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I hit a curb and put a painful scrape on one of those handsome alloy wheels. Not particularily deep (say about 1mm), but about 2 inches long by 1/2 wide. Any suggestions about how to remove/remediate the ugly blemish?


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    can't you exchange the wheel with the alloy wheel on your spare? don't tell me acura got chintzy on you and only gave you 4 alloy wheels, with a cheap donut spare? say this isn't so.

    1999 solara V6 5 speed owner
    (4 alloy wheels, + 1 full size alloy spare)
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    Thanks for your witty response. We're all very impressed. The Toy is a fine automobile. You don't need to try so hard.

    BTW, exchanging the damaged wheel for the spare won't repair the problem. Is that a Toy solution: Just hide it in the trunk?
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    what do you mean replacing the damaged wheel with the spare wheel won't repair the problem? why wouldn't it? assuming you're more careful from now on, and never damage another wheel to the extent you feel it needs repairing, it's a great solution...and much easier than whatever else you come up with.

    my point was, in the accord coupe vs solara conference, we sometimes discuss pros and cons of each car, and one advantage put forth by the solara folks back in the 1999 model year was the full size alloy spare-- the accord coupe folks poohed-poohed this, saying, heck, they never use their spare (and when they do, it's just for the brief time they need until they get the puncture hole patched in their tire)....but here's a case where having a full size alloy wheel spare comes in handy-- when you scratch the wheel itself against the curb.

    i'm not starting a ruckus here tho, not me. in fact, i think starting with the 2000 solara, they cheapened out and went to a steel rim spare (so I hear)---- tis the holiday spirit and i'm just filled with good cheer. you folks own a real nice car, that acura cl-p/cl-s-- i kinda wonder how you keep it under 55 in a 55 zone-- i think radar detectors should be standard.
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    I think he meant that you would still have a damaged wheel, except now it's sitting in the trunk as the spare. So what do you do next time you scratch another wheel? You've run out of spares!
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    Thanks to ral2167 for his insightful and helpful remarks. A true Toy owner. Ralph, the CLS doesn't have a full size spare, so I can't swap the one in the trunk. We're all very impressed that your Toy has a full size. Size must be an important issue for you.

    Back to the original problem: does anyone have a suggestion for refinishing a gouged wheel? (Other than downgrading to a Toy?)
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    their models might have full size alloy spares-- am sure you can find out.

    or..take the spare to a brake shop-- they probably have experience turning brake rotors on a machine lathe-- explain your problem and see if they could provide a remedy...wear goggles if you assist.
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    here is a website for alloy wheel repair

    if you use a search engine and type in "alloy wheel repair" it will take you to various sites related to this..i use as my search engine.
    hope this helps.
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    A point of interest on CL spare tires. They are the same diameter as the regular tires, but the wheel is rated for only 12,000 miles of use. The anti-lock, traction control and skid control will not be disabled as would be the case with small, donut spares. However, the spare does not put down as big a foot print as the regular tires. The well under the trunk floor should be able to hold a regular tire and wheel, but the trunk floor would not lie as low with a full-sized tire/wheel combo.

    Larry Homer
    [email protected]
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    Would appreciate any drivers experience with how the Type S with the performance tires has handled in the snow, especially hills. Thanks
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    Mine just went through a pretty snowy Chicago winter without any problems.. Type S tires are still all-season despite the good performance ratings, so the traction was very good - the DSC didn't even kick in much
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    Drove my wifes Cabrio and it really made me appreciate the CL/S. I stomped on the gas and went no where! Steering feels very stiff on the CL/S is there a quick fix or will this adjust with use, also front tires appear under inflated but gauges at 32psi is this due to all the weight being up front?
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    Make sure you keep pressure at or slightly above mfg listed psi on the low profile tires. They (the tires) will pop off the rim if too low.
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    My 98 CL is about due for tires.The dealer says
    I should replace them with the same type which is Michelin 205/55/16.I would like to know if anybody
    has put 60 series on.COSTCO said 60 series are too
    big.My only gripe about the original tires is road noise.I have 54K miles and lot's of tread is left but cracks are in the sidewalls.Also the price is $144 each mounted,balanced,with road
    hazard coverage.Is this a good price?
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    I would also look at the Yokohama AVS db. They are ultra-high performance all-season tires. They are extremely quiet tires (quieter than Michelins Energys) and grip better. Noise was a primary concern for me and all-season important too. I have a 99RL. I've always thought the Michelins were noisy. I've already tested them in the snow and haven't had any problems. I feel the ride is a little stiffer than the Michelins but not by much. They go for about $92 for 215 so 205s should be less ( It took 4 days for delivery ($25/shipping).
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    Im selling my stock 16in wheels bc im getting new asking if anyone knows where i should go to sell them or knows anybody that might be interested....the are in good condition and only have 20K miles on the 50K michellin me if you can help me [email protected]

