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Toyota Avalon - Remotes, Remote Start, Door Locks and Security System Questions



  • ireland14ireland14 Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon have been experiencing my car alarm going off for no apparent reason. I took my car to the dealer and after several hours of checking they decided it was the remote battery. I replaced the remote battery but am still experiencing this problem. Anyone have any ideas on this topic.
  • bkean71bkean71 Posts: 2
    Get a copy of TSB EL009-00 from your dealer and follow it carefully. Make sure to unlock all doors as step 1a.
  • runner7runner7 Posts: 1
    I wish I could help. I have a 02 XLS and have started to have the same problem. Alarm is going off in parking lots and my garage. Nothing apparent is triggering it. Ended up removing the fuse for the horn/alarm so the alarm won't wake up the neighbors.
  • With my '06, it took probably 5 tries to change the setting to make the door lock at shift to/from park. One of my mistakes was having the ignition on ACC vs ON, or was it the other way around.
  • ">Wow! '02 Avalon with alarm problems...goes off many nights waking me out of deep sleep. Seems to be more frequent when nights cooling but not always. Actually took back to dealer and they couldn't figure it out. For four years now. I've adjusted the sensor switch under dash to try to make it harder to set luck. I'll keep looking through previous postings to see if someone else talked about this as early as fall '02...did you do that? Thanks for the fuse last week said to disconnect would disable the keyless/remote entry so I haven't taken the fuse step, yet. Annoying... :confuse: :confuse: <img src=" :confuse:
  • boiberboiber Posts: 1
    Did you ever get this problem fixed? I have the same problem and don't know what to do.
  • dave_bdave_b Posts: 8
    In an earlier post you mentioned, "Did you put those anti corrosion donuts on (green and red) and put lithium grease on the terminals??? I have 74K on my 02, make sure before winter that the terminals have grease or some kind of battery terminal sealer on it. The other thing I do in the spring, is take off the 6 cell covers, and with a small squirt bottle, fill up slowly and carefully with distilled H20 each cell."

    If I want to clean and perform this service on my 03, do I have any concerns with the alarm when I disconnect/connect terminals (negative off first??) - anything else??

  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    To my knowledge. No. I have an aftermarket alarm with a remote starter (Avital Brand). I believe the clock or radio I had to reset, cannot remember, but all the other electrical connections, and I have alot of them direct to the battery including, alarm, car starter, two sets of auxillary lights, etc. had no effect.

    This is pretty much what they do, and it is not brain surgery. I have an XL, not an XLS, but I gotta think you can disconnect the terminals without major complications. What happens when you have to change your battery. Same.

    This is easy stuff, and stuff you can feel good about doing yourself and save money at the same time. Use safety glass, gloves, have a rag to wipe up spills quickly, etc. Should be a piece of cake.

  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    some of the higher end radios have a security code in them to prevent theft. if your radio has one and if you dont know it you might have to take it to a dealer. On the Sienna's the CE & LE have a standard radio while the XLE has one with a code. Most likely the XLs might be of the same kind. dont know for sure but i thought i'll throw that in.
  • I have a 2006 Avalon Limited with smart key (keyless ignition). I am having trouble having a remote starter installed because of the keyless system. The dealer said to embed one of key fobs into the engine compartment, but the after- market installer said this would allow anyone to approach the car and start it because the fob would be in range all the time. Does anyone have any experience with this or any information? Thanks
  • will16will16 Posts: 21
    My dealer here in CT. said they could not install with Smart Key.
  • WOW, guess they didnt read the install instructions toyota makes a nice factory unit for either cars have installed in both vehicles works fine
  • Were they installed by the dealer? If so, what is the range? I need a long range.... Thanks
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    The factory unit and the dealer installed unit works fine on the keyless entry models but my big complaint is its limited range, ~80 feet. This is fine when I'm home and can use it from my living room but it sucks when I'm at work and want to use it before I leave the building. Viper and others make units that work fom several hundred feet.

    I'd really like to have a unit that works off a timer/clock. Set it for 0730 and be done.

