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Acura TSX Clutch Problems



  • al_ral_r Posts: 1
    I know exactly the sound and feel you are talking about. I had the same problem. First the dealer put lubricant on some sort of "fitting" on the clutch cable. This worked for about a week. The dealer has ordered a new clutch cable and is changing the entire thing.
  • pjfrypjfry Posts: 2
    I'd like to weigh in on the clutch problem as well. For the past month or so I have also heard the slight whine when accelerating from a stop in 1st gear. Then a few days ago the clutch failed on me. When I accelerate in any gear the engine revs quickly to about 6000 RPM yet the car barely moves. I took it to the dealer today, and even though I have yet to hear from them they told me it is most likely a clutch problem, and if the technician deems it to be because of "my driving habits" then they won't replace it under warranty. I am glad to hear that others have had this problem, because ANY clutch, especially one from Honda should not give out at 10k miles. I'll post updates on the cost and whether or not they cover it under the warranty. From the discussions thus far it seems highly unlikely that they will cover it.

    As for the clutch being a wear and tear item, as people have been posting, I agree. But, if you bought tires that were supposed to last 40k and they only lasted 4k under normal driving conditions then clearly something is wrong and it's not normal wear and tear. The same applies for a clutch.
  • pjfrypjfry Posts: 2
    I said I'd follow up on my clutch troubles. The dealer did not want to replace the clutch, but Acura Customer Care told them to do so as a "courtesy repair." So I got it done for free, which is good. But the dealer of course still assumed it was my fault and treated me like crap for the rest of my experience with them. Which brings me to my next point. I have read a few posts praising Pohanka Acura. I have had nothing but bad experiences with them. Their service people ignore me until I practically smack them to get their attention, and then when they do speak to me they are extremely rude. But fortunately for me I have a choice in dealers, and I have chosen never to go back to Pohanka.
  • manavimanavi Posts: 150
    I'm glad you followed up and let everyone know the outcome of your clutch issues. Wow, 10,000 miles and a new clutch.

    As far as the dealer, you could always rip them in the dealer service survey you're bound to be getting in the mail in the near future.

    I think you're right to just take your future business elsewhere, though. Vote with your wallet.
  • jet1234jet1234 Posts: 16
    Do you mind if I ask what year your TSX is (04 or 05)?

    Also, I've only heard negative things about Pohanka Acura's service dept. Sorry to hear about your experience.
  • Has anyone gotten this fixed?? I'm going in for my 3rd try.. They've lubed it (worked for about 3 days) and then replaced the entire clutch assembly. About a week later--creak, creak, creak.... I love the car but am tempted to trade it in on an automatic... Oh, and don't get me started on my window problems.. I'll find the appropriate post to complain about those.. Oh! and its a 2004 TSX..
  • I have a 2004 TSX with 36k miles on it. M/T w/ Navi.

    Two weeks ago, all of a sudden, my clutch started acting really weird. The pedal is very loose halfway and clutch never seems to fully engage anymore.

    Now, I drive fairly conservatively, and I've never had probelms with my M/T '99 Integra which was at 70k, so I don't think the clutch is worn, but the dealer is almost insisting it's the clutch without really giving my car a look and says I need to fork over $1500 to get it replaced.

    However I got them to admit that they've seen no other signs of abuse on my car, and that a clutch wearing out at 36k seems really really weird for a 2004 TSX.

    I'm suspecting a spring on the pressure plate gave out which is why it's not fully pushing the clutch into place? But honestly, I'm not a mechanic and I'm not going to pretend to be.

    All I know is that I don't drive hard, and I don't think that a worn clutch is the problem. Or at least, my driving did not contribute to a worn clutch.

    Any thoughts? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    - Joe
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    If something happened all of sudden it can't be a wear thing since that usually is a gradual thing. Try to be firm but don't argue with the dealer. You probably are right about the spring. A broken spring on a 2 year car should be covered by warranty - it's not a wear item. Get Acura HQ involved if the dealer won't budge.
  • Same thing happened to my 05 tsx @ 21k mi.

    Dealer has it now and is fixing it without argument.
    Meantime, I have a 06 tsx loaner.

    They've had it for about 5 days. I'll keep you posted.
  • Dealership says that they'll replace my trans, but that there is extreme clutch wear.

    They also said they found some metal filings in the transmission fluid, and had to replace 1st and 6th gear sprockets.

    While I resent the implication that somehow I rode my clutch to the point of burning it out @ 21k miles, they're fixing it without argument, replacing the trans, clutch plate, and everything else.

