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Toyota Avalon Navigation System



  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Jdre86, thank you for sharing that information and the link. As soon as I get some time I'm going to try it out. I guess now I have to locate my NAV ECU. The instructions for the "nav fix" gave me the impression that the Nav ECU is under the drivers seat? So I'll start there. I'll get back to you on my progress. :sick:
  • jdre86jdre86 Posts: 30
    My NAV ECU was located in my trunk. The only thing under the seat (passenger seat) is the JBL amp. Is there a possibility that you could take pictures as you go along and post them?
  • In the trunk huh? I do know that the unit that holds my Nav DVD disc is in my trunk. Is that the Nav ECU? Or is the Nav ECU a separate box from that Nav DVD player? As far as pictures......I will attempt to post them as soon as I figure out how to do that in this forum.
  • jdre86jdre86 Posts: 30
    Yes, the unit in the trunk is the NAV ECU.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    If you go to your CarSpace page, you'll be able to post them there. Then you can display them here. The process is a breeze! ;)
  • Thanks again for the feedback. Well , I'm unhappy to report then that I couldnt get rid of the Caution error message. I took my unit apart. I only had one circuit board. There was a ribbon there. It connected the main circuit board to the DVD drive. I disconnected it, reconnected it and then put everything back together. When I re-installed the unit and powered up......I got a message on the screen saying "Updating system please wait"

    After a few seconds, the Caution message reappeared. I guess I'll be looking to a portable unit like you. Do you have a link or info on the Nav unit you intend to purchase?
  • I just came back from Best Buy to look at GPS units. I saw a Garmin Nuvi 660 that was listed for $999. I believe it was the top of the line GPS unit on display. I liked it's features.

    It's touch and remote activated. It has an FM transmitter , which allows for listening to directions and functions through the car speakers. It also has bluetooth technology. And a lot more.

    Even though my Avalon Nav is inoperative's capabilities were rather limited and antiquated anyway. So I'll be okay with spending a little money on a better unit. The same Garmin unit I saw at Best Buy is on Ebay for 789.98 ( that includes shipping ). Let me know how you make out with the Nav unit you intend to buy?
  • anyone find out how to override the navigation 6.1 dvd system which has the touch screen version?
  • jdre86jdre86 Posts: 30
    If I don't get anywhere with the dealership I plan to buy another Toyota NAV ECU. I found one on eBay for $850. While the NAV may not be the best in the world in my Avalon, I would still rather have it working than to buy a portable unit and not have it working. Its a brand new almost $40 K car you know? Have you purchased the Garmin Nuvi 660 yet? If so, do you like it?
  • I agree with you. I would still rather have my Nav working in my Avalon than not have it working at all or relying on a portable unit. Since I read your last message, I found that Nav ECU you were talking about, and decided to make a purchase. My total, with shipping and insurance came to 869.00. I noticed the seller said they only had 3 units available, so you might want to jump on it before they are all gone. Especially since I suspect others are experiencing the same problem.

    About the Garmin Nuvi 660. I did make a purchase on Ebay last night. It'll take a few days to get it. So when I start using it, I'll let you know how it works. If I would have known about the availability of the Toyota Nav ECU on Ebay initially, I probably wouldnt have bought the Garmin last night. However, I'm grateful for your feedback just the same. Knowledge is indeed powerful.

    I also have a '96 Lexus LS400 that doesnt have any Navigation. My last vacation I drove the Lexus down south, and the whole time away I was wishing that I had my Avalons Navigation in the Lexus. I've gotten used to having Navigation since I bought my Avalon back in August of this year. So the portable Garmin Nav will get it's use in that car. Good luck on your end.
  • Quick question???? If you end up purchasing a Nav ECU on Ebay and installing it in your car......would you still go to the secret menu from time to time to do the overide function? Once I have my Nav working again, I might go to that menu to do the overide, but I will not even think of exploring any further. I've learned my lesson.
  • jdre86jdre86 Posts: 30
    I'll more than likely do the override, but I won't be fooling with any other menus. I tried to keep the Nav ECU on eBay my little secret until I bought one because I'm still dealing with the dealership. I wish their was a way to message someone privately on here, but its alright. I just didn't want you to buy a portable unit if you knew that the OEM unit was available. Hopefully there is one still there if they decide not to replace it under warranty. Let me know how everything works out for you as far as your new Nav unit goes.
  • Thanks for the consideration. Both items have already been shipped. I should be receiving them in a few days. I'll get back to you.
  • Hey jdre86......I received both the Toyota Nav Ecu and the Garmin Nuvi 660 today 11/7. Of course you know I had to install the Toyota Nav Ecu 1st. I put in the Nav DVD from the old unit, and powered up. I got the agree screen, and the rest was business as usual. The Garmin is on charge right now. And since the owners manual is on a cd, I'll wait til tomorrow to fool with it. Right now, I'll just bask in the comfort of knowing my Avalon's Nav is working again. I think I'll wait a few days or until I have a need before I visit the secret menu to override the system. :shades:
  • As of 1:45 pm today, I've taken my Garmin out for a test. It is loaded with features and functions. I've paired my cell phone to the Garmin, and also enabled the FM transmitter to work with my car stereo.

