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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners: Meet the Members



  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Thanks for your post. I agree that one really can't compare a car with a decade of design refinements to another for a "which is better" analysis - they are two distinct entities. It would be like comparing them to my former 1970 Ponitac Bonneville, which I will always cherish.

    I was curious because when I leased my '95 C220, most of my friends who had MBs had the 190 - and I was wondering what I missed by being too late to get a new 190. I really still like their styling and sharp lines, even though I have never driven one.

    In 1979 (the year I graduated high school) I never thought I could afford an MB, so did not follow the progression of the 190 to C-Class that closely. All that changed in 1995 when Alan Friedman at Ray Catena MB in Edison, New Jersey showed me how I could lease-to-own one for not too much more than any other fully equipped substantial car. I've had one ever since, and probably always will.

    Thanks again for your info!
    - Paul
  • honeynutthoneynutt Posts: 1
    I've purchased my new 2002 C230 Kompressor in late February. A week after I'm purchased this wonderful ride - it shut down on the highway. In between I had a speaker repaired that was blown out, an air vent was off line and on 2 separate occasions, my car has again been in the repair shop for additional service, because the car has shut down 2 more times. Did I get a lemon or what? I'm repeatly spoken with the Regional Manager, Service Manager and an service representative of EuroMotorcars, along with the guy who sold me the car. I was told that my car was repaired (yada, yada, yada). They basically spoke to me in a terminology that was unfamiliar to me. I've heard everything, but what was the actual cause of my car shutting down. Then I had repeat signs of BAS and ESP light up on my dashboard. At this time, I'm afraid to ride my car, because of my safety. I've called everyone pertaining to this matter. I love the car, but the techncians for Mecedes-Benz should be trained on the new models and what their functions are. I'm requesting a new vehicle, because of my safety reasons. I've began writing letters to the President of Mercedes-Benz and the other necessary channels that cause for me to file an Legal compliant.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271

    Sorry to hear that. I hope that you can get some satisfaction out of the dealership that sold you the car. Please keep me posted, I'm interested to hear how they resolve your complaint.

    - Paul
  • lg5lg5 Posts: 6
    Anyone have any insight..? Pretty certain I'll get one for my wife but would love any insight about dealerships in CT or their ability to be driven in the snow... THnaks!
  • yhkyhk Posts: 2
    Hi there, I'm a proud owner of a new C200 Kompressor, of which was delivered to me about a month ago. I'd just installed the 'chrome' frame onto both the headlight and tail-light. Although fitment for the headlight looks superb, the tail-light doesn't seem to fit as well (marginally smaller). Wondering if anyone has the same problem. Regds.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Hello from Atlanta, Georgia,

    Is the chrome frame something that is added-on to the car after buying it? I have not seen that over here in the United States.

    - Paul
  • yhkyhk Posts: 2
    Hi Paul,

    The chrome frames are optional item and they were fitted after I've got the car. I've seen advertisement on these frames in some UK magazines.
  • I have been pricing the c320 - 2003 ---- to lease -- what is the best price out there to pay for the car.
  • Am thinking seriously about ordering the C32 after test driving same. Would welcome comments/advice from any and all. Just bought an SLK 32 and love the engine/power...
  • hocky1hocky1 Posts: 13
    Yhk .... This is Hocky1 from Melbourne, Australia. Can only own a C180, boh lwee lah! Its a 1994 model and still running strong. I like the older shape of Benz like my C180. The new shape you have to get used to. Would appreciate if you could reply to for further discussions on cars, business, current affairs in our homeland!
  • greetings, i have been lurking here for about a month looking for info on 280c. my 300e was totaled this summer, and have been looking for a replacement since. it took me quite a while to convince myself that i would be happy in a "C" class car.

    well, the good news is this: i just picked up a beautiful 95 silver/grey 280 that i found thru ebay in st louis. i drove the car home to atlanta over 600 miles, and arrived tired but with a huge smile from the cars performance and ride quality.

    the 280 far exceeded my expectations in all aspects. it rides/drives GREAT! it has 80% MXV4's that are smoother than any of my previous experience. the car was a dream at 85-95 mph. the I-6 engine has plenty of power and the 4-sp shifts flawlessly.

