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Toyota Sienna Audio/Entertainment Questions



  • 08 Sienna's DVD player is not working. The DVD is in the player and we can hear it playing, however, there is no picture. Also, will not eject the DVD. HELP please! Toyota Svc department is clueless and indicated that they'll have to call the manufacturer. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.
  • kjokjo Posts: 24
    Have a 2005 LE with the JBL system ,purchased new and has 49k on it. When you put a disc in, it continually flashes "loading" and never plays. I tried blowing it out with compressed air , but did the same thing. This is the first problem we have had with the van. Any thoughts?
  • akempfakempf Posts: 1
    Have an 06 LE that has developed a DVD problem. Whenever we but a DVD into the player I can here what sounds like the DVD spinning but all we get is a check disc error. I have tried about a half a dozen discs and they all have the same message when I try to play them. Some of them are ones that have been played in the player before. I have checked the disc for scratchs and dust but the all look fine and they will play in the DVD player we have in the house.
  • maferenamaferena Posts: 3
    I would like to install a dvd player in an 06 Sienna. There are no existing rear audio controls. Does this make installation more complicated? I want wireless headphones, but I am ok with in dash or the dvd attached to the monitor. Is in deck much more complicated? Have I limited myself by not purchasing a van with existing rear audio controls?
  • rambo5rambo5 Posts: 37
    What is the low down on installing Sirius through the factory radio? While Sirius is mentioned as a Toyota accessory, I can't seem to get a straight answer from the dealer. I am considering the purchase of a lightly equipped LE without navigation.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    My 07 didn't have rear audio controls and the tech at Circuit City said it wasn't hard to install an overhead 12" DVD screen on my van. It was on sale for $900 installed.

    They had an 8 or 9" model for $600 installed.

    Mine came with 2 wireless headphones. We love it. Kids are happy, everyone's happy. No more "are we there yet?".

    Came in handy last night, actually. :shades:
  • lindaleeelindaleee Posts: 1
    I have the same exact problem w/ my Sienna 05. Flashes load, then spits it out. I was told to try a cd cleaning and that didn't work for me, I also used compressed air and nothing. They said the laser is probably out of alignment. Mine failed right after my 3 yrs warranty was up. The toyota dealer said it could run close to 300- to fix. It's a flat rate they charge now. Also my audio guy said the same thing 300- Is your model # 16862? If you decide to buy from a retailer (cd player) you will lose the cassette player. I guess they give you something to fill-in the space.
    Please let me if you resolved your problem and maybe clue me in. I also saw the cd players listed on ebay.
  • akinakin Posts: 24
    Is the radio supposed to mute or lower the volume when the nav voice commands come on? I just picked up a Sienna last night and on the drive home noticed that the radio volume never lowered or muted whenever the nav voice commands were broadcast. Is there a setting for this?

    The unit must have the capability since whenever a phone call comes in (through bluetooth) the radio mutes until you get off the phone.
  • tanker5tanker5 Posts: 36
    I have the 2006 Sienna and my nav voice which I call "Little Bit" when she is right is controllable on the setup menu so you can make it louder than your usual volume on the radio. The nav voice comes out of the left front speaker. My radio voice isnot lowered or muted when the nav voice activates. Tanker5
  • Do I really need to go to toyota for the xm radio install??? Also, has anyone had any problems with the jensen dvd players from circuit city. I dont want to pay dealer prices if I dont have to.
  • Does anyone have any feedback, pos or neg, about the valor dvd rear entertainment system sold @ costco? Im considering it but I've never heard of Valor. Just looking for a quality unit for a decent price.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Check out their installation area, see if it looks professional, clean, well equipped. I'm not sure how much stuff like that Costco works on.

    I went to Circuit City for mine, a 12.1" Jenson DVD. It was on sale at the time for $900.

    The install was OK - not perfect. They were not that neat, and they hooked up the dome light to the driver's door instead of hooking it up to the main light switch relay on the dash. Not a big deal, but not perfect.

    The DVD has worked well but for some reason the remote isn't working, maybe it needs batteries.

    The 12" screen is beautiful and the headphones work like a charm. Also, the aux input on the Sienna's stereo plugs directly to the output on the back of the DVD player, so the in-car sound is perfect. Cool thing is I found out you can use a spare wire from your computer speakers, too.

    Overall I'm happy, just check out the installers, make sure they know what they're doing.
  • Hi Rick,

    I just purchased a 2005 Sienna and am dealing with the same thing you were. It has the rear audio on the roof. Just wondering if you found a cord to allow you to put up a non-factory DVD player or did you bite the bullet and purchase a factory DVD player.

    Thanks for any info.

  • HI. I just started having the same problem on my 2004 LE. Were you able to resolve the problem?
    I'm wondering if I need to take it to the dealer or some local car stereo shop...

