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Toyota Sienna Audio/Entertainment Questions

jm38jm38 Posts: 27
I don't know what forum to use to ask this question, so I'll start here. I know the new Siennas have a jack for an iPod. From what I gather, you plug a wire from the iPod to the radio jack and hit the MP3 button. Two questions: first does this mean you don't need one of those iTrips that run through an FM station on the radio? Second: Where do you get this wire? Thanks


  • Can anyone share how they can play Ipod in the van?

    There is aux plug in on the DVD player and also I think there is a plug right next to the in-dash 6 disk CD player, will those work? and what kind of connector do I need?

  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    You're probably right. On the right side of the audio system you have a "AUX-IN" jack, to plug in any accessories, like an ipod, laptop, cassette player, etc. Then press the AUX button on the radio.

    I think the silver trim on the '06 LE is better than the '05 glossy black. The new '06 gauges are also welcome. The XLE Limited finally features memory seats and mirrors, and signal mirrors.
  • Mine is a XLE with Option 4. I feel it is more luxury than my 02 RX300. The blue gauges are very nice. Not cheap though, but nice.
  • It is just a simple mini-plug to mini-plug wire, you can get one for a few bucks at Walmart (by the iPod accessories). So you do not need an FM transmitter, the wire plugs into the iPod's headphone jack.
  • I have one of the new Sienna's with the auxiliary jack. You plug the output of your Ipod (or any audio device; I use both a Sirius receiver and my Ipod) into the jack, hit the aux button, and it plays. You don't need the Itrip, since it's a direct input -- the sound quality is much better than the FM modulator and you don't have to worry about a strong FM station "stepping" on your signal.
  • bjw122bjw122 Posts: 1
    I bought a preowned '04 Sienna that's equiped with the optional rear seat audio sytem. The car did not come with a remote control and I'm assuming the dealer (a non-Toyota dealer) wouldn't know anything about it if I called them on it. Am I correct in saying that I can't use the rear seat audio option without the remote control? Also, does anyone know how I might go about getting a replacement remote?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I would take it to a Toyota dealership and ask them to order a remote for me.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    I've seen many of these remotes for sale on Ebay.
  • ziggyboyziggyboy Posts: 2
    The MP3/WMA player in my 2006 Sienna CE skips after playing a handful of MP3 songs flawlessly. When the skipping starts eventually it just stops playing. When I eject and re-insert put the same MP3 disc, it will just keep showing error. This happens to all MP3 discs. This occurs when playing chronologically or random.
  • wacalwacal Posts: 2
    I haven't tried mine yet. I will check if I have the kinda of problem. I just bought a Sienna LE 06 less than 2 weeks but observed a problem. I can hear some sloshing sound coming out from the fuel tank underneath. Have you ever come arross hearing that sound making especially when you park your car in garage or outdoor parking lot. Try it when you turned off any music.
  • winston7winston7 Posts: 11
    i dont hear any sound from my sienna, in as much as its just two weeks try to visit the dealer for some test.
  • wacalwacal Posts: 2
    Yes I will. What if the sound won't go away after the dealer services tested and tried to have it fixed but not successful. What do u suggest? Do i leave it that way or go thru the arbitration procedures for claim. That sound worries me too much because it is gasoline movement under.
    Thanks for advice and reply.
  • ziggyboyziggyboy Posts: 2
    No, I don't hear that slushing sound. Everything else works fine except for the MP3 player problem.
  • winston7winston7 Posts: 11
    If after all the fixing fails you have no choice but to go thru the arbitration for claiming. Just be firm regarding your complaints coz its all warantied so you dont have to be afraid of anything. If they cant fix it, replace it!
  • Hi. I got my LE pk#2 just a week ago and yah..thought I could hear the same underneath when parking and a sound of like a brake pad touching the drum in the rear but very minimal..Have you checked with the dealer yet?..Any info as to what is it causing the sound? Please advise. Thanks!
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    I have never heard that type sound in my 2006 Sienna LE. Maybe your ears are better than mine.
  • mmf2mmf2 Posts: 1
    Hello. I have just got a new sienna, and before leaving the lot, heard the sound. They told me it was because it's an AWD and the fuel was topped off. they said after driving for a few days, it should go away. It's still there and now they call and say this is normal and will be expected for life of the car.

