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Acura TSX - Headlights

fernhillfernhill Member Posts: 17
I have had my TSX for a week and noticed that my rear window vibrates also.

In addition - when driving at night the headlights are distracting especially on dark roads that go uphill or downhill. (I previously had a CL with similar headlights but did not find them distracting at night). For example - when stopped at a traffic light the bottom half of the car in front of me will be illuminated from the bumper down to the street and from the bumper up the car will be dark. As my car travels uphill or downhill this lighting effect goes up and down on the road in front of you causing a distraction.

Anybody else experience this - maybe the lights are pointed to low?


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    geoinsdcageoinsdca Member Posts: 9
    I've seen the same issue with my HID lights at night (lighting the visual field below the trunk of the vehicle in front of me). The other strange thing is the prism/rainbow effect that seems to shine on everything. The headlights in my TL worked much better because I didn't have to constantly reassure myself their design is really great.
    One additional issue I have with the lighting is the way the NAVI screen flips to black with headlights on...my LCD screen image looks like a stretched graphic all of the time (probably to fill the 8" screen?).The image quality is far superior on the older NAVI screens (also MUCH brighter in daylight).
    Overall, I think the TSX is a mixed-bag of great ideas, and just "so-so" actual functional features in an '04 car.
    By the way...why doesn't the voice tell you when fuel is low, or headlights are on? My '81 Nissan 200sx did this and it was actually pretty cool.
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    runner24runner24 Member Posts: 3
    Just picked up my car this weekend and have the same issue with the illumination of the headlights. Driving on an unlit curvy road at night, the beam did not seem directed far enough ahead(low beam) to properly light up the road, especially when the road dips. Is this common with this type of headlight, or is it an alignmet problem?
    Love everything else about it, so far.
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    combustible1combustible1 Member Posts: 264
    to Quote:

    "5. I don't like the HID headlights because of the issue with oncoming drivers and because it is a propagation of a myth--that we have to eliminate nighttime with ludicrously bright lights in the name of 'safety.' In fact, glare and the excess contrast between what is and isn't illuminated by bright lights (HID, gas stations, etc.) is more of a problem than if all headlights illuminated moderately. If you let your eyes become accustomed to a level of light, you will see fine."

    ahh. good point. Very similar to this is what people mistakenly do for security lighting around their homes. They think that "I want bright light to scare away the burglars".

    Well, if you do that, you better be darn sure that you've illuminated every nook and cranny of your home. If not, criminals can work within the shadows to gain access. The better advice is to have LESS intense lighting, therefore, the contrast between the lit and unlit areas will be lessened and thereby creating an atmosphere where it's harder to go unnoticed.

    Perhaps the same can be said about automotive lighting. Several people complain that they think there is less visibility at night. Not from areas within the HID beam range, mind you, but outside of it. Everything else is now more difficult to see because of that greater contrast.
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    runner24runner24 Member Posts: 3
    "Perhaps the same can be said about automotive lighting. Several people complain that they think there is less visibility at night. Not from areas within the HID beam range, mind you, but outside of it. Everything else is now more difficult to see because of that greater contrast"

    Exactly my feeling about them. I also heard that they are VERY expensive to replace.
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    dj552255dj552255 Member Posts: 1
    Hello, just had the xenons on my '03 maxima stolen for the 3rd time, and I'm looking at replacing it with a TSX. I know the previous generation TL's had some problems with the xenons being stolen, but has anyone heard of any problems with the TSX? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    kasperghostkasperghost Member Posts: 72
    I was wondering about HID visibility at night. My wife has night vision issues. I was in another forum and caught a couple of comments about the HID's not being the best, namely too short/narrow field of view. The core technology is the same in all cars, but lens shape could affect the power of the light. I would appreciate any input on your satisfaction with Xenon's in general and on the TSX specifically. Thanks- Jason
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    thepdmmthepdmm Member Posts: 82
    I have liked my lights and I too have a bit of a night vision issue.. Xenon technology doesn't disperse like Halogen so you have the same light intensity at every angle however the lights do stop illuminating almost immediately. Only the low beams for the tsx are both Xenon and projector the high beams are halogen reflective (low beams stay on when highs are on)

    As far has being low I kind of agree with that but I think it is more apparent because they cut off so quickly, I still get "flickered" at buy on coming traffic if the road ahead is angled up at me at all.