    only a couple of items on my wish lish missing: MOONroof (only steel), heated seats, trunk release on console. i will eventually switch to 16in wheels (and will happily spend the $ for the mxv4 if they continue the present ride quality)

    i got a great deal on the car that was well worth the trip. i spent $8800 drive out. the car is in great condition and beautiful, and in my initial trip, i could not be more pleased with the 280. i was very skeptical on the "C", but this car exceeds my 300e in every way i can think of except size.

    thanks for all of your posts and all the info. i look forward to being an active participant here in the future.

    happy motoring. - benton
  • mbowner1mbowner1 Posts: 2
    I went to the dealership on March 14 and had them locate a c230k for me. they found one almost immediately. it has now been 3 weeks and i am still waiting. there was a mix up and they sent the car to NY. had to send it back and it sat at the port for 2 weeks. does anyone know if this is normal?

    i read on edmunds that if the dealer finds you exactly what you want, there is no bargaining power. in my case i was thinking of asking for $$ off. has anyone ever had this happen to them? as a first time mb buyer i am not real happy so far.

    can you bargain with mb dealerships?

    any input would be wonderful.

    frustrated mb buyer in colorado.
  • DEFINITELY BARGAIN! I ordered my C230K sport sedan back in January. The car was delivered to me last Thursday. I was able to get the car for $1000 off MSRP. On a couple of other CClass message boards, you will see that a couple of people got close to $1500 off. Now keep in mind that MB uses only a 7% markup over invoice for it's MSRP pricing, so there is not a ton of room to work, but you should DEFINITELY haggle a little bit. Shop other dealerships and pit a couple of them against each other and you will do even better.

    Put up a fight, the car is MOST CERTAINLY worth it. I absolutely love mine.

    Good luck!
  • tenoteno Posts: 5
    I am the original owner of the 99 C230 K and love its perfomance. When the car was in the shop for radio repair I had the opportunity to use the new sedan C230. Boy, what a disappointment that was. It didn't have the turning radius or the power that my car has. I am now reluctant to trade this in for a newer model. The only real problem I have had was the radio. It took two dealerships to find the problem, after putting in new radios. It was the amplifier. AM only received static. Now it is fine. Just recently put in a new battery after four years. The heat down in SW Fl. really does a job on them.
    I haven't written on this site for a long time. I had forgotten about it when we moved.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Glad to hear you're planning to keep your '99. I had a similar experience when I brought my '00 C230 Komp in for service last fall. Borrowed a '03 C240 and although it was decent car, found that is did not have the same kick as the supercharged 2.3L. Not that I step on mine a lot, I just like to know it's there and use the extra power every now and then.

    I had the same problem with AM reception in my 1995 C220. Never did resolve the issue, as I always forgot to mention it at service time. The '00 C230 radio is fine in all respects - I've made good use of it, as it is one of the parts not covered by the extended warranty. If it's going to die, I want it to do so in the first 4 years!

    Good luck and thanks for posting your progress!

      - Paul
  • tenoteno Posts: 5
    I must mention that my radio was fine for a couple of years. They replaced the radio to no avail. While still living in MA. they told me it was a loose wire, which they "fixed". That lasted about one week. It wasn't until I moved and went to another dealer that eventually it was fixed. If fact they too put in yet another radio!!! When obviously that didn't cure it, they pursued it further, especially when they had other cars in for same problem. So becareful with yours and check all stations on the AM.
    I am hoping that if the radio has problems in the future the fact that while under warranty it is documented that problems did exist, they will still honor fixing it at no charge. We shall see.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Thanks, Teno. I'll keep that in mind.

     - P.
  • I'm located in Vacaville, CA about 50 miles east of San Francisco. I just purchased a used 230 Kompressor sports coupe from Mercedes on Van Ness Ave in San Fran. So far I like the car, concerned about reliability issues after reading some of the posts here. Traded in a Golf GLS 1.8T for this car, hope I do not regret it. The Mercedes is not as roomy inside but is quieter, smoother and has more power. All the high tech electronics concerns me. Hope the warranty gets me through the first four years without too much trouble. If this car is too much trouble to keep running then I will buy Japanese next time, probably a Lexus ES300. Enjoy reading your posts.
  • My 230 only had 10,850 miles on it. It was a dealership car used for a loaner, etc. It's Desert Silver, with the C2 package, CD changer and 16" wheels. Love the Panoramic Sunroof. The radio controls take some getting used to. The electronic displays are definitely high tech. Does this car even have a dipstick? Does it have a metal timing chain. No info on timing belt maint in the service manual so it must be a metal chain.
  • chawehchaweh Posts: 3
    Hi, I am from NJ. I bought my 2001 MB C240 sedan last June 2003 from a friend of a friend. It is approaching 48,000 miles and will be out of warranty soon. I would like to know if it is worth it to get an extended warranty. I am concerned because when I took it for Service B this week, the technician found a few problems : electrical fault, trans connector leaking transmission oil, balancer worn-out, belt tensioner, etc. which they fixed because the car is still under warranty. Would someone recommend a company that offers extended warranty ? I know that you can only buy it from MB dealers if the car is within 1 year of purchase. I did some research and found 2 companies in the internet : and Has anyone had experience buying from the internet ? Thanks so much in advance.
    Also, can someone recommend a good company to do service on Mercedes ?
  • larscalarsca Posts: 60
    My wife bought her gently used (180 miles) 2002 C230 hatchback in October 2002, and here are my thoughts after 1 1/2 of ownership.

