Chevrolet Malibu: Test Drives

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Hello all,

I recently rented an 07 Malibu LT with the 4 cyl engine. The rental was showroom new with just over 200 miles on the odometer. The origianl window sticker was still in the glove compartment. The car listed for $18,??? and had no additional options. I was impressed with the std features that this car had and would consider the Malibu if I were in the market for a new car. Not many models offer std Radio controls on the steering wheel, trip computer, great sounding single disc cd player, and curtain bags for under 19,000. I averaged just over 33 mpg using the cruise mostly at 75 mph. I'm sure the #'s would go up as the car gets broken in.

However, there were a few things I didn't like with this car. Seemed like a lot of road noise at times, the 4 cyl engine was a bit loud and wheezy, but pretty peppy for a 4..And no std ABS on the 07 model. Definitely more pwr and better mileage than my 00 Altima. Also at times when going over bumps on the highway, the car kinda jostled around some and seemed to be slightly unstable.. I dont know if this is particular to the Malibu or to this 1 car? Lotta car for the money. I don't know what the deal is with GM and the seat fabric on the std Malibu, maybe they offer something a little nicer on the upscale models? But the one I drove seemed as if they peeled the skin off a Samsonite bag and wrapped the seats of the Malibu with it. But it looks o.k. and will probably be very durable.


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    Nobody in their right mind is gonna pay 18 grand for a 4 banger Chevy Malibu when the SONATA V6 can be had for the same amount of money. GM's asking price is considerably more than the real world transaction price. You probably could get a I4 Malibu for no more than 15K or even less if you know how to get a good deal.
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    I didn't say thats what you would expect to pay.. I stated that was the price on the window sticker that was in the glove compartment and that the Malibu offers a lot of equipment for the price. I think most of us know that the price of a new or used car is negotiable under most circumstances. According to Hyundai's website, the Sonata V6 lists for $20,895.
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    I just wanted to mention that I rented a 2006 Malibu LT last week and have to say that the engine was very peppy! I thought it was a V6, but was very surprised to find out that it had the 2.2 4 cyl. Cudos to GM.
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    Yes, I have noticed there is quite some road noise and the engine does sound "wheezy". I just purchased the 2007 LS a few weeks ago.

    However, the radio gets a way better signal than my 98 Malibu did. And the sound that comes out of the speakers..... AWESOME! I actually like the seats, even though I wanted the leather interior at first.

    And yes the car does FEEL EVERY BUMP IN THE ROAD lol. The only thing that is hard for me to get used to is this new "electric" steering it has. Sometimes, especially on the freeway on a windy day, the car is hard for me to control. Hopefully this feeling will go away once I break the car in! My only other "complaint" I guess is that is much lighter than the old style Malibu .

    It still has a lot of room, especially in the trunk, and the best thing is the gas mileage! In my 98 I was filling my car up twice, now I can go a week or more without. And I drive at least 50 miles a day to and from work.

    So there's what I have to say about the '07 Malibu, of course if you have the money I'd try for one with the V6/V8 engine. They are probably gonna be more powerful especially if you drive rush hour in the big city like I do.

    Good luck and all...
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    The new Malibu is about 200 lb. heavier (comparing '04 'Bu LS=3297 lb. v. '04 Classic=3106). Neither the 04 or 97 platforms have a V-8 available.
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    This week I have rented an '07 Malibu LTZ V6 and I think it is the nicest car I have rented in recent memory! Good power, solid feel, comfortable seats (better than the flat, skimpy, low seats in the '06 Impala LT I rented a couple weeks ago). It's Sport Red and has the chrome wheels. The interior is great...I normally hate gray interiors but with the dark dash and console, and the seats with the suede-like inserts...I am highly impressed in every way. The car only has 900 miles.

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
    '05 Chevy Uplander owner
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    You must have rented it from someplace other than Enterprise Rent A Car. They only rent out malibu LT's, not the LTZ's, at least that's the car I got from them.
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    This was from Alamo at the Nashville airport. I asked them to not give me a Stratus, as the way the doors are cut so low I konk my head everytime I get in and out of it. I'm glad I mentioned that this time, as I got the LTZ instead. The door jamb sticker showed built in Aug. '06, so it was an '07 model. Really nice car.

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
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