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Acura TSX Security System Questions



  • Johnny-

    See my recent response to the gal in PacHeights that has the same issue. Thanks for the tip on locking the glove box. I lock it out of spite, thinking that they won't bother with it, but you've proved me wrong.

    You're doing the right thing by taking anything valuable with you as you exit the car. I would also suggest that you get an after market system. I got a Clifford and am happy with it. I wasn't happy about spending extra $$ for this, but I feel better knowing that some punk's plan to use his special electronic device to enter my car is foiled.

    The Acura alarm system is an Anti-theft system, not a true security system. It will help guard against theft, but does little to prevent break ins. The after market systems use random codes each time you lock the car. -Unlike the Acura system which uses a single code, which can be copied by a code-grabbing device.

    Being a premium brand, you'd think that Acura would have included this anti-code grabbing technology, but I guess it takes a while for the industry to catch up with the thugs out there.
  • Just came across your post. My car was borken into
    on Noe about the beginning of October,
    via the homemade master key. The dude stole my
    work bag with laptop, didn't have much else in
    the car.

    Last month SF police caught the guy. He
    was using a homemade master key to get into the
    car [late model acuras], then would look for
    the valet key to steal the car.

    Send me a note and I can give you more info if you
    need it.
  • sfpdfsfpdf Posts: 3
    Just saw your reply; thanks.

    I'd be particularly interested to find out if 1) the police recovered any other stuff, if you know, and 2) if you spoke with either/both of Acura USA or your dealership and if they said anything helpful.
  • nave13nave13 Posts: 6
    the safeguard company and number came with my car. sort of, i paide 345.00. colorado springs, co.
  • tsxmodstsxmods Posts: 7
    Is there a way to reprogram the remote? The computer does not allow access to the multi-information display. I keep getting the .... Driver Unknown "Customize" Impossible -If you unlock the door with the key, ofcourse it won't let you access the menu, but when unlocking with the remote, it should allow access to the menu. This is for the 06 tsx. Thanks!!
  • sfheartsfheart Posts: 1
    i was wondering what year is your TSX?? and where did you buy it???

    thats weird this is happening only in SF...... :confuse:
  • robby5robby5 Posts: 4
    Hi ...recently bought a tsx 2006 with exactly the same problem....two solutions...return to dealer to have him program the fob...or check your fob's that they are identified driver 1 or driver 2 on the back of each. If not then have the dealer change your fob's because they are not the right ones...I bet that your seats don't move automatically with your fob's...they should. good luck
  • dmacciocdmaccioc Posts: 13
    Hi Robby5, thanks for the info. I just bought an '06 a week and a half ago and am experiencing the same issue, strange that they unlock the doors but otherwise aren't programmed properly. I'm the only driver of the car so it's not such a huge problem, but it'd be nice to be able to tailor features through the multi-information display. Back to the dealer I go!
  • clm8clm8 Posts: 33
    You don't have to go back to the dealer. I just set mine last week. Hold the "lock" and "unlock" button down at the same time. The red light on the remote will light. At that point, once you lock and unlock the door via the remote, the car will recognize your key and you can set your preferences.
  • I just purchased a 2006 TSX that had come off a 6 month lease. I did receive the driver 2 remote, but the dealership gave me a replacement remote since the orginial owner did not turn in the driver 1 remote. My problem is I can not program driver 1 on the MID. Does anyone know how to fix this problem, or do I have to go back to the dealer?
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    I think it can be done by the owner, but for the life of me I can't remember how. The stealer should have taken care of this when you received the remote, so I'd make them do it. Wish I had better info.
  • Any updates from contacting the consumer hotlines? My 2006 TSX has been broken into twice now in Noe Valley. We must be victims of the same thieves. Both times I had no sign of a break in. I suspect they've grabbed my alarm code, but I've also heard about thieves taking your VIN to a dealer and getting a master key made. In either case, I think an after market alarm system is about all I can do at this point. I will file a police report this evening.
  • But if you use the key to lock the car, it won't enable the alarm right? So then if you use the remote to then turn on the alarm after locking the car with the key, couldn't they still copy your code?
  • The dealer showed me how to do this have to put the key to the on position then click the lock key on the remote. Do this four times and you will hear/see the doors locked. Then click to unlock the door and it should be reprogrammed. If you are doing it with two remotes, unlock the first and then the second at the last step.
  • tsx6tsx6 Posts: 1
    Hi - i know it's been a while since your post on acura break ins. Just came accross the forum, my 06 acura was broken into twice in the past 3 months, SF area, no damage at all to the car/no signs and so the first time around i thought i might have forgotten to lock the car. lost golf clubs, laptops, portable GPS, shawl and a watch all kept out of sight - filed a police report, but would like to get more info on what other follow thru items that you did. aftermarket alarm, change remote code thru the dealers etc anything else that i should be aware of?