    Any information from you will be very helpful
  • kevkhakevkha Posts: 1
    The AUX in is intended for audio input only. The controls are intended for CD with MP3 songs on it. Burn a CD with your favorite songs in MP3 and check it out.
  • Hi,
    I got my basic '08 Sienna LE after driving Chevy Venture '01 for a few years .
    I love my new car, but the sound system is HORRIBLE.
    Whenever i would like to HEAR something and crank up the sound it just makes is louder, but not clearer, so i still cannot hear it.

    While driving rental Sienna i noticed the same poor quality of sound. Granted, i have no idea what was in my old van had, but i want it back.

    My car's been recked a few weeks ago, so the doors need to be re-assembled now. It will be worked on in the next few weeks, and i thought it might be a good opportunity to make it to my liking.

    Honestly, i am pretty clueless about what the car sound system is/supposed to be. My Toyota sales rep i spoke to yesterday told me that LE has "the best sound system" but that obviously not working for me.

    Any advise - please please - would be greatly appreciated.
    I live in northwest Baltimore county.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You probably have the same system I have.

    High-end packages on the LE models and XLE models have JBL sound, and those are a lot better.

    The basic system is OK, but if you're an audiophile I would look at an aftermarket upgrade. You can probably do better for the cost of the OE JBL system.
  • I am thinking of buying an 09 XLE with nav. Does the toyota ipod adapter allow you to control the ipod thru the nav's touch screen?
  • dwijitdwijit Posts: 2
    I recently purchased an 05 sienna, and had to have the dvd player replaced, I had a factory dvd player put in, and since I never saw its predecessor work, I have no idea on how to switch the sound over from headphones, to stereo speakers. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Any answer would be greatly appreciated.

  • tanker5tanker5 Posts: 36
    I have an '06 Sienna with entertainment center. When I want to play the DVD disc from the DVD player in the back over the radio speaker system I press Disc/Aux on the dashboard. Tanker
  • Hi,

    When I want to listen to a DVD w/o head phones, I press the AUX button on my radio. Sometimes you have to press it twice.

    Good luck.
  • dwijitdwijit Posts: 2
    Thanks a bunch, Tanker!!!! I can't believe it was that simple!!! Who would have thunk it? I must have read the entire manual on the dvd player, and not one place did I run across this answer!!!! Thanks again!!!!
  • vinijinvinijin Posts: 28
    I want to buy 09 Sienna LE with JBL sound system and DVD player. I want to install in Dash Navigation with rear view camera. What are pros and cons for doing this ? Will I loose my bluetooth capabilities ? What other features will I loose because they will replace existing CD player with Aftermarket navigation/CD player ? I will really appreciate your comments
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You may lose the audio controls on the steering wheel. Make sure whatever you buy has a harness that accomodates Toyota's controls for those.
  • Can a 2006 Sienna play mp3/WMA files off of a DVD?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I have a 2007 with the base 6CD (not premium sound) and for me the answer was No.

    It will play MP3s and WMA files recorded on a CD, but when I tried with a DVD-R it spit out the disc.
  • njhtdnnjhtdn Posts: 5
    We have a 2007 Sienna - limited, with a couple options for customizing audio / video. The first one is the AUX port (assume that would work great for our ipod with a mini-pin connector) but we recently bought a Touch, downloaded some videos, connected the Touch to the 3-wire cables in back (audio, video, etc.) and what we ended up with is the video on the built-in DVD player and the audio on the wireless headphones. Since we have a little one who HATES headphones, does anyone know a way to make this work - without just adding a small speakerk off the headphone jack on the DVD player? I looked at the manual, but since the Touch is realatively new, it didn't address anything like that - that I've found.

  • njhtdnnjhtdn Posts: 5
    I realize this is a very old post, but did you ever figure this out?? We have the same need with the Mac Touch - except wanting video with the audio - over the whole system - thanks!
  • tanker5tanker5 Posts: 36
    I have a 2006 and I just activate the Aux button on the dash and the DVD sound is now on the radio speakers and broadcasts to the rear as well. No headsets are required. The problem is then that you donot have have separate speakers for sound from a radio station or CD for the driver /passenger. Tanker5
  • skluzskluz Posts: 5
    We just purchased a 2009 Sienna. We're loving it but we're currently unable to get the rear entertainment center's video input audio to broadcast over the vehicle's speakers. The speakers always broadcast what's playing on the DVD input when we have the front stereo switched to the Disc/Aux mode. The wireless headphones are able to switch when the two inputs are selected which makes me think this is either as designed or a wiring problem that we're going to have to take the thing into have fixed.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I'm really hoping I'm just missing a button somewhere. So far the Sienna has been a great vehicle with a ton of features. It's just disappointing when things don't work as expected.
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