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rphwackrphwack Member Posts: 21
I am from the east coast and have recently purchased a Ruby Red/Black ES350. I am very happy with my choice. I was curious though about the tire brands that are on the ES 350. In the East coast they put on the Michelin Energy tires . While in Las Vegas I noticed that they put on the Toyo Proxes. Is there any difference between the two. Are the Michelin's better for East Coast weather conditions. Just curious if anyone can shed any light on the differences.


  • benzoservceguybenzoservceguy Member Posts: 60
    Tires are usually chosen on a random basis on the day the car gets to the point in the assembly line when it needs tires.
    Yesterday it was a rack of Michelin's .. today a rack of Toyo's, tomorrow a rack of Dunlops.
    My 06 IS 250 I thought was gonna come with Dunlops (which I personally dislike) came with Bridgestones (not bad) probably cause it has the sports package.
    Personally I like & recommend Michelin. I HATE Continential and Dunlops are so so. But that's my .02 cents and MY opinion.
    have not had much (if any) experience with Toyo
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    The Toyo Proxes J33 you saw on the ES350 in Las Vegas are summer tires, suitable for the climate in that area. The Michelin Energy MXV4 on your ES350 are all-season tires suitable for the climate in your area.
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    Summer tires will always give you a better ride and much sharper handling as the sidewalls are significantly stiffer than their "all season" variants. Sadly, their tread life is often inferior to the all seasons' and they are almost worthless if there's any snow on the ground.

    The Michelin MXV's are, at best, a compromise and even as all season's are vastly outclassed by others in the same category.

    For instance, compare them to their less expensive, but vastly superior stablemates, the Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S'.

    And I do agree with others, this car is seriously "undertired" running only 215's. A car of this size and power should be running on at least 225's or even 235's. I think the aspect ratio of 55 off the rim is a good choice for a balence of ride comfort and handling.

    Ideally, if you want the best performance from a car like this (or any car really), you should put on a good set of summer tires ( ) and swap them for a winter tire or an all season at the first sight of snow.
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    Everything psychdoc said is true, but he did leave something out. Part of the equation in getting such impressive EPA mileage figures for the car rests on using tires like the Michelin MXV4, which have quite low rolling resistance. Wider tires/ summer tires/ winter tires will all cause a small decrease in fuel economy.
    For maximum driving performance, go with his recommendations. For maximum fuel economy, stick with your all-season Michelin MXV's. If you drive in true winter conditions, winter tires make a big difference.
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    This isn't really along the lines of the discussion but it is relavent to the topic.

    Does anyone have a problem with slow leaks in the tire(s)? I got the ES350 with Michellin Tires. The low pressure sensor came on and I filled the tire 2x before the 5k service. When I mentioned it to the service department, they couldn't find any leaks. Now, it's been almost 3 weeks since the service and the tire needed to be filled twice to bring it to the proper inflation. It seems like the dealer isn't able to do anything about it.

    I was thinking of using one of the tire sealant products but I heard it messes up the balance. Does anyone have any suggestions? Has any one experienced the same problem? I could use the spare tire but then the sensor would still go on when the tire in the trunk loses pressure.
  • tdohtdoh Member Posts: 298
    Assuming that there are no punctures of any kind in the tire, I would look into the possibility of either a rim that is not true (i.e., not perfectly round--it only needs to be a wee bit off for air to leak past), or a defective tire that may also not be perfectly round.
  • atomicdog1atomicdog1 Member Posts: 4
    Hello to ALL:

    I'm new here.

    What are the wheel requirements for rims if you want the tire pressure sensors to work?