  • jm38jm38 Posts: 27
    Thanks for answering my question about how to play the i-Pod in the Sienna. Here is another: Does the i-Pod continue playing when you turn the engine off? With the i-Trip you have to remember to stop the i-pod because even though the radio goes off with the engine, the i-Pod continues playing. Thanks for any info.
  • alpyaalpya Posts: 7
    I could not find place holder for DVD releated problems and so thought of posting the issue here. All of a sudden DVD player in my 2006 Sienna LE seems to have malfunctioned. The DVD is still inside the player and the DISK light is always illuminated. When DVD/AUX button is selected you can hear the DVD play but the screen is blank and none of the buttons function. Even the remote does not assist. Has anyone encountered the issue and what was done to fix it?

  • I haven't got a Sienna with a DVD player, but I have an Odyssey with one. It experienced a similar issue when we bought it. I would suggest you check your fuses and make certain they are all good. There may be more than 1 for your system.
  • I've been unhappy with the radio reception in my 2005 XLE since I got it (about a year ago). Basically, stations that used to come in crystal-clear in my 05 Sequoia (which also had in-glass antenna) now don't come in well at all, both FM and AM. The dealer replaced the radio under warranty but it really didn't fix the problem. My husband's 2006 LE radio sounds better and has better reception with his wand antenna.

    Has anyone had this problem? Is replacing the in-glass antenna a good option? Or is the radio itself to blame?
  • Does anyone know what/where to purchase an iPod connector for the AUX adapter on the '06 Sienna?
  • Have I just missed an option for a cassette player in the Sienna? I know they're old school and all, but my kids and I have a ton of books on tape that we really enjoy on long trips. I know the Odyssey has it as an option, but I haven't seen it listed for the Sienna.
  • tanker5tanker5 Posts: 36
    I'm sure you have your answer by now but Radio Shack has the 1/8" to 1/8" miniplug cable to connect the Ipod to the Aux adapter and it is in various lengths. Also if you have a video Ipod you can connect it to the Sienna entertainment center 3 prong adapter by the following cable-
    GE JASAV97592 iPod(R) Video Cable for about $5. Tanker
  • tanker5tanker5 Posts: 36
    To add to the info above on the 1/8" male to male cable costing about $6 when used to connect Ipod to van audio system. In order to get proper level of the sound thru all speakers you have to adjust the settings on the Ipod. Go to "Settings" and then click on "Volume Limit" and adjust it to "Max". You will now have continuous quality music thru the adapter. You don't need the FM transmitter or line amplifiers. You can also hook up the video Ipod thru the 3 video adapters in the rear left wheel well of the 2006 Sienns XLE Limited. Tanker
  • I have an 04 sienna XLE with the rear radio. Can I have a DVD player installed in place of the radio. Does anyone know how much it costs?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Just get a roof-mounted one.

    Costco has an RCA 10" model for $650 installed on their web site, last time I looked.

    Best Buy had one that I saw in person last weekend, it was $500 for a 10" screen, but installation was extra.

    Both include 2 wireless headsets. IMO those would disturb the front passengers far less than a seperate rear audio system would.

  • jm38jm38 Posts: 27
    I know I can get i-Pod mini plugs to connect it to the Aux jack. But most places have 6 foot lengths. Radio Shack did have a 1 foot length. Anybody know if they make a cable between 1 and 6 feet long? Even the Apple Store has only 6 foot length.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I finally got mine, an 07 LE with package 3.

    Guess what? My radio reception is poor as well.

    Do they all have in-glass antennae now? Thing is, I can't find it!? It's supposed to be in the rear quarter window, but I don't see any lines there. I've seen them on Subarus, unless they look very different on Toyotas?

    Do some models still use mast antennae? Mine has the mount for it, but no mast.

    BTW, we had a Jenson 12.1" DVD player installed, and that thing ROCKS! :shades:

    When we arrived at the beach, the kids asked if they could finish watching the movie. LOL :D
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Please post make, cost including installation and where did you have this installed at?
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