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Toyota Camry Fuel and Fuel System Questions



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    kyrackyrac Member Posts: 1
    I have an 89 Camry 4cyl it when I am pumping gas, gas leaks out. Also there must be another leak considering I am not getting decent mileage. I was able to look under the car today and there is a lot of rust. It looks to be more than just a filler neck issue. Should I just let the car go or is it even worth fixing? I just bought the car and was not able to pass the emissions test due to the car testing high in NOx.

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    solace4solace4 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 91 Toyota Camry automatic...6 cylinder...it died out coming up the hill to home yesterday, it has been having some power issues with hills lately. I had to really punch the gas for it to get up to speed and then it would level out and slow down again, i could hear the gear shift but no extra umph. I am stuck for transportation...and i need to isolate the problem and figure out the cost/benefit ratio to repairing it...love my little beat up used camry...it generally has been a great car...i am guessing and from the input i have from others it may well be a fuel delivery issue...or perhaps a combination of things. Any help would be great.
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