    We paid $25.000 for the car out the door. That was including an extended warranty for 7 years/100.000 miles. The car is silver metallic, auto transmission, auto dimming mirrors, and that's it. No leather, no CD, no moon roof. It took a good three months to get used to the very hard seats, but now they don't bother me anymore.

    We bought the car from Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach, and that has been nothing but a pleasurable experience. The car has had a couple of annoying problems. Windows that won't go up, turn signals that malfuction, a break sensor that didn't work, and so on. All of these problems have been taken care of free of charge since they're covered under the warranty. Also, when turning the car in for service or repairs, we get a free loaner car for the day. I've had ML 320, ML 350, C240, E320, and a Sebring convertible. This has given me ample oppurtunity to get an idea of these other cars, what I like and dislike about them. The ML is kind of cool, but not for me. Too rough of a ride, and the ML320 is very underpowered (350 works fine though). C240 is too soft for me. E320 is also too soft (old model, not the new one). And the Sebring... No way! Besides the obvious, a convertible should come with sun lotion dispensers in the dash as standard. Yes, I was very red-faced after a day in that thing!

    I am an avid fan of Volvos (I'm from Sweden, maybe that's why?) and I am now thinking about buying a new car. I am enamored by the new Volvo S40 T5, but having had the privalige of being co-owner of my wife's MB, I will most likely go for the new redesign (I know, it's very slight) C230 Sedan. To me it's the perfect vehicle. It looks good, feels great, and moves well. I will go for a black exterior with black leather interior and wood inlays (if I can get that), CD changer, sun roof and rear shades, six speed manual and if it doesn't drive up the cost too much, the fat spoked AMG wheels with high performance tires. I believe that on December 31st of this year, I should be able to get that exact car for around $30k (AMG wheels not included).

    I was interested in a BMW 325 Ci, until I did the math and realized with all the options I want it'll be very expensive. If I could afford $40k on a car, I might look at the new BMW 525, but since I can't afford to spend that much for now that is nothing but a pipe dream.

    My wife's car has the old 2.3 liter engine and it's a loud machine, but only outside of the car. Inside you only hear the whine from the supercharger (and of course, when you rev it it does become a lot louder than a C240 for instance). As far as I understand the new 1.8 liter engine is more quiet, get better milage, but is just as powerful.

    I have absolutely no idea why I thought this would be interesting for anyone to read... But those are my thoughts. I recommend Fletcher Jones Newport Beach. Also, when buying from them, you get free car wash for as long as the car's under warranty, and free parking and shuttle to Orange County's John Wayne airport. So far I think my wife and I have saved about $250 in airport parking fees, and we don't even fly that often...
  • spicy320spicy320 Posts: 10
    Got it with the Premium Pkg (Panorama Roof, Bose, Leather), Metallic Paint, 6CD Changer, and Auto Trans. Love the way those 17" rims look!

    For $32,000 out-the-door, I'd say it's a good deal. The Bi-Xenon headlights and Comfort Pkg (power seats) would have been a nice addition though.