    Think maybe I can talk them into keeping it and giving me another car?
  • I think since they're doing you right by completely replacing your tranny, clutch plate, etc, there's little chance they'll give you a new car instead.

    After all the work is done, the drivetrain should be close to as good as new.
  • I had a BMW 525 that had a transmission electrical failure at 1,200 miles. No, they didn't repalce the entire car, just the transmission. The rest of the car was perfect for 90k+ miles after that.

    You need a new transmission and clutch system. Why on earth would you need a whole new car??
  • cessna3cessna3 Posts: 2
    My '06 TSX 6MT is just over two weeks old now and just under 1000 miles. Since day one, I have had intermittent problems getting it to shift smoothly, mainly into 2nd and 3rd gear. About once-twice a day it actually lurches me forward in my seat as if the clutch is coming in on an engine that is braking heavily. Other times, it is as smooth as can it should be, I would think, for a car of this caliber!

    I have spent probably 200 of the 1000 miles just driving around trying to figure it out thinking it was me that did not have the rhythm, yet I have owned 5 MT's in the past with no problem and made a comment to the sales guy during my test drive (different car) that it was one of the smoothest MT's I had ever driven. It appears that it has something to do with a load on the engine such as the A/C clutch, yet it still happens with the environmental controls off. I had one service guy tell me yesterday that he thought it was probably normal. Another one at a different dealer this morning said it probably isn't, yet we didn't drive it. I have an appointment Tuesday.

    My questions are #1, for those who have a TSX 6MT, do you experience anything like this with yours or does it continually shift smoothly? and #2 is there anyone out there who has seen this before and did you find a solution? Please help! :confuse: What a bummer to be this frustrated so early in my TSX experience...
  • seazseaz Posts: 3
    Actually, I have a 2004 TSX 6sp and I've started to notice the same odd noise. It's loud, and passengers ask "what was that?" When coming out of first gear, particularly on an incline, I occasionally hear a 'howling' sound. I'm kind of upset about this, since the car only has about 30k miles and I have babied the car around. I just don't understand how it can have clutch issues so soon.

    I also noticed the 'clicking' sound when I engaged the cluch pedal at an early stage -- probably 20k miles. The dealer said they lubricated something and it actually stopped, but that fix only lasted about a week. Now it does it off an on, its rather inconsistent. And now 10k miles later, I hear the howling.

    Now I'm just waiting for a complete clutch failure. Is that what I can expect? From what I have read, it sounds like the dealer will not repair under warranty, either.
  • Hi, I just experienced the same problem with my 2004 Acura TSX - 5 speed. It was driving fine then, boom, on a moderate uphill grade, it lost compression, and 2 minutes later it died. I towed it to an Acura dealer who gave me a $1600 estimate. My question to you is -- how was your problem resolved -- was the root cause ever determined? Did Acura HQ cover the costs? Thanks, Dennis of Oakland, CA
  • I bought a used 04 TSX 6MT Navi with 15K miles in May. (Certified used) Recently the cluch started to make a creaking noise and wasn't very smooth up or down. I took it to a different dealer in my area for what I thought would be just a lube. Turns out they replaced the clutch master cylinder. They never even drove it. All under warranty. Great service, no problems since.
  • dhejnadhejna Posts: 5
    Hi, I took my 2004 TSX into the shop - they're placing the clutch - they said it is not under warranty - in fact - the dealer said car manufacturer's do not warranty the clutch. I wonder why they consider your's "under warranty." Thanks for the reply - the clutch is a $1700 job - car's got under 50,000 miles.
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    The clutch certainly is covered under warranty, but most dealers seem to fight it tooth and nail, claiming driver abuse or something similar. A lot of people do abuse their clutches, but a clutch going out with less than 50K on the odo seems premature.
  • dhejnadhejna Posts: 5
    I'll have to read the warranty carefully. Thanks for the reply.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    could you please let me know where you got your information from. I thought the clutch is not covered under warranty- it is a normal wear item. Usually if the clutch is defective you will know way before 50,000 miles. We have been very lucky with the many manual transmission cars we have owned all going over 100,000 miles. We do mostly highway driving so that helps. Stop and go traffic pays havic on clutches.We never rest our foot on it either. Bad habit.
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    The TSX comes with a bumper-to-bumper warranty and the clutch lies between the bumpers. I agree it's a normal wear item, but 50K miles is way premature for a clutch to fail unless it's been hammered on or abused.

