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Volvo V70 Transmission Problems



  • davesn1davesn1 Posts: 7
    Ours still experiences intermittent transmission failure. I've been planning to purchase an extended warranty from Volvo to cover a transmission replacement as well as take care of any other possible unforeseen problems to come.

    The car was due for a new timing belt and brakes - so we took it to our mechanic. I had told him about the transmission in the past, though he never felt it since it was intermittent. This time though he felt it. He said we needed a new transmission, but first suggested we change the transmission fluid since Volvo will want to do it anyway. He said the fluid was uber black.

    After that, it drove like a dream for 1 week... then it started up again. Drove down to the dealership that day. Dropped $2,700 on an extended warranty rather than the $4000+ for the transmission replacement. We'll be taking the car in sometime in the next couple weeks to start the process of getting a new transmission. The software has been updated, the transmission fluid changed - hoping we won't have to endure too much wrangling with them - we intend to be firm so that it is taken care of immediately instead of having to deal with quick fixes and hemming and hawing you might expect.

    Will try to remember to update once the work is done.
  • c_sterc_ster Posts: 3
    Much like everyone else on this forum - our 2001 Volvo XC70's transmission is failing. We bought the car used - drove it ~5k miles - and it started to fail. We took it to Turner Volvo (Sacramento) and they informed us that our car did not participate in the recall/software upgrade. We left the car there for a day - and the next day (and for the next several weeks) the car was back to its old self - surefooted and confidence inspiring. We were delighted! [Turner did not charge us and they were very polite/helpful... But interestingly, the woman who answered the phone in the service department interrupted me when I told her my XC70 was misbehaving, she said "I bet it is the transmission!?!"] About six weeks ago, we started noticing the transmission "bump" as it down-shifted from 2nd to 1st as we neared a stop sign. (And then it happened again a few more times). Then the slipping started - Usually between 15-20 miles an hour as we drive in traffic or travel slowly through our suburban neighborhood. The transmission fails to catch (like the clutch is depressed on a manual car) and then suddenly - the gear catches and the car jumps/bangs/feels like its been rear-ended. I am going to call Turner in the morning and I am dreading it after reading this site/forum. :cry:

    I hope they treat us fairly! Any words of wisdom for us?
  • c_sterc_ster Posts: 3
    I suggest we participate in a little "viral" marketing to get Volvo's attention. In your hometown, post your frustrations in the "Rant & Rave" section of (do it for a few weeks in a row). Maybe we can get Ford/Volvo to feel the neg publicity pain and their conscience will get the better of them and they will take accountability of this obvious design flaw. I might work...">
  • c_sterc_ster Posts: 3
    Is there such a thing as a "good lawyer?" Shouldn't we instead try to find nastiest mo-fooker around?
  • dla3dla3 Posts: 1
    I want to remove the center drive shaft off of my 98 v70xc.
    I have removed all the bolts from the front and the back.
    The shaft has come out of the transmission, but it will not come out of the rear, though the bolts are out.
    Has anyone removed one of those shaft to drive the car as a front wheel drive only?
    Thank you for any help you provide.
    D :surprise: ">
  • lwyantlwyant Posts: 3

    I've been reading these posts, and they describe exactly what's happening with my 2001 XC70- the slipping between 1st and 2nd gears,especially in stop and go traffic, loud clunking that feels like you're getting rearended, the terrible, terrible service from the dealership (in my case, Pacific Coast Volvo) who tells you that nothing's wrong and to just "watch it" and that they can put a new transmission in for $4000. With the truly sucky service I've gotten, I sure don't want to put this kind of money into a car that will continue to have the same transmission problem, according to previous posts from people who've tried this.

