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Toyota Avalon Audio Questions



  • steph10steph10 Posts: 1
    I just got a used 2001 Avalon XLS. I am interested in replacing the Toyota in-console AM/FM/CD/Cassette player with AM/FM/CD/XM. I want something to fit right into that cut out on the console and not look like an add-on perched up on the dash or elsewhere. I was led to believe this is easy........but, now I'm not so sure. Any ideas on how to get this done, where to shop, how to find, etc. Maybe it sounds vain, but I just want it all to look sharp and like it's meant to be there, not attached to some other part of the dash.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Look in your local yellow pages for car audio places. BestBuy & Circuit City are 2 national chains and there is usually 1 or more local stores that handle car audio. They can show you replacement models that will do exactly what you want.

  • teddylegteddyleg Posts: 8

    This is my first post here. Looks like a great place to get suggestions and opinions. I am in the final stages of purchasing a 2005 Avalon Limited and I had a question and wanted to see what other owners were experiencing. I am going to get both satellite radio (with the antenna inside the car next to the rear window) and I also have the navigation system.

    I know the Nav manual says not to tint the windows as it could affect the GPS system on the Nav, but I'm assuming that's just a standard warning. I had an Acura TL with Nav and had the windows tinted (35%) with no problems at all.

    I was happy to read zekeman's input (thanks very much Zeke!) Can others confirm that they have gotten a 35% window tinting (I'm having it done at the same place that did the Acura so I know it's quality) on their Avalon w/Nav and have had no adverse affects on radio reception, satellite radio reception, or Nav reception?

    Any input from anyone with tinting and Nav would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks very much.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Have you tried Maybe get their 800 # and give them a call, tell them your situation and see what they suggest in the way of unit. Then check out your local retailer for the same item...I've found they are extremely helpful/knowledgeable.
  • My avalon xls, 2000, purchased yesterday, came with a JBL woofer that sounds fuzzy; like it is torn. Very annoying.
    I think this is a common problem.
    Is it common?
    Easy fixes? [eg: Kragen woofer, about $20]
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    I have XM radio in my 02 Avalon. I use the XM Delphi removable unit, have a vehicle specific mount, and wire the antenna, on the back central portion of the roof, about 8" from the back window. Works very well, many miles of enjoyement. Also have dual use as have home docking station to dock into the surround sound system at home.

  • funtallyfuntally Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 Avalon XLS with a 6 cd player. Never had a problem until today when I got in the car, the CD player would not play, nor could I get any of the CDs that were in the unit to eject. The player was fully loaded with 6 CDs. I can't change CDs or change tracks either. The player displays a "6" for the sixth CS, but doesn't display a track number. The tape player works and I can use the same buttons to change tracks on the tape. Am I going to have to go to the dealer to get this fixed? Has anyone else had similar problems? THANKS, K

    PS. This is a factory-installed unit.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    My wife's 2000 xls had the same problem when we bought it used. It was a Toyota CPO, so we did take it back to the dealer. They had to exchange the unit, but we never got our 1 disc that we had in it. It was no biggie though. I had a Mozart throw away disc that I was testing it with when it happened. It also happened in a new Nissan I had once. It seems that most of the dealers have to send it back to the stereo manufacturer for repair. Usually they make no bones about the fact that the chances for disc recovery are slim. If your car is out of warranty, I would take it to a well known car stereo shop first, you may have a better chance of getting your discs back. Good luck.
  • mshalhmshalh Posts: 1
    We have a 2005 Avalon with the Navigation system. A Cassette player is not an option. Any Suggestions For Adding/Integrating An External/Internal Cassette Player On Our Avalon? When traveling, we enjoy using libraries books on tapes. We want to continue using cassette tapes if we can find an Okay solution.
  • azfj60azfj60 Posts: 15
    Same thing happened when I bought my 2000 XLS (only wires had been cut). I replaced with an $18 versions from Checker. Works great. I'm not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, but it sounds good, and cranks up loud enough to vibrate the rear-view mirror!. I think I removed the seat to make installation easier. Still a pretty easy do-it-yourself job.

  • 05avforum05avforum Posts: 25
    Does anyone know how I could add an ipod to this system? I have a 2005 Avalon LTD with the upgraded JBL system but without the XM satellite option. There are several systems one can buy online that attaches to factory Toyota radios for either adding an ipod or simply adding an Aux input.

    These systems typically specify they are for factory systems with a CD changer option. My system has an in-dash 6 CD system, so I am not sure it qualifies (are they referring to external only?).

    Also, because by my system is made to add an XM satellite and it obviously has some sort of interface for another audio source, I was wondering if I could somehow use that option.

    Has anyone come up with a solution? I've tried FM transmitters, but the reception inside the Avalon is terrible, and there is no cassette option in this model since I have the Nav system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • jms4jms4 Posts: 1
    Hi ,
    I have a 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS with a 6 cd changer . The cd player will not eject suddenly , and the cd image flashes in the radio window .
    How do I reset this thing , or eject the cds ?
    Thank you in advance for any help .
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    Nice car. Radar detector should be direct linked to the battery. Chicken appears overdone. Just kidding. Enjoy that car. Very nice color.

