Infiniti G35 Navigation System

navboynavboy Member Posts: 32
The 2007 G35 seems to have a significantly upgraded nav-system. It is hard-drive base, and includes traffic monitoring and voice-recognition control of the navigation, radio, and climate systems. It also tells you which precise lane to be in for freeway navigation.

Is the navigation system in the 2007 G35 more advanced (and have more features) then the system on the 2007 M35/M45?

Below is a description of the 2007 G35 nav system from someone's review: "The Navigation Package consists of a GPS-based system employing a 30GB hard disc drive (which displaces the in-dash, six-CD changer to the trunk and contains a 9.5GB partition for user-recorded audio tracks); MP3-capable compact flash media slot (also used to copy audio to the HDD and update the map database); lane guidance, which preps a driver for a left or right exit ramp from a freeway; voice recognition for climate control, audio and navigation; and a three-month trial subscription to Sirius or XM satellite radio, the latter including real-time traffic information where available."


  • asingh80asingh80 Member Posts: 32
    i know the hard drive comes only with the G35 sport not with any other the review might not be completely true for the rest of the models
  • topgun7topgun7 Member Posts: 412
    Asingh, you may want to check Infiniti web site... the hard drive come with the studio on Wheels and it is optional on all level of 07 G35 Sedan...

    Premium Package

    - Power sliding tinted glass sunroof with one-touch open/close, tilt feature and sliding sunshade
    - Infiniti Studio on Wheels™ by Bose® premium audio system with 24-bit Burr-Brown DAC, single-feed 6-disc CD autochanger with MP3 playback capability, Radio Data System (RDS), and ten speakers, including 3-way component front door speakers with 10-inch subwoofers and a parcel shelf-mounted subwoofer
    - Heated front seats
    - 2-way power driver’s seat lumbar support
    - Memory system for driver’s seat, steering wheel and outside mirrors
    - Driver's seat, steering wheel and outside mirror position synchronization
    - One-touch auto-up/down rear windows with safety auto-reverse feature
    - Power tilt and telescoping steering column synchronizes gauge cluster with column for improved vision
    - Automatic anti-glare rearview mirror with HomeLink® Universal Transceiver and compass
    - Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System
    - Heated outside mirrors
    $2,350 N/A O O O O
  • desidoggdesidogg Member Posts: 26
    Yes the above poster is correct. The hard drive is available on ALL models of the 07 G but it comes with the Navigation package, not the premium package.
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    The Bluetooth in my 06 Coupe sucks. Had to turn it off and go back to using the phone direct, (but may use my bluetooth headset soon.)

    Wonder if the problems have been solved with the 07 model.

  • joseppi22joseppi22 Member Posts: 5
    The dealer seemed to have misplaced my Navi Map-DVD upon delivery of my new 06 6MT. SHe said she will see if the 07 cd works. does anyone know anything about this? wouldn't it be just an updated version? thanks
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    I just got notice via the mail that the new version is out. Yes it will work and would be preferable to the now outdated 06 version.

    Changes include updated roads and points of interest the later of which is the major change according to the notice I got.

  • diesel2029diesel2029 Member Posts: 11
    Anyone know if the trunk mounted 6 CD changer (Nav package) can play mp3s ?? The dealer I spoke with said it could not do this.
  • kring5kring5 Member Posts: 144
    it can not. he was correct.
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Did they tell you what the cost of the update would be?
    Does Infiniti offer details on what's being updated?

    I have an 06 MDX and the 07 Navi update is $185.
    Their website offers details on what states/areas are updated and I thankfully found that I don't need an update this year.
  • tashtash Member Posts: 1
    Hi all.. I'm pretty new to this, so please excuse me if I'm asking a weird question. I have a G35 2004 and the navigation was working just beautifully! Now it won't power up...I had a problem initially with my key starting and I had infiniti replace the problem, all was good, but now the last week or so, I have no navigation. Could it be from the same problem? Or is this a common thing with Infiniti? I just wanted to know before I get to the dealership... Can anyone help?
  • jaf5460jaf5460 Member Posts: 15
    Does anyone know how to delete selected address from the previous destinations; I don’t want to delete all, just a few. It looks like I have to do a reset and clear them all. I cant figure out how to delete one or two..
  • moretoexploremoretoexplore Member Posts: 1
    The 3D Building Scale (birdview) doesn't seem to work in the Charlotte market. Has anyone else had issues?
  • mgm53mgm53 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with a 2003 g35-the nav system went intermitent then would not power up-did you find a solution?s
  • kring5kring5 Member Posts: 144
    It only works in Major city downtowns. doubt Charlotte is big enough (no offense) but it's for New York, LA, DC, Chicago, etc..
  • sizarrosizarro Member Posts: 7
    Ok, who knows how to hack Infiniti's 07 G35 nav system so that an address can be input while driving?
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    This can be done through voice command while driving.
    No hack is needed. :confuse:
  • sizarrosizarro Member Posts: 7
    Unfortunately, the G35's voice recognition (even after spending 20 minutes training it) is somewhat unreliable. It gets the command right about 40% of the time while driving (likely due to road noise) and maybe 60% while at idle.