    The clarity during calls is pretty good. I can hear and be heard quite clearly. The garmin automatically captured my cell phones phonebook, and all recent calling activity. That way I can place calls or redial numbers with ease, and without touching the phone. I like the touch screen, and that I can voice dial, and if necessary input any pin#'s on the touch screen.

    This gadget has a lot of ways to customize it's usage. And it's portability is invaluable. It will be a great asset in the Avalon even though it's primarily for my car that doesnt have a GPS system. Whats your status with the reps at Toyota or your next move in regards to getting another ECU on your own???
  • Hi all, does anyone have experience with this company's product? n

    I'm very excited about the prospect that this unit will allow me to utilize the built-in NAV screen for something really useful in my opinion ... video! However, I do not find any reference on this topic so I'd appreciate any information about this product's performance etc...

  • Interesting product. For me though.....if I wanted for a DVD player or TV's easier and cheaper for me to just use a portable unit that does one or both functions. Something I already have. The back-up camera feature? Now thats another story. But even there......I really dont have much need for a back-up camera hookup.
  • neil5neil5 Posts: 118
    yes it is on toyota nation...
  • jrjhmjrjhm Posts: 26
    I sit here amazed at some people who go nuts because a message comes up and you have to push a button to use the Nav system. It seems to me that this could indicate just how spoiled we can get. The car automatically unlocks the doors, turns on interior and exterior lights for you and sets the drivers seats and mirrors. You push a button to start the car and you complain about pushing another button to use a system that will guide you to where your going, show you where to find all kinds of restaurants, gas stations, historical places, hotels, golf courses and just about any thing else using a nice female voice?? I remember when my father used to use smudge pots and a hand crank in order to get his car started to get to work. I feel blessed to have all these wonderful conveniences at the push of a button.
  • Hi all, I'm new to this forum and my searches have landed me here. This is my predicament: I bought an 06 Avalon XLS (brand new) about 6 months ago as a daily client car, but have since bought an S550 Benz. I ended up giving the car to my parents. They are much older drivers and I have considered that the Nav would be the best thing for them. The car did not come with NAV, and I have followed suit and found the NAV ECU on Ebay (as mentioned here). My question is this: Can I order this ECU and have it installed by an audio shop and my parents will then be able to enjoy the benefits of NAV? What all else do you think that I might need in order to get the thing working. There is already a display screen, standard radio/cd changer...perhaps wiring? Please assist in any way possible, and I thank you all in advance...
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Personally, I dont know what your course of action could be. But I would 1st check with a knowledgeable Toyota rep to find out if your car is "Nav ready" ( pre-wired ). Maybe the Nav wiring is already there, maybe it isnt?
    Then consider the type of screen you have? Is it touch screen compatible, and will it support Nav commands? Or will you have a joystick? Even the joystick has to be integrated with the display in order to command the ECU in the trunk.

    I'd say, find out what needs to be done to add Navigation to the car. That info might give you some insight into whether an audio shop could do the installation instead of relying on Toyota. You might find that installing a Toyota Nav in that car is more problematic for you, than it's worth.

    But if you decide not to put the Toyota Nav in, and still want Nagigation.....I recommend the portable Garmin Nuvi 660. It has a lot more features than my Toyota's Nav. And it's maps are a lot more accurate and detailed.

    One thing I like about my Garmin, is that it shows the name of each street as you approach. When the Garmin has been programmed for a destination, it announces the name of the street, road, etc at each turn. The points of interest info ( food, atms, banks,shopping centers etc ) is very detailed. You get their names and addresses, the distance to these places.

