Hyundai Sonata Rear Thump



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    You are right, only the LX model comes with the 17" wheels. The main issue is that Hyundai has recognized that the existing rear suspension on 06's and early 07's with 17" wheels are not adequate. It's not a safety issue though. Interestingly enough Consumer Reports when reviewing the 2006's said the suspension was noisy. I am scheduling my "fix" this week. Now if they could deal with the somewhat noisy rt. front suspension on the Azzy that would be real "cool". However it doesn't detract from the fact that it is one awesome car. I love it. :)
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    You are right, only the LX model comes with the 17" wheels.

    As far as standard wheels, that is correct, but the 17" wheels were an option on the GLS for 2006 so many of them have the 17" wheels.
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    I found this in the 2007 Sonata brochure under the body suspension specs.

    "17-inch, 5-spoke Euroflange Alloy Wheels with P225/50R Tires; (P215/55R tires later availability)"

    Looks like there might be a tire option that may help cure some of the harsh ride & noise characteristics many have complained about.

    This is a good thing for future buyers to note or current owners to consider when replacing worn 50 series tires.
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    does the 2006 gls with the 16 inch tire have that problem as the 17 inch with the thump :shades:
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    I purchased my car on 11/29. I just checked my sidewall and it is the 55 series (woohoo!). But the ride is still definately on the hard side. In fact, it's VERY close to my first car -- a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T, which had 205/55/16s. To think, family sedans nowadays with profiles as low, or even lower, than my previous sports car. Who comes up with these trends?
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    Who comes up with these trends?

    My guess is that it's designers and marketing people.

    I doubt that it is engineers since they are usually very conservative people. However, if engineers were in charge of designing cars, none of us would look twice at these ugly monsters. So it takes all disciplines to build and sell a car. If only they would run some of the design/marketing things past engineering to ensure functionality isn't lost we would all be better off with cars, washers and dryers etc.

    Sorry for the rant.


    '15 Genesis V8 with Ultimate Package and '18 Legacy Limited 6 cyl

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    Had the struts and brackets replaced on my 06 I4 gls today. I've only driven it 7 miles but can say there is a definite improvement.The thump is better but the best part is the way the car absorbs rough roads now, big improvement.
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    Just scheduled my 06 LX6 for an oil service and rear suspension "fix". It's quite apparent that Hyundai "heard" from all of us. Perhaps an error in engineering judgement but it was never a safety related issue. That's why it took this amount of time. Remember this is a huge industrial conglomerate and they are intent in catapulting themselves near or at the head of the pack. Dissatisfaction with a wide swath of customers would be a bad omen for them. I also have an 06 Azzy which has a noisy suspension and I am reasonably certain that they will address that issue too. As I have said in past posts my dealer Hyundai of Westchester in Yonkers, NY has been customer friendly and extremely cooperative in every aspect, fully vindicating my switching from a longstanding relationship with Acura. :)
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    Nothing exciting happened at the dealer. They hear the noise but the rear suspension is 'functioning as designed'. My VIN apparently is not in the range covered by the Nov fix. I'm trying to pursue the case with HMA but my 'case manager' has not returned my calls. I'll keep trying. What a shame that my brand new sedan sounds like a 10 year old K-car on bumpy roads :sick: . Unless you are hard of hearing, I would not recommend buying one until this issue is fixed :lemon: ( of course I may be just stuck -- we'll see ).
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    Have you made your dealer's service manager aware of the messages being posted here and on the "other" board? If you have an 07 Sonata 6 cylinder your car was indeed singled out for the "fix". My service manager told me that all the 07's in stock (6 cylinder with 17" wheels) had been earmarked for the "fix" then the models already sold and then the 06's on an as needs basis. It was a no brainer with my dealer. Maybe you should get another "opinion" from another dealer providing there are others in your area. I wish you luck. I will post the parts #'s as soon as I have the work done next week. :)
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    I have an 06 LX and it thumped when going over bumps as many have described on this forum. I tightened down the spare in the trunk and the thumping went away. I had to oil the tie down bolt so I could tighten it tight enough.
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    Interesting...never looked at the spare but really don't think these issues are the same. If it was, there would be no shock replacement kit and all Hyundai would do is tighten your bolt ;)
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    I did that awhile back, but it was not the answer. I have an appointment scheduled for this coming Thursday for an oil service and the suspension (fix). Looking forward to a quieter ride. Now I hope that Hyundai will address the issue of the front suspension clunk on the Azzy. I have an 06 Azzy Limited along with my 06 Sonata LX. In any case really enjoying both cars. :)
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Member Posts: 164
    Just had the rear suspension, new shocks and struts, replaced and the difference is like night and day. I also had an oil service change and had a discount coupon which covered most of the cost and the service advisor told me to forget the difference. I spoke to the service manager and thanked him and he said that they want all the customers to leave with smiles on their face. This is the customer friendly attitude that truly makes me happy. My Azera also has some issues with the front suspension, minimal, and he is going to speak to his Hyundai district rep. I am thrilled with my 2 cars and the dealership, sales and service. :)
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    Can anyone tell me how you can find out if your car is affected (ie; a build date lookup)? I hear thumps too, but I can't tell if what you guys are referring to affects my car or if it's just the low profile tires.