    Trying to recite an address, which can be lengthy, is likely to be a frustrating adventure...
  • desidoggdesidogg Member Posts: 26
    Hi.... I had trouble with this also but IT IS POSSIBLE. When you are in the adressbook, you have to dig through all the menu options once you have selected the specific entry (when your car is not moving) and there is one for delete entry.

    If you still have trouble, send me a mesg and I will go look at my G35 for the exact key sequence.
  • mrg2mrg2 Member Posts: 29
    Has anyone come up with a may to play video on the Nav screen of the `07 sedan while the car is moving?
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Has anyone come up with a may to play video on the Nav screen of the `07 sedan while the car is moving?

  • toddr3toddr3 Member Posts: 19
    Has anyone had any luck converting from XM to sirius with the Navigation option? My dealer is telling me that XM is integrated into the Nav unit and cannot be changed to Sirius... True?
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    The car can be ordered with Sirius instead of XM.

    I prefer Sirius but went with XM to get the Nav Traffic as well.

    XM is included with the Nav package, but Sirius is an option if you choose.
  • kring5kring5 Member Posts: 144
    Scottm123 So................. is today the day?
  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Member Posts: 452
    Here is another thing to it really worth the trouble to find a way to convert everything to Sirius considering the fact that the two companies will be merging by the end of the year. I too would rather have the Sirius in mine, but since XM is already integrated and I like the Nav Traffic, I figured it wasn't worth the hassle since it should only be a few months before we get the benefits of BOTH systems ;) Just my two cents.
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Today is the day!
    Picking it up at 5pm.
    I have my folder here on my desk with all necessary paperwork, and I'm sportin' my most comfy of pens for signing, and even brought my trusty tire pressure gauge. :shades:
    Brought my camera with me too, even if the wife think's I'm completely nuts.

    "Kring5" is a fairly unique name, so I assume you're Kring from the 'other' forum...?
    I'll be posting some pics there, hopefully tomorrow.

    And before Pat comes and attacks me... I know, I know... I can post pics here as well. :P
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    XM is already integrated and I like the Nav Traffic, I figured it wasn't worth the hassle since it should only be a few months before we get the benefits of BOTH systems

    I had the exact same thought and hope for the same outcome... I just think it may be more than a few months, but let's hope it's a short wait!
  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Member Posts: 452
    I just hope that it happens before the next football much as I like having the MLB package, I'd much rather have NFL and NBA :blush:
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Having the wife's car today with no sat at all, (traded it in tonight) I had to listen to the Red Sox spanking Seatle on FM.
    Boy, I do NOT miss those FM days. :P
  • jsarrettjsarrett Member Posts: 5
    Maybe someone can clarify. In order to get the traffic with the NAV you must have XM, correct? Now does the real time traffic require a full xm subscription? Can you just get a traffic subscription? I have XM in my other car, but I do not think I need it on the G with the hard drive and flash card.
  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Member Posts: 452
    I'm pretty sure that you can get the navtraffic as a stand alone is just cheaper when bundled with xm radio service. It's like $3 per month as a bundle or like 8 or 9 per month by itself. But don't quote me on it.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Member Posts: 422
    Don't think so, have you asked XM?
  • steiny1227steiny1227 Member Posts: 11
    Can you guys tell me if there is anyway to locate an actual destination NAME while driving using the voice commands? My dealership said you can only search by ADDRESS or PHONE NUMBER. I mean seriously, who knows the address and/or phone number of the place they are going every time? But I would hope they would know the name! Ugh...just another Infiniti miss on the design.
  • steiny1227steiny1227 Member Posts: 11
    Forget why would you want to watch movies while driving.

    How can you disable the lock-down of all key features while you're driving? It's like Infiniti didn't put any knowledge into what commands make sense locking. Did they ever think that the PASSENGER could actually look up addresses, etc.

    Like when you are talking on the phone and you have commands to Hang Up, Mute, but you can't use the Keypad to enter a # like you need to when listening to VM, etc.

    Or when you're searching through your Phonebook and it will let you scroll through the first 12 entries but no more and you have to scroll through the list because the voice activated tags don't work most of the time.

    Or when you're trying to scroll through Traffic information but it only lets you see the first page of results. There are so many 3 or 4 level deep menu options that aren't disabled while driving but little things at the top level like these mentioned are - it's very very very frustrating.

