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Acura CL Tires and Wheels



  • From a marketing standpoint it makes sense to call it premium. What does the term "base" bring to mind? A stripped car with a gutless engine, cheap cloth seats, no AC, AM radio, etc. The premium is pretty loaded. With the CL and TL, the two models are loaded & loaded+.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Honda and Mazda used to call a bunch of their basic models DX or Deluxe. Some of those were real strippers -- nothing deluxe about them.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    with CL or CL-S?

    Take care.
    Joe W.
  • the first time i heard our acura salesman call the standard model 'the Premium'.

    Those of you on 'Premiums' with 16s, does it seem quieter than a Type-S?
  • a while back there was a post about yokohama(spelling??) tires that would work on a type s. what was the price compared to the factory tires and were they the exact same size??

  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
  • I have a 98 Acura CL and want to replace the OEM tires. What does everyone recommend using their experience in a performance type tire for the CL?
  • tjbee1tjbee1 Posts: 2
    have owned my 99 3.0 CL 15 months. got it with 10000mi. great car for performance and handiling in dry weather. have traction difficulty in rain/snow, car has a hydroplane/drifting feel. went to snow tires for snow; helped in rain not in snow. put orig michlins back for spring and summer. same problem in rain now, tho did have car aligned and tires rotated. live and drive in northern ill. fortunately, problem is not frequent. car now has 23000mi. dealer and acura say there is no history of this type complaint with this car. this discussion group is very active and knowlegeable. any info is welcome. ps. i only drive at 40-45mph in rain.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I wouldn't quite call this group "active"! ;-)) Every so often it rises from the dead when I post that my 2001 CL-S is the best car I have ever owned! Then, I get "blasted" because I also forget to say that I have about 18 coats of Zaino on it too!

    My car is 15 months old. 15,500+ miles and not ONE problem! Overdue now for oil/filter change and another tire rotation/balance. Compared to the 99 "Motor Trend Car of the Year" (Chrysler 300M) that I owned before this car, I feel like I died and went to Acura heaven! LOL....

    Not much snow here this winter in So. CT- 4 inches- but the car was fine. No problems in rain either. Plenty of that lately. Grips the road like a mountain lion!

    For an ACTIVE CL group- go here VERY active and very helpful.

  • I know it is a bit early (even here in Denver) but since the 2003 CL-S 6 Sp just came out this spring, there likely is no "driving in the snow and slush" experience yet. My concern is the OEM Michelin Pilot HX MXM4's that are the tires that come standard with the car. Does anyone with a CL-S auto have any experience in similar winter weather situations? The tirerack website has a few acura owners really complaining of very poor performance in snow, slush, and ice conditions. I'm thinking of going with Blizzak WS-50's all around. If any of you have had the chance to drive a new 6 Sp, you alrady know that you can easily chirp the tires in the 1st 3 gears. You can see my concerns as we get closer to nasty winter weather. Any comments??
  • The Blizzks will no doubt be better than the Michelins in snow. I only have the stock Michelin but I haven't driven in really nasty conditions, especially involving ice. In light or moderate snowy conditions it seem to perform OK as long as you exercise common sense.
  • I'm at 30k on the original Michelin MXM4s, ready for a new set on my '01 Type-S. What is your experience with replacement tires OTHER than the originals? Of course I want it all... quiet smooth ride, good handling, wet and light snow traction, reasonably good tire life. The stock Michelins really don't impress me, especially after 10k miles. Apparently, they're not impressing many other people, just see the survey results on Tirerack! So what tire brings out the best in these great cars?? Besides the obvious handling qualities, tell me how you rate the noise & comfort of the tire. Thanks!
  • how much has it cost to replace all 4 tires on a 2001 cl premium (not type s) for those of you
    who have had to do it? thanks.
  • Hi folks,
    Has anyone replaced their 17" CL-S tires with a 225-50, instead of a 215-50? I'm interested in the Pilot Sport-AS, but it doesn't come in 215 size.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You would end up with a taller tire than the stock which would affect your speedometer/odometer. Also, I wonder if a wider tire would adversely affect steering feel. I've always thought the CL-S already has a somewhat "loose" steering feel in city-speed situations.
  • Bodble2, good point about the speedo... hadn't considered that.
    The 225's are .3 inches wider at the tread, and .3 taller from the axle. But optimum rim width matches the 7" rims on the type-s, so I'm guessing that handling should remain as good as the tire. I'm going to try them... if clearance is a problem, I'll go back to the originals.
  • I read your message about the noises from under the car. I have not had those noises with my CL-S, but the sounds you describe are usually from the heat shields around the exhaust and catalyc converter as they heat and cool. I also have a 1985 Nissan 300ZX that sounds like popcorn popping after I run the car then shut it off. Nothing to be worried about.

