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Toyota Avalon Real World MPG Numbers



  • johndjrjohndjr Posts: 80
    Don't worry. I have a 05 Limited. Had it since 4 April. To date I have (at last fill up) 3177 miles on it. I've gotten from 22.58mpg to a high of 28.6mpg.
    The first tank, that the dealer provided, I got the lowest-22.6 mpg. The next lowest was a tank of hi test-22.7 mpg. My driving is almost all the same from tank to tank. I have had two short trips, one 400 round trip and another 300. Neither had much interstate in them.
    This is a fill up to where I see fuel in the filler neck and the milage since last fill up. The blue screen mpg has run a little different, most 1 to 2 mpg highr than what the odometer vs the fill up gives.
    I have tested every car I've ever had with the reg vs hitest thing. I have NEVER gotten better milage with hight test except back in the mechanical ignition days. I usually run 3 tanks of hi test to compare it. It has always been just slightly lower mpg. This was true in my last car (99 Volvo) that had almost the same words in the handbook as reg was ok but hitest was better for performance.
    So, I'm like you. Don't get these high mpgs that people say, but then, I'm not driving on interstates all the time either.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    Also 28 mpg or so, 70% highway, premium gas because I really like the power. Car does seem to have a 'sweet' spot right about 60 mph where it will get into the mid 30's but, down here in Houston, you get run over at 60! 70-75 high twenties - can, however, understand those reports of less than 20, around town and city. Think that this car's fuel efficiency relative to its size and power probably its best feature.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    check your odometer - mine reads 3-4% low!
  • johndjrjohndjr Posts: 80
    Haven't been to one of the highway test areas to check my speed or milage. The nearest one I know of is about 75 miles from here.
    I intend to do so as soon as I have a reason to go in that direction.
    There is one area of interstate thats only about 40 miles that has an open area with the milage post readily visable. That will probably be my first check.
    But it must be off. When I drive at a steady 70 mph, most people pass me up very quickly!!! :surprise:
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    will typically run the car to 10 miles or so range on blue screen - car will generally take about 16.5 galllons filling it up the neck (only way to equalize fill-ups). Miles driven almost always about 440 on one of the trip odometers which is actually about 455 miles after the odometer correction. 455/16.5 then the 27/28 mpg indicated on the bluie screen is generally right.
    The speedometer, however, tests to be right on the nuts which would seem to contradict the odo being off (shouldn't they both be off the 3-4%). Tested over hundred mile increments using hwy mileage markers and a stopwatch on a few different occasions - got into this habit years ago with new cars - when speedos etc. were generally notoriously optimistic and I used to get speeding tickets!
  • drb05drb05 Posts: 24
    Well I had the weird occurance the other day.When I started the car, blue screen mpg was 0. THen after driving, it slowly climbed upto 16 mpg and stayed there for city driving with AC on.

    Anyway, as per others suggestion, I will still wait and see if it improves after several miles.
  • captain,
    Yesterday I had my chance to check out the speedometer and odometer.
    Like yours, the speedometer was right on the money. With the speed control set as close as I could get it on 60 mph, over a 10 mile run of the milage markers, it took a grand totla of 6 minutes and 2 seconds. That is accuracy enough for me.
    But also, like yours, the odometer was off. In 30 miles of the Interstate milage markers, the odometer had a readout of 28.8 miles. That is 4 % low.the way I figure it.
    Guess that is the way they made it!!! :surprise: :surprise:
  • About an hour of daily commuting, probably 42 miles highway, 8 local stop and go,
    Interstate and local are hilly.
    On the highway I cruise control at 70 when possible, AC LO full blast.
    A little bit of other random driving for errands, weekends etc. And there's even a few seriously bad traffic jams in there.


    My overall MPG (calculated) is 26.35 - measured using the odometer and actual gallons
    pumped. But I do agree that the odometer reads low - so this could very well be higher, perhaps as high as 27.5, but surely 27.

    After filling up with 4 different grades, I can't spot any difference in MPG at all.

    The computer and my hand calculations probably average out to be the same, but on any given fillup, one may be +- 2.5 MPG than the other. I've seen it go both ways, and it seems to alternate(!) The fact that I top it off may be confusing it.

    The best I've ever seen is getting right on the highway after a fillup, hit 32.3 on the blue screen for awhile. I think low 30's on a long highway trip would definitely be achievable.

