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Toyota Avalon - Remotes, Remote Start, Door Locks and Security System Questions



  • Key FOB works for all doors but the drivers side door. Won't lock or unlock usind the FOB. I have to use a key in the door or lock/unlock from inside.

    One day it just stoped working. I find this odd.

    Any ideas?
  • shawn4818shawn4818 Posts: 6
    I have a 2000 Avalon XLS. I would like to adjust the volume of the beep sound when using the remote key. But, I could not find any instructions in the manual about how. Does anyone know how to do this? Or, any suggestions? Thanks!
  • How about you, did you get it fixed? I discovered this problem on my 1997 Avalon XLS on the right rear door just a week back. Right now it is a bit of an inconvenience, but if there is a easy solution, let me know.

    Tks! :confuse:
  • This is a stupid question. I know that FOB is refering to remote operation. But, what exactly does the letters F O B mean?
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    The universal meaning of FOB is "free on board" and refers to when ownership of purchase goods happens (i.e., FOB factory means that the purchaser "owns" the goods at the factory and takes responsibility for the goods from that point onward). FOB can also mean the remote unit, commonly referred to as a "key fob." This usually means a chain that attaches to a key or a pocket watch.
  • '00 xls.
    Changed daughters' brake booster,disconnected battery.
    Upon re-assembly,car started right up and I drove a few trips-no problems.
    Now,I turn key to start,and NO dash lights or any accessories powered OTHER than door locks!?
    Battery fully charged. Help!!!
    Anybody else have similar problems?
    TIA,Jeff. :sick: :confuse:
  • You may wanna check the battery terminals including the clamps that hold the wires on the connectors. They have a history of corrosion. Right now, it may just be passing enough juice to power your locks but that is all. Also have your battery and alternator system checked.

    Hope this helps,
  • Has anyone with a Limited been able to change the door lock behavior so that the doors don't lock until the veh. speed is 12mph? This is SUPPOSED to be owner programmable.

    I've read the manual and tried to change it per the instructions in the manual AND on the Toyota animated guide, but it can't work they way they describe.

    In particular they say turn the ignition on and then move the gear selector to drive. Problem is you cannot move the lever UNLESS the engine is started. IOW there is no 'turn the ignition on' in the limited;- nothing happens in the car unless you put your foot on the brake - at that point the green light comes on and the engine starts (normal behavior).

    If you start the engine, it APPEARS as though you cannot complete the rest of the procedure. I've tried it more than once.

    Is this a glitch (Toyota never imagined the combination of BOTH the smart key and the desire to make the programming change)?

    OR am I completely mis reading the procedure?

    Anyone else tried or solved this problem?

    Thanks in advance,

  • jdre86jdre86 Posts: 30
    Henry, you can move the gear selector out of park without the engine on. First you have to put the ignition in the "on" mode without the engine on. To do this, push the "START" button twice (WITHOUT your foot on the brake pedal). The light on the Engine Start/Stop button will be orange. Then put your foot on the brake pedal and shift out of park.

    Pushing the button twice is the same as turning the key to the "on" position but not starting it in a car without the Smart Key System.

    Let me know if this helps you.
  • Thank you for the response. I'll give that method a try AS SOON AS MY CAR COMES OUT OF THE BODY SHOP ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    Just after posing my message unfortunately I was involved in a deer-car collision. Actually, not even my fault. The deer bolted from a hedge into the path of the car in the oncoming lane - he clipped the deer and punted it squarely into my Avalon. There was no time to react - just a brown flash and big thud. Most of the structure below the hood is damaged. I'm waiting for the body shop to assess the damage.

    So, like I say as soon as I can I'll try your method. Meanwhile I'm fretting. My car NEVER spent a night out of the garage, and here is is out in the weather.

    Grumble Grumble

  • whilstwhilst Posts: 19
    Turns out it was 40 amp fuse!
    Thanks anyway, Steve.
    (Sorry for late response)
  • tomaztomaz Posts: 1
    I tried the procedure and still can't get the locks on my 2007 Avalon to program for the 12 mph speed lock. Any other suggestions?

  • We're looking at a 2007 Avalon Limited, with the Smart Key system. I'm curious if the individual key fobs are 'related' to the memory seat positioning (one fob sets to memory 1 and the other sets to memory 2)?