    I too am looking to soon replace my tires and was told by several people to maintain the correct sizes. I have found a tire that seems to get outstanding reviews, and costs 1/2 the price of the stock tires. They are Sumitomo tires at the tire rack. Please check it out and give us your opinion. Thanks, Lee in Miami FLA.
  • alarmproalarmpro Posts: 27
    Has anyone noticed a slight pulsing feel to the brake pedal? It just started and I guess it is due to the pad wear. I plan on replacing the pads and turning the rotors (if necessary) at Acura. They quoted me $202.00 for complete brake job (pads, cleaning & rotor turning). I then plan on purchasing the Sumitomo tires from Any thoughts??? Lee in Miami
    01 CL-S 39,902miles.
  • rick27513rick27513 Posts: 29
    Lee, I have an 01 type-S, just had the brake rotors turned for the pulsing at 37k miles.. It's not the pads, it's warp in the rotors. New pads alone will not fix the vibration.
    According to several Acura dealers (service dept's) they know this is a problem on this model. Acura's position is, they will cover the brake job under warranty if you have less than 50% wear on the pads. I had 60% wear, but with enough squalking, I got them to concess the job entirely for customer satisfaction. You should be able to do the same.

    Would love to hear your opinion of the Sumitomos. I got a good deal on the Michelin Pilot Sport-AS... but still expensive. The 225-50-17 fits great in that tire. Not true for all 225's.
  • rick27533. I am also interested in the michelin pilot sport all seasons. Any problems at all using that size instead of the stock 215s?
  • alarmproalarmpro Posts: 27
    Rick: Thanks for the info on the rotors, I will follow through on the warrantee issue. I will buy the tires within the next 90 days or so. I turn 40,000 miles this weekend and the original Michelins are still good for another 5 to 7k, per my local tire co...(amazing!!)

    Be very careful when installing oversize tires, even by one size, the speedo, cruise and all speed/mileage related items are calibrated to this exact diameter tire. Changing or altering this deminsion will cause the readouts to all go out of calibration.

    Do you use Synthetic Oil?? It is the best thing I ever did, Lee in Miami look at
  • I am aware that there will be about 3% difference.
  • alarmproalarmpro Posts: 27
    I went to Costco yesterday and the sales rep and I had a discussion about tire sizes. He suggested to use the correct size or a 225Z45x17 tire. That size will maintain the proper ratio and aspect and will not change the overall diameter of the tire.
  • The 225x45x17 will probably not have a load factor of 93 or better as stipulated by Acura. I do not believe that would be a wise choice. I personally welcome the 3% change in diameter. I would like to have slightly taller gearing (and slightly better gas mileage). Also my speedometer will probably be more correct since generally they read fast when delivered from the factory.
  • rick27513rick27513 Posts: 29
    I have no complaints about the Pilot Sport AS tires (225 size). They fit the rim and car very well, and I honestly can't tell the difference on the speedo. I know they are slightly taller, so technically there must be a slight impact. I checked out the specs on a 225-45 size tire; it was considerably shorter in overall height than the 225. I didn't want a shorter tire, due to fuel efficiency and ride comfort.

