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Pontiac G6 Brake Problems

Hi I lease a Pontiac G6 2005 with 5200 miles on was brand new when I leased it back in Sept 05, jan 06 the ABS module got way to hot melted and caught on fire, apprently for no reason at all, I thought ABS was for saftey, thank god no one in my family was hurt and that my 16 year old wasnt the one driving. So I have been in a rental car since. The dealer ship is replaceing the parts, and they say they can get the brunt wire smell out of it, I doubt it, I am not accepting the car back until they do. Well they recieved all the parts put the car back together again, and are now telling me that one of those parts was defective from the factory, I dont buy it, Gm will not extend the warrenty even though they admit that it is a manufactures defect. HELP I dont know what else to do.
I am so angry this was my favorite car i love it do death.


  • Why would they extend your warranty? They replaced that parts no questions asked and you didn't get charged for it, right?

    Meybe i don't understand you. Do you mean to say your warranty did not cover the ABS system? That seems odd to me but if thats the case then you have a point.

    How could the ABS catch on fire? That technology has been around for so long...
  • I want the warrenty extended, once electrical issues always issues, I dont want to have problems with the car, thats is why we buy new, less stress and hasle of repair old day in and day out. I have a brand new car with 5200 miles on it and the abs module melts and starts a fire burns up the module and half of the wireing harness for all the electical systems in the car. Tell me you woulndt want Gm to back the defect for the life of the 4 years we are leaseing cover me from issues that may stem from this issue. I dont know how if caught on fire all I know is it did, and they are trying to replace the parts, and again had another issue with the abs system, I am still waiting to get my car back or a replacement thru lemon law. It has been 6 days short of a month now that the dealership has had the car. I hate the rental car. but i guess i have to try to be patient.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Can't you still purchase an extended warranty on the car? You might get further if you use the problems you have as an excuse for a discount on the warranty.
  • Well I leased my 2006 g6 back in Jan 06, and have been having brakes noise. It's only 10 mos why do this always happen with the pontiac cars? I I had to put new brakes on my 2004 grand am gt within the same time frame. The car is still new, and shouldn't have to change from the metal to ceramic pads, it don't make any sense.
  • I own a 2006 G6 with 34k miles. After 6k brake rotors warped, 3 time since they have warped dealer replaced rotors never replaced pads. Now they are replacing pads at a cost to me. Is this right? Seems they never cured the reason for the warping of the rotors. Has any one else had this problem?Thanks Rich
  • Yeah it's right. I just put new ceramic brakes on last month, and every now and then I hear the squeak. Basically I think it's GMC or maybe a pontiac thing. I want to trade it in some another car so bad, that I don't want to be upside and down in another car. So I will just wait another couple months or a year, so I will not lose any money. But I don't want another GM car.
  • lharper3lharper3 Posts: 3
    Um yeah my car is a YEAR OLD TODAY and I have been to the dealer 6 times for the rotors which they keep resurfacing I got this car because I had the SAME problem with my 2003 Grand Am which was brand new too. Im convinced its Pontiac
  • xpslayerxpslayer Posts: 2
    hi i put 4 new roters on and ceramic pads. front roter r 4 months old. recent roters on bak. now front shakes a little when i aply the breakss. bak doesn't get too hot, jussthe front. roters were 59 bucks a peice + pads. would it help to put high perf roterss on front and leave the bak?? needhelp!!!
  • jfl9899jfl9899 Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Pontiac G6 at 15,000 miles the front brake rotors were warped, at 30,000 miles they are warped again..and even though I'm leasing the vehicle, General motors will only pay for a one time resurfacing of the rotors, after that it is the customers responsibility. I wouldn't have a problem paying for it if I was the cause of the problem but from all the posts I've reviewed it is an obvious flaw somewhere in the brake system of the vehicle. Has anyone attempted to address this issue further with GM?..
  • So........I have spoken with everyone at General Motors and gone to arbitration...(which they sponsor) and lost. Therefore it has now been 9 months and my rotors are STILL WARPED! So I have decided to tell everyone I know how much GM thinks of their customers! I have driven a Pontiac for 7 years and I am sad that it even had to come to this.....I should have followed my first mind and ran screaming from the dealer! Click below and see what I've done in response to Pontiac's lack of concern for their customers!

  • richww says, "I own a 2006 G6 with 34k miles. After 6k brake rotors warped, 3 time since they have warped dealer replaced rotors never replaced pads. Now they are replacing pads at a cost to me. Is this right? Seems they never cured the reason for the warping of the rotors. Has any one else had this problem?"
    I had to have my back rotors refinished/cut between 8,000/9,000 miles. I was stunned. After owning cars for 40 years, I know that rotors should last longer.
    Thanks for the tip!
    My dealer did not replace the pads either. I guess they are waiting until the warranty is out.
    Now, my front brakes are acting up. Back to the dealer..this time I will ask, "How can rotors be warped and not affect the pads? Should the pads be replaced along with the rotor cut?" Is that the proper procedure?