    I would argue vehemently with the dealer to have this covered. If that doesn't work, contact Acura and deal with them.

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong about this.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Typically many clutch parts are excluded from the B to B warranty as they are wear items just like brake pads, wipers, et al.

    Usually wear parts in the clutch will be covered for 12K/12 months as they figure nobody should be able to kill a clutch that quickly.
  • dhejnadhejna Posts: 5
    Thanks again for your reply. I agree re the prematurity clutch - I live outside SF - bit more hilly around here -- but still ----The service manager is keeping the parts, took pictures of the parts, said he had the "corporate service managers" look at it, etc. and say it is a "wear" problem - that I either "rode the clutch" or the previous owner did (I bought the car with 13K miles). I will pursue with Acura corporate.....unfortuntately, I've got a "bail" the car out will be a matter of me trying to get my $ back ....thx so much again for your feedback - much appreciated ...
  • Cannot comment on Acura clutch warranties but I can tell you that to burn out a modern clutch in 50,000 miles you have to just about intentionally do it. One of my Audis got 185,000 out of its orignal clutch and audi I once had got to 175,000 on its clutch. Mostly in town driving. did not abuse it but did not baby it either.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,591
    If the clutch is removed and the clutch disk is worn down to the rivets, or the flywheel is burned blue and the pressure plate is intact and undamaged, I don't think a "defective" clutch would be the right diagnosis.

    It's very possible the clutch system may have been substandard and may have caused premature wear, but the idea is this, that a slipping clutch is noticeable to the driver and so if the clutch disk is worn down to the nubs, there is at least a shared responsibility here.

    I'd say (speaking for myself) that if my clutch wore out at say 35K and we disassembled it and found no problem with the pressure plate or TO bearing and the clutch disk was worn down, I'd ask for some sort of "you pay parts, I pay labor" settlement.

    After 50,000 miles, the whole idea of a "defect" becomes less and less likely IMO.

    Really situations like this boil down to how hard-[non-permissible content removed] the dealer wants to be with you. He has discretionary monies to make good will repairs (if he's in good stead with the factory).

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • dhejnadhejna Posts: 5
    Thanks for the feedback. I asked the dealer to save the parts (he didn't) but instead sent me pictures. I'm in the process this week of documenting my case.....I'm also going to look into the risks of the hydraulic (vs. cable) clutches installed over the last few years .....I've heard they behave substantially differently - and of course have pros and cons...... one of the cons being that this type of clutch is engineered to clutch "for you" in certain will lead to premature wear and tear...
  • dhiodhio Posts: 2
    I too had my clutch fail at less than 38,000 miles. I was stunned to be told today by the dealership, and later a zone rep from Acura, that they would not replace it because of driver abuse. Basically, they said that they believe because of wear on my tire treads (they claimed the fronts were 'bald' despite the fact that they just passed a state inspection) and the state of the clutch that they think the damage could only be done if I was racing or something. If you knew me, you'd know just how funny this is... I am a 36yo woman who has never raced a car in her life. I drove my Honda Civic for 8 years without a single clutch problem (or other mechanical issue, for that matter) and my TSX goes only from home (in a hilly neighborhood) to work (in a congested downtown area). I don't know how the tires got worn that way, unless it was as I was spinning the tires trying to get the car out of a middle lane on a hill after the clutch went out Saturday.

    Anyway, I loved my TSX and I thought I loved Acura, but I'm just baffled by this.
  • I also have had my clutch fail at less than 30k. Acura has been very insistent that its simply the fact that women can't drive a manual transmission and maybe some driving lessons would help! I've got over a decade worth of experience driving exclusively MT vehicles and I seriously doubt it's me. I've been dealing with acura since June, and now they tell me it's simply wear & tear. In a car I've owned for less than a year it has spent almost half of that time in the shop for various malfunctions. I go back today to get my car, but I think I know what they're going to stay---
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Folks - a clutch is a wear part. Typically manufacturers will cover it for 12 months/12K miles as a courtesy but after that, it's considered to be worn.
  • Folks - a clutch is a wear part. Typically manufacturers will cover it for 12 months/12K miles as a courtesy but after that, it's considered to be worn.

    Yeah, it's a wear item, but a clutch failing at 30K miles is ridiculous. Short of outright abuse, I can't envision a scenario where normal use would cause this, unless there's something inherently wrong with the clutch assembly.

    I've been driving MT equipped vehicles for 29 years, and I've never had a clutch wear out in less than 100K miles, and they usually run out to 120K or so.
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