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Pontiac G6 Brake Problems



  • tamjamtamjam Posts: 1
    I purchased a new 07 G6 just over one year ago, had it in the shop numerous times within the first 3-8 months concerning the brakes - noise, stopping issues, feeling like the brake was competing with the accelerator when coming to a somewhat sudden stop. They replaced rotors and/or pads, kept saying it was an issue that GM might deal with IF we continued to have problems and brought it in several more times. Recently, the "traction control" light came on the stereo display and the brakes immediately failed - even the emergency brake wouldn't stop the car going less than 10 mph. It hit the car in front causing only a minor 1/2 inch scratch on their bumper - but, must have hit the "crumple" zone on my car as the hood crunched like aluminum foil and the radiator crunched enough to drain all fluids. Thank Goodness no one was hurt! I am seeing a lot of brake-related issues with the G6 - so, I'm curious to see if anyone else has had actual failure or that stop-go-stop-go-stop-go action with braking (like it is turning on and off or - as noted above - fighting with the accelerator). GM is sending a professional engineer to determine what happened - so, I am hopeful that they intend to correct the problems. If not, I feel I will be forced to sell the car to ensure my family's safety.
  • daydrmg6daydrmg6 Posts: 4
    I ended up going to Brake Team and having them install non GM Roters - Slotted and drilled high performance roters and new pads on the front only. $800.00!!!!

    I love my G6!!! I hope I am done with brake problems. Brake Team gave me a 3 yr 36000 warranty. Re-checks every 12000 miles, free replacement if any issues (NO TURNING)
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Recently, the "traction control" light came on the stereo display and the brakes immediately failed - even the emergency brake wouldn't stop the car going less than 10 mph. It hit the car in front causing only a minor 1/2 inch scratch on their bumper - but, must have hit the "crumple" zone on my car as the hood crunched like aluminum foil and the radiator crunched enough to drain all fluids.

    If you haven't done so already, I would suggest you make a report of this incident using the NHTSA web-site.
  • I'am new to the forum I have 2007 G6 GTP I was originally looking to find out if any one was having problems with the transmission fluid leaking.I run across this post and I see I'am not alone on the front discs being warped called dealer friday about tranny and I asked about the discs he played it off like it was just time for new ones at 23,000 miles I know better but I am taking it in for the tranny on mon. I will drill him hard about these discs as well as the clear coat starting to peal as well. I will report any findings when I get the car back.
  • ronig6ronig6 Posts: 3
    I have a 2006 G6 and I do love it, when I can drive it. I have had it in various shops and the dealership several times, in fact, it is in the shop now! My problem, so the mechanics think but can't prove, iscar the ABS. I could do 75 down the highway and one of the tires will shake, lock and then cause all 3 other brakes to lock completely. The only way to disengage is to turn the car off, disconnect the battery to reset the ABS! The master cylinder has been replaced, pads replaced (to ceramic to reduce noise), lines, sensors, rotors recut and it was on an electrical diagnosis.....they found nothing! I drive it 3 miles and the car just stops completely on its own, no matter what speed I go. I bought an extended warranty but they won't acknowledge it because they won't recognize the original miles and then add the warranty mileage.
    Who can I hire to blow the car up? (kidding) I love my G6 but investing more $ into something that can't seem to be fixed is a waste. I will never buy a Pontiac again and can't wait to find a way to trade it in, no matter how in debt I wind up being.
    Would love any advice if you folks have any! Please!
  • With 33,000 miles, I need my third set of wants $460...I ordered Power Slot Cyro-treated (part# 8278CT) for the front for $230 (set). Let you how they work.
  • sasqueensasqueen Posts: 1
    I too keep getting the "Check Gas Cap" messages....Now the engine light won't go off - I brought it to a mechanic - apparently the engine checks itself automatically - there is a problem with the pressure in the tank when it does the check so on comes the light!

    I was also told to only purchase a dealer gas cap - not from an auto store. They reset the engine light and I went on my way. I know this isn't the end of it.....
  • Have you talked with Pontiac Headquarters about the rotors?

    My G6 has 12,000 miles and will replace a set of rotors soon.

    You say, "THREE SETS OF ROTORS IN 33,000 MILES!" Wow.

    I guess that means GM ROTORS for the G6 are only meant to last for about 11,000 - 12,000 miles!

    My G6 Rotors are always in a state of "rust." Always cutting them.

    Rotors should last for 50,000-70,000 miles so I am told!

    If Your Dealer reports to Pontiac Headquarters that the rotors were defective - then the perhaps the rotors can be replaced at Pontiac's cost.

    However,, the new rotors will also only last about 12,000 miles.

    This is outrageous! Whatever can the consumer do?
    With GM cutting back on production and jobs this past month - I don't expect them to admit that there is a problem and will not recall the rotors.
    It is up to each individual to fight.

    I already talked to Pontiac Headquarters.
    Now, I am going to find my State Consumer Protection Agency and see about a LEMON law thing. Then an Attorney for the aggravation and dollars lost on a brand new car. Let GM pay the attorney.

