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Toyota Camry Fuel and Fuel System Questions



  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    Perhaps you dont understant. My camry doesnt have the prime. Every year, my manual suggests checking fuel pressure and to do that, i need the prime according to the manual. I know enough about cars to the point where i know what is going on.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    At the risk of alienating you (and no one is implying you're not knowledgeable), if your fuel pump wasn't able to achieve prime when the ignition switch is turned on, your engine wouldn't run at all. There has to be a minimally nominal 32-35 psi for the injectors to work. Whether you can actually hear the brief groan in the cabin as the fuel pressure spools up may be related to your own hearing abilities depending on age, prior illness, etc. You might try removing the fuel filler cap and remaining close by the open fill tube while someone else turns on the ignition switch from the driver's seat. (ONLY attempt this procedure in open air!) By having more immediate access to the noise the fuel pump makes in operation, you may be able to verify the fuel pump priming up to nominal pressure. Regardless, if you can start and drive the car, the fuel pump has achieved prime.
  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    I guaruntee that my hearing isn't bad. I'm only 15. The system only pressurizes when the pump recieves cranking signals from the engine to the PCM, so depending on the set of of your PCM, it may prime or it may not, but if there is no prime, it can still start because MPFI vehicles dont lose all fuel pressure when not running. Yes this is weird to hear from a 15 year old, but i am a car nut. :P But now i realize, who cares?? THe car runs and that is all that matters. :shades:
  • jpclanjpclan Posts: 1
    I have a '98 Toyota Camry and we can't figure this one out. Filling up the car takes forever because the pump keeps cutting off. No matter where we fill up this happens. Always thought the cut off was a function of back pressure from the tank, but this happens all the time no matter how we manipulate the pump. Any ideas?
  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    Check for a damaged fill pipe as it could be kinked allowing slow fuel fillup. The fill pipe is the large blck pipe that goes from the place ou put gas in to the side of the fuel tank Easy replacement if that is the problem.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    or there is a vent valve and reclaimation filter assembly. it could be the vent valve is not working properly, or the vent line is kinked.

    as penizzle is describing, anything which prevents displacement of the air in the tank when the fuel is going in will build a back pressure as you said causing it to be sensed in the pump nozzle and cause the pump to stop.

    the place to start is the filler tube as was mentioned. if it isn't that, then i've provided what i think is the other most likely possibility.

    on some cars, i think they have an internal bladder in the fuel tank. possibly if you run them too low, it's a problem to get them to open/expand back out. not sure about that, but i don't think you're vehicle has that sort of thing.
  • I have a big problem and I want either of you to either email me the problem back or post it in the room...ok

    I was driving my car down the street to a friend's Home and all of a sudden it stopped in front of the road,so one of my buddy's mechanic friend checked it out for me,to see what was wrong and he didnt know the problem.this is what happened... I started to crank it up just to see will it start but no results, my mechanic looked inside the engine into one of the spark plugs to our surprise.. gas drowned out the spark plugs leaving it black ... the question is, if you crank your ride and gas shoots inside your spark plugs and drowns them everytime what could be the problem.. i need a answer ASAP.. Please!!!
  • Hi, I realized this isn't the exact place to post but I think the problem might be related to the fuel injector (I'm no car expert so don't go flaming on me if it isn't :)
    Ok, every time I start up my 99 Camry LE, the engine would die a few seconds later unless I depress the throttle a little bit (1100 RPM or more). After a minute or two I can release the throttle and the engine will idle just fine, without dying. So what exactly is the problem? Could it be the fuel injector pumping an insufficient amount of fuel into the engine? Thanks in advance for any help!
  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    It sounds like you spark plugs arent firing or are weak. Also, you fuel mixture may be too rich, which would be caused by the fuel pressure regulator.
  • I have a 99 Camry LE as well and the problem is the idle control. Mine has gone out completely (happens everytime I tried to start the car) once and was starting to go out (only happens in certain situations like 100+F weather) the last time I took it into the mechanic. Mine has gone out about every 60K but I do a lot of driving here in Cali. The fix is relatively cheap $150 at an independent Toyota specialist. Don't take it to the dealer because they charge way more for the labor. If you are handy you may want to download the manual in the "Camry Manuals" thread and see if it gives you some instructions. :)
  • "check engine light" diagnosis says rust around filler cap of"02 XLE requires replacing entire pipe ($260+).
    any less -expensive solution available?
  • My check engine light came on then I noticed that I was having trouble fueling pumps keep tripping off as if full 2005 camry 68,000 miles never had any issues before
  • unfortunatly, there is no other way to fix your problem.
  • Find out what the code is that made the check engine light come on. It is probably related to the EVAp controls on your gas tank.
  • how do i do that exactly years a go you could jump a couple of terminal on the diagnostic jack and the light would basic blink out a code I need to go to a shop and plug in
  • Your car has to have a hanheld scanner to do the job. Most auto parts stores like auto zone or such will scan and retrieve your codes for free and tell you what the problem is.
  • Hi all, I have a 91 tercel that floods and won't start. replaced the fuel pressure regulator, but as soon as i turn the key the cylinders fill with gas, pull the plugs and they are all wet :mad: has anyone had simular problems? sure would like to keep the car. any suggestions would be appreciated
  • I changed the fuel pump on a 96 camry for a friend and cant get it to prime. I hear the pump running, but it isn't getting the pressure I need to start the engine. Am i missing a trick?
  • penizzlepenizzle Posts: 104
    The camry doesn't have a prime. You need to power the fuel pump directly from the battery by using jumpers. If the pump is running but isn't gettin good pressure, then you installed the wrong fuel pump, or your fuel filter may be plugged.
  • I have a 97 Camry 4 cylinder that hasa hard time starting. It does not sound like a starter problem. I believe it is a fuel problem.

