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Audi TT Oil and Fuel Questions

pookttpooktt Member Posts: 1
I bought my Audi assured 2000 TT quattro last weekend and found myself stranded on the freeway this morning on the way to work. The car lost power and eventually died. My fuel gauge showed almost a quarter of a tank of gas and my range was between 50 and 75 miles. The service rep at my dealer told me that they put in some gas and the car started right back up. They're going to replace the fuel sender in the morning and think that that's the problem and I just ran out of gas. Because I had only 280 miles on that tank and estimate that I should have gotten between 300 and 400 miles on 16.4 gallons, I'm suspicious of the "out of gas, bad gauge" theory. Anyone else had this problem? Do I need a new fuel pump?

Also, has anyone been able to quiet the rattles in the back cargo area?

Thanks for any help!


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    marcibmarcib Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2002 225-quattro roadster with 2000 miles. within 500 ,miles the oil light came on. They told me at the dealership that it was normal It started to happen every 2000-2500 miles that i needed to add a quart of oil. After the 3rd time in the shop they said that there was a gasket seal that was leaking. They fixed it and then for 6 mos i had no problems. Well it started again like clock work every 2000 miles. The dealer now says that there are no leaks and everything is normal. How can this be? They recommend an oil change every 10K miles but by that time I have added 5 new quarts of oil.
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    leonivleoniv Member Posts: 120
    My 01 TT 225 roadster is burning oil as well. It started at about 20k miles. I burn about 2+ quarts every 8k miles or so. I also notice it sputtering on start-up and heavy black soot collecting on the tailpipes. I'm seeing the dealer for my 30k next week so I'll find out what's wrong.
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    ywilson1ywilson1 Member Posts: 7
    What happened with the dealer and your oil consumption? I have an 01 TTQR 225 and I have about 28,000+ miles.
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    audi4meaudi4me Member Posts: 6
    HEY GUYS!!!.....i really want to know if the electrical and fuel leaking problem is really big....cause im thinking about buying a 2001-2002 model tt...and i don't want to be fixing it alot....please give me some advice...i really love this car!!!...i wanted a z3 before but it got to boring to look at...please please resure me that i don't have to worry about these problems..thanks
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    leonivleoniv Member Posts: 120

    Could you elaborate on these problems, not sure if I've heard of these or not.



    Just replied to you in the other forum, didn't know you were here too (thread's a little slow so don't check it often), but basically the dealer tells you to live with it. He described the heads on our 1.8T engine as "porous". That's Audi-speak for "your engine burns oil". It burns oil fast so check it often (once a month). It hasn't gotten any worse, but I imagine it will over an extended period of time. I wouldn't follow the 10k oil-change recommendation by Audi. I would do it every 5k with regular oil. The only reason I wouldn't recommend synthetic b/c it would be a waste if it's blowing the oil (and your $$) out it's tailpipes. Besides, synthetic tends to be thinner so it may make the oil-burning worse. Let me know how it goes.


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    mikeypdmikeypd Member Posts: 2
    I have a 02 225hp TT coupe which i bought at 9k miles a year back. I have been experiencing the same motor oil problems. Every 2000 miles or so, I have to put in a quart of oil into the engine. Does anyone find out why that's the case?

    Also, the other day i was driving ... all of a sudden I saw i was driving at 90mph at the speedometer...but i was actually crawling in traffic. The speedometer apparently failed to gauge the actual speed. When the car was stopped...the "hand" of the speedometer was rested at 50mph. Does anyone have expereice the same problem???

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    archie1archie1 Member Posts: 11
    I recently returned my leased 2002 TT [39 months] I had a few problems...nothing major but they were all covered by warranty and free maintenance - I"M NOT SURE I WOULD BUY A USED ONE WITHOUT PRE-CERTIFIED COVERAGE...though a honey to look at, I believe their are better cars for the money. The ride was so firm that driving around the Northeast gave me a headache. Those low profile tires look cool and turn great but rough on the back. The BMW 330 or the Infiniti G35 are better rides.