    thanks......i have a picture of them if you want to me and ill send it to you//
  • tomsrtomsr Member Posts: 325
    Just had new tires put on my 98 CL and at COSTCO
    you pay $7 for a package that includes road
    hazard warranty.That's per tire and it sounded
    like a good idea.Now it sounds like a GREAT idea.
    My CL has not run over anything yet that ruins a tire but... My wife's new TL hit something on the freeway and caused a blowout and had no road
    hazard coverage.Acura roadside assistance covered
    the tire change but it costs over $150 to replace
    the tire.Since I have learned my lesson I now
    have coverage on all my tires.More advice don't
    try changing a tire on a busy freeway you might get killed by crazy drivers instead join AAA
    or buy a car that has roadside assistance.Driving
    just a short distance on a flat can ruin an alloy
    wheel and that's another $300 or so.
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    If you look into the front wheelwells, the liner seems to consist of more than 1 panel that overlap one another. I've noticed that these panels are not sealed together where they overlap.
    In other words, it appears that dirt and water whipped up by the tires can get in between the gap where the 2 pieces overlap.

    I'm wondering if it is just my car where there is separation of these liner panels, or are they all like that. Secondly, assuming these gaps are by design, would that create a problem (in regard to dirt and water getting in)?
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    I don't see it as a problem because even if the dirt could get through it is more likely to hit the firewall. The liner panels fit tightly so I am not worry. I guess if you are realy concern then you might use some silicon between the panels.
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    I love this car but living in New York means you're always parking next to a curb and Acura has really made a big mistake in combining 17" wheels and low-profile tires. I've only got 2500 miles on my silver Type S and already three of the four wheel rims are gouged from hitting the curb when parking. Maybe if enough people complain about this goof in design they'll change it and give us new wheel rims. ha! ha!
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    How about buy a set of the TL-S wheels. I believe they are 1/2 inch narrower.
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    f4u1d25- could just be careful when parking and make use of the tilt-down mirror. This was one of the first things I was warned about in the board.

    I agree that it is a weird design, but if you're careful, they don't have to get scratched.

  • Consider yourself lucky. If you lived in california, you'd have to worry about dings in your doors. All the parking here is side by side in parking lots.
    Plus, you wouldn't be able to find a decent slice of pizza, which is even worse.
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    what's that????? Never heard of it.....
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    sorry i just meant the tires that come on the cl type s
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    How does the CL-S handle in snow? I live in TX and don't really have to worry about it normally, but I'm driving to NM to go skiing, and I was wondering what to expect. The owners manual says not to ever put chains on a CL-S, so I hope the roads are mostly clear, but how does it handle moderate snow? (I hope there's some snow to drive through).
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    We don't get much snow here in lotusland, but mine seems to do OK in light to moderate snow even with the standard all-seasons tires. You'd just have to be easy on the throttle. I think the traction control is a big plus. Also the CL-S actually has a fair amount of road clearance for a vehicle of its ilk (I think over 6 inches). Much more so than, say, the new Camry.
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    We haven't had much snow this year ,but last year at snowed 6or7 inches a couple of times.The type S was great in the snow. The tires bite well,but i think it's the VSA that really makes a differance.It makes the car track straight. Phil
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    I have a friend with a 01 CL-S.
    Wants to know if he can fit a 225/50 without a problem? He seems to think by going to a bit wider of tire it will stop the rims from getting scraped so easiliy. I checked out his wheel and it does look like the stock rims are wider than the tires.

    thoughts anyone?

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    that doesn't make sense... but he might try to look at to see how he could increase his tire size. I think the alternative maybe getting the wheels from the TL type S OR just get an aftermarket. The problem with the wheels are that they are sticking too far out that it is unlikely to change with wider tires.