    The blue screen is kind of addictive, I find myself trying to coast down hills or up to stop lights to drag it out. It's amazing how a long coast can sometimes add a few tenths of a mile to what after all is an overall *average*.

    Example: On my home commute, I hit the top of a hill, and then have a long slow downhill run on the interstate before I get off at this little crap exit where I usually need to break real hard and do the 25 MPH thing. But now, every night at the crest of the hill, I take the foot off the gas and cruise all the way down without gas. I can generally pick up 2-4 tenths depending on how many miles since fillup. It's kind of fun. I'm getting to know the areas of my commute where I'll get an uptick or a downtick.
  • oz4oz4 Posts: 9
    Hows this for good mpg. link title ;)
  • rotor1rotor1 Posts: 1
    What mpg should expect?I have 65,000 miles
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    My '99 XL was near flawless at 92k miles when traded for an '03 XL. Delivered about 19-21 mpg in rural or suburban driving (some city, not much) and 30 mpg on the interstate. Great car. Never had the "sludge" problem either. Hope this helps.
  • will16will16 Posts: 21
    My 06 shifts into 5th gear at 45mph, so I would think 46 mph is the best
  • will16will16 Posts: 21
    When the blue screen says 0 miles left, how far has anyone gone?
  • brown3brown3 Posts: 26
    Just passed 1000 miles on my '06 XLS. Each tank has improved, with just under 24 MPG on the first dealer provided tank, and 25.7 on my last fill up, all on 87 octane regular gas. Driving is mostly what I'd call "hill country suburban" with lots of uphill & downhill travel at up to a posted 65 mph. (My '93 Explorer averages about 16.5 mpg over the same route.) Once I have more data, I'll see if gas brand has any effect . . . the "Top Tier" fuels are required to be 8%-10% ethanol, and my prior experience has shown a noticeable MPG penalty when using gasohol blends. (These days, it may be a challenge to find out what brands, if any, don't have ethanol added.)
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    "...the "Top Tier" fuels are required to be 8%-10% ethanol"

    Reading the Top Tier site, it's not clear to me that Top Tier gas contains ethanol. The way I read it, ethanol is added to the fuel for the tests.
  • I have a 2000 Avalon, which now has about 160k miles on it.

    I travel highways all the time. Between 48-50 MPH seems to get me 34 mpg. 65mph gets me about the EPA rated 29 mpg.
  • I have an 03 Avalon with 25,900 miles. Just recently the Avg MPG on the blue screen started resetting to zero right after I put the transmission into Drive. I know it resets each time I fill the gas tank, but this is driving me nuts. It doesn't do it all the time, but it is becoming more prevalent (about 50% of the time now). I took it into the local Toyota dealer on Monday. They had it all day and said they couldn't duplicate it or find an error code. My 3 year warranty expired yesterday, but I have it on record that there is a problem. Has anyone else had a problem like this? If so, is it an electronic problem, computer problem, or just a loose connection?
  • I have 1500 miles on my avalon and am getting less than 21 mpg with a lot of freeway driving. What gives? I expected to get closer to 29-31 on the road as I do with my Acura TL (2000) but can't even get the minimum city mpg. Anyone know what gives? Tried 89 and 91 octane without any changes in mpg. Use climate control all the time but so what? Dealer says if there is no engine light check, the computer is fine and there's nothing they can do. BS! Help?
  • I have a new limited and am getting 19 and 20 mpg using 89 and 91 octane. Can't even get the minimum city mpg with mostly freeway driving. Any ideas?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    How fast are you driving? I have 7600 on my LTD and get 31 mpg consistently @ 70mph w/cruise control on interstates. In-city I've been getting 23-25 mpg at varied speeds - something sounds goofy.
  • First of all, I have a 2 week old Limited as well and am getting @18-19 mpg.
    Some things to consider. First, if you have low mileage (I have about 300 miles on mine) you can expect low mpg. Once it is broken in it will improve, I hope.
    Second, if you do a lot of stop and go driving, this will also affect it. I live in the Las Vegas area and the stop lights are notoriously long, sometimes over 2 or 3 minutes, depending on the left turn arrow sequences. I am sure this affects my mpg.

    I just traded a 2005 Honda Odyssey Touring, and I didn't start to get decent mileage until I had almost 5,000 miles on the car. After that, highway mpg went up to around 25-27 miles per gallon. (EPA estimates about 28 highway)

    So for now, I am writing off the mpg to the fact that the car has few miles and most of my driving so far has been around the city. Once the car is broken in and I do some longer highway trips, I will base my satisfaction on those results.