    The TT seems to tough on tires as well, and it was not good in the snow. I've now moved up to a larger car with front wheel drive and more horsepower...though not as sexy as the TT the ride is better and it's got more juice. Acura TL... lovin' it so far.
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    gulianbkgulianbk Member Posts: 1
    Mine 01 TT is doing the exact same thing and has been in the shop for almost 2 months. I can smell burning oil when i am stopped and the A/C is on with the outside ventilation option.

    Did they come up with a solution?
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    nj_auto_unionnj_auto_union Member Posts: 1
    Believe it or not, it is normal for these engines to use about a quart every 2000 even when they are essentially new. Note that I said, "use", not "burn". The combination of higher compression and operating temperatures causes oil to pass through the engine. You might notice your tail pipes have a good coating on the inside.

    I managed to slow the process by converting to Mobil 1 0W40. I get much better performance and I only use a quart every 3500-4000.
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    byronwalterbyronwalter Member Posts: 220
    ...I'm on Audi Number 3 (all A4s). I've had a couple of the 1.8t engines and currently have the 2 liter (reflashed ecu for > 230 hp), none of which have burned oil between my 5k mile oil changes. My somewhat worthless opinion is that one's break in practices have much to do with future oil burning.

    On my car's for the first 1000 miles I've always focused on driving smoothly and avoidling constant rpm's and high torque. But I will let 'em rev up gently to near redline and back down.

    But I have read of what might seem like a bit of an oil thirst on some of the eight cylinder 4.2FSI Audi engines

    As for the Mk2 TT, you are correct that the same six cylinder engine is returning. Seems like a pretty nice unit which seems to work nicely in tight transverse engine layouts. But I do wish that Audi could fit the 3.1FSI engine in the new TT.

    BTW, the TT board should start getting a little more active as we're only a few months away from the next gen TT in North America.

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    thunderchild1thunderchild1 Member Posts: 5
    I now use 40 wt oils and my oil consumption has dropped to nothing. It may be because I have broken the car in more but I have no more oil consumption. It will be 40 wt's for my car from now on. :shades:
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    huachucakidhuachucakid Member Posts: 3
    Hi Mikey
    I have a 02 225 TT and I was concerned about the oil light coming on during a road trip. When I took it Scottsdale Audi (AZ) I was told it is normal to use a qt about 1k miles or more. I looked it up in the car book and it does reflec the same. It is used to keep the turbo lube etc. I have nearly 63K on mine and have only put 2 qts in over 30k miles, not counting the reg oil changes. About the speed-o, never had that problem.

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    dianeboudianebou Member Posts: 1
    I am new Audi owner of a pre-owned 2001 TT Quattro (sedan). It's a manual 5-speed. I am experiencing several problems, the first (and most alarming) of which my mechanic has no solution for.

    --The oil pressure warning light comes on intermittently, just about every time I drive the car. It seems to happen in a couple of different circumstances: a) When I am coming off the highway after being in 5th, and must come to a stop at the end of the ramp. Then, it will go off again when I move forward, but will come on again relentlessly every time I must come to a stop; b) when I encounter a lot of stop-and-go traffic and continually accelerate/decelerate.

    In the 2nd instance, recently, I was driving in the city, in extremely heavy traffic, and the oil pressure light went on and off continuously. Not only that, but the engine started to overheat.

    I have checked the oil, and the level seems fine. Also, I am using the highest quality synthetic oil available (according to my mechanic...I couldn't tell you what kind specifically).

    Is this an oil pressure problem? How serious is it? (i.e., how expensive?) Thanks so much for your help!
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Well you might have to install (temporarily) an analog oil gauge (one with numbers) to read what's going on, to make sure it's not just a loose wire grounding out. If the gauge drops every time you maneuver, then that is a bit troubling. Possibly you have some kind of blockage or malfunction to the oil pump pickup screen, or a broken baffle in the oil pan (that should keep the oil from sloshing around in there).

    So I'd check for a loose wire or bad sensor first off, then screw in an analog gauge for testing.
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    joepablojoepablo Member Posts: 1
    when i look a the engine the sound was life the valves, it never did that sound. it could be the oil i used? need help!!! :confuse:
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    One thing about Audi engines, you MUST use the OEM oil filters or exact equivalent to assure that you don't get funny lifter noises. Apparently, some off-brand oil filters aerate the oil, and the lifters tend to collapse.