    There is a definite improvement in wet traction... the original tires would spin and hydroplane easily after approx 50% wear. And FORGET any snow traction with the originals. I didn't get them in time to test snow traction, but written reports are good. These tires do have a different feel to them... and an almost "oversensitive" reaction to minute movements of the steering wheel. (maybe I was just used to crappy tires?) I haven't really pushed them hard in any corners yet, but have started to on highway ramps and the few curvy roads I drive... I'm still learning their feel, but am definitely impressed so far. Road noise is different, but good on most surfaces. Ride comfort is fair... new tread obviously better than worn tires. You can't expect too much ride improvement on a W-rated tire.
  • I know that the stock tires aren't anything special (when does Honda *ever* spec anything that isn't a huge compromise? - aside from the S2000's tires, that is), but I can't believe that they are the main cause of the vague steering problem at only 15,000 miles. Heck, mine still look brand new!

    The CL-S is very competent in almost all respects, and my only other complaints are the grabby clutch and the hopelessly bland styling.

    Also... if you were referring to my Civic Si comments (did I even mention that here?), you should try driving one. It may be a homely little hatchback, but it handled pretty darn well.
  • alarmproalarmpro Posts: 27
    Over the last few months I have been planning on replacing the Michelins since I was approaching 40k, (now 43,200). I searched the web and at the Tire Rack I came across Sumitomo brand tires. I was surprised by the glowing reviews they received. Furthermore the cost of these tires was $89 ea in 215x50/17. I couldn't understand why they cost about 1/2 of any of the other comparable tires in the lot. I continued to check them out, all results were generally excellent to outstanding, by other Acura CL,CLS & TL owners. I decided to order them, I was surprised again when I found them now costing only $74 each. I ordered 4 and they arrived on time and they were installed today.
    First they look really agressive. The tread pattern is gigantic compared to the MX4. The ride is VERY smooth, but you can still maintain feel of the road. At 100 mph, smooth with a firm road grip. Cornering was agressive but again firm. I was truly leery of tires for so much less than all the other brands. However I am convinced that quality can be had for a reasonable price. The tires are the Sumitomo HTR+. Warrantees apply too. Check them out at, Lee in Miami
  • rmd12345rmd12345 Posts: 3
    Alarmpro, I already bought the same Sumitomo tires for my CLS and unfortunately had a bad experience with them. I had them for about 2-3 weeks and then felt vibration so I took the car back for wheel balancing to no avail. After 4 attempts to balance them, the dealer finally said they were out of round and nothing would fix them.
    Now after many months of vibration they seem to be rolling alot smoother, but not perfect.
    In the meantime I did contact Tire Rack to complain and finally received 2 new tires for the front. I have to get them mounted and return the originals to be pro-rated. Now they're half worn so I won't be getting much of a refund.
    The owner of the service center who originally mounted them said he's seen nothing but trouble with these tires and did not recommend buying them again. I sure won't. Maybe it was my bad luck.
  • alarmproalarmpro Posts: 27
    I just read your comments about these tires, I am quite surprised by your situation. I have been quite suprised with the worderful feeling I get with these new tires! The grip like crazy and are really smooth on the hiway! I watch carefully when the tires were mounted then spun balanced. I made the guy rebalance 2 tires when he seemed to have a problem with the balancing. Since I used to work at a tire company, I was trained on how to balance tires. The installer was offsetting the weights (stick-on) causing additional weights. When I made him redo the tires and I spotted the weight placement, the balance was perfect the first time.

    I carefully read all the reviews and I dedcided that these were good tires and a great value too. I'm sorry to hear you had problems. You may also want to check the rim runout too. An out of round rim can foul up almost any balance job.
    Good Luck, Lee in Miami
  • alkanxalkanx Posts: 69
    Hi guys
    I live in Texas Fort Worth area, took my CLS to this place called Sam&Joes for wheel/tires rotation, they overtorqued them & even damaged one of the tires around the side wall, I also felt shimmy afterwards. Just a caution note, if anyone of you are living in Fort Worth/Dallas, stay away from them....

    All the best,
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