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I bought my TSX this past summer and found it handles great but come rain and the grip is OK but as the miles have increased the wet handling is just so-so. With the onset of winter the snow traction is terrible and the road noise seems to be increasing as the miles are put on the tires. Also has anyone experienced bubbles on the sidewalls? My rep at Tire Rack says the tires are marginal to say the least and they can't understand why Acura used Michelin's..they have been reworked to have an XL load rating and at $176 each for replacement's these tires should be better...several of my friends with Jetta's, RSX's and Volvos are not happy with these same tires on their vehicles...anyone else unhappy or problems?


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    I wonder if some other 16" Honda wheels would fit the TSX for those that would give up some handling for some extra cushiness?

    If the bolt pattern and offset are the same, I am sure some Honda owners would LOVE to trade 16" for 17" wheels and tires.
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    I would still recommend going to and checking it out. You basically need to get to the same height and offset as the OEM 215/50R17 that is standard. The appropriate size to do that would be 205/60R16.
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    The OEM tires are a real disappointment. They don't do anything especially well and they're also prone to blow-outs and other damage. I can't wait to replace mine.
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    I just picked up a TSX auto, with nav (got a good deal on a lease at $339 a month with 2k driveoff). I didn't notice during the test drive, but this car has a very stiff suspension and I feel every bump and wave in the road. My kidneys actually hurt during a ride on a rough road. What can I do to lessen this? Is there a suspension adjustment the dealer can make? What psi should the tires be to help this? Any other tips? Besides this one aspect, I love the car.
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    Wowser - Check the tire inflation. The TSX does have a tight ride (for handling) but it shouldn't hurt your kidneys. Dealers are notorious for over-inflating tires on delivery. For example, my TSX came from dealer at about 45 psi, when recommended is 32/30 - made a huge difference in the ride.

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    We bought an RSX in October, and I thought the ride was too rough. I reduced the tire pressure to 30 psi, and it feels much, much better.

    Of course, my tire guage may be incorrect, so maybe the tires are now properly inflated.

    Maybe the low profile tires on the RSX and TSX are more sensitive to tire pressure.
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    Thanks, I'll try those tire suggestions. The dealer probably did over-inflate. Compared to the 325i I test drove earlier that day, the TSX was like riding a hardtail Harley. I hope it's just the pressure so I can be 100% happy with this car!
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    Thanks everyone. I checked and the pressure was at about 40 psi! I took it down to 29 all around and the ride went from twitchy-bouncy to smooth and firm, more like the 325i but not quite as smooth. I am a happy camper now. I think I may take it to the 30/32 recommended. What kills me is the inspection card from the dealer says it was filled at 30/32 but was not. And the dealer kept pushing me to "mark all 5s" on the Acura customer survey. Yea, right.
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    Thanks to you good folks, you helped me to solve a problem. We just took delivery of a new TSX yesterday Jax, FL). The car noticeably pulled to the right when we got on the highway. Not good.

    Looking at your posts, I saw that somtimes dealers screw up tire pressure on delivery. Checked the pressure this morning. 40lbs front and rear left, 35 pounds front and rear right. Spoke to the service manager who was clearly concerned about the screw-up. Pressure reduced to 32 front/30 rear, as specs. No more problem.

    Thanks to all.
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    If I buy this car this weekend? What's in store for me when these tires wear? How many miles can one expect to get on these Michelins? I see that they are $176 per tire in Tire Rack? Does this seem hight to anyone? It has no other tire option listed! I am concerned about low profile tires wearing every 20000 miles! Please advise!
  • sjmurray3sjmurray3 Member Posts: 90
    How many miles can one expect to get on TSX Michelins? $176 per tire in Tire Rack? Does this price seem high to anyone? TireRack has no other tire option listed! I am concerned about low profile tires wearing every 20000 miles! Any experience with this?
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    I just bought a new 2004 TSX. I love the ride. The leather is first rate. I do have one big concern. Alot of people are complaining that the tires on the car tend to get bubbles on the sidewalls and the traction is terrible in the rain. Can anyone please comment on this issue. thanks
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    I've had the car for 3 mos and haven't experienced bubbles, and have no problems driving in the rain.
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    I have 25,000 mostly Interstate miles on my TSX. I run 78-80 MPH here in heat of AZ, along with many others. A byproduct of speed is that your tires wear faster.

