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Toyota Camry Security System, Remote Start and Keyless Entry Questions



  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    No. The only security thing that is in the car now is the engine immobilizer system, so you would need to add keyless (about $200 aftermarket).
  • I have a 1999 Camry with an alarm system. I don't know if it is aftermarket or OEM. It goes off every time we open the car, or walk by it. We have to use the keyless entry to turn it off. I have been told to turn down the sensitivity on the sensor. If this is true, where can I locate the sensor?
  • snairsnair Posts: 1
    One thing to know for the CE Camry buyers (the cheapest Camry) if you plan on saving $1500 bucks by not getting the LE, don't plan on installing your own keyless entry system... (the only difference between CE and LE is the keyless entry system and power seat controls) - Toyota has PURPOSELY wired the CE so bad that you won't be able to install a keyless entry system yourself. I brought my new 08 camry to best buy and the tech was able to install a viper keyless entry system for me - BUT the lights do not flash on and off when you lock/unlock nor does the horn work when you click alert. Nor does the trunk unlock when clicking AUX. It only locks and unlocks. Nothing else. The tech at BestBuy told me everything was wired backwards and if he made it so that it would flash the lights, it would have short circuited the electronics system.

    Looks like Toyota has the last laugh - and they purposelly did that to screw over anybody who wants a good deal.
  • My daughter lost her alarm FOB and I purchased a new one on E-bay. Can I program/sinc this new FOB to the current alarm? If so, are there instructions somewhere on the net?
  • I purchased key fobs from ebay fro my 2006 corolla. They came with programming instructions. If your model of Camry is anything like my corolla you will have to get the instructions. You won't believe what is involved in programming, it's very simple but there is no way you can know how to do it without the instructions. You may be able to buy them online or you can take it to a dealer.
  • I'm trying to get another key for my camry. The dealer wants $350 for it which is outrageous. Luckily you can get a new blank key for $80 at ebay but it doens't come with programming instruction. Does any one have info on that?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    There are two types of keys that will work on your Camry LE, the key with the integrated keyfob, and the valet key. Both of these keys have an integrated security chip in them, and must be programmed to work with the security/starting system. You can have up to 4 keys configured to work with your vehicle.

    If you get a key blank without the security chip, your car will not start/run.

    The non-keyfob valet type key blank, can be cut to be either a valet key(unlocks door and starts car), or a main key (unlocks everything including trunk, and starts car). Again, it has an integrated security chip. You are given one of these with the new vehicle.

    The integrated keyfob is cut to be a main key. You are given two of these with the new vehicle. The integrated security chip is configured to work with the security system, the keyfob is configured to work with the door lock/unlock.

    So 3 of the available 4 keys are currently issued to you with the new car. You can only add one more key. If you want, you could eliminate the valet key, and buy 2 keyfob type keys to have a total of 4 keyfob keys.

    The dealer will charge you for a blank(two diferent prices, depending if it is a non-keyfob valet type key, or a keyfob), they will charge you labor for a.) cutting the key, to either the valet or main key, b.)programming the security (required for either type key), and c.) for the lock/unlock keyfob programming (if the key bought is an integrated keyfob).
  • Hello,

    I bought Camry LE 2008 with the keyless entry.
    How to integrate security alarm system by using same remote pad?
    The dealer wants $600 and sad It's possible.
  • I recently graduated college and bought a 2001 camry le which i really like. I was wondering if I would be able to get an engine immobilizer system installed in it. Can anyone let me know? Would a Toyota dealer be able to install one as I still have a 3 year full warranty so don't want to install it outside and my warranty gets voided.
  • toyseqtoyseq Posts: 8
    Two keys came with the vehicle. Dealer wants $350 per additional key. I'm not sure if this is the same key system refered to elsewhere on this forum. Any suggestions on how/where to get additional keys, and implications?
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Try other dealers and let us know if you find a better price. Replacement Smart Keys are just plain expensive. It's one drawback to the system, imo. Lose it, drop it, spill coffee on it, have your dog mistake it for a toy, etc, and you may be wishing you had an old fashioned key.
  • larry1larry1 Posts: 29
    I have a 2000 Lexus ES00. Maybe the key system is similar to yours. The Lexus dealers near me all acted as though the only thing they could do was to sell me a "remote master key" (which means it has buttons to open the door, trunk, etc.), and charge me to "program" the key, all for some outrageous price, like $400 per key.

    I found a Lexus dealer online that sold me a "non remote" (no buttons) master key, cut the key to work with my car (using my car's VIN), and mailed it to me, all for $51. Then using instructions found on the internet, I programmed the key myself. (involves stepping on the brake and gas pedals certain numbers of times and opening and closing the drivers door certain numbers of times). Saved me $349 per key. But without buttons, I am FORCED to have to put the key in the lock. :)

    You don't even have to have official Toyota keys. There are generic keys with built-in transponders that can be cut, and probably programmed by most locksmiths. Do some digging on the internet.
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    I recently purchased a 2006 Camry LE, how can i tell if i have the engine immoblizer system? I dont see any security lights, was this an option on the LE models?
  • emonenaemonena Posts: 3
    Please who knows should help me with some answers. Does 2002 Toyota Camry, XLE 3.0L V6 engine come with keyless entry as a standard?