    PS. my delaer told me the rotors were rusted. This I have never heard in all my 40 years of driving. I know rotors get rusted...but not so soon. Perhaps the metal quality of the rotors is poor? :sick: :confuse:
  • I had the vibration in the rotors. Got the run around from the dealer, and will not return. Eventually had Precision Auto replace the rotors. Haven't had a problem since. I was told the Pontiac original equipment rotors were poor quality.
  • I have been having problems from about 6mos from getting my brand new 2006 G6 GT. The dealer has done nothing but replaced the visors. I ket telling my dealer that there was a vibration in the front when I press on brakes and he said he did not hear it. Now the vibration has stopped but I get this noise as I drive like a roar. is that my rotars warped? I also hear a slight metal on metal sound at times when I make turns. Is that my rack and pinnon? This is ridiculous in a new car with less that 50k miles. I would not reccomend this car to anyone unless you have money to dish out on repairs while making payments. :sick:
  • Odds are, if it's a typical G6..your rotors are warped..mine have warped every 7,000 miles..and if you do the research, you'll find it's a very common problem that GM refuses to provide restitution for hence my last $400 brake job on a car with only 30,000 miles. My passenger visor broke two weeks after I got the car..but I don't think they'll cover that under the warranty.."lemon"?..I don't know..but you can look forward to some brake problems if you continue using the stock pads..
  • There was a recall on the visors of the 2006 model and they replaced both at not charge. It was something with the mirror and the lights not working on the visor but I got a recall notice from Pontiac on that. :surprise:
  • This is a characteristic of a G6 if not GM. I recommend you live with the vibration until you need a brake job. Then replace the pads and rotors with your local mechanic with good rotors. I used Precision Tune Auto Care and haven't had a vibration since. It is too bad Pontiac is ignoring us. My last two cars were Toyotas and I decided to give Pontiac a chance. Most likely I will return to a foreign maker on my next car. The only other problem I have with the car is visibility in backing up. I don't have a clue where the back bumper is, and don't have a good view of who is behind me.
  • Trying to decide if I should take to the dealer if it could be under warranty or if I should shop around.

    I have 19K miles on the car. This is the first brake issue I have had. Is this common? Reading these posts has me concerned.

    Any advice?
  • Advice- yes. Trade in asap. I fought with Pontiac regarding my issue with my rotors. they finally paid for the local dealer to have them turned. I started out with a G6 with 9 miles on it and had problems with it up until I traded in. the worst part of it all is the dam car's re-sale value. I have nothing but bad news about this vehicle and pontiace and glad to be back in a honda. yes proud owner of a nice brand new honda with a honda rep that checks in with me every so often and invites me to dealer functions. Stand your ground and they will fix the problem. there's no car in the world thats new these days that should ever have brake problems when its still under warranty unless you intentionally ride down the road for 10k miles with your foot on the brake.
  • When I called the dealer and told them my mileage they stated that most brake issues are only covered up to 12K miles ( I have 19K), they would need to take a look to see what the problem was before they could tell me if it was covered under warranty. Just worried I will get there, they will say its not covered and the dealer repair bill will be twice what a another car shop would be.

    Do you have any idea what is covered, rotors, pads, etc and what isn't?

    I have a smart buy and I don't think it is up until next year so I am stuck I suppose. Previously I had a grand am and had no issues with it at all.
  • I am considering buying a used G6, either an '05 or '06, and these brake problems are pretty alarming. Overall, I like the G6. I have driven one as a rental car - enjoyed the comfort and power, I like the styling of it, gas mileage is good for a V6, and the price is right. Is there anything one can do about these apparently horrible brake problems?

    Chances are, if someone has already traded in their 2006 G6, it's probably *because* it has rotor problems, so not much chance of me buying one and randomly getting off the hook. Does replacing the stock pads with ceramic help? And how much does that cost? Maybe I can talk the dealer into doing that before I buy (or at least giving a discount on it), or else just walk out. If the problem is really as bad and unfixable as it sounds from this thread, then I'll probably have to stick with a 4cyl, since the G6 seems to be about the only V6 available about 2-4 yrs. old that's in my price range. Everything else about this car is pretty much just what I want...
  • Well of course two days before the appt with the dealer the noise stopped. Brought it in anyway and they are fine. NO CHARGE YEAH! I am not technical here but will try to remember what they said,

    Front brakes are great, back at 70%. With these types of brakes compound forms and you will hear that noise until it wears off.

    Sorry I know there is a better technical description but I have no more brake noise, perhaps it could be grime that built up.