    Has anyone talked more about a class action suit? This is truly absurd that we're all having the same exact issue, but no one's taking care of it. Based on the failing transmission and the clueless service people, unless Volvo replaced my transmission for free I will never buy another of their cars. Any ideas, or are we all just stuck with this?
  • lwyantlwyant Posts: 3

    sadly, no success story here. i had the same software updates, and they didn't help at all for my 2001 xc70.
  • lwyantlwyant Posts: 3
    hi again-

    i just called volvo north america to register a complaint about this same transmission issue and poor service from dealers. if we all call, maybe we can at least get the ball rolling on them investigating a recall on these transmissions. clearly this is a manufacturer's defect, and after reading all of these posts, i think we need to hold volvo accountable for this problem.
  • I am having the same problem and I was told that I need a new transmission. I had the software upgrade and then the car was worse. I called Volvo NA and the woman just kept repeating mechanically take it back and have them ride in the car with you. Then she finally just hung up on me. I told the manager at Start Motor Cars in Houston that it was not right that the transmission would just go out a such low mileage. His response was to put it back on the computer to see what codes were showing. I did not want to pay for that since I had already paid him for the upgrade and had had it put on the computer at my mechanic Volvos Only in Houston. They are no new codes for this problem. I told the Start Motors manager that I can't believe that they are not doing anything. I told him that I think that I would like to start a class-action suit on this problem.
    my car has only 79,000 miles and I am not going to replace the transmission on my dollar and it seems that the people who have have had not luck with that solution. My friend has a 2003 and she thinks that it is starting to happen to her vehicle. I am calling Volvo NA registering a complaint.
    Something has to be done and it seems that no one cares. Let all band together and start a movement/....
  • I spoke with Volvo NA customer service and registered a complaint. According to the rep if there are enough complaints they might start an investigation. So EVERYONE WITH ISSUES SHOULD CALL 1-800-458-1552 AND FORMALLY REGISTER A COMPLAINT
  • 35divg235divg2 Posts: 15
    I apologize to everyone for not being in touch on this issue. My unit was called up for military service shortly after I started this thread. I'm enroute to Kosovo as a peacekeeper, but found time this week to catch up.

    I prepared a personal letter to Volvo about my issue and will cc the MO Atty Gen. This was on advice from Army lawyers, who will assist mobilized personnel with consumer issues. It is the subtle approach. I will let everyone know the response. I encourage everyone to flood Volvo with written complaints with a cc to your respective AG's. Also, include copies of this forum to show how widespread this issue is.

    Send complaints to:

    Ms. Anne Belec
    President and CEO
    Volvo Cars of North America
    1 Premier Place
    Irvine CA 92618

    RE: 2001 Volvo V70 T5 VIN XXXXXXXXXX

    Dear Ms. Belec:

    Take care

  • campbedcampbed Posts: 2
    We have just bought a 2001 V70 2.4 ASR, 71,000 kms on it, all maintenance is up to date, kilometerage has been verified, car is in excellent condition (so far!) and our independent Volvo mechanic has pronounced it to be in excellent condition. I have looked with horror at all the transmission problems that people have been having (of course- after the fact of buying- not enough research on my part).
    I note that almost all of the transmission problems have been on either the XC70 or V70 2.5T models. Has anybody had any (or many) transmission problems with the V70 2.4?
  • I live in Australia and purchased a new XC70 2.5T in 2001. After 3 years and 50,000 on-road miles, the transmission started shifting badly. After strong negotation, Volvo agreed to do the work at its cost and decided to replace the valve body at rather than the transmission. After another 3 years and 50,000 on-road miles, the transmission started shifting hesitantly then slamming into gear. This time the transmission had to be replaced... at my cost. Over the 6 years I have also replaced engine mounts, the rear sway bars, both front (McPherson) struts at a total cost of ~US$20,000. Also the brake booster is faulty so add another ~US$500 to the next service.

    My accountant bought the same year and model. He has just installed his third radiator and his service bill for the past 12 months was ~US$5,000.

    Volvo promotes to the market that it builds vehicles to above industry standards. Customers purchase Volvo's cars with its assurances of superior quality. However when we present serious failures such as these, Volvo's behaviour demonstrates a lack of commitment to its promise, and brings into question the honesty of its advertising.
  • Take to dealer and get new software down loaded thats your problem
  • I have been reading this forum for a year and I have experienced the same transmission problems, AND the same service routing BS from Volvo. Here is what really bothers me. How can it be that Volvo service centers are not fully aware of the problem in transmissions? Yet they charge us full dollars to fix what is clearly a design flaw.