    I suggest test driving one at night and parking your car and the TSX facing a building the same distance away and see the difference. If you like it good if you don't.. well bummer, maybe a vehicle with auto leveling would be a better fit for your wife.
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    kasperghostkasperghost Member Posts: 72
    Taking them out against a wall sounds like a good idea. Do the lights go up and wide enough even with the sharp cutoff?

    I thought auto leveling headlights were for heavy loads where the lights would be tilted up- like auto leveling suspension on nicer SUV's. Will they auto level with bumps in the road?- seems it would be too expensive in this form except for something like an S Class, etc.
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    uncledaviduncledavid Member Posts: 548
    Autoleveling is an overrated feature. It does exactly what you are suggesting - setting the level of the lights based on the initial load in the car. It won't help you at all over bumps.

    The cutoff on the HIDs for the TSX is very sharp, and the lights are low. I could see better with the Halogens in my last Accord.
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    thepdmmthepdmm Member Posts: 82
    if you are worried about the width of your field of view then I would say your fine!! however the height is what you might want check out when you shine them up against the wall.. I have found that my car next to most cars is just as high but like I said they cut off abruptly were as haligens have more disbursement. I have also noticed that our Jeep which is higher and has haligen lights is a lot less bright then the TSX, and the Jeep you can see the two light beams marking the road were as the TSX just looks like Daylight in front of you until they cut off and nothing.

    my uncle has a is300 and his auto leveling seemed more then "over rated" just because he has a sloped driveway and when he turned the lights on they conformed to the drive slope of the drive way.. now if that is the only time they level I would assume that would be pretty dangerous because he would have to back out onto a level road, if they didn't level themselves again would kind of make the lights very unusable I would think? BUT I have a TSX and the TSX doesn't have auto leveling so I don't know.

    you may want to try the IS300 just to compare lights I know the IS300 has HID and auto leveling but I don't think they are projector beam?? so there is a different and you may bet a bit more dispersing??
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    uncledaviduncledavid Member Posts: 548
    thepdmm- In all honesty, I rarely drive cars that have HIDs and autoleveling (we have a TSX, a 330i,and an A4 - only the TSX has HIDs). So, this feature could be more useful than I have always believed.

    But, either way, I'm not impressed by the HIDs int he TSX. I think standard halogens work better.
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    thepdmmthepdmm Member Posts: 82
    I am not saying I am "impressed" with HIDS either.. I honestly think the cost of having them out weights the benefits. however I do like them better compared to Halogens I don't think Halogens work better though.

    HIDS are a matter of opinion if you want to get down to technical data I would say HIDS are better.. but stats don't always tell the truth.

    problem is I am a tech junky so technology gets me every time!!

    More power to you uncledavid 2 of the 3 sedans you own have the lights you like better!! can't argue with you their!
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    uncledaviduncledavid Member Posts: 548
    LOL. I like your style, thepdmm. You are informed, critical, but like me, you like gadgets.

    My daily driver is the TSX. My dad drives the Beemer, and my sister drives the Audi. I find the sharp cutoff in my own car to be distracting, and I don't like it. But, I understand why you feel HIDs are better. Maybe this is just one of those additions that is useful, but not yet perfected.
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    thepdmmthepdmm Member Posts: 82
    Any new technology needs perfected, it is up to us gadget loving consumers to make sure we support the new stuff!

    I will say that when i first got the car I wasn't a bit fan of the low cut off, but since then I don't even think about it anymore, but then again I am in the city most of the time..
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 241,340
    HIDs are fantastic when done correctly.. The Xenons in a BMW are like daylight, compared to the halogens (which are also very good).

    In contrast, the HIDs in the TSX are merely average..

    I'm not an engineer, but maybe it has something to do with the more traditional round projector of the BMW..

    I know that Honda can make them better.. and probably will....