    The salesguy didn't know the key fob proximity adjusted the seats, but Toyota website says it does. I want to be able to have it set to me when I get in the car, with my fob, and the same for wife. I guess the question is what happens when we walk up the car together?
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    You adjust the seat and mirrors for yourself and then press the "set" button and 1 or 2 on the door to memorize the positions. Your wife then does the same and presses the other button. Then, the car senses the fob for whoever is "in the drivers seat" and adjusts both accordingly (seat and outside mirrors -- not the seat extension, however).
  • I was curious what happened if we both got into the car, carrying our individual fobs? Drive it crazy?
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    It does not appear to be a problem as the proximity to the sensor is the determining factor. There is a problem, however, if you leave one fob in the car/trunk and then try to lock the car.
  • Hi folks. Any suggestions on disabling the beeps on an '06 XLS when locking or unlocking the car with the remote? I tried the directions in the manual (IIRC: with the door open, remove key, turn to on, etc.) and got nowhere. The instructions say the car will respond with 2 beeps, but I've gotten none so far.


  • The service manager and a salesman couldn't disable the beeps either. The sales guy suggested holding one button down all while following the steps in the owner's manual. NOPE.

    Now, if I can just find a comfortable seat position and deal with the lack of a fold-down rear seat I might just keep the car.

    I guess I didn't mention that after I took 5 weeks off from work to care for my 85-year-old parents and get them moved into assisted living my father gave me the car. He was doing fine when he bought it, but then needed back surgery.
    He's given me some nice things over the years, but never a car. It had a $39,600 sticker (he paid 33 and change) and only has 6,000 miles on it - 4k when I started driving it in December.

    John 'beep-beep' beachfish

    P.S. - Shame it wasn't a truck. :) Do you know how much stuff 2 people can collect in 62 years of marriage? I'm moving furniture to the assisted living center, cleaning out their house and selling it.
  • I had to take my 2007 LTD (with the smart key) to the dealer, they hooked it up to the computer programmer and changed it. It was in for warranty work so there was no cost.
  • I had the very same problem. I determined that the small, 12VDC motor that controls this action was bad. It was difficult to replace, but as it was over $350 to replace the door latch assembly (per dealer) and the motor (FC-280PT-22125) was less that $1.50, I felt it was worth it in the end. I took some photos of the dissassembly.

    I found the motor on ebay: Here.
  • tag16ctag16c Posts: 2
    I am tag16c. You referred to my ad about the door lock actuator motors on ebay in one of your post several months ago. Thank you sooooo much.
    I have had a hard time finding them but finally I have found an exact replacement for the Mabuchi FC 280PT-22125. I have tested it and verified the specifications and the only difference is they are more expensive.
    The link in your post is now invalid but search for FC 280PT 22125 on eBay and the new ad will appear.
    Forum rules dictate I cannot announce the ad myself because I am the seller.
    Check out my eBay ad and spread the news.
    Thank you
  • Recently purchased 2003 Avalon that had been wrecked. Have fixed. Did not have the key fob with the car. Could anyone furnish a picture of the correct fob? Also instructions on how to program fob?
  • Both of our fobs stopped working on our 2001 Avalon on Jan 1 2010. I've replaced the battery (on the remote change that both batteries died on the same day), but no joy. Could there be some kind of date function in the fob or the car's computer that would cause this failure? This sounds suspiciously like a programming bug.
  • Tom,
    Interested if you have found a solution to this door lock change problem? I have just bought a 2010 Avalon Limited and am having the exact same problem. The owner manual instructions simply do not work for this change - as you well know. Tell me what you may have discovered these last few weeks.
    Thanks......Lee Anders
  • New 2010 LImited....tried numerous times to change the auto door locks from the default position to the setting that locks the doors only after reaching approx 12 MPH. Clear instructions provided in the owners manual.....simply do not work for this car. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks.....Lee Anders
  • The service light went on on my car. I ran a diagnostic and got the following messaage: P0171 Sys too lean Bank1. Any suggestions?
  • when i lock/unlock my avalon with the remote, i get horn blasts vice beeps. this changed after the battery was disconnected then re-connected. anybody know how to change back to beeps?
  • I recently bought toyota avalon 1999. I received one remote which is not working. Dealer told me that it should be the dead battery. But it is still not working after replacing the battery. The red led on the remote is working on the remote this means remote is fine. But it is not able to lock/unlock doors of my car.

    My power doors are working as I am able to lock/unlock doors from the driving seat.

    I also noticed that the Toyota security LED is not blinking even after I lock the car. I dont know if the remotes are related to Toyota Security or not.

    I appreciate if you can tell me how to diagnose the issue, I want to fix it myself as I heard that Toyota dealer charge too much for this.

    Thanks in advance,
  • It sounds like the remote may need to be programmed to your car. When I got a new remote, they had to look up a code to allow the remote to deactivate the security system and open the doors. As far as I know, you can't do it yourself. Either a locksmith that deals with toyota remotes or authorized Toyota garage or a dealer itself.

    That is mostly speculation on my part. Perhaps someone else might have a way to do it, or suggest another alternative.
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