    I would take it to my dealer, but I don't want to be gypped. I have a problem with trusting dealers based on past experiences.
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    If I am buying a Sonata Limited with XM, can I assume the following:

    1. The steering wheel will have track station controls
    2. The tires will be the new 55R instead of 50R
    3. The K-thunk will be fixed

    I've left a message with the dealer but still haven't heard anything. Hopefully I'll get a response here.

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    If your dealership is customer oriented they will ask for your VIN # and order the parts. I have an 06 LX6 which has 17" wheels and was purchased in January, meaning it was probably made in 2005, I just never checked the little tag with the mfg. date. What I was told by my service manager was that Hyundai was first doing the "fix" on the 07's which were in dealer's stock and then 07's already sold. Then 06's as per customer's request. Just tell them that you have a thumping rear suspension and know that the rear shocks/struts are being replaced. They never took my car out for a road test. My discussion with the service manager was sufficient because he already knew. Tell them that you know one of the dealers doing the fix, Hyundai of Westchester in Yonkers, NY. That's my dealer.
    Good luck and happy holidays. :)
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    Same here (as drdonrs). I have not had it done yet, but when I went in for my first oil change I mentioned it to the service guy and he said "We'll just look up your VIN when you're ready to make an appointment"
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    Thanks for the replys. I guess I will ask the dealer the next time I take my car in for an oil change. It's just that I wanted to be prepared IF the dealer said that my car wasn't affected when in fact it was.
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    The dealer got H's approval to replace the shocks (even though my VIN was not in the range). It's been two days now and I definitely think that the metal clunking sound from the rear suspension is gone. :) The suspension is not as quiet as other carmakers' but I believe we're now at the 'functioning as designed' stage. Does anybody know any good sources to buy sound proofing rubber mats ?( about 1/4 - 1/2" thick )
  • tkumpftkumpf Member Posts: 27
    If you mean car mats, try here:
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    Took my car to the dealer today for a tire rotation and balancing. The service writer told me that while they had my car up on the lifters they checked to make sure I didn't have the k thump problem. I knew I didn't but was curious as to the inspection procedure. The service writer told me all you have to do when the car is off the ground is to grab each of the rear struts and try and shake. If either one or both moves you have the problem. I asked if the problem is more likely to occur with 17" wheels. He said yes but it can also occur with 16" wheels.
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    As promised, here is a report to the issues submitted in my first post:

    Had my 2007 Sonata Limited (manufacture date 8/25/06)into the dealer for two things mentioned in these forums:
    1) K-thunk: Dealer said that there was a recall on the rear strut and they subsequently replaced the strut. Odd thing was that they just replaced the right strut. Sure made a big difference. When asked about the right one only, service manager said that was the only one listed. Sound familiar to anybody or did many of you get both replaced?
    2) Transmission had a tough time finding a gear at around 40 MPH after slowing from a higher speed: An Adaptive re programming was done and seems to have taken care of the problem.

