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Toyota Avalon Exterior Questions



  • hambonerhamboner Posts: 12
    I found some great allweather mats at Sam's Club. 19.00 for front and rear. The xm antenna is on the side of the trunk on my 05 Avalon and it is black. I think Toyota could have found a better place to put it.
  • hambonerhamboner Posts: 12
    any idea's on where I can get a sunroof windvisor for my 05 Avalon? Thanks
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    do you know exactly what was done to fix it. any trim or track that was changed. i'd rather not go on a fishing expedition to fix this. maybe some lubricant on the tracks.
  • tajahtajah Posts: 10
    Where are you located. My dealer in MS can get them. You should be able to order them from your dealer as well or from here & have it shipped.

    I am considering one for my 05 Avalon as well. I haven't decided I actually need it. I've been riding with the sunroof open all week & there's just not much wind inside the car & the air noise is minimal as well.

    What significant benefit will they have?

  • hambonerhamboner Posts: 12
    I'm in Georgia My TL had one and I loved it was thinking about getting it for my Avalon.
  • figaromdfigaromd Posts: 18
    in my 1998 Avalon. Has this ever happened to you people?? I can't believe it. The auto glass guy wants $75 to re-glue it. I tried Super Glue but didn't work. Can anyone help??

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Believe It Or Not:
    My '03 XL went over a bump...and the rear view mirror fell off. The bracket broke and, of course, it is all made as one piece. Try $180. DIY. This is the mirror with the compass and the auto-dimming feature. The mounting plate stayed on the windshield, the problem was the bracket. And this is a little different from your situation. But someone here knows how to fix your problem. These things happen.
  • bigsambigsam Posts: 4
    Auto supply stores sell a special glue for this purpose, just ask for rear view mirror glue (no joke), comes in a little tube. Follow directions (make sure both parts are CLEAN) and you should have no trouble. The glue is only a couple bucks.
  • eelpeelp Posts: 6
    I must replace my windshield on my 2003 XLS. As you know the car have rain sensing wipers. I can see that the sensor, it is glued to the windshield on the inside. My question is... is this a special windshield, or will any Avalon windshield do. While most shops says any will do. I got one shop saying I need a rain sensing windshield. Thanks for your time :confuse:
  • felix7felix7 Posts: 1
    i have a late 90's avalon, 97 i think. anyway the inside of the headlight covers are very dirty and so the headlights do not shine very bright on the road. i was wondering if anyone knows how or if the covers can be removed to be cleaned. any input would be well appreciated.
  • zmanjohnzmanjohn Posts: 6
    I recently bought a 1996 Avy and it is really beautiful. Currently it only has two very small stone chips in the leading edge of the hood. Since I do a lot of highway miles and sometimes country miles it is likely that I will develop more chips. Does anyone know where I can get a Lexan type of bug deflector for my Avy? I have spent many hours looking online, but they do not offer anything for Avy's. I have had one on my mini van for years and it helps like you would not believe.

    Thanks :confuse:
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    Try finding one for a 96 Camry, these cars are a lot alike.

    I honestly had a lot of trouble telling my 96 xl from a 96 Camry. I also found that a lot of parts from the Camry interchange with the Avalons.

  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    i always thought my 96 xls looked like a LS400. :D not a camry :cry:
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    You were squinting too hard :)
  • mkulinamkulina Posts: 8
    Perhaps you could use this material to protect the edge of the hood:

    140k miles, not much paint left to protect up there now...
  • xlsavxlsav Posts: 2
    For a 2005 Avalon XLS - Has anyone installed door and/or bumper guards? If so, how do you think they look. I have a mirage blue XLS - I'm guessing they would look better than parking lot dings. Any opinion or advice out there?
  • How to replace broken outside rear view mirror?
  • Had the windows tinted and a nice silver pin stripe, but it needs a new grill. Anybody have any ideas, I'm at a dead end?!?!?!? I nice wire mesh or black grill would add a lot in my opinion. Still no k&N filter either, darn.
  • jt7jt7 Posts: 6
    Hi gang,

    Have any of you all applied this product to your Avalon? I just put 2 coats of Z2 and 1 Coat of Z5 to my new Desert Sand Avalon Ltd. and this thing looks awesome- the car looks wet permanently. It looks so good I am afraid to pull it out of the driveway and get it dirty.

    Anyone else used this liquid gold yet?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Just an FYI...

