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    I realize this complaint is a it dated, but I thought the attached link might help shed some light on why so many S-model Mini's seem to experience some form of clutch failure. Notice down the article that there are many other models experiencing clutch issues with dual-mass flywheels.

    This isn't an excuse nor a defense, just information...

    Hopefully, this info will at least help those with clutch failures understand the issue better.
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    In my case it is a 6-speed automatic. Does this still apply? There is no way to "ride the clutch" so how would this happen?
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    No, it doesn't apply to your situation.
  • busirisbusiris Member Posts: 3,490
    No, it doesn't. Automatics are completely different animals, as Mr_Shiftright indicated.
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    I am living in bay area.. can you let me know which is a good place to repair mini..
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    Bay Bridge Motors in Emeryville...speak to Jacques or e-mail him. It will be like you've died and gone to heaven.

    PS: This is my personal recommendation, not Edmunds. They don't know Bay Bridge one way or the other. :)
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    So, I don't own a Mini, but my sister does. She took it in for routine maintenance and they also told her they would do the software update. Long story short, after they finished, they could not get the car out of park. Every service guy was working on trying to figure out what was wrong. They apparently need to order a whole new "EGS module", which is the computer for the transmission. An internal defect was caused by the programming. Of course, none are available in the United States, but 42 are in Germany. They are putting the part on an emergency order, but it could take up to 7 or 10 days for the part to come in. The reason I tell this story (myself being a software engineer) is if anyone got the update AND then experienced issues with the could be related to a software defect.
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    Hi, I have a 2004 Mini Cooper S and am having a short shifter installed on Tuesday. I plan to go with a Helix and am wondering if anyone has any experience with this or has other brand recommendations. I know my shift times will be quicker and am wondering if it will be easier to shift or take a bit of getting used to. Thanks!
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    Well there's plus and minus to a short-shifter. Me, personally, I don't think it's the best thing for street use, but that's just me. What I did was get rid of that ridiculous gearshift knob and I swear, the car shifts faster--well *I* shift faster-- now that I have a normal size knob on there.

    The problem with a short shifter is in stop and go or city driving--it can feel notchy and on a 6-speed you may find it frustrating to find the right gear. I hope not, but this was my experience with other cars using short-shifters.

    For track use, it could be the way to go.

    So if you have a chance to postpone this, you might at least consider ordering up a universal shift knob on eBay (about $20) and trying that out and see if you like it.
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    I have bought a 2013 mini cooper works, it has now done 1,000 km when the car would not engage a gear. I have since been told by BMW Middle east that the clutch has burnt out & it is not covered by warranty. They have also informed me it was all down to driver error but as yet have not either given me a copy of my so called warranty nor have they given any other reason than driver error, has anyone else had this bull?
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    have they torn the car down yet and examined the pieces?
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    You were so right about it feeling notchy and being frustrating to find the right gear. Big problem in LA stop and go traffic.
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    I have been shopping for a used car. Was highly interested in the Mini Cooper. I noticed on Ebay a couple people selling cars with transmission problems. I went to google stuff about Mini transmission problems mostly to see if buying a manual transmission would benefit me. When google hints me towards Mini Cooper Transmission Lawsuits!! There are class action lawsuitS pending because of this!!! Then I read on here, nightmares with the car both automatic and manual transmission and people having trouble with it after a brake job!! If anyone needs help with their transmission, please try to find yourself a lawyer working on this problem. From what I read, BMW will be paying out serious money to fix peoples problems even if you sold your car especially because of the transmission problem. 10's of thousands are being included. I am disappointed to read these things. I hope I can find an interesting ride soon!!
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    I have a 2012 Mini Cooper Countryman S. It has been a great car up until 35000 miles when the clutch went out. We had taken the car several times for a burning smell with no luck or explination. The dealership is replacing it under warranty. I think partly because I have a 2002 Mini Cooper S with 170,000 miles on it with the original clutch. It can not be abuse if you have a solid history as a Mini owner I guess. I just wanted to post as I am seeing a lot of these clutch issues come up on line and I am an advocate of Mini...Hell I have two of them. But it does seem there is an issue and they should look into it...
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    If one is interested, do a search on "dual mass flywheel failure", and you will see lots of manufacturers involved. It's no just a Mini issue...

    VW, Audi, Ford, Dodge, etc...
  • I do not recommend the short shifter, I should have stuck with the original.

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    I WOULDN'T buy another Mini Cooper!!!!! I own a 2010 Mini Cooper convertible and the clutch went out in the thing. I have owned manual transmissions all my life and i have never had to replace a clutch!! My husband contacted mini and they told him, "it wasn't under warranty!" I have owned this car for about a year and i now have to put $3000 into this car! I like my mini cooper BUT i will never own another one because from looking at all the complaints against their clutches, they should of had a recall. I am very disappointed in Mini for not standing behind there crappy parts!

    Its crazy because in ALL their commercial they show people ripping in their mini's....but when you call them they accuse you of ripping it and thats why the clutch went out!! I very RARELY rip in this car and the damn clutch still went out! BAD COMPANY!!

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    I have a 2003 170k miles - i guess I feel lucky since I've only replaced the clutch once but it is about to fail again but what's really strange is that the clutch started to give me problems last summer - wouldn't go into reverse without a struggle - winter came and no more clutch problems - now the temperatures are rising and clutch problems are back almost simultaneous with my check engine light going off (was on all winter). Is it the mini's brain gone crazy?

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    10 June 2014: I own a 2008 Mini Cooper S with standard transmission. Last month (May 2014) I passed 40,000 miles. Shortly after I experienced a loss of RPMs, speed and acceleration. I later learned this was the symptoms of a failing clutch system. My local mechanic was unable to do the work required because they need specialized tools that were too expensive. So I had the car towed to the local MINI Dealer. They told me that to replace the clutch and flywheel will cost over $3000. On top of that the timing chain and/or tensioner needs to be replaced and that will cost another $2000.

    I do not dispute the prices for the maintenance although I do think they are somewhat inflated. What I do dispute is that the age and mileage of the car do not coincide with the needed repairs. I feel I was deceived by BMW/MINI about the reliability and durability of this product. I will not be buying another Mini Cooper and will urge all current and potential owners of a Mini to buy something else.

    I am sad to see that so many others have the same problem. I loved they way my Mini drove. I loved the amazing gas mileage it gave me, and I loved the way it looked. You were my dream car and now my heart is broken. MINI needs to step up and publicly deal with this issue. You are better than this.

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