    Hope this helps somebody.
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    From what I understand 'Adaptive Reprogramming' just means disconnecting the battery and shorting the two cables together. I was told that's all the service folk can do.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Shorting what two cables together?
  • targettuningtargettuning Member Posts: 1,371
    Presumably the + and - battery cables?? I am constantly amazed by the total and absolute lack of knowledge about the most basic function of an auto by many. I am not an ASE certified tech either but geez..... I once asked a co-worker what engine he had under the hood of his, by then, several year old Windstar. His answer? "I don't know I never opened it" (the hood). Don't know..don't care as long as it starts. I guess its just me!!
    Anyhow the reprogram is via a connector found under the dash. It connects a handheld diagnostic tool (Hi Scan) to the automobile electronics. There are many control modules incl. engine,transmission,ABS/traction control,stability control and probably lots more.
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    I read their are "kits" to fix the rear "bumping" on my 2006 V6 Sonata - please reply [email protected]
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Um, well, how 'bout we have the conversation right here in order to benefit all of our members. It would be a good idea for you to read through the previous posts here, by the way. All of them are about this issue.
  • benc2benc2 Member Posts: 5
    Just back from my Harrisburg Hyundai dealer, after a test on the rear noise problem, they replaced the 2 rear shocks and
    gave me the royal treatment, Thanks Harrisburg Hyundai I know why they are the #1 dealer in Pa. now
    Ben Cunningham
  • bobadbobad Member Posts: 1,587

    You didn't mention whether the fix stopped the noise, so I assume it did. Right? Did it completely eliminate the noise, or did some noise remian?

  • cableguy06cableguy06 Member Posts: 299
    Haven't had it done yet. I have been to bust to haed to the dealership but will be in the next 30 days.
  • benc2benc2 Member Posts: 5
    After they replaced the 2 rear shocks, the K-Thunk was gone.
    They also gave me a full tank of gas for my troubles, as my
    dealer lives 30 miles from me ( Harrisburg Hyundai )
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    I take the 07 Sonata Limited Ultimate (manufactured before 09/2006) into the dealer on Friday, Feb 2. I have spoken to them about the k-thump in the rear, the service rep said to bring in a copy of these posts, which I will do. I'm having the engine block heater and wind deflector for the sunroof put on. I'm also having the oil changed and Mobil 1 synthetic put in. So far the dealership seems to be very customer service oriented-we'll see how it goes. Thanks again to all for the posts on the k-thump problem. I'll post back here after the service appointment to let everyone know how it went.

    Cableguy06-I'll try to post a picture of my car with the HID's installed.
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    I have a 2006 Sonata LX with 6cyl. I have complained about rear end noise since buying the car. The dealer in Waco Tx., who I bought the car from, will only do the fix on the 2007's. She has talked to the Regional Rep and he won't authorize the fix on any 2006's. Hyundai Consumer Affairs contacted and they say the same thing. Neither would give me the Regional Reps number so I could talk with him.

    Does anyone know a place in central Texas area that is doing the fix on a 2006 that was not purchased from them?
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    my 2006 sonata goes in on monday. So far they are only changing the left rear shock. Well after they find it only cures 1/2 the problem I will get them to do the other side. Considering the dealers here in Canada do not recognize the problem I figure I am doing ok. Too bad it takes 2 trips to get it right!!
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    On Monday I'm making my fourth trip over body noises. Last time around they kept it for 9 days while they removed and reglued/resealed the front and rear windows. They fixed the front window noises but the rear is still an issue. They did resolve the creak in the driver side pillar which was due to a bad weld I'm told. ( That's encouraging :surprise: ) Now there's a new noise in the front dashboard. When will it end?...... I saw someone's review about body noises. I would recommend pursuing the dealer about it. Ask for the Hyundai rep to contact you.
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Member Posts: 164
    Boy, your experience is so disconcerting. My 2006 LX6 has been noiseless and I did have the rear shocks replaced with no discussion or arguments. It appears that the level of customer service amongst dealers seems to vary widely. My dealer, Hyundai of Westchester in Yonkers NY has been truly outstanding from sales to service.
    I think Hyundai has to strengthen their dealership system and instill a strong sense of customer oriented service. It does not appear to be happening with all dealerships.
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    Back in January, I had reported on this forum that my 2007 LX had a noise comming from the dash (sounds like a baby rattle), a rattling noise from the rear wind sheild, and a loud creaking noise from the front wind shield and frame when driving over some bumps.