  • dubldocdubldoc Member Posts: 15
    LOVE my 350...21K in 12 mos w/o ANY problems. But car is very under-tired, what are biggest replacement tires of same height I can run on stock rims??
    The Michelin 215/55 handle well, but spin easily from rest.
    I assume I could get away with 235/45-17, would be same height and about 20mm, (or 1" wider) could any one comment on this?? ;)
  • rphwackrphwack Member Posts: 21
    I have a bubble in one my Michelin Energy MXMV S8's. I know That I have to change the tire as soon as possible. I priced the tire on Tire and it stated a price of $131.00. I called Lexus to set up an appointment and they said that i had to purchase the tire through their parts department. The worker in the parts department quoted me a price of $239.95 for the same tire plus I would have to pay for valves,balancing and installation which could bring the price to over $300 for one tire. I called STS and he said that he would do the same job for $195 installed (valve, balancing and installation) . Is this Ok? Would I violate anything?
  • rphwackrphwack Member Posts: 21
    I went to STS and had them install the tire. Cost was $215 with tax.
    So far no problems. When I mentioned to the STS Salesman that
    Lexus wanted to charge me $239.95 just for the tire he laughed and said " That's because they have to get it from me."
  • stevencatystevencaty Member Posts: 11
    Why don't you bring the tire to the local NTB, they will install only $18.00 include vale stem and through the old tire alway for you cause I just had it done all 4 tires plus lifetime balance and roadtate. Hope this help.
  • dubldocdubldoc Member Posts: 15
    Does anybody else have any suggestions for best sizing of 17" tires for the ES350?
    Can I get away with a 235/45x17 or would I need the 235/50x17 to get the same tire height?? The 215/55 michelins just arent serious tires...
  • dubldocdubldoc Member Posts: 15
    I last posted here 12/07, have since purchased Falken 235/50 ZE912's, which are AA/A and Z rated. While they give the car a slightly stiffer ride, they really improve control and handling...the stock Michelin MXV's are good for mileage and ride, but are clearly inadequate if you want to push the car a little. The above tires are 1/2 to 3/4" shorter, so you are actually going about 2mph faster at 70 than what the Odo says, but, who cares... and the profile is much more pleasing to the eye. :)
  • altarboy54altarboy54 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 07 ES350 with less than 25,000 miles. I have just been told by the dealer that I need two, if not four, new tires. Nothing unusual has happened to the tires; normal wear and tear (of course this is not covered by warranty) . Is this right?
  • ctlctl Member Posts: 129
    It will be 2mph slower than the Odo says...

    I last posted here 12/07, have since purchased Falken 235/50 ZE912's, which are AA/A and Z rated. While they give the car a slightly stiffer ride, they really improve control and handling...the stock Michelin MXV's are good for mileage and ride, but are clearly inadequate if you want to push the car a little. The above tires are 1/2 to 3/4" shorter, so you are actually going about 2mph faster at 70 than what the Odo says, but, who cares... and the profile is much more pleasing to the eye
  • bubba42bubba42 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 ES 350 @ 31,000/miles and today, 2-Michelin Tires had to be replaced. I take great care of the car and can not imagine getting longer wear! Was informed by the Lexus Service that Lexus has been experiencing a pattern developing whereas the Michelin Tires are not getting the normal long-time maintenance & wear, as in times past. Not sure if it's in the product itself; or something to do with the Lexus machine causing the tires to wear quickly. Would anyone have any idea about this?
  • atl2atl2 Member Posts: 1
    I also have an '07 ES 350. At 21K miles today, the dealer told me I need 1 new tire now and all 4 within 5K miles. His price is $900.
    Who makes a great replacement tire at a good price?
  • tdub01tdub01 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same car with 35K miles. Just replaced all 4 tires today for just under $700 from Discount Tires with Falken ZIEX 225/50R-17. (warranteed for 30K miles) They weren't the least expensive and certainly not the most. Mainly just wanted a smooth/quiet ride.

    BTW - I noticed my replacement tires are not what came with the car...can anyone give me advice if this new size (225/50R-17) is okay on my car? I live in TX where the weather is hot 90% of the time.
  • jano2jano2 Member Posts: 141
    I also have been told I need new tires for my 2007 ES350. I was first told at about 28,000 that I should buy 2 new tires at Firestone while I was out of town and getting my oil changed. I came back to my local Toyota dealer (no Lexus dealer in my town) for my regular maintenance and they said probably at my 35,000 mile check I should get new tires. Today I take my car in at 32,000 for my state inspection and my tires BARELY pass the Texas state inspection. I am not a happy camper!
  • firbirdfirbird Member Posts: 9
    I need to replace all 4 tires and have heard good things about Michelin Primacy and GoodYear Eagle and GoodYear Tripletread.

    I have 215/55/17. Comments on wear, noise, traction and price/offers appreciated. I live in Charlottesville VA.