    I rotated and rebalanced my tires (for the first time) at 20,000 miles. I was guessing that they will have roughly 40,000 miles of useful life. I have no reason to doubt this from what I am seeing.
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    Try rotating your tires every 6000-8000 miles like almost every tire manufacturer recommends.

    Every 20,000 with only exacerbate tire wear, no matter what your speed.

    Most places will do it for free, so there's no reason not to.
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    Has anyone put replacement tires on yet? I am about to buy a TSX and have an opportunity to replace the OEM tires within the first 500 miles. Also interested in general opinions of the OEM tires. I want to stay with OEM size (no plus ones). Has anyone tried Bridgestone Turanza LS-V's?. Anyone go to winter tires? Any and all tire info welcome.
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    The OEM tires are very noisy in my opinion, but decent otherwise. Definitely not the best tires I have owned, however, by a long shot.


    Turanzas are very nice tires from a ride/comfort/noise perspective, but you will probably lose a little handling capability. Not a big deal unless you really push the car hard. I would probably get Turanzas myself, once the stock tires wear out. It's my wife's car, and she commutes 70 miles a day on the highway. Turanzas would be ideal tires for that.


  • indydriverindydriver Member Posts: 620
    Thanks for the feedback Hunter. Anyone else have opinions on aftermarket tires?
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    I had Turanza's on my Volvo V70, and they were wonderful, but I would NEVER consider putting them on my TSX.


    I bought my TSX in large part because of it's handling performance. I would not want to mute it's cornering prowess by fitting it with touring tires. All you'd be doing is turning it into a small Accord.


    Instead, consider the Yokohama AVS ES-100 or Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position. They're noisier and harsher than a touring tire, but the TSX will be utterly transformed in the corners compared to the stock rubber (which basically sucks too).


    edit - I've also read good things about the Toyo Proxes T1-S. The Toyo's have the added benefit of being lighter weight than the stock tires. The loss of unsprung weight may give you a smidge quicker acceleration...especially if combined with lightweight alloy wheels.
  • indydriverindydriver Member Posts: 620
    Thanks for your input. While I don't want to "turn it into an Accord", the reality is, I will have to drive many highway miles in my TSX. While I would love to have a max handling summer tire, the reality is, I need something that will be comfortable on the highway, work in all seasons, last a long time and still deliver handling at least on par with the OEMs. Tough combination, but that's why I was interested in the Turanza's...V-rated and rave reviews at TR.
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    I spent a lot of time researching tires when I had a WRX. I ended up getting some Bridgestone RE-750 summer tires, which I chose because they were among the quietest/smoothest summer tires (which include the Yoko ES-100, Toyo T1-S, etc...). While the 750s were totally awesome for handling and grip, they were still noisy and harsh. I would not recommend these types of tires for general purpose driving -- you're better off with a high to ultra-high performance all season tire if you still want some handling. And of course, the other disadvantage to the summer tires is that they should not be used in cold temperatures or winter weather (hence the name). For many people, that is a deal breaker. I only drove my WRX in spring-summer-fall, so it didn't impact me.


  • indydriverindydriver Member Posts: 620
    I have an opportunity within the first 500 miles to swap tires if there is a better alternative for my needs than the OEM Michelins. Needs stated above.
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    Given your parameters, the Turanza's sound like a good fit.


    I also had a set of Goodyear Regatta 2's put on an old company car (Chevy Lumina) and they utterly transformed that car. Very smooth and quiet.

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    I have had my 2005 5AT TSX for about 10 weeks now, and all is well except for the ride which, though acceptable to me except on rough roads, is too harsh for my wife who finds it very uncomfortable. Can anything be done to improve the ride situation? I have thought about going to a different tire (like the Bridgestone Turanza) but am not sure that would be enough or worth the cost. Any recommendations?
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    What tire pressure are you running?

    Try dropping down to 26 - 28 psi, it's cheaper than new tires.
  • ronabironabi Member Posts: 39
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm running 31 psi front and 28 psi rear which is better than the 32 front, 30 rear psi recommended by Acura but still not what I'm hoping for. I'm certainly willing to try 28 front and 26 rear if it is safe to do so, but I don't know the tolerances. Do you know at what point lower pressure becomes a safety issue? Anyone have any information on that?
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    Ronabi, I've made no secret of the fact that I think the ride on the TSX is it's weakest feature. And, yeah, it is pretty harsh. Over time, I've gotten used to it and it really doesn't bother me anymore. But, the ride is stiff, and very busy on the highway.