    Before digging into the engine by all means go buy an AUDI filter and the oil weight recommended in your owner's manual and see if this corrects your problem.
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    savannah_ttsavannah_tt Member Posts: 3
    my 2001 uses no oil and it has 74K. (225hp) i guess im lucky. the fram filter is working fine with no oil light probs.fyi there is like 3 fram filters that fit the car. one is for the VW's one for audi and one is just huge that some use for higher oil capacity.
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I think the V-6 is more susceptible to non-factory oil filters, from the reading I've been doing on the subject.

    If the non factory oil filter is causing problem, you'd know it. The car would either run badly or not at all. It might not even start. One has to see a non-start Audi cured simply by replacing an oil filter to believe such a thing is possible, but I lost a bet with a mechanic on that very incident.
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    windstarprowindstarpro Member Posts: 1
    I can tell you what it ISN'T. Im working on a 2000 Audi TT Quattro 1.8T. Not my speed, but it is a cool car, and the customer loves it.

    -I put a oil pump in it. I dissassembled the old one, didn't find ANY wear on it. In great shape.
    -While I was at it I put a pick up in it too. When I took the old one out, I found nothing blocking it, and the o-ring on the pump side was in good shape. One thing to note:the Passat pick up and the TT pick up ARE NOT the same. The TT is longer length wise placing it more toward the center of the oil pan.
    -I put a switch in it. When I tested the vehicle with fresh Amsoil and the large one quart filter, it took about a hour and pressure went down to about 23 pounds as read on a gauge I installed on a tee with the switch. I had a test light hooked to the switch. This is when I noticed the switch had opened. Now, VAG calls for the switch to open at about 1.2 Bar, or 18.503 pounds. So, its off 4 or 5 psi.
    On the whole oil thing, I am using VAG approved oil and filter. The lowest press I saw at idle after 1.5 hour running at idle was 21-22 psi which is still good. VAG calls for a minimum of 1.3 Bar or 18.85 psi at idle and warm. Close but good. However at 2000 rpm hot, it only managed 48 psi. Not enough according to VAG, should be 50.76 psi. Engine sounds fine most times no knocking or anything. Engine may be worn out, but only time I have ever seen pressure drop off, is when there was a knock... Im waiting on the right length pick up. I'll let you know if what I have done solves anything.
    Oh, no sludge in pan, or anywhere.
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    kie33kie33 Member Posts: 1
    i have an 02 reg audi tt. when i put my foot down the turbo dosnt kick in the car just judders, and its using far to much petrol. ive replaced 2 of the coils. any ideas.
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    ramoncramonc Member Posts: 10
    I hope you found the solution but I would suspect your problem was the air sensor unit. It is one of those questionable Audi quality parts that fail early but slowly. It screws up the fuel mixture and causes hard starts as well. Mine failed at 20,000 miles but I had to go to a non Audi technician as Audi was not able to locate the problem. Yet another issue with Audi.
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    jjean1jjean1 Member Posts: 2
    Hi guys, I'd really appreciate if one of you could help me with a problem.
    I own an convertible 1.8 Audi TT 2001 5 speed. something very strange is happening and i can't fins a solution.
    Around 3 month ago i was driving my car for around 10 miles than i parked at a local Walgreens. 10 minutes later when i left the store i couldn't turn on the car. it was like it had no gas. the ignition was working but the car won't start. i made a phone call and about 10 minutes later i turn the key again and it worked, like never happened. i found it very strange but the car was working fine.
    same thing happened three or four times again in a period of 3 months, but this saturday when i was driving to a local mall (8 miles from my house), i was stopped, waiting for the green light in front of the mall, the car died. same thing, turn on the key, it looked like was no gas. i was stopped in the middle of the street, i lived alone and after 20 min the car started again.
    i was driving back home and happened again in front of my house, after the same 20 minutes the car started again.
    i have no idea what it could be. i took it to the mechanic, he ran the scan and nothing show up.
    it is an old car, Audi want to charge me $250/hr just to look at it, with no guarantees.
    i believe that might be a sensor related to fuel or something. have one of you guys heard something like that before?
    Please a word of advise.
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