xb's mpg and space is very appealing, but the AWD and added safety features of the Element appeal to the parent in me (I have 2 small kids that I'll be toting around).

    Anyway, the Element's crash test ratings were so-so (better with side impact bags), but I can't find anything on the Xb's crash ratings. I live in CT, so I'm wondering, from a safety perspective if anyone has experience with an Xb in snowy and wet weather and how it handles. If anyone knows when/if it will be crash-tested that would also be helpful. Any thoughts would be welcome.

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    I traded in my Element for an xA after about a year mostly due to lousy gas mileage: 19-20 (AWD, Auto). I live near Minneapolis, so the roads are kept pretty clean druing winter. I put some 16" rims on my new xA and will put snow tires on the original steel rims. I love the handling and economy of the xA. I think the xB will be very similar, even though it looks very different.
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    This original model of the xB does not have side bags - I heard no room to install them. Maybe it hasnot been tested and won't be, or its test was poor. There is supposed to be a re-design in 2006 or 2007 that will incorporate side bags.
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    I can't find any crash test data on the Scion Xb, does anyone know if/when it is scheduled to be tested. I'm reluctant to consider buying it without this information.

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    I came across some Japanese and maybe European crash data and it did well, but crash standards are moving target in this country, what with the Insurance Institute upping the ante with their offset crash and new side impact test.

    To put it into a different perspective, the car is much better than most cars sold five years or more ago, due to ongoing advances in engineering. Still, it is a small car; assuming you have gotten past that hurdle it is probably as safe as a Civic or Corolla or Matrix unless they have side curtain airbags, in which case they are safer (side curtain airbags are not an option in the xB).

    On the other hand, the xB has stability control and ABS, which improve the safety factor.
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    I like the long list of safety features but why leave out airbags? I think in this day and age, who was the idiot to forget that? I would never buy a car without them.

    It costs a little more and fuel efficiency is slightly under xB, but I think I'd rather buy a Matrix. Not to mention it's faster and bigger.

    Then again with options added to Matrix, I could buy a 4 cyl Sonata which has 162 Horsepower and a much larger interior. All safety features are standard and high crash test ratings (including airbags)! :P :P :P

    Would consider xB as an less expensive alternative to a Sonata if it had airbags. I love how all these entry level cars have low MSRPs but once you add all the popular options your paying the same as next tier prices or very close! :cry: :surprise: :mad:
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    Airbags were not really "left out." The xB does have front air bags, and old design of the present body cannot accomodate side air bags. The thin doors and their closeness to the seats do not have enough space for side air bags.
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    Hi all, this survey recently rated all major family cars with a star rating for crash test safety.,20384,20148974-21822,00.html
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    The xB does have front air bags, and old design of the present body cannot accomodate side air bags. The thin doors and their closeness to the seats do not have enough space for side air bags.

    Now that does not inspire much confidence!
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    I would not buy an xB for safety. If you said it was an eggshell, you would only be figuratively correct, as a box is weaker than an eggshell. The xB was designed as a Japanese city car about 7 years ago. It's priorities were usable volume, compactness, practicality, and economy, more so than crash safety.
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    In the daytime last week, I was involved in a slow-moving 20 mph crash in heavy traffic wasn't good when the person in front of me slowed then did a "dead stop". All my lights were in tact but the front of my Scion xB buckeled up in the middle and raised the hood 10-12 inches. I was going 20 miles per hour and the air bags didn't go off due to the mild impact but the front of the car will cost over $6000.00 and three weeks in the shop to repair. All were safe in the car. The Scion xB, incidentally does need an interior front-seat interior dome light which is only located in the back on the ceiling which is very frustrating. One has to open the door to see anything at night.
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    "... The Scion xB, incidentally does need an interior front-seat interior dome light which is only located in the back on the ceiling which is very frustrating. One has to open the door to see anything at night..."

    I stuck a silver Dot-It over the mirror, and black Dot-Its on each side of the trunk area. I got mine from Amazon but saw them later in a checkout aisle at Meijers superstore. Here's a 3-pack for $20 from Amazon: - sr=8-2/qid=1161359534/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2/102-0625716-2908137?ie=UTF8
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    Allow me to say this first, there is no other car on the market that I will buy other then a Scion XB ( I am waiting for the 2008. That being said, I got rear ended in my 2005 at about 40 mph and I was at a stop light. My back seat was almost touching my front seat and I am , thankfully short, or I would have had back problems. The frame was bent and the car, body kit, eurostyle tail lights and billet grill, were totaled. Not telling you this to scare you, Trust me when I tell you its the best car I have ever owned, I am thrilled that the 2008 is a foot longer, and I think that parents that are looking for a new scion should wait for the new model as well to take advantage of that extra foot and side impact airbags.
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    US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, tested the cars and announced its report on the crash test rating in December 2006 as in the website:

    Car model Front Crash Side Crash Rear Crash

    Nissan Versa Good Good Good
    Toyata Yaris Good Good Marginal
    Honda Fit Good Good Poor
    Mini Cooper Good Acceptable Marginal Chevolet Aveo Acceptable Marginal Poor
    SCION XB Good Poor Marginal
    TOYOTA Yaris Good Poor Marginal
    HYUNDAI ACCENT Acceptable Poor Poor
    / KIA RIO

    I typed them all out for you. Hope that it is useful.
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    :surprise: Yeah, I feel your pain I just recently purchased a 2008 Scion XB and was rear ended by another toyota yesterday going about 50 mph, when I was at a dead stop. But my results were quite different. The only damage that the guy at the write up bridge at the dealer was seeing was just to my rear bumper. It had been ripped off pretty much at the driver side but was still clipped on (at the few places it was) pretty good. After the accident I was able to drive it well over 100 miles to my dealer doing over 70 mph. So what I would just like to say if obviously It were a heavier vehicle It would have done alot more damage but overall this little car is tough. If anyone reading this is worried about purchasing a new 08 or 09 Scion XB due to safety reasons don't be, I could have never of been happier with the way my car handeled the accident they are sturdy little cars with a ton of pep in them and they handle rear impacts very well In my experience.
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    I'm happy your Scion stood up in the accident and you walked away unharmed!
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