    I seriously doubt that a different tire will help A LOT, unless you go down to 16 inch rims. Low profile 17inch tires are going to provide a stiff ride, especially with a car that has this tight a suspension.
  • ronabironabi Member Posts: 39
    Uncledavid, I knew about the stiff ride of the TSX when I bought it and have pretty well become used to it as well. It's my wife who is unhappy. However, I bought a matching pillow for the passenger seat ($5 from WalMart) which softens the shock from bumps, and our trip this last weekend was a better experience for her. Apparently a contributer to the problem is the low and thinly cushioned passenger seat. I think the marriage will survive!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 207,899
    "I think the marriage will survive!"

    And, if it doesn't, at least she won't want the car....

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  • bafflegasbafflegas Member Posts: 8
    Wow! I thought the ride was luxurious compared to my RSX Type-S! ;)

    I am seriously considering a TSX as my next car. I can't wait to see what Acura does this fall when they "restyle" it.
  • hondaconverthondaconvert Member Posts: 2
    My left rear simply shredded entirely off the rim this morning while driving on the I-405 in Long Beach. I have 8K miles on my '04 TSX and have recently noted some wheel thump when I drive above 60 mph. I assumed it was caused by uneven pavement, but after toady's experience, I suspect the tires are defective. Has anyone else had a problem with these tires?
  • rko2rko2 Member Posts: 40
    After almost 27k miles, my OEM tires have been just fine. Infact, there is still a lot of tread left and I never loose any air pressure.

    Low air pressure could have caused the blow out. Or, you could have gotten a bad tire. The thumping could have been from a rupture in wall of the tire (causing a bulge) or possibly an uneven install of the tire on the rim. It really sounds to me like it was maybe road debris. Did you ever run anything over? It may be hard to tell if it was shedded clear off, but debris could have certainly caused it. I would ask the dealer to look into getting you a free tire as a replacement. But, they might claim it was road debris and not defective.
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Member Posts: 210
    What are good but less expensive replacement tires for the TSX. The original Michelins have worn out very quickly. There is barely any thread on these things to begin with. We need new tires at less than 30K miles
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    I am a Michelin fan...but I have also used Yokohama. Lower in price and performance just as well.

    If you go to the website (I believe that is the location) can read reviews.

    Everyone...what are your thoughts on replacement tires???
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    I just recommended Yokohamas for my Dad's CRV - so far so good.

    My last 2 sets of replacement tires have been Sumitomos. I've been very happy with them. Check out tirerack for their options.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Member Posts: 621
    Since I wanted better-performing tires, I replaced the original set with a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE750. I put in 235/45R17, which are wider than the factory 215/50R17. They handle a lot better than the Michelins that came with the car, but they weren't necessarily cheaper. They seemed to have the best balance of handling, performance, price, and longevity. I used for my research.
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    Regarding the improvement in the Bridgestone Potenza....I would say that the improvement in handling is not because of brand...but rather because of the tire 'profile' (going from a 50 series to a 45 series). The lower the series number...the less height of the side walls (distance from the rims to the road). That will mean a stiffer/firmer flex...and improved performance.

    ???Are you sure that you will get longer life? It is wear rated at "340"...which is about the same as the Michelins.

    Out of experience..I have a 2005 TL with Bridgestone tires in a 235/45W17 ("W" rated for 168mph versus 149mph for "V" rated).

    Bridgestones are not known to be well wearing (I will be lucky to get 25k) and not great performers. Go to the Acura TL board and you will see the discussions.
  • johnny420johnny420 Member Posts: 473
    Can you describe specifically what you mean when you say "they handle a lot better than the Michelins"? You're comment is a bit vague, and I'd be interested to hear what you think of your tire upgrade.

  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    Regarding the improvement in the Bridgestone Potenza....???Are you sure that you will get longer life? It is wear rated at "340"...which is about the same as the Michelins.

    Keep in mind that you cannot compare the treadwear ratings, ie 340, between tire brands. The rating is only useful when comparing different tires from the same brand.