  • cake1cake1 Posts: 1
    I took my care to the dealer and he pulled the fuse out to reset it.
  • drb05drb05 Posts: 24
    COuld you please let me know where you got the DVD system? i have grey interiror touring.


  • ggg1ggg1 Posts: 1
    Last week I experienced exactly the same problem with my factory-installed 6 cd player on my 2000 Avalon XLS as "funtally." Solution? Thanks, g
  • drb05drb05 Posts: 24
    Hi all,
    I am planning to a buy a portable DVD player 7" for avalon 05. Wondering if the car is negatively grounded, because the DVD player requires that.

    Can somebody help me out?

    and also any experiences in using DVD player attached to back of car seat by caselogic or targus portable DVD cases? any suggestions? is 7" too small? I used to have pilot 04 with DVD player. It was OK. Any thick shades that would block sunlight? Sometimes it glares.

    And also any suggestions on how to increase the height of booster seat? my 2 yr old kid can't see anything through the window. She is too low on the seat.

    Sorry too many questions, any help is much appreciated.

  • Re: iPod or Aux Options for JBL system [05avforum]
    ...Does anyone know how I could add an ipod to this system?...

    Here's something that was posted 'round here awhile back:
  • msavalonmsavalon Posts: 49
    I really like this Nav system! I have a LTD and didn't want to buy the Nav. Let me know how it went for you if and when you install this. I don't want to take my JBL system out. I will take my cd player out for this.
  • I changed my avalon 1996 XLS battery and the stereo anti-theft system turn on and i can't find my manual. I know my code but don't know where to start and key to press to show up the enter code prompt on the stereo system. Pls help thanks
  • I recently inherited a 1997 toyota avalon, and I had to get my battery changed. After I changed the battery, the radio stopped working, thanks to the ingenious security system. I called the previous owner for the code, but he said he never set one up! I called toyota to see what I should do, and they said I needed to bring my car to the dealers, and they would call the company for the code...for a price of 50$! Is there anyway around this dilemma?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    Nope, no way out, although it's pretty crappy for the dealer to charge you for this. Maybe you can sweet talk your way through another dealer.

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  • I had a dead battery. Took three days to realize it wasn't my starter, etc.because I replaced the original battery in the middle of July with a new battery. This time, after I replaced the battery, everything seems to work except for radio. It won't go on. The screen won't light up.

    I called the dealer. They said it was either a fuse or it was due to the anti-theft device. I would have to come in so they could order new numbers from somewhere else. Wait a few days, then bring the car back in and they would use a computer to put the new numbers back in. Is this true?

    And, what's your guess on why my batteries go bad. Just defective batteries? Or alternator, or?

    Thanks, Burton
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    The radio has an anti-theft code built in. Cut the power, you need the code to activate the radio again. Might be a fuse, probably not. Honda has this also... Code is in the package of things from the dealer when the car was sold new. Look for it. Dealer can find it with car serial number. No real difficulty here, just push radio buttons with will work.

    Possible bad battery...hard to tell. Clean the terminals, check the alternator..?? Try a new battery. Hope this helps. :)
  • My local Avalon dealer that I use near here said he thought my radio wouldn't turn on because I needed a security code. The dealer where I originally bought it (and then moved away a year later) thought it was either the radio colde or a fuse, but most likely the fuse because I wasn't getting security warning messages. Since I wasn't originally given the radio code I asked him to get it for me from Toyota. When he called me back, he told me that Toyota had no record of any Avalon with my radio model number (on the front of my radio), so he couldn't get the code. (??)
    He hoped it was the radio fuse, and told me where and how to change the fuse (under the steering wheel). It was a bad fuse. The radio works fine now. Thank goodness! (I now just hope I never need the security code.)
  • I have a 2006 Toyota Avalon Limited. When I'm listening to FM radio, the audio display gives the name of the singer, the song, the station, etc. when I'm stopped or parked, but when the car is driven, the display says that there is no display "for safety reasons." Since the navigation system and other displays are shown when the car is moving, this seems stupid. Is there any way to bypass this and get the info displayed?
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    macavityabc, I couldn't agree more with ya on this! Here is added ammo as to why this is really dumb: if you have the XM radio option (I do...) it shows a lot of information on each station and song, etc. Doesn't make any difference whether you are moving or stopped, it is displayed... even displays the toll-free phone number to phone in requests, that sort of thing. Even the XM screens can be maddening, though, for some reason it truncates the displayed information at 10 characters and spaces, even though there is room for about 30 or 40 characters! You wonder if the designers actually use the products they design?! :confuse:

  • Right on, Mike. What I can't figure is that the regular FM display (when you're parked or stopped) shows plenty of characters across the screen and not the truncated version that XM displays. I don't understand why stuff like this gets by and into the finished product.
  • I also have a 2000 Avalon XLS with the 6 cd player and just started having problems with it. Was the dealer able to repair it or did they replace it? Any idea of how much they wanted to repair it?
  • I have a 2000 Avalon XLS with a factory installed, in dash 6 cd changer. I am wondering if there is a DVD Audio player with 5.1 decoding that could replace the standard player?

    If so, what brand did you buy, where did you find it and was the sound improvement worth it?
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