    So far, no problems with the car. But if anyone has this car and finds any major faults, please warn. Thx!
  • sweetc230sweetc230 Posts: 33
    Congrats on your purchase! Sounds like you got a good deal. My '03 C230 Sport Sedan is a little over a year old now and I never get tired of looking at (especially with the 17inch wheel/tire combo) or driving it. It has just under 15K and not a problem yet. I don't see too many C320 coupes, mainly the C230, so I bet you enjoy blowing a few unsuspecting wannabes off the line!!:) Enjoy your new ride!
  • spicy320spicy320 Posts: 10
    Nice! I like the sedan version as well.. very sleek, very eye-catching.. but I guess the coupe suits my petite size better (heh). So how is your Kompressor engine - is it running well so far? I keep wondering whether getting the 230 would have been a better choice since everyone seems to rave about the car, esp it's great mileage (I barely hear anything about the 320 coupe!!).
  • sweetc230sweetc230 Posts: 33
    I'm lovin' it. The gas mileage is just an added bonus. I get about 31 mpg on the highway and usually about 25 in mixed driving. The engine is very lively when mated with the 6 spd manual; however, if I got an automatic, I believe I would have to step up to the C320. And like I said, the C320 coupe is definitely a rare bird, but I would take that as a good thing; it's good to be a little different and you'll never regret the power. But in sport sedan form, the C320 was closer to 38K with the options I like, and that was a little out of my range. My C230 with the C2 package, Bose, CD changer and heated seats only cost me 31K. That was a deal I couldn't pass up. Let us know how your ownership experience goes. Is this your first Benz?
  • spicy320spicy320 Posts: 10
    This is actually my third Benz. However, the other two were hand-me-down E-Classes from my parents (not so "brand new" by the time it got to me); this will be my first spankin' new Benz. It's nice to know I won't be driving around in a German tank anymore. One regret though.. I think I'd enjoy the car even more if my dealer found me the exact same car with the addition of power seats and bi-xenons. And mileage-wise, the 320 is a gas guzzler. I get between 16 and 18 mpg when driving local and about 20 mpg on the highway (25 mpg if I drive far and do little braking). On the plus side, the additional power makes driving a blast. Reaching the 1000 mile mark pretty soon, so looking forward to testing the 320's capabilities.
  • having your car sent AWAY from you, instead of heading in your direction is a major error on MB's part. i don't see why a little finagling over the bottom price would be out of the question. MB makes a mistake (or whoever they contract out to transfer the cars) and should own up to their own faults, especially when people are throwing down much more $$$ than the average person does. and MB is a company that not only boasts wonderfully designed pieces of machinery, but also their sales and service departments guarantee that you car purchase will be comfortable and easy.

    so, ultimately, if you should have already taken possession of your car and have not due to the "transportation error" (how comprehensible can that be???), then you, as the consumer, should be allotted some form of discount or other benefit, for your lost time, and any stress that may have been caused - i.e. time you may have been perhaps without a car, the time you've spent second-guessing your investment, when it can't make it to you as promised... and then ends up in another city on the other side of the country.

    there's definitely room to barter here. once you own a MB, you'll never want to drive anything else. Yet, first impressions are the most lasting and you would probably never return there for another MB given this situation, unless they can create a solution that satisfies both parties.

    Good luck!
  • My new 2005 C230K sedan was delivered to me on September 28. It is black with Ash interior, has the sunroof package and the glovebox-mounted CD changer. I chose it over: BMW 325i, Saab 9-3 Arc, Lexus IS300, Acura TSX, and Infiniti G35 sedan. Every time I drive it, I am more convinced I made the right choice.

    Everything's great so far (1200+ miles already). The car has great acceleration, point-and-shoot steering and handling and is still a great highway car. It has a really aggressive, sporty style and, with the black paint, gets a lot of oohs and ahs from friends, neighbors and complete strangers. Not that I go for that kind of thing. Really. ;-)
  • mbz66mbz66 Posts: 9
    Hi All,
    The original rear wheels of my C230 Sport Sedan (2004) are of 8.5 X 17 X ET34.
    Due to accident, I looked for a replacement and found a wheel of 8.5 X 17 X ET30.
    I'd appreciate help with answers for the following questions.
    What is the meaning of ET34 versus ET30?
    Is it OK to replace the ET34 with ET30 wheel, although the first two numbers (8.5 X 17) match?
    Many Thanks.
  • alwalw Posts: 1
    Hi All, my name is Al and I am a first time mercedes owner. I have a 2001, -Class with 38k miles and it needs new tires. I know the right tire will give you a quiet and smooth ride and I asking for recommendations. I don't desire to pay for 80k mile tires, as they always dry-rot before I get 50k. But, if that's recommended, I will be happy to purchase them. Please reply soon. Thank you. Al
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