    For example, a 340 Bridgestone may be equal to a 200 Michelin or a 600 Cooper.
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    I believe that the tread life rating is overseen by the Department of Transportation...along with the traction and heat ratings. Is it not? Or wouldn't every manufacturer place a 1,000 rating?

    Could be incorrect...let me know.

    Either way....what has been the experience with real life drivers on this board with Bridgestone?

    What tires do others suggest?
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    I believe that the tread life rating is overseen by the Department of Transportation...along with the traction and heat ratings. Is it not? Or wouldn't every manufacturer place a 1,000 rating?

    Yes the program is overseen by the DOT but actual testing is left up to the tire makers.

    Here is a link:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 207,899
    And.. he is correct.. You can't compare it between brands... Only between tires of the same brand..

    I know, I know.. I was amazed to find this out, as well...

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  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    Great to know. These boards are wonderful to learn. Thanks for setting me straight.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Member Posts: 621
    The tires I put on are wider by 20mm than the OEM tire, so the aspect ratio difference from 50-series to 45-series is negated. The new tires have approx. the same overall diameter as the originals.

    I got roughly 36000 miles from the OEM tires. They were nearly worn to the treadwear bars. Given that I tend to drive my TSX rather hard, I wanted a tire that would corner better, brake better, and handle better in the rain, but not wear out quickly, cost too much, or be really noisy while driving.

    I cannot say for certain what is the main reason why the car handles better now (extra 20mm width, tire design itself, etc.), but what I have experienced so far (approx 3000 miles) is the following:

    • They are a little noisier on the highway than the OEM tire.
    • They handle much better in the rain than the OEM tire did, even when new.
    • The tires don't squeal so easily. The OEM tire made all kinds of noise when pushed hard.
    • The car corners much better. With VSA off, corners and curves (such as on-ramps and off-ramps) that I could drive at 40mph before the back end started to break loose, I can now take at over 45 mph.
    • The new tires are heavier than the OEM. There was a noticeable reduction in acceleration performance after the tires were installed.
    • The tires extend out further from the wheels, and have a ridge that helps protect the rim from scratches if you get too close to a curb.

    I didn't want to get a tire with a very low treadwear rating (200 or lower), since I wanted tires that I might get to last another 30,000 miles. I selected the RE750 based on reviews on tirerack, my own personal taste for appearance, and advice from the tire store service writer. I asked the clerk about other tires I had researched, such as the Kumho ECSTA, the Pirelli P-Zero, and the Yokohama AVS ES-100, and he agreed that although the others would probably outperform the RE750, the increase in performance (and price) wouldn't be worth the decrease in longevity for my needs.

    In all, I paid about $960 for the tires, a road hazard warranty, and 4-wheel alignment at WheelWorks (Bay Area, California-based retailer).
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    xplorex4....thanks for the clearification on tires! Going to have to consider your suggestion.

    So you got 36,000+ miles on the OEM Michelins? That isn't bad especially since you are an advid driver.
  • kman6kman6 Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased my TSX on Friday-- love it! How will the factory tires work in a cold weather climate/snow?
  • rko2rko2 Member Posts: 40
    The tires are ok, but noting spectacular. I was able to drive around in Michigan's UP in snow and ice, and it wasn't really a problem. Going up hills the VSA would have to engage to keep me going. So, I haven't had a problem, but I hear there are much better tires out there.

    If you search the tires on Tire Rack, the OEM tires are at the bottom of their group in terms of pretty much everything, including snow performance. Unless you will be driving in remote snowy mountains, you should be fine.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    Why does Acura sell great cars with crappy tires ? :cry:
  • rko2rko2 Member Posts: 40
    Because they get good mileage, the tread lasts a while, and they probably have a lucrative agreement with Michelin. Have you noticed the latest Michelin comercial where the big white tire guy drives away the RL?
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    I don't know if they are truly crappy. Remember...when you hear problems only hear the problems and not the neutral to positive remarks. Now...the tires are not the best I have ever had...but it isn't the worst.

    Mileage of treadwear. Everyone may be accustomed to non-low-profile performance tires. Remember folks...we are talking about 45 series with some bite. Many are comparing to general use 60 series tires that don't grab and are built solely for endurance without any performance.

    If you want serious performance and treadwear...there is a Michelin Pilot A/S with your next tire change.
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