    Bad news Ford, because this qualifies for the lemon laws, since we can all document the same flaw.

    Or even better, look at the class action lawsuits being served on the technology industry for simple things like "scratched glass on an iPod". Yes, I firmly believe a class action is the way to go. Since Ford have decided to take a great brand and drive it into the ground, they should be held to public account.

    I am ready to sign on to the class action. I will even take the step of seeking out information on such firms and can follow up with a posting here.
  • The software update does not solve the problem. I, and many others, are now posting that legal action is necessary against Ford. I have no doubt now that this is unfortunately necessary. They are clearly aware of the problem, they are clearly aware of how much service money they make on a clearly faulty part. This is worse than buying Microsoft Windows and being forced to pay for the updates. Well, almost worse.

    Legal action. Time to write the letter to your state Attorney General. Point this person to this forum for review.
  • Please make sure that MY2000 V70Rs are included in this list for any law suit as I believe they are the first model to have the Asin Warner auto 5 speeds. Only 500 came into the country, so they are very rare. I own one and had the same catastrophic tranny failure at 100k. Even after having the dealer do a tranny service at 70k. I contacted Volvo and they offered me $1000 bucks off a new Volvo after I spent $3k to have a new tranny put in my car.

    I'm in!
  • hi,
    nope, no success story from me either

    i just thought, i'd post an update for my case, since it's been a year since i joined this forum. :)

    2001 XC70, purchased in 2005 at 82Kmiles
    mileage now (2007): 110Kmiles

    BAD stuff:
    transmission problem: rough downshifts between 3rd and 2nd gear, with loud metallic clunking. most noticeable in stop-n-go traffic when you accelerate to say 20mph and drop the pedal.
    transmission problem began: at 92K, 1 year ago (car was 4 y.o.)

    GOOD stuff (ha-ha ha):
    it still drives same way as a year ago when the problem just began :) (honestly, i expected the tranny break into pieces pretty soon, but it's been almost 20k since then and there is no improvement, although it's not progressing either)
    this problem with rough shifts is very annoying.
    but otherwise the car is perfect (surprise!)

    things i've tried:
    i've taken it to 3 Volvo dealers total. all of them scratch their head, and pretend like they see this first time in their life.
    software upgrade - doesn't help
    tranny maintenance (like fluid flush, etc.) - my advice: don't bother, this will not solve the problem. it's better not to touch tranny at all, it's not a serviceable part

    so if you got this kind of problem: just relax. you bought a crappy car called Volvo XC70, live with it (i heard though that on XC90 this problem is even worse, because the torque is greater).
    no Volvo dealer is going to help you. beware of their attitude, they are not going to be helpful or friendly about this problem with you.

    basically, you've got 2 options: 1) replace tranny for $5k, or 2) drive it until it dies.

    there is a 3rd option though: 3) sue Volvo/Ford and make them buy us new cars.
  • I've posted before - 2001 XC70 bought in 06' w/ 56,000 miles. Transmission issues began by 57,500.

    Bought an extended warranty after the fact (3 years for $2,700) and got the transmission replaced last month.

    Car is in great shape otherwise - only has 63,000 miles, but now the issue is knowing the transmission is likely to fail again... after the warranty expires of course.