    Hope things work out for you.
  • I have the same problem with the Nav System selecting the wrong route. In most cases, it is at least 20% worse. I have tried to use the Edit route, add a preferred road, (even two preferred roads; max # allowed) but it does not work. Have you found a solution?
  • Thank you so much for such an informed and clear response, and suggestions. The reason I'm pushing so hard for the Toyota NAV unit is the integrated feel of the whole thing, that and the fact that an aftermarket unit will be mounted to the windshield, thereby obstructing the view as well as warrant unwanted attention from would be thieves. I have personally known friends who have had their Garmins, Tomtoms, etc. stolen out of their cars. More so, in my experience and knowledge, than integrated units. I do own the Tomtom Go 910 and think it is great for moving from car to car, but for the parents who are much older and much less technically inclined, I would just prefer something in the dash board. Perhaps I'll check with Crutchfield and see if Pioneer or Eclipse makes a unit that can be installed in the dash.

    Again, thank you so much for the heads up...Saved me from bying the ECU and then not being able to use it. Have a great weekend.
  • Hello, the other day I was playing with my new Toyota Navigation system. In the process I changed my preference from Miles to Kilometers. and I dont know how to change it back, can anyone assist me out there> Thanks
  • Hi there. I'm not sure if you were responding to me or petemusci? My last message to you, I forgot to sign in ( my handle doesnt show )when I sent that message. If you are responding to me? You're welcome. ;)

    I agree with you regarding the "feel" of an integrated unit. I'm sure thats why I bought the Toyota Nav off of Ebay, even though I already sprung for a portable unit too. I hope your research will help you find a workable solution. If there is an in-dash unit out there, could you share what you find here? Thanks, and good luck.
  • I have an 03' Avalon using a joystick. I usually press the menu button on my joystick. Then I find the "setup" button on the screen, and then I scroll down ( using my joystick ) until I see the option to select miles or kilometers. I highlight miles, and I select it with the enter button ( on my joystick ). If there are any other preferences in the setup screen to change, you can make those changes too. When done, click ok.
  • I, too, have an '05 with same. The parts people at the dealer know NOTHING about when an updated DVD will be available. In reading many other postings, I have had the same problems with the system not knowing the fastest route, OR even the most direct ones. I think the version on the '05 is a 2004 edition...much too old now!
  • regisregis Posts: 94
    "recommend the the portable Garmin Nuvi 660"
    I just replaced my old garmin c330 with the new Garmin c550 and am very impressed with the new features in this unit, especially the Bluetooth, mp3 player and jpg photo viewer. But the most important enhancement is the sunlight-readable, anti-glare display that is even readable in bright sunlight. It's easily transportable for multivehicle use and comes with an easy-to-install windshield mount. I just detach the unit from my windshield and lock it in my glove box or take it with me to deter thieves.

    I paid $669 Canadian (GPS City) which is about $598 US.

    I've loaded my mp3 music unto a SD card and insert it into the slot but I want to play these through my 06 Avalon speakers. I have a little used cassette deck in my Avalon and understand that there is an adaptor that can be inserted in my tape deck that can play my Garmin's audio through my Avalon speakers. Has anyone have experience with this and have any advice?
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I have a little used cassette deck in my Avalon and understand that there is an adaptor that can be inserted in my tape deck that can play my Garmin's audio through my Avalon speakers. Has anyone have experience with this and have any advice?

    Your Garmin c550 should have a headphone jack on the side, right? Most of the time, the cassette adapter you are refering to is for a portable CD player that has a headphone jack, and someone wants to listen to the player through their speakers in the car instead of the headphones.

    As long as you have the same headphone jack on your Garmin as a portable CD player, you can use the cassette adapter the same way. Just remember to set your car stereo to TAPE DECK mode in order to hear the music/sound from the Garmin or portable CD player ).

    Most retail electronic stores and even some "dollar discount" stores sells these cassette adapters. Anywhere from $5 to maybe $20??? Sometimes you can buy a portable CD player that has a car kit. In the car kit, will usually be a cassette adapter and a power cord for the cigarette lighter. Hope this helps.
  • Sounds like the firmware has been wiped out. I think some where there was a comment about Toyota releasing an update DVD that reprogramed the NAV system with a newer version. Sounds like that DVD would have uploaded a new version of firmware. Don't know if Toyota dealer would have any info on that upgrade DVD or not. I think it was back in 2001 or 2002. Really don't remember the whole story. Sounds like the unit is waiting for firmware changes tho!
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