  • When the dealer installs the remote starter, do you know if you still have to use a key inside. I asked because I was told that because the smartkey would have to be deactivated and I would have to use the remote start fob to get in the card. Also was told that the car will shut off once I get in.
  • mem4mem4 Posts: 52
    My '06 Limited came with Toyota VIP remote start, not sure if it was installed at the dealer or factory. The smart key works normally. If you start the car using the remote it does shut down when you touch the door handle and unlock the doors.
  • ok Thank you for that piece of info. But what about when you are inside, do you have to use a key to shut down the immobilizer? Or, can you still use the start button.
  • mem4mem4 Posts: 52
    No key needed with the Limited smart key system, just press the button with your foot on the brake and the car starts, you wouldn't even know the car has a remote start. As others have mentioned, I would not recommend trying to install any after market remote start, I think the smart key system interface is too complex to use anything but Toyota's own VIP system.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,935
    Returning to my car in the parking lot today, there was an identical Silver Spruce Avalon XLS parked next to me. I thought I was seeing double but the other car had some dry cleaning in it so I know it was not mine.

    When I pressed my remote entry fob both cars chirped and the lights on both cars flickered. After I started my car and drove off the alarm on the other came on.

    So my question to you boardies, what are the chances that both cars are programmed with the same key code and would my key actually start the engine of the other car? Was that coincidence or is this a serious security risk and should I report this to Toyota?

  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    well, if you can find another silver spruce avalon xls, park next to it and have the same thing happen...

    too bad you didn't copy down the VIN of the vehicle next to you. it might have been useful to communicate to Toyota.

    in the end, i've got to believe the code systems are randomized, and this is a small probability event, but why not contact toyota and ask for an explaination?
  • Thanx alot. One more question. With the smartkey system, there is still an entry for a key on the handle. Was anyone who has the Limited w/smtky given at least a key for the glove compartment?
  • Actually, the smart key fob does contain a "key". To use it, you have to press a release on one side of the fob (it's a small indentation) and pull out the "key" using the small protrusion which usually has a small ring attached to it.
    The purpose of this "key" is to allow entry in the event that the fob battery dies on you. It also allows you to lock/unlock the glove box and the pass-through from the trunk.
    Hope this is the info you were looking for.
  • This feature, (without Smart Key), works fine, starting engine remotly from some distance. But since car doors are locked to start engine (press "Lock on fob 3 times"), the only way to get into car is to stop engine. Pressing "unlock" on fob or using key in handle to unlock stops engine. Is this normal?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Yes. It's one of the "flaws" which people complain about that Toyota, in it's infinite wisdom, engineered in. Never mind that many other market remote starts allow you to start it, unlock the doors, get into the car, insert the key into the ignition, turn it to "on", put foot on the brake to disable the kill switch, THEN shift into reverse or drive.

    I installed an aftermarket unit in my 04 Tundra and it worked perfect. But just prior to the gas increase/shortage, I got rid of it and bought the Avalon LTD. Result: much greater gas mileage & comfort and a very slight bit of annoyance with the remote start. I can easily live with this minor flaw.
  • I tried to program the remote of my garage door opener in my 06 avalon, XLS, but it would not take. Has anyone had any problem of doing that? Anyone has any idea of how to solve this problem? Thanks
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    lazarous: What make and model garage door opener do you have?
  • As alan_s mentioned, it will depend if you garage door opener has a rolling code on it. Consult your opener instructions (if you don't have them you can probably find them on line) to see if you need to take steps with it to program the Homelink to it.
  • jdre86jdre86 Posts: 30
    Hello everyone. I'm new to the whole forum discussion thing, so be easy on me. Lazarous, I have an 06 Avalon Limited, and if the instructions in the owner's manual don't work, go to your garage door opener, remove the cover to the light bulb (if it has a light) and look for the training button. When you push the training button, a light should illuminate for about 30 seconds. Within that 30 seconds, you need to get in your Avalon and push whichever button you'd like to set until your garage door closes. Let me know if this helps. It worked flawlessly for me the first time I did it.
  • Guys thanks to you all. My garage opener is: Genie, quietlift 2040, AC powered Belt Drive. I just had it installed few days ago. I removed my Sears brand to install this new one. I will try jdre86's suggestion as soon as I get a chance, and will let you all know. Thanks much to you all.
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    Please try this, I think you will find this source is a great help. It worked for me, as the typical procedure spelled out in the Owner's Manual can be tough to decipher:

    Go to Homelink's Web site, which is, click on your country and then click on "Training". They have a real well done tutorial. Just follow the steps, I printed it out and keep it in my folder of car stuff.

    Homelink is the after-market manufacturer that makes the remote mechanism used by Toyota and a ton of other manufactuers. Let us know how it goes!

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