    I don't have a problem with wheel scratching... lucky me :)
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Member Posts: 239
    I would think going to a 225/50 would actually increase handling a bit too.
    I'm sure a 225 will fit on the rim without a problem, but will it cause rubbing problems with suspension parts etc..?
    I would hope the acura wouldn't have such tight tolerances.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Member Posts: 419
    I believe you can get better answer over at - still I think someone installed 20 inch tires so I don't think that 225 would be a problem... although, I think that would be a waste to worry about the scratch... you know, increase the tires just so you won't suffer a few scratches.... that's just overkill
  • But, to increase tire width for better handling is just regularkill. Good idea, actually.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Member Posts: 419
    I think that the stock is good just as it is ... although, some weight trimming might help... of course, any existing car can be improved... sooooo.... what :p
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Member Posts: 239
    But by exceeding rim width with a tire would actually decrease scratching as the tire would be what absorbs the scrapes now instead of the rim.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Member Posts: 419
    No.. I don't think so.. the wheels' inherent "flaw" would not work that way. You have to imagine that the tires have to fit with the wheels....

    if you look at it this way... put 18-wheeler's tires on the existing wheels then you can decrease the protruding wheels... then you won't be able to fit the tires properly, right? Maybe someone can test it, but I don't think that 225 would help in this case. ( I might be wrong about my theory, but I still don't think that it would be worth it to upgrade the tires for that reason)
  • As long as the tire's diameter remains the same, you are OK. Changing to a 225/50 will increase total diameter by 1.5% or .39 inches.
    The circumference is also increased by 1.5%, which would mean that your speedometer/odometer would be off by 1.5%. You would actually be going faster/farther than it said by a factor of, you guessed it, 1.5%
    An extra 10mm or so in tread width should not exceed the rim's capacity or the wheel well spec. It will help traction by giving you more rubber on the road, and handling because of the lower profile ratio.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Member Posts: 419
    yeah.. but better handling usually means rougher ride... don't you just hate me, gary? :D
  • canadianclcanadiancl Member Posts: 1,078
    But not in this case where he is just going to 225/50. The height of the sidewall would actually be increased from 215/50 so the ride might actually improve. Handling, however, may be a wash since the improvement from the increased tread width may be offset by additional sidewall flex.
  • I love you man. :-)
    Actually, the ride shouldn't be any rougher as the sidewall width will not get any narrower. Also, if he switches brands or models, he may find a smoother, quieter tire. The Yokos I put on my Impala are quieter than the Michelins that came on my CL.

    There was an error in my previous post, though. The profile of the new tire will remain the same, so his cornering probably won't see any improvement from decreased flexing of the sidewall. The additional tread grip, however, should improve cornering as it relates to skidding.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Member Posts: 419
    but do you guys think that it can help him with the scratches? The original intent....
  • Learning how to parallel park would probably be a bigger help.
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Member Posts: 419
    don't say that.. you'll hurt his feelings!!!! Don't you know.. some people still parallel park by feel.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Member Posts: 1,078
    I think it would prevent some scratches if he just brushes against the curb. But if he hits it hard, the rim will still hit the curb.
  • 1blufsh1blufsh Member Posts: 1
    curb feelers are another option :)
  • canadianclcanadiancl Member Posts: 1,078
    Wouldn't those look fine on a CL-S :))

    Seriously now, don't certain models of BMW come with some sort of a audible warning system for curbs?
  • cyranno99cyranno99 Member Posts: 419
    I don't care about "curb feelers" :p

    now I want to have side curtain airbags... I think the CR-V has them... what's up??? Not that I want to use them anytime... NEVER would be better... but...
  • I just want side curtains. Maybe vertical blinds.
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    hey folks,

    Maybe this has come up before but let me ask anyway. Has anybody replaced wheels/tires and have a recommendation? Maybe some of you have gone back to 16's or upped to 18's. What will make this car look/feel better?

    The stock tread still looks good for another 10k mile or so, so i've got some time.

  • cyranno99cyranno99 Member Posts: 419
    I'd stick to the same size tires. I suppose that the electronics would work best with the same size tires... VSA and such. Also, changing the size would mean that I would have to look for new wheels as well. Too much money.... As for tire brand, I might try another that might be quieter, but I am content with the noise level for my stock car right now.
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