    Good luck, and I hope we both see a great improvement on fuel economy.

    ps, the demo I drove at the dealer indicated the mpg since last fill up was 29mpg, which would make me happy if I were to get that eventually. I didn't make a note of how many miles were on that particular car. :)
  • pcc49pcc49 Posts: 25
    I have about 800 miles on my 06 limited. I use only 91 octane gasoline. I average 26+ mpg with combined city and fwy driving.
  • brown3brown3 Posts: 26
    ". . .The way I read it, ethanol is added to the fuel for the tests."

    I re-read the site, and it still seems to say that the fuels are required to have 8%-10% ethanol.

    If you're testing a fuel, why would you add 8%-10% of ethanol just for a test? I mean, if it's not in there to begin with, what would be the point? :confuse:
  • What kind of mpg did you get the first 1500 miles you drove? I've been told that I won't get good mileage until the car is broken in, about 5000 miles. Was that your experience?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    I've never gotten less than 23 mpg. I could get less, but I don't floorboard the car nor do I play "race the other guy." Frankly, I'm somewhat fascinated with the many problems people seem to be having with their Avalons, i.e., engine noise? Come on!!!). Maybe it's just a fluke, but since I've bought Toyota's and one Lexus, mine have been totally trouble-free - no exaggeration! Had some issues with Honda's and most recently a CRV (my wife's) - getting rid of it and getting a Highlander was the fix.
    When I got my Avalon, I asked my salesman about a break-in. He said it wasn't really necessary - break-ins were something done 20 years ago. I think common sense dictates: just don't dog the car.
    I'm extremely pleased with my Avalon and wouldn't hesitate to buy another.
  • I have 500 miles on my 06 limited and have averaged over 27 mpg with the cheapest gas available on a mixture of city/highway eg. a 60 mile round trip takes me 2 hours (40 minutes driving over 70 mph and 1 hr 20 minutes in stop and go. Very satisfied with mpg (5 mpg better that my '98 buick lesabre).
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,758
    Doesn't gas containing ethanol have to state so on the pump? I'll look next time I fill up at a Phillips 66 but I don't recall seeing that posted.
  • rabbirabbi Posts: 1
    I have just bought a 2002 Avalon with 26,000 miles; my first tank averaged 27 mpg. I switched to AMSOIL synthetic oil and automatic transmission fluid and started using fuel injector cleaning additives at each fuel fill up. I am now getting around 32-33 mpg. You could also use Mobil 1 but it is not as good as the AMSOIL product. No I do not sell AMSOIL I am just a happy user. :)
  • After my 03 Avalon got totalled crashing into a red light runner (all of the safety features worked very well -- I was not injured!) I replaced it with a new 06. One of the features I liked was a larger fuel tank: 18.5 vs. 16.5 gallons. I got the limited with voice nav, etc. The first time the low fuel light came on, I checked and saw that my driving range was about 25-30 miles. When I filled up after it hit empty, the tank held about 15.5 gallons. I once went about 8 miles after the nav system said my driving range was 0 miles, and managed to squeeze 15.9 gallons into the tank. When I ask anyone associated with Toyota (sales, on-line, service), I am told "it needs that much reserve". My question is to anyone with an 06 who does not have the nav system: When your fuel tank reads empty, how much can you pump in? I am convinced there is a bug in the nav system that does not take into account the larger tank, but maybe I'm wrong...
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    a couple of things I have found with my 05 Touring - no NAV
    - odometer is off about 4% (reads low - 100 miles shown = 104 miles driven) but computer calculated mpg is right if you correct to actual miles driven
    - range will never show over 400 miles to empty (generally about 380) even though I have gone as far as 515 on a tank (highway trip). At a 70% highway mix, I generally see 440 miles per tank and something about 26.5 mpg meaning that I'm generally putting in 16-17 gallons about the same time that DTE is reading zero.
    - these new high speed pumps do shut off well before tank capacity is reached - usually a gallon or two short of real capacity. This 10% difference will skew calculated MPG and also range from fill-up to fill-up.
    Overall, I don't worry to much about running out of gas when the trip computer says '0' - understanding that there is about a 2 gallon reserve. Keeping in mind I do a lot of highway driving, I consider a 450 mile average range on a car the size and power of the Avalon amazing.
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