    I had an older 2004 G35 Coupe and remember reading message boards then about being able to disable the lock-down feature, but it would involve taking it somewhere and basically voiding your warranty on that equipment. I'm close to the point where I don't care though - I want my features while driving.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Member Posts: 422
    I want my features while driving. though people with cell phones screwed into their heads while driving wasn't enough, more buttons and video screens to pay attention to while aiming a car down the road at interstate speeds...sure makes sense to me! :confuse: :confuse:
  • steiny1227steiny1227 Member Posts: 11
    Yes, and why would the passenger ever want to mess with those controls. Hmm...I can't imagine that would be useful.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Member Posts: 422
    I suppose if the owner could guarantee to Infiniti that the accident was caused by a "careless passenger" instead of a mindless driver thus releasing Infiniti from any liability (because you just know a lawsuit will always result), then Infiniti would let the driver "play" with buttons rather than do what a driver is supposed to know, drive. Until then, I guess everyone who wants have their features will just have to be frustrated. :cry:
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Nothing is locked in my other car (Acura MDX)
    I can even use a calculator, in case I want to do my taxes at 80 mph.

    I agree that these features should not be locked out for those of us who can pass an intelligence test.
    Acura must just assume that their drivers are bright enough to use common sense.

    I don't know... there's 2 sides to this coin, and I understand both arguments.
    I just wish my stuff wasn't locked out in the G. :confuse:
  • steiny1227steiny1227 Member Posts: 11
    I can certainly see both sides of the argument. Everyone is out for a buck so everyone else needs to cover their *sses, but then now can Acura afford to NOT lock those features but all these other companies do. Are their lawyers just that good?
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Their drivers are smarter? :confuse:

    I can say that cause I also have the MDX! :P

    Of course, the wife drives that, so the smarter idea just can't be true!!! ;)
  • cadreamncadreamn Member Posts: 56
    (I also posted this in the Audio thread, so my apologies to those reading it twice....)

    I'm considering a G35x with Premium and debating whether or not I would spend the extra 2K on the Nav package. I currently have a Nuvi and an iPod. From reading some comments on the Audio thread, it seems as though the MusicBox may be more cumbersome than just plugging an iPod into the A/V jacks and playing songs from there - or even just burning CDs and putting them in the changer. And from my brief experience playing with the Nav system, I didn't see a lot of advantages over a Nuvi (which can also be set up to get real-time traffic via XM). Don't really need/want XM radio. That leaves the voice commands - I do like the idea of less distractions while driving so if they work well and help on that front, I can see some value there. Plus the value they would add to Nav over a Nuvi which cannot currently be controlled by voice. (And they are kinda cool.)

    I realize everyone has their own priorities/needs, etc. - but for those of you who have the Nav package, what are your thoughts on all of the above? Is the package worth the $? Knowing what you do now, would you still have opted for it?
  • vidurvidur Member Posts: 22
    I noticed that the nav on my G35 coupe (07) doesn't recalculate routes if a miss a turn. Is this for everyone or something wrong w/ mine?

    Also, it seems to be a little sluggish. It for sure updates slower than the NAV in a honda pilot.

    anyone w/ similar exp?

  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    My 07 Sedan does recalculate and it's also MUCH faster than our other car, the 06 Acura MDX.
    Sounds like we have opposite experiences.

    There was only one time where the G didn't recalculate, and it was after missing a turn and there not being any other way around within miles.
    I just kept telling me to turn around. lol
  • vidurvidur Member Posts: 22
    Thanks! I think G35 coupe uses the NAV in the '06 sedan. May be it was upgraded. Anyways, I will ask my dealer.

  • sweendogysweendogy Member Posts: 1,310
    small issue== noticed the nav does not always give me the option of "interest points" its sometimes blocked out (non clickable) on the screen also seems sometime the nav is not fast to recognize changes in my route is this routine??
  • lasley5lasley5 Member Posts: 1
    if you have the nav package you can burn CDs to the hard drive. I can't access the list of artists while the vehicle is moving- pretty goofy safety feature! On a related note, I can't go to the next page on the traffic info while moving either- guess I need to stop in traffic to see it!
  • scottm123scottm123 Member Posts: 1,501
    Turning the right 'tuning' knob on the stereo allows for you to scroll through artists while driving.
    Not quite the same thing, but it gets us by.
  • miamishapsmiamishaps Member Posts: 15
    Can the dealership install Sirius over XM once already purchased with Nav or is this something that can only happen Japan? Not happy with XM, need my Stern for the morning commute. Also NFL is almost upon us!
  • cadreamncadreamn Member Posts: 56
    In a test drive, it seemed like the Nav system would only display the top 5 entries on a list while moving rather than the whole list. For instance, if I used voice commands to find the nearest hotel, it would only show me the 5 closest, etc. Is there any way to see more or scroll a list, either by voice or manually? - I can do this on my NUVI. I've also heard that you cannot place a call to a POI while driving???
  • gsportgsport Member Posts: 4
    hey i got a question for everybody .i have an 03 g35 sport package without navi. i was thinking about converting it into a navi found some navi units on ebay but have no idea if the car is prewired for navi or not that navi on ebay comes with dvd unit disk screen with audio unit and gps antenna what else i need? and if enayone have ever done that?? please help!!
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Member Posts: 422
    Buy a Garmin Nuvi and stick it on your windshield - it's easier, cheaper and works just fine. Why would you want to fool around with wiring and possibly hose things up?
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