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Chrysler Sebring Audio System Problems



  • If your radio is like mine, look for an H (for hours) and an M (for minutes) on the right side of the radio display. Next to each letter is a hole. Stick a pen point in the H hole and push in. The hour will change.

    By the way, that info is in your manual if you have one and forget the next time we have to change our clocks.
  • cg33cg33 Posts: 3
    Did you ever get an answer for this? My radio knob does not work properly. You turn it and sometimes nothing happens. It is especially annoying when you hear an announcement begin and try to turn it up to hear the details and not only does it not get louder, but it sometimes turns down instead. I want to get it out of the dash so I can try a tuner spray to see if that solves the problem.
  • earzanearzan Posts: 2
    Hi. I have a Chrysler Sebring 1997 and it has been an excellent car. The problem I am having right now is that when I turn off the wipers, they stop immediately (they do not finish in the bottom part of the windshield). I was getting ready to buy the motor (even though the motor works) becuase it comes with the electrical part thinking this is the problem. However the seller told it could be also the switch where you turn the wipers on and off. Do you know any way how to check which is the problem? Any suggestion or comments? Should I take the chance to buy the motor or should I go to the directly to the dealer? Thank for your help.


    Note: Even though it has been a great car, I have had the problem that the radio gets on and off. Did someone find out what is the problem?? That radio has been replace like three times. Thank you.
  • fatfishfatfish Posts: 12
    This just happened to me this there an in line fuse or anything??
  • Is there any way for me to transfer selected song files from my iPod? I only seem to be able to copy the entire playlist using a USB connection.

    Any help is appreciated
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Is there any way for me to transfer selected song files from my iPod? I only seem to be able to copy the entire playlist using a USB connection.

    The only options for adding music to the hard drive are via disc or USB flash drive. You don't have to copy the entire playlist from a USB device.

    Copying audio files using the USB port:

    1. Lift USB cover and insert the USB device. Select MY MUSIC.
    2. Select IMPORT MUSIC FILES. Select FROM USB.
    3. Select individual files or ALL. Select DONE to begin copying.

    There's a demo of this on the Chrysler MyGIG website. Click on "Copy Audio Files" on the left side of the screen.
  • buy kenwood cd player best buy instaled 129 ok lol easy
  • When a radio will only work intermitly you most likely have a ground or power issue. This can be fixed by finding the power/ground wire on the wires on the rear of the radio. Start with the ground wire (usually black) and splice into it and run to a good known ground (metal under the dash or firewall,and do the same for the power on except you will connect this to a power source that powers up with the key in the on position ( you will need a 12 volt test light for this) this will fix any power or ground issues if not you will have to replace the radio unit. This is not a difficult repair but if you are unsure any mechanic can do this in 30 minuites or so.
  • my clock is on the navigation screen, will mikebuckley's clock re-set solution work for this set-up?
  • Just bought a 2008 Sebring Touring with the Standard 6 CD/MP3/Sat radio....I cannot see any way to go to random I missing something? Surely, it has this feature...but not covered in the manual...and can't find anything via Google or Yahoo....

    Also, anyone used a Data DVD for MP3s? Manual implies it will work...but also says there is a file limit of just 256 this total file limit or is it per folder? I can usually get about 1,000 MP3s on a data DVD....

    Anyone know of more info on this radio besides the standard car manual?


  • I bought a new radio and am trying to install it into my 97. i have full power to the radio and it is working, but am getting no sound through the speakers. what do I need to do.
  • I had a dead battery, got it jumped and now have no sound coming from the radio, the radio powers on, any ideas?

    and how to fix them?
  • I have about 75% of the equipment on hand and am just waiting for the rest to come in before I start. First I will be putting a Alpine IVA-D310 single din head unit and a center channel speaker in the double din opening... what adapter have other owners used to install a double din head unit? Has anyone installed a din head unit as well as a Alpine SBS-05DC center channel speaker and if so how did you go about it? Has anyone used the Scosche CR1291 dash kit? (see link below) It is two brackets instead of a complete box frame. I suspect that this may work better than the box frame for what I am trying to accomplish. And what harness adapter do you use? If anyone has installed an Alpine TV head unit please give the part number so I can l look to see if that will work for my install.

    The IVA-D310 is a DVD/TV head unit and I have heard that there are issues with installing a TV head unit in the 07 & 08 Sebring... has anyone encountered any wiring problems while attempting to install a TV head unit in either of these years models? If so what was it and how did you end up solving the problem?