    I wonder how many people are out there who have been buffaloed by the dealerships into thinking replacing the rotors at 12,000 miles is a "normal" part of maintaining a car? :mad:

    Anyway, would be interested in knowing how the Power Slot Cyro-treated(part#8278ct) for the front rotors at $230 set work?

    Please update. :lemon:
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    First off, I lease my 08, and if they ever feel that I need to pay for new rotors after only 12k miles, Heck no! I am with you, there is no way! The whole point for me to lease is to get a new car and not have to worry about problems like that. 12k miles is nothing, and I on a lease should not have to worry about anything remotely extravagant within my lease. So they would be here from me, if the dealer tried to pull anything I would simply go off on them. Essentially that would be GM revoking on their end of the lease agreement, because as a consumer, if I am up on my upkeep of the car, I am holding my end up, and replacing the rotors is not on that list. That would be like them saying you need a new timing belt or new exhaust at 12k miles, but if its defective, then its not because of me. See, I am on my high There is no way I would be covering that, especially since what I gave up to get in this car, it wasn't a car I even wanted to begin with, I like it, but I would be back in an Accord, in a heart beat! Long story.
  • monik1101monik1101 Posts: 4
    :mad: I have an 06 G6 and I have been dealing with this brake light reversal since February 08. The first time they couldn't get it to do it while it was there. So I took it back in May, claimed to have fixed it. It happened again in July, so I took it on the 3rd, claimed to have fixed it and I just took it again today July 31st, claimed to have fixed it. They don't know what the hell they are doing. Instead of calling a GM engineer, they want to experiment with fixes. I'm done working with them and I have called a lawyer. I already contact NHTSA and the Pontiac cust svc line. Make sure you keep your records of fixes and call NHTSA. Enough calls will force GM to find a fix because it's a safety issue. :mad: :lemon: :lemon:
  • monik1101monik1101 Posts: 4
    I have dealt with the same problem. I just took mine back to the dealer for the 4th time this year. They keep trying fixes and nothing works. Make sure you call NHTSA so they can track the complaints. They can force GM to recall the vehicle which will force their engineers to find an actual fix that works.
  • So far I drove 1,000 miles....tight even better than new. Very slight vibration at slow braking speed...but unbelievable at hightway speed. (I used the existing pads.) I drive mostly city (NY) and average speed between 11-17 mph.
  • I[07g6driver] said, "I am new to the forum I have 2007 G6 GTP I was originally looking to find out if any one was having problems with the transmission fluid leaking..?"

    Yes. I had my car towed for a non-start. When the car arrived the Delearship called me and said I needed a whole new transmission line because the fluid leaked out all over the garage floor at the dealership.

