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Saab 9-3 Coupe (2002 and earlier)



  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Hatchback only model not listed as having incentives. Great if you want a sedan but looking for hatchback and just came across the Saab in a computer search based on features wanted. Probably drive one anyway, just to see.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    ...but I'm here to announce the new Saab Owners Club now available on Owner's Club board. Please stop by and introduce yourself in Meet the Members and let me know how I can help build your club.

    I have linked this discussion into that folder, but it will always reside here in Hatchbacks.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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  • tommyp13tommyp13 Posts: 146
    It's just a quirk in the writing of the details. You can go to a Saab dealer, and they'll verify this.
    In case you didn't know, is a great source for this kind of info.
  • declanwdeclanw Posts: 1
    Marshall1: How did you manage to get from ~32K down to 24K with the rebate of 4,300. Was the balance a trade in? Thanks
  • marshal1marshal1 Posts: 68
    No, the $24K did not include a trade in price. The $24K sales price was based on the invoice, not the sticker, minus the $4,300 incentive. Here's the breakdown for a 2001 9-3 four door with a manual transmission.

    Invoice = $25,170
    Leather = $ 1,175
    Sunroof = $ 1,001
    Seats = $ 392
    Dest. = $ 575

    Total = $28,313
    Minus - $ 4,300 Incentive
    My Price= $24,013

    Just a tip, never negotiate a sales price based on the sticker price. Always negotiate based on the invoice price minus any rebates or incentives. Good luck.
  • dstraudstrau Posts: 17
    Did some research on CarsDirect.Com and Edmunds. The rebate was still in effect. Got a price of $28545 from Cars Direct.Com. went into the dealer, spoke with them, made the offer,.and it was accepted. Hope I didn't get too destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • marshal1marshal1 Posts: 68
    You got a great price. Based on your numbers you got the SE for less than invoice minus the incentive. It doesn't get much better than that. The Saab dealers must be really anxious to move out the remaining 2001 models since it appears they are willing to eat into their holdback to sell them. Good luck with the car.
  • spence530spence530 Posts: 2

    I am leasing a 99 9-3 and a few days ago I suddenly had serious difficulty getting from one gear to another. Within minutes, it became impossible to change gears at all. I pulled over and restarted the car and drove home without a problem. The next day, I barely got the car out of my driveway before it got stuck in reverse, lost power, and died.


    I had the car towed to my local dealer, Saab of Charlotte, and they later told me that the problem was a master cylinder. Today, they told me that the problem was the clutch itself, and this was not covered by warranty. They would check it for "hot spots" to see if te problem was my driving or a defective clutch. If it turns out to be my fault, the new clutch will be 700.00.

    Yikes, yikes.

    Truth: I don't drive aggressively and I've been driving a stick shift for more than a decade and have NEVER had to replace a clutch. Anyone have some advice? This is certainly disheartening! The car has only 15000 miles!
  • marshal1marshal1 Posts: 68
    Welcome to the world of Saab reliability! Seriously, if it is the clutch, I don't see how Saab can articulate that you destroyed it in only 15,000 miles. Demand that it be covered under the warranty. Don't take no for an answer.
  • tommyp13tommyp13 Posts: 146
    I don't know what kind of position you can be in with wear items, but I would think from a PR standpoint, they'd see that it's in their best interest to fix it for you.

    I used to own a '83 900s, so I know how unreliable Saabs were. From reading recent reviews, they have cleaned up their act (of course, the chassis is from the period when dinosaurs ruled the earth!), so I wouldn't get the "I bought a lemon" paranoia.