    I do recommend the car actually, I love mine..its roomy, good pep and decent gas mileage. I am sure as with any car the wear and tear affects the performance.

    Good luck.
  • Has anyone had a problem with their brake switch? When I break my break lights turn off and when I accelerate the break lights come on. I've been to the dealer twice. They said it was the brake switch and replaced it. I thought I was all fixed but then I noticed it again driving late one night I could see the brake lights reflection off of some signs and I was accelerating. I went back again and they "recalibrated" the brake switch. The brake switch also affects the cruise control (meaning it doesn't work at all), the brakes don't seem to be ABS. They're not sensitive like some other cars that I've driven with ABS. Has anyone had this problem? It's very dangerous for me to drive my car like this but I don't know what to do.
  • delanadelana Posts: 1
    I have been having the same problem. I own a 2007 Pontiac G6. In the past week and a half I have had my car into the dealership TWICE. The first time they said they could not find a problem. The second time they said it was the brake switch and "said" they replaced it. I was told over the weekend by some friends that were aware of my problem and was following me to see if the problem was fixed that the car was still having the brake light issue intermittently. This morning I was pulled over by the local police and was told my brakes were not working properly (luckily when I explained my situation I was not ticketed for the problem). I have called and made an appointment with the dealership AGAIN to have the issue checked into. I feel your frustration. I have to have a car for my job and do not feel I have a reliable car.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I have owned GM products (Buick, Pontiac and Chevrolet) off and on since 1969, and the one thing they all had in common was brake "surge" due to warped rotors.

    After being told that it was due to improper wheel lug-nut torque, I purchased a quality Torque Wrench. To this day,immediately after getting a new car home, I loosen the lug-nuts and then re-torque them to specifications in the owner's manual.

    I have owned Chrysler, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, VW and Mini Cooper vehicles as well, and NEVER, EVER had rotor warpage on anthing other than GM vehicles, so I would hazard a guess that it isn't my driving style or environment causing problems.

    So, I shared your pain on this issue. However, it could be much worse...Check out the 08 Saturn Sky Red Line model's brake problems, here on the Edmunds might be glad that rotor warpage is the only problem you are having!
  • daydrmg6daydrmg6 Posts: 4
    Sounds like my story has been covered here. I have an 2005 G6 which I totally love!! EXCEPT my roters keep warping...... After the 5th trip to the dealer I finally find a service manager who has the balls to tell me of the G6 issues with roters. I dont want to throw more money at this unless I know it will fix the issues. He suggests I go with a after market roter that is a slotted/drilled style. Looking at about $500 for front roters, brake pads and labor. If this works I think its worth it but I am so unsure after reading of all the problems. Does anyone know if this has been a good fix...I am not looking for a bandaid that will end up costing more down the road.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I can only speak from my experience...any standard GM replacement rotor is going to warp. Warpage is not isolated to the G6...

    While I never invested in aftermarket rotors on any of my GM products, the simple fact is that I never had these issues on any non-GM automobiles, so I know that rotors can be made that will not warp under normal circumstances.

    I am sure that you can find suitable aftermarket rotors at a reasonable price, but I would double-check the warranty covering warpage. Also, seeing as how you have been abandoned by GM, I think I would let a different service provider do the work.

    Try for a start. There are many others you can find on Google, not to mention local brake/mufflerrepair shops in your area..

    Good Luck!
  • rmancosrmancos Posts: 1
    I just started experiencing this problem. Did you ever get this resolved? Was it the break switch? How many G6's does this have to happen to before it's a recall issue? I will never get another G6, have had a lot little things go wrong. Got mine in 2005 thier first store sells the wiper refills anywhere....NOBODY!! had to have the dealer order them for me.....$62.00...unreal.
  • pulley468pulley468 Posts: 3
    I've been having same brake light issues and cruise control interruption. I've taken it to two places and each time they say they don't find a problem and it will work fine for maybe a week. I have it scheduled to take to take to a third place. I've filed a complaint with NHTSA. It's obviously not an isolated fluke problem and a recall needs to happen. The complaint process is fairly easy and if enough people complain maybe they will force the issue.

    As far as the ABS, I do not believe it was a standard option at least on my 2006. Mine does not have it, and I can't say I miss it.
  • pdulchinospdulchinos Posts: 3
    I get repeated check gas cap messages. Originally, I had the gas cap replaced and the check engine light that resulted reset. Now I periodically and inconsistently get the message. It doesn't always happen, but appears temperature related (40-50 degrees). After about 3 or 4 check gas cap messages, the check engine light comes on. I reset and the process repeats. Anyone get a similar problem.
  • dustinrdustinr Posts: 5
    I just started having this same issue. Brake lights reversed on the 2005 model g6. I am going to take it to the dealership on monday. This is very dangerous and should not be happening on a 3 year old car. Has anyone gotten this issue resolved?
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