    Though it sure would be interesting if the tranny wore out again before then.
  • what a bunch of crap! i bought a volvo (xc 70 2002) for their reputation of quality just like most people. now at 76k i need a new tranny...$3500-$4000 Can't rebuild them?? no replacement parts?? WHY NOT? at least we are not alone. anyone else have the same problem w/ a 2002 xc70? the first sign was...i felt a rumble as if i was going over rumble strips. a few days later on the way to the Denver air port to fly to DE to get married a service light came on (transmission service urgent) :mad: . next the car became slugish and wouldnt shift in to 5th. all shifting became a struggle. great!!! the last thing i needed was added stress to the whole wedding thing!!! does any one think that after the new tranny is put in that it will just happen all over again in 50k or 70k?? should i try to sell my car or trade it in before it happens again? I dont want some else to go through the same crap, however i cant deal with it happening agian either. any one else having simalar thoughts??
  • are 2001 and 2002 xc70 trannys always the same?
  • Seems like I have the same problem alot of you have. My transmission finally went out at 71,000 miles. I took my 2001 V70 AWD Wagon in for service 2 previous times and was told both times that a transmission problem COULD NOT be detected, but now the car is undriveable and they are forced to admit that a new transmission is needed. Was told that Volvo North America would not help with the $4,000 dollars in repairs needed. I have written a letter to Volvo customer service and the CEO Anne Belec and I also logged a complaint with the
    NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. - ODI - Office of Defects Investigation - I haven't heard back from anyone yet, but hopefully with enough people complaining Volvo will be forced to acknowledge that a problem exists. This is not only a defect but a safety issue my transmission went out and I was lurching down the road with cars going 55+mph trying to pass by me and my "reliable & safe" Volvo.
  • I just had my transmission fail with my 2 small children in the car - other cars going 55+ were trying to pass by us as we lurched to the side of the road. Volvo would not acknowledge my 2 previous complaints that I had a transmission problem, slipping, lurching etc. now Volvo is forced to acknowledge problem. I was told Volvo N.A. would not help with $4000 repair cost. I have written a letter to Volvo Customer Service, The CEO Anne Belec, and the NHTSA - ODI Office of Defects Investigation, but I have not heard back from anyone.
    How did you get Volvo to help pay for your repairs ??

    Has anyone gone to the media with these stories, this is a defect in the vehicle which is jeopardizing the safety of the driver and passengers ???
  • I replaced my tranny in May and now three tranny's later I'm still trying to get rid of mine. You better do it before the miles get too high, mine is 111k, I can't get anything on a trade in value near book value. I also can't sell it with a conscience until it is totally fixed. Good luck, that's my story.
  • what else can i do to help on the way to class action?
  • I have been told that removing the drive shaft to reduce
    the grinding noise . This does not fix the trans problem
    but should let it function as front wheel drive full time.
    Has any one done this and what results did you have .
    It also has slippage problems and rough shifting 140K.
  • Having Transmission problems, transmission service light came on, and car will not move forward. Probably going to have to install new tranny.
  • alexeyalexey Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 V70 T5 automatic 104Kmiles. 3rd gear stopped working today. Whenever it's time to shift to 3rd gear the engine revs up but the car doesn't accelerate. If you shift manually, 1-2-4-5 gear work. You just have to shift through 3rd. Any idea what can cause this? Do I need a new transmission all together or is there an easier less expensive fix?
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    And I plan on changing the oil in my transmission. I haven't had any problems and don't plan on having any down the road.

    The transmission is a mechanical device. Transmissions don't just become defective after 90K+ miles.

    Friction and heat is what kills gearboxes, and the non-synthetic oil that comes in these transmissions doesn't last forever.

    If you don't change your oil, your gearbox will eventually self-destruct.
  • I bought a used 2000 V70 auto with low 57,000 mileage in April from an acquaintance – as a second more comfortable alternative to my Subaru Outback.
    Just got in a few minutes ago after being driven 3 miles in a flatbed.
    I tried to accelerate to keep up with another car.
    Volvo didn't like it and I could feel the transmission self-destructing under me. No more Drive or Reverse,
    Well now it's in front of my house AND there is NO WAY in hell I'm gonna pay several thousand dollars for a new tranny.
    I will ask the tranny guy who would replace my families transmissions what he thinks.

    This has made me reconsider buying a new Volvo in the future. Only 60,000 miles!!!

    I just noticed that there is an ad for a new Volvo C30 in the sidebar. That's pretty funny how it would pop up here.
    Damn spyware.
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