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Toyota Avalon Audio Questions

I have a 2000 Avalon XL and have a tremendous amount of static on AM and FM when the rear defogger is on. Has anyone else had this condition and what did you do about it?


  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    Avalon's radio atenna is embedded in the rear window with rear window defrost. Our 97 XL only shows static in AM with rear defrost on. No Static in FM. I think that's a flaw in Toyota's design.

  • bsteffbsteff Posts: 3
    I am now getting audio via mp3 files rather than by cassette tape. Does anyone know a way to play mp3 files on CD in the Avalon? After market stereo? I hate to break up such a nice sound system as the JBL. My car is a 2000 model year XLS with the JBL system.
    At present, I convert the mp3file to a CD audio file and put it on a CD-R and close out the session. A series of one hour lectures sure uses up CD's quickly! I could put a ton of mp3 files on one CD if I could find a way to play the files directly in the car.
  • nomad56nomad56 Posts: 134
    bsteff-the Alpine changer can be connected to the factory head unit with the correct interface cable. (There may be other add-on changers that do this now, as well??? ..only Alpine, when I did it.) It plays MP3 CD's. You will only get basic readout info ie)Disc#/Track# but, it will work. This assumes you do not want a portable sittting on the seat next to ya' with a cassette or FM adapter??? Hope this helps. -nomad-
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Toyota is offering XM radio as a new dealer add-on for the Avalon. I'd be interested in anyone who has experience with or knowledge of that, in other Toyota models, or Lexus. E.g., how visible is the antenna? Thanks in advance.
  • Radio volume goes Up & Down without me even touching anything. I have a 2003 Avalon XLS. If I take it to the dealer, I won't be able to show him as it does not happen that often, and I'm not sure what is causing this.
  • I would like to upgrade the sound system in a 2003 XLS. I am disinclined to change the head unit since the CD changer works well and the tuner brings in stations well. Has anyone tried to replace the amps and/or speakers and/or speaker wire? The basic question is whether this will change the sound significantly for the better or whether the basic limitation is the head unit; also whether there are any traps in trying to do this. I am used to listening to classical music on tube equipment with Quad speakers, just to give you an idea of where I am coming from. Thanks.
  • nomad56nomad56 Posts: 134
    The factory head unit is fine. If it isn't the JBL, that may be an upgrade to consider, in addition to a better amp and speakers-though, I would make this change last. I also preferred the LOOK of the OEM head unit. You'll want to by-pass the factory amp, NOT replace it. It contains control wires to your head unit(Gnd,Pwr,Ant,Etc). "TAP" into the FRONT left/right audio leads at the head unit. This is a low-voltage (pre-amp) signal. Send this signal to your amp. ...and, YES, rewire the speakers. Leave the factory amp to power the rears.

    IMO-You have some serious HOME equipment, so if you are shooting for the stars in your car, you'll want to consider Morel/Focal/CDT etc. FYI:I am using CDT with an ARC amp. CDT braxials are a great choice for this car. -nomad56-
  • Many thanks. Head unit is the highest level one the factory offered, I believe the JBL. In my other car, I had a Nakamichi 1200 radio/tape unit until it went out after 15 years, then replaced it with the current Nakamichi tuner/CD unit and an Alpine tuner/tape unit, the tuner section of which sounds just as good as the Nakamichi (so much for current Nakamichi products), together with Nakamichi amps and speakers from Sequerra which he uses in his home units. At the moment, I have the tweeters of the Avalon in effect disconnected because they distort so terribly, and I have the subwoofers on low for the same reason.
  • Glad(?) to see someone else mention this; thought it was my imagination! I too have noticed that the volume changes. Either that or it switches from monorail to stereo thereby making it seem that it is changing.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    I stopped at a Lexus dealer today beacause the Visualogic A-1000 & A-2000 model of DVD systems show an 05 Lexus RX330 with Ivory and a couple more Lexus models and 2 or 3 Toyota models as having the same Visualogic part number.

    The service manager at Lexus had 1 of his guys pull the headrest out of an 05 RX330 and it plugged right into my 05 Avvy, the color even matched up perfectly.

    I called my audio store had them order me one. Should be here in a couple days and then the kid will again have a DVD player to keep her amused. 3 yr olds get bored pretty quick :)
  • wizwiz Posts: 5
    Amplifier died, anybody know where I can get a replacement at a reasonable price. Dealership quoted $400 dollars for a new one.
  • nomad56nomad56 Posts: 134
    There are a lot of "Toyota" amps on eBay. Be careful though. Unfortunately, the Avalon amp interface is NOT universal, like most other models. If you can't match it there, get the part number, and call a few junk yards. Your best bet is a "you pull-the-part" place. Theses guys will pull the radios without knowing they have to pull the amp separately. -nomad56-
  • wizwiz Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info, but I decided to use my education and fix the amp myself. After a couple of hours work, I discovered two power transistors and a diode were not responding correctly, so I desoldered the components, cross referenced them to the NTE database and ordered replacement parts. Crossing my fingers I installed the new components this evening and have sweet sounding music once again! Now my wife can quit nagging me about fixing the radio and I saved myself a couple hundred dollars...
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Here is a shot of the DVD system & of the power point I had installed.

    Image hosted by

    Image hosted by
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    That's really cool!!!