    thanks much!
  • lpretzerlpretzer Posts: 2
    I am the gal that posted back in Nov of 2005, after the first few times my car was broken into. I then just dealt with the fact that this was part of this car and living in the city and left ABSOLUTELY nothing in my car and had the trunk locked from the inside so that they couldn't get in. Last night someone broke into my car, electrically rolled down all the windows and stole my golf clubs out of the locked trunk???? I am BAFFLED at how this happened?? Has anyone else had this happen? I am so over this problem and have not really heard of any great options.

    Thanks for any help.
  • jaz2jaz2 Posts: 1
    Argh, I have now fallen victim twice to the 2006 TSX thieves, once in Noe Valley and the other on Sansome Street and Green Street . Both times happened on a Friday night, so now I will well remember not to leave a SINGLE thing in my car. Thanks for the various suggestions... I think I will go get a Clifford alarm with the random code... and ask my dealer about this problem and see what their two cents are.
  • I just recently had my car broken into on leavenworth and chestnut. I unfortunately had my work bag which included my laptop in my trunk...yes, my own stupidity to have it in there. I was absolutely dumbstruck when i got to my car and saw that it had been broken into without any signs of forced entry. I couldn't figure it out and started to doubt whether I had really locked it even though I knew I had. I lost all credibility with my insurance company and my boss/company since they thought that I had obviously just left the car unlocked. THANK YOU for giving me back my sanity! Has anyone thought of actually trying to legitimately stop these LOSERS. If it is an IS job, could Acura be held legally responsible through a class action lawsuit? Seriously, who wants to own a car that has been broken into 6-8x! I'm obviously not an expert on this but I think the police or Acura should take responsibility and address the problem. It's been affecting a large amount of SF civilians since 2005 and should come to an end now!
  • Wow -- just found this forum. Just had my 2004 TSX broken into this week in San Francisco, and very similar location to yours, natsf. I also thought I was going crazy wondering if I forgot to lock my doors or something. Nothing significant stolen since I don't leave anything major in my car, but still annoying. This is the second time in the last couple years.

    Interesting story about the first time I was broken into:
    I have a 2004 TSX, but the morning after the breakin, I found the installation/user guide for the stock navigation system on the ground next to my car, but for the 2005 TSX. There's no reason why I would have the 2005 documentation in my car, so the thiefs obviously brought it with them. Not sure if they were targeting my Nav system or just using it to help break in, but it certainly means that they were targeting the TSX. They hit paydirt w/ the 2 computers and digital camera I had in the car (not in plain sight). The fact that the manual I found on the ground was an installation guide leads me to believe that there is some insider involved (probably from a dealer).

    I'm doing a casual "stake-out" by watching my car out my window late at night, but the anger motivating me to do that will start to subside I'm sure. I think I'm going to get one of those random-code systems installed. And of course make sure NOTHING is left in my car at night.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome to CarSpace - keep us posted.
  • jm777jm777 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 TSX and it was broken into about 3 weeks ago shortly after I purchased it. They also were able to get in with no signs of a break-in. Took a duffle bag, gunglasses but did not take my CDs or the wheel locks that were in the car.