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    choppe01choppe01 Member Posts: 8
    My 05 TSX was hit by a Valet attendant about 3 months ago. The left front headlight was destroyed and some damage to the front left quarter of the car. The repair required them to remove my drivers side window and replace some pieces including the light of course. Well, I have had both the Acura Dealer and the repair facility adjust the headlights. I could have sworn that when I bought the car the headlights were straight and crisp from left to right. Now One is higher or lower than the other. Neither facility can get them level. They say it is level when it is not. So, are your lights straight and crisp or do are they overlapping up/down ways. Now I hear alot more road noise from that side. Grr, I don't like my car anymore. Never the same after an accident.
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    laineylainey Member Posts: 62
    I test drove the TSX at night on dark back roads. Hopefully I will own one within a month. The TSX headlights did the same thing. I asked the salesman about it. He said levels are offset (up/down) on purpose. Something to do with the light dispersion cutting off so abrupty yada yada. He may have been pulling my leg though. If he wasn't, your headlights might technically be "level". Try searching the Acura threads for the Xenon. I think I remember some discussion on it but I may be mistaken.
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    drewbadrewba Member Posts: 154
    The headlights on my TSX aren't level either; I think that the right one is higher than the left. IIRC, I had that on an Integra 10 years ago and was told that was intentional that the left was lower than the right so it wouldn't shine into the eyes of oncoming drivers. :confuse:
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    ronabironabi Member Posts: 39
    I also have an 05 TSX bought in December which will turn 10,000 this week. The light line from the headlights is higher on the right than on the left and has been so from the start. I have assumed that this is an attempt to reduce problems for approaching drivers. So far as I know, this differential in intentional.
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    frisbeenutfrisbeenut Member Posts: 7
    Hi all first time poster and hopefully soon to be a 2004 6M TSX owner (bought it this weekend used just a tad under 10k miles for $23400 +TTL from private seller)

    The left (drivers side) headlight, at least in non autoleveling ones at least, is usually aimed slighlty lower than the right for the purpose of not blinding other drivers.

    Hopefully if any problems with my car come up you guys can steer me in the right direction for a fix.

    (fingers crossed hopefully did not pick up a :lemon: )
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    xplorx4xplorx4 Member Posts: 621
    The beam from projector-style HID lamps, such as those on the TSX, produces a very sharp horizontal cut-off. Each lamp's beam pattern for left-hand drive vehicles looks like this:

    where the '/' is the center of the beam.

    Right-hand drive vehicles have a beam pattern that looks like this:

    When shined against a wall about 8 feet in front of the car, the difference in height between the right and left sides of center is about 2.5". At greater distances, such as 100 feet, the difference is much larger.

    The reason for this, as previously suggested above, is to compensate for road crown (center of road is higher than shoulders) and to decrease glare to oncoming drivers. Contrary to others' statements, the left headlamp is not aimed lower than the right [on left-drive cars]. If aimed improperly, the right headlamp is just as effective as the left at blinding oncoming drivers. Both headlamps are aimed level. The headlamp beam pattern affects the amount of glare. Therefore, left and right-side headlamps have identical beam patterns. Both have the jagged-horizontal-line cutoff pattern.
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    delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    It rained for the first time around here in So Calif and my TSX now has moisture / fog in the inner part of the front headlamp cover.

    I am not sure if that outer headlamp cover is supposed to be sealed (which I imagine). Are there any adverse effects short or long term by having moisture in that outer headlamp cover shell? What can be done?

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    goopensteingoopenstein Member Posts: 1
    Headlight Issue - Moisture on the inside of the Glass Headlight Cover. I've got condensation moisture on the inside of the glass cover for my headlight cover. Last time this happened the low beam headlight eventually burnt out, so much condensation eventually buil;t up that the inside the headlights became almost useless and I had to take it in for servicing.

    Is there any way for me to remove the cover myself and clean and reseal it (before I lose another headlight or is this something only the acura service department can do?

    2004 TSX
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    johnny420johnny420 Member Posts: 473
    If the car is under warranty, let the dealer repair it.
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    guestguest Member Posts: 770
    The center lights of the dash on my wifes 04 Acura TSX are out.The navigation screen illuminates properly however ALL the controls surrounding the nav system are DARK at night as well as the clock(top CENTER)ALL the contols work properly for the climate control and with a flashlight you can see that the clock is working as well.My question is does anyone have any experiance with this? Is there a seperate FUSE that controls the Illumination of this area?Thank you for any input!
    Christian Schulze
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    vortec_tsxvortec_tsx Member Posts: 1
    Hey, this is a common problem in the TSX. There is a possibility of 2 problems with this. One seems to hit alot of 2004 TSX's. The centre console lighting turns off and dealers will have to order in a whole new head unit.. this has happened to alot of people over at tsxclub.com. the other senario (the one I encountered) is just a blown fuse. Yes, there IS a seperate fuse for that area, a blown fuse there would mean your door lights/ map lights/dome lights and centre console/clock is all out, cept the blue ambient lighting. Take it to your dealer.
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    nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Member Posts: 811
    I own a 06 tsx with 145k+ miles. A neighbor informed me One of my headlights was out. I noticed the headlight was filled with water. Any suggestions on what to do.
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    biker4biker4 Member Posts: 746
    The lens must have a crack letting water in - fix that before replacing the bulb.
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