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Toyota Camry Security System, Remote Start and Keyless Entry Questions

I was just wondering if all of the 99 Camry LE's are equipped with the VIP security system. It seems as though mine should be but it came with no remote. Can someone please give me some info about this?


  • my3rdmy3rd Posts: 3
    Just purchased 03 Camry SE-4. I declined dealer's
    offer of Toyota system for $695+; "generic
    system,"??? $399+. I am now trying to decide what
    I should do. 'anyone with suggestions about WHAT
    and WHERE, in the (west) San Francisco bay area?
    SE-4 already has keyless entry and pwr. door/trunk
    locks. 'would like something with starter kill.
    'don't nd rmt strt. I haven't tried any local
    places yet. What is a fair price to pay for a
    pretty good system?
  • Does Toyota make a remote starter for a 2002 Camry LE? I would want something installed by Toyota that would not void any warranties. I already have the remote entry option. Any info is appreciated.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Toyota don't make remote starter. They only have keyless entry (no alarm) and V.I.P. RS3200 security system (keyless and alarm). I have one installed by a local auto stereo guy. I have an '03 Camry SE with factory installed keyless entry system. And I have this Auto Mate (by Directed Electronic) auto alarm system plus remote starter. Since your Camry has no alarm system, I suggestion you consider the alarm (for auto insurance deduction) with starter remote. Or you can just add a remote starter in your car. Of course, this is an aftermarket accessories. Toyota will not cover it if something happening. My co-worker has an aftermarket alarm installed somewhere. His Accord has a recall on transmission. The repair was free, but the dealer charged him $30 to disconnect and connect some wires.
  • Yea, my dealer said the same thing, Toyota does not make one. They did reccomend a local shop to install the remote starter ($250)...still I'd feel better if it were something Toyota stood behind...THANKS!
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    The cheapest one that I found in my area is not more than $200 installed. Well, you can buy one of those DIY remote starter from the department store for less. But I am no expert in auto alarm system.
  • vtimmvtimm Posts: 1
    I just bought an '02 Camry LE and it has the power locks and VIP protection. Does anyone know what is required to make it into keyless entry: part numbers and estimated prices?
  • OEM VIP and aftermarket alarm can give you keyless entry function. if you are missing the remote or the remote not working on your car, you probably just need to get a remote reprogram it.
  • not exactly sure what that is but if it is in effect an alarm, installed by Toyota you should have Keyless Entry. Did you buy at a dealer? If so they should give you the preprogramed fob to unlock your doors and trunk. If a private purchase or if the dealer tries to rip you off you can look on Ebay for a fob. I saw a post on how to program it somewhere here on was a little conveluted but worth a try before likely paying an hour's labor at the dealer.
  • njguy732njguy732 Posts: 2
    I have an '01 Camry with keyless entry. Went to the local guy to get a 2way alarm with remote start installed. After paying for the alarm and showing up to have it installed, it took the guy all of abt 15 mins to tell me that my car has an alarm. After trying to explain to him that all i have is the keyless entry. He tells me that it has the "characteristics" of an alarm. HUH? And will conflict with an after market alarm when it is "armed". Once again HUH? Anyone have any ideas on what this is all abt? And am I going to run into this problem at the next store? Needless to say i got a refund and left that store as quick as possible. Btw, the alarm i was getting installed is the Prestige aps996.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    It looks like you only have the factory installed keyless entry system. And you need to get the Toyota (OEM parts) V.I.P. RS3200 plus alarm system or aftermarket alarm system (not just lock & unlock doors). If you choose the aftermarket system, you will get the whole new system like those car without any alarm system installed. I am glad that you have you money back. Although I have an '03 Camry with factory installed keyless entry system, I did installed an aftermarket alarm system with remote starter. Even your car doors are locked but is not "armed". Nothing will tragic the horn or siren except you press the panic button on your remote. BTW, you can still use your Toyota remote for lock & unlock doors after you have the aftermarket system installed. Again, you need the Prestige remote to activate the system. I treated it as a spare key.
  • njguy732njguy732 Posts: 2
    sorry to be such a pain. but am i correct in assuming that the store should have been able to install my alram for me with no problem?
  • Toyota offers only the V5 (RS3200 security system)for LE Camry which costs $239 and you need only one remote to operate doorlocks and security. I would like to get a remote starter and heard about after market products that combine both the remote starter and the alarm options which also operate factory installed keyless remote entry system (thus avoiding the need for two separate remotes, one for doors and the other for starter/alarm). Would installation of such aftermarket products void the new car warranty and/or the Toyota Platinum warranty ? Any recommendations/suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
  • to a 2003 camry LE?
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    Call your local Toyota dealer, so you can get an accurate price.
  • I am tring to install a remote start with keyless entry. I have a 2001 solara. on the new keyless entry i installed when I unlock the doors the horn sounds, I would like to use the original siren(the one that sounds when I use the factory remote) but I can not find the siren. does anyone no where I can locate it, or which wire I can tap into in the car, or is this even possible.
  • stingray2stingray2 Posts: 6
    What kind of security system did most of you get?
    My best friend got lojack and another friend said that I should get the alarm system from the dealer to intergrate it with my remote and its warranty.