    Here is what happens
    1st crank - click no start
    2nd crank - Click no start
    3rd crank - Click half start
    4th crank - Click and starts like it should.

    This is repeated everytime i start the car, but other than that it runs just fine. Problem has been like this about two weeks or so. Since it was the holidays I just drove my jeep cherokee. But i need to get this fixed before i get back to the normal routine... I have a few ideas what it might be, but no definite.

    Help please.
  • I had the timing belt replace about a month ago. Could this have any effect Could it run fine for a few weeks then slip, causing this issue? I also have an anti theft detterent system from toyota that when doing the starting cycle beeped and lit up the red indicator and would not start until i removed the key and tried again. Before this everything was fine.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Either the timing belt or the theft deterrent could be the problem, but it's hard to say over the internet.

    You could go to an auto parts store. The ones in my area (most commonly Advance Auto) do free checking of the charging system (alternator and battery).
  • yeah i have done that they check out at 100%
  • I'm probably in the wrong site for this but I'll try my luck. I parked my 1993 Camry LE the other day and I noticed some steam coming from the engine. I could not see any leaks and there was still some presure in the upper rad hose. The car was difficult to start but I did manage to get it going. The engine temperature gage was reading hot so I tried to take some of the heat off the engine by turning on the interior heater. Just cold air came out. The ac was off the heater turned to high. This led me to believe I was out of coolant. I drove a bit more making sure the temp. indicator didn't hit the red area. The car then died. I checked the rad and it was bone dry. I went to get a gallon of coolant and put it in the rad. I tried to start the car and all it does is turn over. All the belts move and there is some compression at the tail pipe. I think it MAY be the EFI relay. There is a click at the relay when the key is turned on but there is no HUMMMMM anymore. This may be the fuel pump engaging. I'm fine with the new water pump. Fuel systems.....HELP PLEASE
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Let it totally cool down overnight, and then fill the radiator with water. You getting no heat out of the heater indicates that there isn't water in the heater coil and radiator, which you now know.

    If you were trying to restart it when hot, you could have too much metal friction.
  • I have a 93 toyota camry V6 it had a head gasket leak. after replacing the gaskets it would not start. after several hours of checking I found that it is flooding. after cleaning the plugs and drying the cylinders it will fire for about 2 seconds and then I have to do it all over again. does anybody have any ideas
  • It simply died as I was driving ~35 mph. It had a full tank and no engine lights were on prior to it dying. I know fuel pumps can just go out, but what should I check first?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Could be a thousand things.

    Does the starter crank the engine, indicating that the battery has voltage?

    Have you had the timing belt replaced in the last 90K miles? Could be the timing belt check to see if your camshaft is turning.

    Assuming that is okay, pull a plug and check for a spark.
  • This should be easy if it died and wont start. Like the last post check engine timing belt then check big fuses outside in the engine compartment in the black box.

    The answers in the black box.
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