    What about security alarm system for this car? Is it built with it?
  • tpassagetpassage Posts: 1
    I bought a 09 camry CE without the Keyless entry but has power door locks, any way to make it a keyless entry that is factory not after market?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I'm not an expert on this, but I doubt it. I have the factory manual for my 07 Camry, and the door lock and wireless section of the manual is 270 pages. A lot of this is all computer controlled as part of the ECM, so I'm guessing even if you were able to add all of the missing components, you'd potentially have a different software load for the computer that you'd have to get done at the dealership.

    I think the thing to do is to ask at your dealership's part desk, to see if there is a bill of materials available to purchase which adds the wireless functionality.
  • I just purchased my 2008 Camry from a used dealer. I was wondering what's up with the 1-800 number at the side on my doors?

    If it was to get stolen, which I don't think they are. I call the number then what?
  • This is information center. 1-800-GO TOYOTA (800-468-6968).
  • Hey Guys,

    Just a quick thanks for having an awesome board like this, that the average person could go to to get answers.

    I just purchases a 2009 Toyota Camry SE, that came with a manufacturer installed alarm system.

    My question is, what would be the best (quality,affordability) Remote Start System to install?

    And also is it possible to have the remote starte installed in the Key that came with the car (which only has buttons for lock, unlock, trunk and panic) instead of having those big clumpy remotes attached to the key.

    i.e. Like is it possible to put it in the door unlock function button that when you unlock the doors then hold it down for five seconds the car starts....

    Thanks in advance for your help... the board is great!

    - Anthony
  • I have a 2001 camry without keyless entry, Any idea to install keyless entry, not after market.
  • I have a camry LE of the same year, and mine is equipped with an engine immoblizer system. I was told at the dealer that is was a standard feature on the camry, and has been since 2002. :)
  • Both of my keyless entry keys do not work on my Camry LE 2007. It just happened recently. I push the lock button and the lights flash on the Camry. Here are the problems:

    1. Both keys cannot open the car locks or trunk.
    2. Both keys cannot lock the car, but the hazard light flash.
    3. When I try to lock or unlock the locks via the button on the driver/passenger side it does not work.

    What is the problem? Electrical?

    It just happened.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You'll need to take it to the dealership. Suspect the programming for the keys somehow got whacked up, but it could be a problem with the computer itself. They won't know until they try to reprogram your keys. Take ALL of the three original keys to the dealership (2 w/key fobs, 1 without fob), plus any others if you purchased them after the sale.

    There are two programming connections that have to be made with the keys. Each key has an immobolizer chip in it, which the computer needs to be told which immobolizer chips should be allowed to start the vehicle. For the keys with the integrated keyfob, the computer then needs to be programmed to accept those wireless signals.
  • hvtec2002hvtec2002 Posts: 19
    Has anyone installed these by yourself and made it work. I installed the remote stater first and it was working fine when i tried but it stopped after i drove the car around the block. I also installed the GBS for the car and neither are working. Please help! :sick:
  • bjosephsbjosephs Posts: 13
    My wife just bought a 2009 LE with a dealer installed remote starter. I have received contradictory information from their service people about the remote starter overriding the engine immobilizer and therefor negating the insurance discount that comes with it. It would seem to me that the remote starter would not cancel the immobilizer function as this would be counter productive. The remote starter was a weekend throw in promotion so we didn't have to pay for it- just ask at the end of negotiatons. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • first, i have to know the remote starter installed in the car. what is the brand.
    also the engine immobiliser bypass system should not have been shut down. what i use is the integration units. i do not shut it down, only bypass it during the start cycle. what is done is that i use a module that learns the immobiliser code and incorporates it to the remote starter. it can only be activated with the remote starter during the start cycle, and cannot be triggered by an out side source. as always though the quality of the installations by most shops is not of the highest quality. i have the luxury of working at a dealership that affords me to take the time to do a precise and neat installation on all vehicles that i work on.
  • By using wiring diagrams provided by UNGO and a cheat-sheet for the Camry, I properly connected all the wires. However, both lock and unlock buttons on the keychain lock the car. Even when I turn the ignition off or on, the doors lock. Will I need a diode/resistor for the unlock wire? If so, which one?
    Also, where is the tach wire (color & specific location)? The diagram says it's black and behind the driver's strut tower. However, I only found a black w/ a white striped wire. It's not allowing my autostart to keep the car running and the diagnostic light says there's no tach signal. Any help would be appreciated.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    In adding an aftermarket device to your vehicle, you are really dependent upon UNGO for the very specific instructions if they are to work in your year and make Camry.

    The door lock and unlock 'relay' (actually an integrated circuit board), is under the dash on the passenger side. Not sure where (and how) you are connecting in to the door lock circuitry, which wires you are connecting into, and how the UNGO is supposed to integrate/work with that circuitry.

    I've always found aftermarket add-on's to be pretty iffy, given that vehicles are different in how they control the different functions in the car. It can be different from year to year (like one year of Camry to the next), different from one model of a manufacturer to another (like Camry to Corolla), certainly different across manufacturer.
  • vasanivasani Posts: 2
    hi i am looking for tech wire too, for toyota camry 1996,
    I am trying to install AUTOSTART Remort start ,I did find out tech wire
    please give me hint if you know
  • vasanivasani Posts: 2
    hi i have toyota camry and i am looking for black Tack wire
    please some one help me. There is no black wire at check connector
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