    If it is the clutch, I think you should at least get the labor free, or a % reduction in the charges. Of course, I don't think that the dealership would be legally liable for anything, but they should want you to be a happy customer. Good luck with it.
  • nsolanonsolano Posts: 11
    According to the Saab US web site, Saab warrants wear items for 16,000 miles. This should cover a clutch that failed within 15,000 miles. If the dealership won't cover it, I would appeal to Saab Corporation.
  • dstraudstrau Posts: 17
    My price included the incentive. Too bad the dealer wouldn't help me out with either of my lease payments. Oh well.guess I'll have to seel my 98 Accord EX within 2 months.
  • dstraudstrau Posts: 17
    Bought a 9-3 SE 4 door hatch w/auto, metallic paint, and heated seats, including the rebate, in new york for $ and tags extra.......After all..who knows about all the hiden dealer profit anyway!!!!!!!!!!
  • marc43marc43 Posts: 1
    Took delivery on 9-3 4door SE manual trans with heated seats in May from dealer in New Jersey. Paid $27,300 plus tax/tags. Found only 1 defect (drivers door handle loose) which dealer fixed at 30 day service. After 3k miles no other problems. Really like the to drive.
  • snaab93se1snaab93se1 Posts: 69
    Sorry Dstrau...I got a 2001 9-3 SE with automatic, metallic paint and heated seats that was a service loaner with only 1100 miles for $25498!!! Got it back in March when the incentives were higher..but I still have no idea how they sold the car at this price. Sales manager was not happy that the salesman quoted this price but offered it to me at this price if I bought it in 24 hours. SOLD!!! Even after the incentive and dealer holdback..they sold the car for another $1030 below astounding $9772 off the list price of $35270. I understand that incentives are down so I still think you did pretty well Dstrau..let me know how you like your SE..I love mine
  • rkuehnrkuehn Posts: 120
    Here's a look at the '03 9-3. Anyone know if & when the coupe is due?

  • dstraudstrau Posts: 17
    What a deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!My price of 28545 was the price I saw on which included the incentive. .excluded tax and tags. The dealer didn't even counter my offer.they must have made a fortune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S.-My car is great and the dealer promised me a free detailing on my 30 day checkup because there were 2 scratches on the rear bumper. I have thuis in writing.they'll fix it, repaint it, then detail the car.and I'm getting a loaner to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(they have to do that!!!)
    P.S.S.-they didn't take my leased car back as a trade, wouldn't help with last 2 payments. Ubfirtunately, I have wear and tear damage which needs to be fixed before handing it back to the leasing company...........Any ideas on how to get it done as cheaply as possible.or how to get a dealer to do it.after all.they'll keep the car anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • godskindgodskind Posts: 4
    haven't found any published info on the dealer incentive, but heard from dealers that there is a $5000 incentive on all 9-3s at this point in time. can anybody confirm if that is accurate or is it even larger than $5k. read somewhere that someone was talking about a $9,000 incentive on 9-3 convertibles last year. was wondering if anyone thought the incentive would get larger as Saab will be delivering the new 9-3 platform in Summer 2002. any input would be appreciated.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Just got back from the local Saab dealer. Have several 9-3s marked down $4K. Not many to choose from so have to act fast!
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481 shows "Dealer Cash" of $4,300 thru 7/31.....on all 9-3s......
  • snaab93se1snaab93se1 Posts: 69
    No idea what to do about your lease....everyone i know gets screwed when they turn it back in..I never lease. From what I understand there was a invoice price increase of about $400 at the end of march and the incentives are down about $1200 from when I i don't think you did so bad..I also got a break cause it was a service loaner. You probably could have got them to go lower...but hind sight is 20/20. I was not even planning on buying a car..I was messing with the salesman at two dealers seeing who would go lower and was offered a price i couldn't refuse. Although I have to say the test drive is what did me in....according to their research 70% of people who test drive a Saab buy one
  • Moved my '99 9-3 from VA to CA... gas mileage cut in half, power steering fluid line "ruptured" and all leaked out while on interstate, battery went dead immediately in the heat. I understand that it's brutal on cars in the Summer desert heat, but what's normal? THE CLOSEST SAAB DEALER TO PALM SPRINGS IS 125 MILES!
  • I have broken 5 or 6 "cable" mechanisms that are used to change the air from defrost, to vent, or to floor. I think the design is flawed. The dealer has replaced it several times. The last time after removing the center console, I have problems getting the automatic transmission out or "PARK". I have to use a pen to "mechanically" override the safety catch. Anyone else have this problem? Either the air diverter breaking or the gearshift sticking?
  • Hello, again. I posted a message here back in March when I first purchased my "service loaner" 2001 9-3 and thought I would give the readers an update.

    I have put about 10,000 miles on the car so far, almost all of them on the highway, but have had many more problems than I care to admit.

    In a word, I would sum up my Saab experience as "disappointing". Here is a list of items to date that have been repaired/replaced:

    1) CD player. (replaced twice). Once for excessive skipping, second time for failure to eject CD's.

    2) Horn stuck in "on" position. This was due to the cover over the horn expanding when the car interior was hot causing the horn leads to make contact. (Very annoying driving down the street in 90 degree weather at rush hour with your horn blaring away).