    The other question I have is , I love my Ipod and with my old camry had a cassette , I used the cassette adapter. What is the best way to use the ipod with the JBL system?

    Do I have to hotwire it in the system and if I do, will that void my warranty as far as my electrical system of my car?
  • stingray2stingray2 Posts: 6
    Okay, what is better then, lojack or a good alarm system?
  • dekesterdekester Posts: 322
    Alarms don't work if you don't hear it. I lived in NYC where car alarms go off ALL the time and no one pays any attention to them. Most times, a passing truck or some kid with his 1000 watt subwoofers pounding will set them off.

    I must have been the only one on my block who ran to the window whenever I heard an alarm go off to see if it was my car.

    LOJAK is a tracking device, so if you don't know you car has been stolen, what good is it? A good chop shop will have your car in pieces within an hour and the LOJAK unit tossed before you can call the police.

    IIRC, doesn't LOJAK have batteries that need to be replaced?

    I guess it's a coin toss.

    The Camry comes with an engine immobilizer (our '03 LE V6 has it, do they all now?) with the flashing red LED in the dash that helps.

    Just my opinion, don't shoot the messenger.

  • stingray2stingray2 Posts: 6
    the lojack will set me back 700 bucks and the alarm, just 200 dollars?
  • prasadvazeprasadvaze Posts: 2
    I want to buy a keyless entry remote for toyota camry 98 ,LE.
    I think i have dealer installed system (there is a red button on dash board) .
    I don't know how /what to buy ? how much it costs ?
  • prasadvazeprasadvaze Posts: 2
    I have camry LE, 98 model. I see a red button on dash board and the seller told me that it is for security (keyless entry) system. I wish to buy a remote but don't know which one to buy ? how to choose? how to find out which remote will work for my car?
  • like i stated i have a 99 toyota camry, and I have a 3.0 v6 le. I want to put an exhaust system on my car. I dont want to buy an exhaust kit. I want to buy a Flow master, Magna Flow or Borla muffler preferably Borla. I am going to buy 2 1/2in pipes from the catylitic converter back. I was wondering just buying a muffler if there is a particular size, style etc that would work best.

    Also, If I put on new muffler from cat back and new pipes. Would you have to replace the stock catalytic converter.

    Lastly, do they make any type of headers for the my car.
  • nocolanocola Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2005 Camry Standard Auto and have decided that I would like keyless entry installed. In case anything were to go wrong later down the line, if I were to move, I wanted the part to be made by Toyota so that I could easily get it repaired. Does anyone know if Toyota sells just the remote entry without the alarm? and how much it would cost? Most websites I've found only sell through the 2004 model and don't carry parts for 2005 models. Thank you so much for your response!
  • k2005k2005 Posts: 4
    2005 parts for any make and model will be difficult to find on the internet, however, once you go to the dealer they will be able to find it for you, either through a special order or by subletting somebody that they will guarantee for lifetime (for as long as you own the vehicle). So ask your dealer, don't forget to give them you VIN number when you call. and once again call more than one dealer in your area. You'll be surprised they're already carrying parts for the 06 models so you won't have a problem with an 05. Good luck :D
  • rshahrshah Posts: 1
    I purchased a 95 camry few months back and recently the driver side red light (below the mirror adjustment controls) has started blinking. The light keeps on blinking even when i have turned of the engine. Whats the reason for this? Thanks.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I'm not immediately familiar with this light on the earlier Camrys, but I assume it's the security system light. It's supposed to blink when the engine is turned off and the car is locked. This means the system is armed.
  • Hi, I purchased a 1996 Toyota Camry, 4 cyl, 4 door back in May. I did not realize that it had a theft alarm system until one day I was reading the information on the windows. Under the dash to the left of the driver's side is a toggle switch. However, I have no clue as to how this system works. I took it to the Toyota Dealership in my city and the mechanic told me that if I cut the switch on and the red light is on it means that the system is disarmed. My question is, How can you tell if the system is working or not. I always thought that if the light is on, it means it's working :confuse: . Can somebody please help me? :confuse:

  • Hello,

    I am wondering if there is something on the security system that would shut down power to the car when it was activated. My battery went dead in my camry and when I tried to Jump it, the security system was activated. I eventually got it shut off, but now my poser to the dash( ODO, clock, radio, fan), my power windows and locks and mirrors, all do not work. I am able to get the starter engage, but it will not fire. I am assuming that it all is related, but I do not know what to look for. I assume it is something with the security system and I need to reset it. Can anyone help?
  • rlj50rlj50 Posts: 4

    I just purchased a 1997 Toyota Camry XLE and need to get another keyless entry remote fob. Is there someplace besides a Toyota Dealer (if they are still available) that sells these remotes? If so, any information will be helpful.