    We have quite a few Zainoites that hang out in this discussion:

    Zaino Car Polishes/Products--Your Experiences

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  • What is Z2 and Z5? How easy is it to use?
  • I've been using this since I learned of it when I was in a chat on my 2000 300M. It's the real deal for sure. I have a 2005 XLS and have 3 coats on in preparation for the Michigan winter I am facing. When I traded in my 2005 300c Hemi, the dealer said how nice the car looked and how wet it appeared to be. Don't miss Zaino's leather treatment either, it's really great stuff as well. It is very easy to apply, but follow directions. You DON"T need a lot of it! Put it on sparingly, let it dry and wipe with a 100% USA made white towel. Don't ask me why they simply recommend it and it works. Something to do with the cotton. Enjoy the ride!
  • caper1caper1 Posts: 1
    I'm purchasing my first Avalon Limited and I'm simply thrilled on the choice of o6 colors. Blizzard is my first choice, but I'm concerned about excessive maintenance to keep it looking great (live in Northern VA and don't have a garage). Will "winterizing" with the Zano polish I've been reading about be sufficient or should I set my sights on the Desert Sand, or Silver , or Mirage Blue, or...??? Please help. I need to decide very soon! :confuse: Caper1
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Go with the color you want.... too much money to be less than happy when you look at it. Avalons have excellent paint as a rule and if you keep it waxed reasonably well it should last for many years and still look great. Zaino is apparently a good product if you read all the posts here. It should keep the finish looking better than new. Wash off road de-icing chemicals as often as possible. Beyond that, enjoy your Avy. My .02.... :)
  • I noticed a few people in the forum making reference to trailer hitches. I have a 04 Avalon XLS that I am considering towing a small boat with. Total package would be about 1,500 pounds. Any suggestions? Anyone use their Avalon to tow small boat on ramps? Used to tow this boat with an 86 Cressida with no problem but Toyota does not seem as enthusiastic about suggestions with an Avalon as it did when I bought the Cressida. No more trailer towing guide, etc. Seems like they only make references to their trucks but I understand the Avalon engine is the same as in their truck.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    I trail with my 02 Avalon on a bimonthly basis. I installed a Class II hitch (Draw-Tite) and put in an electric interior hook up. I trail a small utility trailer, mostly with lawn mowers and snow blowers althouh recently I had about 1500-1800lbs of mulch to bring back from a nursery.

    Although sometimes labored, as long as you go slow, things trail with ease. However, I do do a few things different.

    1. I change the A/T fluid every 30K.

    2. I take it out of OD, whenever the trailer is loaded.

    3. I changed my front/rear rotors and pads to High Performance parts (drilled/slotted rotors)as the extra weight certainly affects their performance.

    I believe Modulite lite was the electrical harness I used to hook into the back trunk wiring.

  • 66gman66gman Posts: 12
    I and others have had posted about wiper slap. I cured mine on a 2000 Avalon. Take off 1 arm assembly at a time and run wipers. Did the noise go away? If it did you found the side that made the noise, now adjust the arm 1-2 notches toward the top of window, tighten enough to just keep on shaft. Is the noise gone, if so tighten completely. Do other side if needed. Now mine are whisper quiet. I remembered that several winters ago my blades were frozen to window and wipers were turned on, I believe thats when the linkage got jammed.
  • Abisch,
    Thanks so much for the response. I think the frequency you tow will be about the same or more than I will ever use the Avalon for. I take it you changed to High Performance brakes at the time you needed to replace them not just to have better braking at the outset? Why would you take it out of OD?
    I now have the attention of Southeast Toyota who is supposedly forthcoming with a recommendation. My local trailer hitch dealer has the Draw-Tite. In 86 Toyota used to recommend a Reese hitch.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The torque converter's overdrive lockup clutch is too light duty to survive high engine loading continuously.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    Yes, I needed to change the brakes anyway. But the OEM brake parts to the Avalon are inferior quality. You will see why you take it out of OD the first time you haul someting heavy up steep grades. You will stressing the tranny out, and it will constantly be hunting for the lower gear. I would put more emphasis on the tow hitch place and not the Toyota dealership for towing with your car. The NEW Avalon,has 1/2 the towing capacity of the old one, so if you have a new one, you cannot tow too much. Draw-Tite, Reese, or Hidden Hitch are all good brands. Usually one or the other is made for the Avalon, not usually all three since it is not a popular towing vehicle.

    Make sure you change your tranny fluid regularly if you tow.

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