    I did not notice any leaking. I suspect that because the car is built so very close to the ground that the transmission line is suspectible to damage. (I don't know, just guessing.)
  • dustinrdustinr Posts: 5
    I replaced the rotors and pads (at 70000k and after 5k I'm already experiencing vibrations again when braking. Also, the $100 and change I paid to get my brake switch replaced didn't resolve the issue. I'll never buy another GM vehicle, how can you mess up brakes? If anyone has had the reversed brake light issue resolved please let me know!
  • How is your car now? Did the dealer find out what is the problem and fix it?
    I have the same problem last week Aug 16. Dealer claimed the same thing to have fixed it. I just left the dealer about 3 blocks, the brake light was on again all the times. I had to bring the car back for them to fix. After the 2nd time , it still happened even they claimed they changed the brake light switch and reprogrammed it. Now my car is still being at the dealer. Does anyone have that same problem and dealer successfully fix it? I will follow your advice to keep all records of fixes and call NHTSA and GM too.
  • kayla2kayla2 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my '06 G6. I have ordered a new brake light switch and am going to have it put on. I spoke with the the people from Pontiac and they have not issued a recall. This needs to be done. If anyone is having this problem they need to contact someone from Pontiac so that we can all get our cars fixed
  • On my 5th visit it was actually duplicating the problem. They called their GM engineer and was told to install a new BCM (body control module). I don't know if it worked but I can say that no one has stopped me since it was installed earlier this month. Demand that your dealer contact their GM service engineer. I'm still going through with my BBB claim because I took it to them times.
  • dustinrdustinr Posts: 5
    Ya thats what I figured was the problem.. When I step off the brake the light doesn't come back on for a 3-4 second delay, which I figured was the computer. If you want to see if you're lights are still messed just try the cruise, if it won't engage then your brake lights are still on.
  • dustinrdustinr Posts: 5
    Can anyone else confirm this to be the solution?
  • I have 46,000 mile s on my car. I've felt as if I was driving with the brakes on since shortly after I got the car. Nobody could find a problem. I've had brake pads and rotors. Then my brakes absolutely locked. They changed the tubes(?), then I had it towed to a dealer and they changed my right fromt rotor. They never looked deeper as to find out what was causing these problems. 3 weeks later, as I was driving, the car started to shake so intensely that I thought for sure I was going to crash. When I got out of the car, my right front rotor was glowing red. Again, I was towed 60 miles to my shop. After changing my rotor and pads (which were totally melted) my shop wasn't satisfied. They found that thje ABS unit was bas and have ordered that from the dealer. I am TOTALLY disgusted. I have never had an American car before and WILL NEVER HAVE ONE AGAIN. GM is not taking care of it's customers. When you read this blog, you see how many people's lives have been comprimised by GM's complacency. :mad:
  • I would imagine that GM did nothing to assist you unless you were in warranty. Get rid of the car if you can afford too.
  • I have a pontiac G6 GTP and I had the same problem with the brake lights, first they recalibrated the brake sensor and that worked for a day then i had to bring it back and they changed the sensor. the minute i drove it off the lot it was still doing it and they had to change the sensor again! i was without the car for a week the first time cause they had to order the part. so far so good but now im paranoid and keep checking my lights.
  • I had the very same issue as you and the dealer wouldn't touch them, 1k after warranty expiration. I took my car to folks I trusted. He took my brake system apart, replaced the master cylinder, lines, rotors, ABS sensors and replaced the metal pads with ceramic ones. I've been "lock free" for 6 weeks now and the brakes don't get hot. Have your pads changed to ceramic. Pontiacs ABS sensors go off because the metal pads overheat too easily and the sensors get too hot and everything locks. That has worked for me and I went through 6 months of work before we realized we needed to check one part at a time and see what affect it had. I too will never by a GM vehicle again and probably never buy an American car again either.
  • My wonderful little car repair shop did use ceramic pads last time. $1500 later, I am back on the road and hopeful that this is it. Good luck. :lemon:
  • Good luck to you too! Drive safe!
  • I turned my lease in early. I went through BBB and Pontiac Cust Svc only to be told GM would only offer me $2000 and not the full $3300 I owed. I took my business to Ford and will never return to GM out of principle. I will miss their style of cars but I had to make a point. You feeling paranoid will only continue unless you get out of the car.
  • So after you turned it in to the dealership, what did you have to pay?? Did you file a lemon claim or what??My lease ends 1/2010, but its currently at the dealership, because they don;t know how to fix my gear shifter controller. It remains stuck in park and I think the dealership don't know what to do. They replace my gear shifter controller, still remains stuck, then recalibirated my brake pedal, it still gets stuck. I called today, service advisor told me that she haven't heard anything yet? I was wondering who was she waiting on?? They just need to be honest at this time,saying that don't know what to do and why its happening.
    Do you think I should let them keep the leased car, but what are my consequences? They told me if I end my lease early I will be responsible for $10,000. I wonder why??
  • Well I wonder if are your issue similar to mine?? My gear shift is stuck in park, but they told me the mess as they told you. But I got a new gear shifter controller, and it stills get stuck. Next they recailbrated the brake sensor, that also worked one day for me as well. They gave me a loaner, and I'm still in it. It stinks and has a loud roar. So did they afterwards they order the part?? I feel that way every since it first happen back in 9/3/08. I',m wondering why is it happening? Its a good thing its a leased, but I'm trying to figure it I should let them keep and take the early termination or what?
  • this tip may help you and if it does you'll probably kick yourself for going through all that with you gear shift. i had the same problem with my gear shift getting stuck. i even took it to pontiac and they didnt know what the problem was but ironically my wife figured it out. our car wont release out of park if you dont push the break peddle down hard enough before trying to get out of park. i was having the same problem with my gear shift being stuck but i dont anymore. pontiac didnt even know our cars are like that. try it and let me know if that does anything for you.
  • I have a 2006 G6 pontiac.. i am having tail light /brake light issues and my gear shifter wouldnt come out of park either and my cruise control intermittently worked to . but now i dont use my cruise control because the last time i used almost got in an car accident because when i hit the brakes it didnt shut off . i had to pounce hard and hard b4 it shut off. that was scary too. when i am going down the road my tail/brake lights stays on, then when i stop they go off.. i have had it to 3 auto repair shops and they searched it high and dry and came up with what i need. they said i need a body control module...i am sick over it ... cause it is a lot of money like 500 dollars to 1000 to get it fixed .. i have complained to pontiac and they say it is on me...the repair cost to fix it.. i am sick over it..i asked if they have a recall they said no... i think we need to band together and tell our problem to GM/ Pontiac so they get the message ... i have complained but they arent listening to me . i think we all need to contact GM/pontiac and tell them ..we all need to do this ...maybe they will recall and have our problem fixed by GM/Pontiac..Its like a petition if we all who have problems with the G6 tell GM/Pontiac. they will here us... and maybe do something about this...I am also haveing the brakes issue too what u are experincing about the G6, they sqeak, grind, and i just had these brakes changed...i fell like a got a real lemon ..its not funny either... i paid big money for this car too.
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