  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    Try Ebay.
  • I just bought an new 2005 Camry LE three weeks ago, it has an keyless remote when I was in the Finance department the sales guy talked me into purchasing an Carbine security system (state of the art) so he says. I never received an owners manual with it, I couldn't get no one to help me with it. I've been back several times and I can't get anyone to help me get an manual, I've called they do not return my calls. I took the Camry to an Alarm Dealer come to find out Toyota put an SILENCER security system Model: 7921P. Can anyone help me out with an Manual and the codes
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    On the off chance you just arrived on planet earth and are unfamiliar with the free search service whimsically named, g-o-o-g-l-e, here's the link for the Magnedyne SILENCER Model 7921P.
  • sixleafsixleaf Posts: 10
    I recently acquire a 2007 Camry CE. It doesn't come with a security system so I am looking to install one. Does anyone have a recommendation? Maybe a website I can search? Thanks.
  • 3bae3bae Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2007 Camry SE, and the security system that I am installing this weekend is a Clifford RSX 3.5 w/Remote Start. I have done some extensive research on this issue as well, and came to the conclusion that this was the best car alarm and it works with the new Camry's. On Google just search for Clifford Car Alarms. I hope this is enough information for you. All I need to know now is how does the car pressure indicator work because I have brought 19" custom wheels, but I can't use them unless I can find out what type of device is on the tires to make the sensor go off. Any clue?
  • frodo6frodo6 Posts: 16
    It's a direct sensor system. There is a sensor in each tire, and they must be moved from your old tires.
  • I just got a 1997 Toyota Camry that I've replaced the engine in. We are having major problems with the security system. It like other posters is preventing the car from starting. We can get power to the engine, it just won't fire! I didn't recieve the Keyless entry with the car and I'm not sure if that's what I need to fix this problem?? Is there another way to bypass or deactivate the alarm? Please help me!! :cry:
  • 3bae3bae Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply, I will be switching out my wheels this weekend.
  • Anybody?? Please, I've got to get this car running!
  • rockxprockxp Posts: 11
    I have the Automate AM1 installed on my LE I4 07 Camry. Did anyone get this model alarm as well or do you have Automate installed on other cars? It seems everyone has the VIP3200 Plus on there car. I would like to hear some feedback if anyone has it. Is it a good system, does it give problems etc.

    Thanks Much.
  • frodo6frodo6 Posts: 16
    I'm not sure how to help, but I found this on google...

    Seems to have almost the exact problem. Doesn't seem to have a fix, but a short-term solution to disable the device... good luck.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Thanks for taking the time to find that.

    Lauren, let us know if this helps you.
  • I have a Camry Hybrid, with the keyless system. How can I set the security system to Auto Arm without a key? The instructions require insertion of "the key"

  • Thanks Guys, We're going to try to find a universal FOB tommorrow!! I'll keep you posted!
  • rscotts54rscotts54 Posts: 47
    If you are looking for a keyless fob, you might want to check e-bay. I did a search on "camry keyless" and found a bunch for all model years. Good Luck!
  • I did see those one Ebay, If I don't have any luck today finding one around here I'm going to go ahead and order one!! Wish me luck!! ;)
  • I have an Automate AM1 Alarm the Dealer installed in my Camry Hyvrid. It uses the Factory Key fob so you don't have to carry around two Remotes.

    It works fine except that it Beeps the Horn whenever you lock or unlock the doors. Very inconveient for my Neighors when I leave for work at 4:30AM.

    The Manual says the Alarm can be reprogramed to turn off the Confirmation Beeps but dosn't tell you how to do it. I would apreciate it if soneone could post the programming instructions for the Alarm if they have it.
  • Does anyone know if there is a method to secure the items in the trunk when valet parking? I know the key in the FOB can be removed but that will only lock the glovebox and the pass-through to the trunk. I tried removing the key from the FOB and opening the truck and it does open. :(
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hunh, then what's the point of having it lock the pass-thru? :confuse:
  • The only thing I can think of is to keep the kids from playing with the pass-through door.
  • Our 2006 US-made LE came with a valet key (all metal, no plastic handle) that will not open glove box or trunk. And on the backside (trunk side) of each rear seat there is a locking lever. Reach in the trunk, push the levers down, and the pass-through can't be opened from the passenger compartment. Hand out just the valet key and trunk contents are secure (well, not against crowbars ). Maybe the 2007 works the same way?
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