  • rocketdanrocketdan Member Posts: 28
    I too am looking for my ES350. I checked the survey results at and saw the Michelin Primacy is great, as is the Bridgestone Turanza Serenity. I'm also looking at the Kumho Ecsta and Kumho Solus models as a possible savings. I was looking at the forum here in hopes of hearing from someone with the Kumhos. I'm in FL so snow traction isn't important to me, and the different models vary significantly in this regard. I was looking for low noise and ride comfort. Happy hunting.
  • jano2jano2 Member Posts: 141
    The original tires I had were Bridgestone Turanza and I will not buy those again. I am considering the Michelin Primacy from Discount Tires @ $146 each and $70 rebate from Michelin when you buy 4. (After you pay all the disposal fees and the TPMS kit fee_-----is that necessary???- total before tax is $694.00). I am disappointed to have put 4 new tires on a car that only has 32,000 miles on it, but for safety's sake I need to bite the bullet and get it done.
    If anyone has seen a better deal on another tire I am interested. I live in College Station, TX where it is hot and humid so I am not concerned about tires for snow.
  • jreynajreyna Member Posts: 15
    I live not far from you...cypress, tx ( suburb of houston ) and purchase mich primacy 25 mos ago for 04 es330 and the ride has been excellent. Purchase from disc. tire as well @ 143.00/ tire plus certificates of course...not familar with tpms kit fee. Was just in for tire have 35k miles on them and he mentioned they still had good life on them. so my thinking if I can get 50k plus milage would be satisfied.....being they have 60k warranty anything less and Discount Tire will prorate when replacements a purchased. Good luck with your decision !
  • jano2jano2 Member Posts: 141
    Thank you for your reply. The TPMS kit is what measures your tire pressure and alerts you when your tires need air. I think I am going to go with the Primacy MXV4 as well.

    Have a good weekend!
  • firbirdfirbird Member Posts: 9
    I purchased the Michelin Primacy MXV4's and they have a high pitched noise that is driving me nuts. I took it back to Sears and the rep there didn't hear anything on the ride, but when I called Tire Rack to discuss between Michelin's and the Bridgestone Serenity, they said that they had noticed the "singing" or high pitched noise with the Michelins and that Serenity might be a better choice if you find that kind of thing distracting. Michelin told Sears they'd give a 50% cust satisfaction refund, and Sears said they'd eat the rest if done within 30 days from purchase (next week for me). I'm seriously thinking about the Serenity tires...anyone willing to wade in on an opinion?

  • jano2jano2 Member Posts: 141
    I bought the Primacy's yesterday and I have not noticed any noises. The only thing I can comment on is that they feel like they hug the road better even in the rain.
  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    just keep in mind that even though someone might put the same exact tire on a car as someone else, if the cars are different due to weight, suspension, etc that can affect how the tires ride and sound; also outside temp and proper tire pressure can contribute to a tires noise

    I had four tires a few years ago, I think they were Goodyears, that if I put to much pressure in them they made a high pitched noise while driving so I had to keep them at the recommended pressure and the noise went away

    anyway, I have Bridgestone Serenity's on my 2008 Acura TL and after having Michelins, Goodyears, Kumhos, Yokohomas, and Generals on various vehicles over the years, I have found the Serenity's to have the best overall road feel, road grip, and road handling of any tire; in regards to noise and ride quality, while the serenity's are very good they are not as quiet and comfortable as Michelins or Kumhos

    actually you are the first person I have heard complain about the noise on the Michelin Primacy's because they were ranked higher than the serenity's in regards to ride quality and noise level on; I mean you could have just gotten a batch that had a problem or there might be a problem with noise with the Primacy's but I can't know for sure since I don't have Michelin Primacy's

    while the serenity's I would say are in the top three tires I have ever had they are extremely pricey (roughly $245 a tire for my TL) and the the only reason I got them was because I got an adjustment due to the severe problems I had with the OEM Bridgestone EL400's I had on my car; keep in mind, that the Serenity's are a Bridgestone Turanza series tire and I've seen the majority of Turanza tires on sports cars and cars that have sport tuned suspension because they are designed to give a sportier ride, high performance, good handling/grip, and a little bit of road noise/feel because those are the qualities you want and expect in a good sports car or at the very least a car with a sports suspension