    I will be replacing the stock speakers in the front doors and in the rear deck. 6.5" coaxial Focal's in the doors and 6"x9" Boston Acoustics in the deck. These will be driven by a Rockford Fosgate T400-4 amp. As well as 2 Boston Acoustics G2 12" dual voice coil subs in a custom designed ported box in the trunk driven by a Sony XM-SD51X running at 2 Ohm putting out 500W. I will be running the amps thru a dual 1 Farad capacitor set-up from Audiobahn. All power and ground connections will be thru 1/0 AWG and interc">link titleonnections will be 16 AWG wires... all copper is 100% pure crystal-oxygen free. When the time comes to replace the battery it will be replaced with an Optima and the alternator will be replaced with a high output model for high amp usage. Distribution block and positive battery terminal will be gold plated and digital displayed to monitor current and fuse blocks will also be gold plated.

    If anyone has any input or suggestions please feel free to! I look forward to any help that anyone can give1 Thanks for taking the time to look this over ! ~Fatalii

    <a href="
  • Hello,

    Did you find a solution to enable the DVD player in Drive position, If so can you help me to do it .

    Thank you
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Did you find a solution to enable the DVD player in Drive position, If so can you help me to do it .

    There are several aftermarket hardware devices that you can install to enable DVD in motion. The one I recommend is called ALLGIG-USB (do a Google search). I don't work for them, I just surf many MyGIG forums and the feedback I've read from ALLGIG owners is very positive. Apparently they have great customer support.

    There was once a bug in one release of the MyGIG without nav (REN) where you could press a combination of buttons and get it to play a DVD while in motion. It was fixed on later releases but you might be able to find a video of how to do it if you do a Google search.
  • You could try CLUTCHFIELD Electronics, Call them and talk to there tech support. The custom make kits for vehicles and there tech support are great :sick:
  • ratrod1ratrod1 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2002 sebring, does anyone have any ideas?
    Thank you.
  • bgbabybgbaby Posts: 1
    O1 sebring I don't get any sound from speakers .. I checked the speakers they work fine.. It's not the outputs on the radio checked that.. So it sumthn btween the radio & the speakers? ... Mayb there is a amp or capaciter of sum sort? ...any suggestions?
  • wheelie2xwwheelie2xw Posts: 2
    Little clip (lock) holding wire harness to fan resistor. Don't know how to separate. Any clues welcomed. Thanks
  • wheelie2xwwheelie2xw Posts: 2
    After another hour of searching found some clues but managed to figure it out. While pulling backwards on the clip using the little vertical tab put a small screwdriver blade under the hook on the other end and raise i so it clears the little black bar and pull the tab all the way back until it comes completely out. Once its out use the same screwdriver blade on one side prying out the little blue thing. Then do the other side. Slowly it will dislodge on each side until it eventually comes out. If replacing the resistor just plug in the new one firmly then reinsert the red clip.
  • bxle44bxle44 Posts: 2
    When you say that the volume is malfunctioning do you mean that you can hear the radio but you cannot control the volume up or down? That is what is happening on my 1999 sebring. I found a radio on ebay and I plan on swapping it out.
  • Had my 2002 Sebring LXi detailed this AM, including a wash. Immediately afterward the Infinity radio console only shows '-' in the display, won't operate via any of its controls, and won't turn off. Luckily all other electrical appears normal, including the 4-CD changer. Any ideas as to root cause, solution, impacts other than battery drain? Thanks in advance!
  • ridhillridhill Posts: 2
    I have a Media center 430 radio in 2010 Sebring Convertible Limited, and when I try to record several cds of an audio book, the play back is in the order of 1st track from 1st cd,
    then 1st track from 2nd cd, then 1st track of 3rd cd, etc. When recorded
    directly from CD, all cds are loaded into same playlist. This makes it
    impossible to play back the CD book in the order of the recorded
    tracks. Any way to record each cd to a separate playlist? Or to get the
    playback to be in sequential order recorded - ie 1st thru 10 tracks of 1st disc, then all tracks of 2nd disc, etc - not 1st track of each cd, then 2nd track of each cd,etc?
  • kos5954kos5954 Posts: 1
    I have an 08 Chrysler Sebring with the touchscreen REN radio without navigation. I cant transfer anything from my ipod or external hard drive into the radio's HDD. Is there something I can do? Downloading cds seems to work, but to transfer my library it ll take soo many cds and time. Any info would help.....
  • tj56tj56 Posts: 4
    2006 Sebring 2.7L. CD player stopped working. It will automatically take in the CD. Sometimes the CD icon comes on like it is turning on. Other times it does not. Either way, it does not play. The radio works fine. This is a new problem that started about two weeks ago. I had a dead battery and had to jump start it. The CD problem occurred shortly afterwards. No problem with jump starting that I am aware of. What could be the problem and how can I fix it? Thank you for your help.
  • did you ever find the problem with the sebrings stereo. i have a 98 doing the same thing.if you have a hint let me know thanks
  • tj56tj56 Posts: 4
    Haven't found the problem yet.
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