    I live in SF and bought my car at Marin Acura. I think someone else said they service their TSX at Marin Acura. (I wonder how many of us either bought or get service at Marin Acura.) I called them and the service manager I spoke with says he was familiar with the problem and just advised me not to keep anything in the car. He said, in particular they seem to want the Owner's Manual. I also spoke with a Customer Service manager and she said that she gets about 3 calls a month from people they sell to in SF. I have no proof but something seems quite fishy. I have filed a police report and I encourage others to do the same so at least they can track it and maybe see a pattern or something. I wish I had read these posts earlier but I am now garaging my car to prevent future break-ins.
  • kierkier Posts: 1
    I am so relieved that I'm not losing my mind.

    I have a 2004 TSX. The owners manual was liberated during its first year in Noe Valley. I have taken to keeping the quarter dispenser stocked in hopes of appeasing whomever kept getting into my car. The dealer (South City) assured me that the car was impenetrable short of throwing a brick thru the window, so I must have left it unlocked....

    My neighbors have grown tired of me clicking the lock button thru the kitchen window with it's reassuring click, several times a night. You can never be too sure.

    So what happens?

    They stole the shifter knob!!!

    That one piece costs $150

    The next one goes on with lock-tite.

    But, now all I need is an aftermarket alarm to stop the madness.

    Thank god, I'm not going senile.

  • Yesturday, my 2005 TSX got broken into!!!! (no signs of breaking in)

    This happened at Stonestown Mall - near the Borders/Nordstroms entrance. Nothing valuable was in view... And all they stole was... from the glove compartment was some cash and my Owner's Manual!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought I do some research online about getting a new owner's manual or why this is being stolen and I ran into this forum just now... and I can't believe this has been happening to others too! I wonder what can I do to avoid this happening again!?!???

    Also had another TSX-break-in last year at Harrison/Main St - w/ broken window & nothing stolen. But I found my silver sunshade opened on top of all the broken glass, which I always kept closed-up on the floor. They must have assumed the silver on the floor was a laptop or something.

    So since then, I made sure there is absolutely nothing in site... But STILL, there are TSX break-ins for the Owners Manual????

    Everyone, please do your police report so someone can track this pattern... And I wonder if Acura should do a recall of their carlocks or something? I don't know, what should they do or what should we, the car owners, do?
  • Breakin News: (no pun intended)
    Here's a story we're all familiar with...My '04 TSX got broken into twice in SF - First time earlier this year - they got my golf clubs out of my trunk. No signs of forced entry, so just like others have said, I figured I forgot to lock my doors one night and chalked it up to the price we pay for living in the City. Second time was a few weeks ago....This time I KNOW my doors were locked and they got away with a laptop and some misc personal items (but not my owners manual). Again, no forced entry, and my car was locked when I returned. This time I filed a police report.

    So yesterday I get a call from SFPD - Ingleside saying to come down to the station - they possibly had some of my property. Turns out they arrested someone on a routine traffic stop that had property belonging to me and 4 or 5 other people....all who own TSXs! The officer had some keys that I assume were taken from the dude who got arrested and tried to open my door with them -- a few of them actually fit the keyhole, but none of them opened the door....I'm not sure if I should be relieved or more worried at this point. I have got to believe that somewhere on the streets there is a key, or multiple keys, or special "jiggle method" that opens the doors to our cars.

    This news is so fresh that the case is still being written up, so there's not a whole lot the police can let out yet....but I hope they can nail this guy and anyone else he is working with.

    So if we are forced to park in public and assuming that there may be physical keys out there that open TSX doors, what are the best measures to combat against this?
  • I just found out today that my car was broken into without force on Saturday. It was in a garage in the Mission where i was supposedly paying for it to be "safer" than out on the street. My car is a TL...not a TSX, but i still wanted to get the word out that Acuras continue to be broken into in SF! My gym bag, ipod, and new camera were stolen.
    Has anyone heard from the police or Acura any news of these events?
    Any ideas other than getting a new non-Acura alarm and not keeping anything of value in the car?
    Thanks in advance for any comments!
  • ksolo2ksolo2 Posts: 2
    My 2004 TSX was broken into, no force entry on 1/11 this was the second time it's happened in SSF. Like everyone else I thought I had forgotten to lock the door. The first was in Sept. '07, no entry, and the only thing taken was my owner's manual and my registration information. Which I thought was odd. But on 1/11, my cd's, my shoes, clothes and my wheel locks were taken.