    - P.
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    Hi y'all. I just got an Avalon rental cuz my 4Runner had some $1500 ECU fail for the VSC. My question is: Where is the radio display? I can tune the radio via scan or seek buttons or the presets, and use the CD or cassette, but cannot find the display for the radio, if there is one. I have no idea what channel I'm on til the announcer gives the station name. The dash has a blacked out screen where I'd think the display belongs. It's a 2005 XL Avalon with 47 (forty-seven) miles total. Is the display failed? Is there a way to turn it on? There is no vehicle manual in the vehicle.

    Likes: HP, HP, HP, as well as the ride and handling so far

    Dislikes: No radio display and rear window view washed out by sunlight reflecting off area between rear seats and rear window. Large C-pillars no help either. I must admit, the rear view would keep me from buying this vehicle. The HVAC and radio controls also wash out in daylight. My 4Runner has the same issue. Sure wish Toyota would go back to good ole circular knobs.
  • grozagroza Posts: 89
    "My question is: Where is the radio display?"

    canddmeyer - Try the little black button above the radio, in the center of the console. One push for top half of display. Second push for bottom half.

  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    Thanks Groza...that was the fix. As my son said when he first got glasses, "Daddy, I can see, I can see".

    I also see the trip computer shows the Avalon averaging 16mpg to date. That's 6 mpg below city EPA. I'm surprised it's that low, but then again the car is new.

    Thanks again.
  • We're going to have an aftermarket XM system installed in our new XLS, which is equipped with the standard XLS sound system. From all I've read, the best sound quality will only come from direct wiring an RCA cable from the XM receiver's "output" into the factory radio receiver's "auxiliary input", if there is one. The question is, does this factory system have an "auxiliary input"? I understand that many/most factory radios do not have these. I guess this is the same thing as asking, "is this radio satellite-ready"?
  • We're going to have an aftermarket XM satellite radio system installed in our new XLS, which is equipped with the standard sound system. We did not buy the optional JBL system, as it seemed way beyond anything we needed/wanted, given the pretty deluxe standard system. From all I've read, the best satellite sound quality will only come from direct wiring an RCA cable from the XM receiver's "output" into the factory radio's "auxiliary input", if there is one. The question is, does this factory system have an "auxiliary input"? I understand that many/most factory radios do not have these. I guess this is the same thing as asking, "is this radio satellite-ready"? The dealership is researching this question for us, but so far, no answer. Guess they're not too familiar with this as they refer
    satellite radio add-on's to a local auto stereo shop and no, they don't know either until they take everything apart - they just want to go the wireless FM route, which I do not want.
  • nomad56nomad56 Posts: 134
    sc-I have NOT pulled an 05 stereo yet, but I am showing parts for it. The Soundgate TOYCBL 03, changes the newer style plug, to interface with their AUXTOY1 aux input. Therefore, with the TOYCBL03, you can probably (my guess) also use PIE's "TOY-AUX", if you can't find Soundgate's input converter. Call PIE ( they may have a direct input, but I am not showing one yet, their tech support is excellent. -nomad56-
  • jxgjxg Posts: 1
    I have a similar problem. My Avalon Limited has the JBL Synthesis Audio System with an in-dash CD changer. It won't play MP3 CD's and the manual warns against putting home-made CD's into the changer. I have a perfectly good CD player that I can use for my home-made CD's but I need a way to pipe the sound signal into the installed system. Is there an aux input on it anywhere?
  • nomad56nomad56 Posts: 134
    See my reply, #742, in Toyota Avalon Owners: Problems & Solutions. -nomad56-
  • delandelan Posts: 6

    I also have the JBL system in my Limited. I downloaded music from the internet using my computer. Burnt 5 cds and loaded them into the JBL system. No problem at all....sounds great.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Give me a day or three and I will. I want to wait for a nice sunny day, not a dark dreay overcast one like we've been having.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Give me a day or three and I will. I want to wait for a nice sunny day, not a dark dreay overcast one like we've been having.


    OK, sorry I'm haven't forgotten just haven't gotten this far yet.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    I was asked to post some more pictures of my car, try this link.

    Password is; Avy05
  • putter5putter5 Posts: 12
    Just ordered 2005 Avalon XLS. On my prev cars I had the windows tinted ( live in So Florida) I'm wondering if aftermarket tinting affects the reception based on the antenna being imbedded in the rear window. My current wheels 1999 300M with premium radio, I feel sound was compromised after I had the tinting installed. Anybody have an opinion . I did not op for the JBL radio so the car will have the standard sound.Any feedback would be appreciated
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    If you get good quality tinting, it should not affect reception. I just tinted my 05 LTD and reception is untouched. I had an 01 ES300 with tinted windows and had an XM radio antenna mounted inside the car on the rear package deck - absolutely no affect on the reception.
  • pcgpcg Posts: 6
    As you can not have a factory Nav system in the 2005 Avalon Touring, I am looking at high end after market Nav units. The Pioneer AVIC-N2 interest me because of large foldaway screen and it is capable of real time traffic updates via SAT Radio. I want to install it in place of my factory JBL stereo and still keep the standard dash radio cover in place. I am also hoping to retain use of the steering wheel radio controls. Any suggestions, thoughts ,or experience with this potential application is greatly appreciated.
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