    3) AC compressor replaced at the beginning of the summer.

    4) AC fan resistor replaced last week. (AC would not turn on and fan only ran at high speed).

    5) Automatic locks froze up on driver side. Locks were programed at the dealer to lock automatically when the car was in "Drive" then unlock the passenger door only when the key was removed from ignition. Driver door would not unlock, could use the electronic lock to open the other doors but could not open the driver's side. Had to crawl out of my car through the passenger side until I was able to get the problem repaired.

    Add to this list the wind noise, sharp pulling to the left at highway speeds, hatch cover that holds water and then drains out all over the sides and rear speakers of the car when opened, etc. and you may understand why I long for the reliability and quality of my Acura Integra again.

    My only hope is that I never will be in a situation where I will need the safety features of the vehicle, (air bags, ABS, etc.) First of all I never want to be in that situation and secondly I worry in the back of my mind if those components of the car will be as unreliable as some of the others.

    My personal advice after owning (2) new Acura Integras and putting almost 200,000 miles on each of them without a single mechanical issue: Think very long and hard before considering a Saab.

    Thanks and let me know if you have any comments to share/add to mine.

  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Just came across this article in today's News/Auto Headlines that I thought some of you might find interesting: Take a test drive of a Mercedes or Saab without going to the dealer. Happy Motoring!

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  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    E-Your post says it all, you're 125 miles from the dealer. If you're still in warranty and not 'upside down', I'd get rid of the car, seriously.
    If you are out of warranty, time to find a mechanic (I have such a command of the obvious, no?). As far as the heat reasoning goes, this car is TWO years old, and it's not as though it's cold in Virginia, right? I couldn't put up with this crap, I don't know how any of you do. I've had Saabs (older, from the 80s) that I really liked and were reliable transportation, as long as you could put up with other things not working (I remember clearly driving in 95 degree heat in my 3 door black 900 tubro, no a/c, left window and idiot power sunroof wouldn't open--lots of fun). This is understandable in a ten year old car, but not in a $30k car that's two years old. Amazing that a marque with a less than stellar reputation gets bought by GM, who also has a somewhat different, but still less than stellar reputation, would make a lousy car, eh?
    I'd say ditch it.
  • I am currently looking at two 1997 5-door Saabs.
    From my reading of the posts a good mechanic is key in the upkeep of these cars. Anyone out there know of any mechanics you would recommend in New England? I am new to Western Massachusetts, and I am willing to traveling a little ways if the service is worth it.
  • Thanks for the advice on my sad Saab situation here in the desert. I've arrived at the same conclusion, however I haven't found another car that I want (within my $ range). I had 2 Honda's in the past with absolutely no mechanical problems. I don't really like the look of the new Honda's though. Any suggestions on a dependable, reasonably priced car with a little more character than a Honda?

    Also - How can I ditch the 9-3 when it isn't popular out here? And to boot, I took it to a local mechanic to have it serviced for a whopping $500 bucks. The check engine light now illuminates. Go figure. It is still under warranty for another 5k miles, but where can I have warranty work done? I called up a service only Saab establishment (80 miles from here. The service dept was so rude that I was ready to drive the car through his service shop and leave it.

    I'm a little frustrated and am running out of warranty time. Any advice on getting rid of the 9-3 and/or what I should get next would be great.

  • I'm getting the idea from your last post that you are not quite yet willing to part with your 9-3. As far as cars that have character like the 9-3 the list is short..but depends on what exactly you are looking for in a car. The VW golf GTI turbo will have 180 hp for 2002 and was a blast to drive when it had 150hp but the freeway ride is much worse than the Saab. But trading your car in on anything is going to cost you more so here is another idea:
    If you don't mind driving...take the car to a reputable Saab dealer and leave it for a week and rent a car. It won't cost that much to rent a car and at least you will get the car repaired properly. I'm in Phoenix which is a 4 hour drive from palm springs and the best service in town is at Kachina Saab. The service advisor has 17 years experience with Saabs. I have had nothing wrong with my 2001 except for a few rattles which were found and corrected. I'm sure you can find some dealer in Ca that would be closer and treat you better..but if i were you I'd leave the car for a week and give them time to fix it....fixing your Saab will cost less than buying a new car.
    If you do want suggestions on what to look at if you do sell your 9-3...let me know what you look for in a car and I'll suggest some. Tell me what you like about your 9-3 and what you don' of luck
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