    in my experience and opinion, Michelin and Kumho give the best ride quality and lowest noise level; Bridgestone is best for high performance, handling/grip, sportier feel, etc; hope the information was helpful and best of luck with your tire purchase decision
  • firbirdfirbird Member Posts: 9
    I really appreciate your insights. I'm really having a hard time about it. I hate to cause a problem for Sears, but I have tried the tires at higher and lower pressures, and right now have them at 30 psi which is what the car's specs are for tires (on the door). I also need to look at what kind of warranties are on the Serenity's and I've never researched Khumos, but have seen others talking well of them in these forums and on Tirerack. Just don't want to let the chance go by to get tires that I will be happy with for a couple years, and not say, wish I didn't have this annoying noise all the time....I wonder why my lexus es 330 2005 makes that noise, and no one else seems to have that you Michelin lovers have never notices a high pitched sound ever on the tires? I drive without the radio on alot. And Tirerack said they noticed it because when they road test, they listen to the tires for 15 minutes without any other distractions (radio, etc.).

    Anyway, I appreaciate your comments, but I have not gotten any further along on feeling good about making another choice or what that other choice would be. Whatever it would be, I'd want it to be the last change I need to make for a couple years.

  • firbirdfirbird Member Posts: 9
    Did you have the Bridgestone Turanza Serenity? Or what tire in the Turanza series?
    I'm thinking of the Bridgestone Serenity tires.

  • MikeMike Member Posts: 13
    Some really good points have been made in this discussion about pros and cons on changes from the 215/55/17 tire size. I too am shopping for tires for my 08 ES350 with 30K miles. Sad that the Michelins were so inferior that 40 or 50K is not achievable! (even though, driving was not spirited, but, highway cruising) Although I will trade off optimum fuel mileage, I would like to go with 235/55/17 sizing. This would give the car a slightly more muscular look. These are nice looking cars with a very weak looking, skinny tire. This can be fixed! However, I do not want to encounter any clearance issues at the extreme ends of suspension travel. Once I "over-tired" a Celica GTS and when I hit a somewhat serious bump in the road the tires rubbed inside the fender. So, anyone with 235/55/17s...please assure me that there are no issues of this sort, if you can. Since the 235/50/17 is a smaller diameter, it may clear, but I want the "55" diameter. Thanks for any help.
  • brownsbrowns Member Posts: 8
    While I have a 2007 Honda Accord I too have the high pitch whine that sound like a gear noise with these tires. I have about 7,000 miles on them. The tires tend to sing a little louder if the blacktop is damp or wet....
  • firbirdfirbird Member Posts: 9
    Sears got a customer satisfaction discount and returned them for me and I now have Bridgestone Turanza Serenity tires that i LOVE!! Quiet, nice ride, great wet we will see how they wear...but my sanity was saved to not have to listen to that darn whine...good luck!
  • haywood437haywood437 Member Posts: 3
    My ES350 had only 29K and the dealer told me there was a bubble on the from passenger side tire. I decided to change 4 instead of 2- but was disappointed with the quality of the original tire. The car was driven and taken care carefully and there was only normal wear.

    The Lexus dealership quoted me near $ 1200 for replacing 4 Michelin tires. I bought instead from 4 Michelin Primacy MXV4 215/55-R17 $144 each with no shipping and tax and a local garage installer did the installation for about $65. Bought TPMS kits but installer did not need them. With the $70 Michelin rebate the total cost of replacing 4 tires is roughly half of the dealership quoted me for the exact same tire.
  • pepsi12pepsi12 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 ES 350 and had to replace the Michelin tires at 23000 miles. Never again Michelin and probably never again Lexus because of other problems I have had. I just don't see how Lexus can advertise this as a quality car. It is certainly not worth the money. I have had problems with the windshield wipers, tire pressure monitor, chipping paint, and, most recently, the starter in addition to having to replace the tires so soon. I think my next car will be a Ford.
  • boxerboy1boxerboy1 Member Posts: 1
    What are the thoughts about having to purchase tire sensors for the TPMS when buying wheels for snow tires? Except for the dash light staying on, are there any other issues with the 2009 ES350 if the senors are not added to the new wheels?

  • rparisrparis Member Posts: 368
    I recently purchased a 2013 ES350 which has Bridgestone Turanza tires. Does anyone have any experience or comments on these tires vs Michelins as far as the ride or longevity of the tires. They are on 18" wheels and the ride seems a bit harsh?
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