    I went right away to Serramonte Acura to get my wheel locks replaced. I also spoked to the Service dept. and the only thing they suggested is to install a secondary car alarm. I contacted Marin Acura to see what they can suggest and per the General Sales Mgr Michael Gafford - he's never heard of this happening. But after reading all the messages, I'm sure he's known about it. His only advice to me was to contact Acura USA for a client relations rep.

    I filed police reports both times. It's not comforting to know that someone out there has access to my car. I no longer keep any valuables in my car, but now I'm thinking of also NOT leaving my registration info in there as well.

    There's got to be something we, as Acura owners and car theft victims, can be compensated for by Acura. At least replace our current alarm systems! This has gotten out of hand. How many more Acura break-ins will need to happen before the company takes action?!
  • natsfnatsf Posts: 2
    Airwalk 905 you are absolutely right. Acura should compensate us in some way for the loss of our valuable, security, and right to protect our car. My car was broken into in September and I posted my experience. A few months later (November) I was contacted by the San Mateo police department. They had arrested a woman on car theft charges. She had stolen a Honda Accord and inside the police found my drivers license and contacted me. This woman supposedly broke into numerous cars with a "shaved" key according to the officer. I felt at ease that the theif was caught but not but two weeks later my car was broken into again! Luckily, I don't keep any valuables in my car so they were not able to steal anything.
    The beginning of January, San Mateo indicted the original theif on number of counts and I was subpoened to be a witness in her court hearing but she pleaded guilty before the hearing.
    Pretty much, my "anti-theft" system right now is to leave nothing in my car and before I lock my car I leave my glove compartment, center consule, and astray open just to show any theif that I don't have anything in my car. This has seemed to work since November.

    I know everyone on this forum has a busy life, jobs, family, etc. But if we could all pull our stories together and bring it to Acura USA we may have something. It's a big job that I think no one really has time in their life to address. But if we all volunteer and break it down to specific duties we could possibly get something accomplished. Strength in numbers, right. Anyways, I'm just putting it out there but I would like to get together some sort of live chat, conference, whatever to get an action plan going. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas please speak up. After all we have put our hard earned money into an expensive automobile. It would be nice if it locked.
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    sorry to hear of your tsx getting broken into-Is it just tsx's or other cars. A few years ago I owned a mazda that was locked but someone was able to get into it. They took the ashtray that had loose change in and some c.d's. If fact alot of other cars that were locked had things stolen from them. This was in the Stoudsburg area of Pa. The car thieves were caught but there are others out there to take their place. I think higher fines and jail time might deter some.
  • Natsf-
    I am definitely willing to do whatever we think is necessary to bring to Acura USA about the problems their cars are causing us. I am now not even driving my car into SF right now because I fell no sense of security for it...and this is causing a lot more grief on my commute. Anyway...if anyone else is interested in going as a group to Acura USA, please join in. The more numbers and events we can bring to them, the better.
  • ksolo2ksolo2 Posts: 2
    I am with you 110% on coming up with some sort of a "game plan" with all the rest of the members of this forum and vigilantly contact Acura USA's Client Relations Department. In fact, I actually called them today. Such BS- they claimed that they have never heard of such break-ins w/ no forced entries?! This lady (Jessica) said that she has noted this information/complaint on my account; not only that, she also stated that the more complaints they hear from other owners having these similar experiences, the faster some kind of action will take place. SO... if THIS is the only way they'll actually do something about it, PLEASE... IF YOU'VE BEEN A VICTIM OF SUCH BREAK-INS, PLEASE CONTACT THE FOLLOWING AND RAISE AWARENESS!: TOLL FREE# 800-382-2238 (6am-5pm, M-F, PST).

    Let's all raise some hell!!! THANK YOU!!!
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