    Dealer had the rear shocks replaced and said that was causing the noise from the rear window. Wrong! Also,the dealer had some fix (recommended by Hyundai) for the front window. Wrong Again! And of course, the day I took the car in, they could not find the dash rattle, so I still have that issue, which is the most annoying of all the sounds comming from this brand new car.

    If I push the dash in towards the windshield right above the gauges, the noise stops. Then returns a few short minutes later. Makes me think the dash isn't secured properly to the firewall.

    What a joke!
  • ayyadmayyadm Member Posts: 13
    Last week I went to dealer (Best Hyundai/Houston/TX) and reported the rear noise. Rep. got me scheduled for Fri. 3/9 at 2:00PM. On time he took the car for inspection and came back telling me that they couldn't find anything wrong. To make the story short I asked him to get 3 people seated in the backseat and 4-5 heavy luggage and drive for 30 minutes on unpaved road. To make it shorter ... I showed him their TSB paper copy with all details, photos and what should they do + the kit number (thanks to you all for posting the details). Took the car again ... 10 minutes latter issue was resolved by ordering new suspensions kit & will call back when they arrive.

    Will keep you posted
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    Thank god for the internet! A year ago, after taking delivery of our new 06 V6 LX, it was returned almost immediately to the dealer with a complaint about undercarriage noise. After a brief drive: "normal."

    It is my wife's car, and I literally had not driven it for a year, until this past weekend. We attended an event in Berkeley, with its quite-terrible roads; the drumbeat was loud and dismaying. Only today did I find this forum, discovering that the problem is a widely-shared one. Tomorrow I will take a number of the above posts with me when I speak to the service manager again. I expect the outcome to be dramatically different this time.

    I am grateful to you all.
  • aalsherriaalsherri Member Posts: 68
    Is the 2007 GLS I4 with 16" steel wheels has bad rear shocks or not? The ride is noisy over pumps but over smooth asphalt pavement it is very quiet.
  • dadof6dadof6 Member Posts: 61
    I have tried to look at the TSB for the K-thump noise (06-01-011)on HMA service but been unable to find. Anybody got an idea what I might be doing wrong?
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
    Try this will find the TSB there. This doesn't apply to the 2.4L with 16" wheels.
  • dadof6dadof6 Member Posts: 61
  • aauummmaauummm Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for the link, craigbrooks. I am kind of confused now. I go to the Hyundai website, to the website, log in and am using Internet Explorer. I then go to Service Information and then to TSB. Nowhere under Campaign Bulletins is TSB 06-01-011 listed. There is a 06-01-003 and then it skips to 06-01-014. I am wondering what the absence of 06-01-011 means? Is it maybe not viewable by the public, only the dealership or is it that the TSB expired or maybe Hyundai has pulled it? This kind of concerns me because I am in the process of trying to get my dealer to do the shock absorber change as per the TSB. Any further information on this TSB would be very helpful in working with the dealership on this.
  • eldenejeldenej Member Posts: 7
    I seem to have essentially the same problem as does aauummm. Armed (I thought) with several of the previous postings from above, I talked today with the service manager at the dealership from which the car was purchased (an 06 V6 LX). He admitted nothing. The car goes in next Monday for a road test; any assistance/advice any of you out there can provide during the next several days will be truly appreciated.

    To craigsbrook: I found the TSB by using your link. It appears to me that this applies to 07s. Am I wrong?

    Many thanks.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Member Posts: 420
    Yes it applies to the 07's. Those with 06's who have had them fixed have complained to the dealer until they were blue and wore them down. Some dealers were glad to step up to the plate and do the fix while others just drug their feet. Can anyone out there who has had the fix help these guys out?

    The link was not mine. It was provided by a very kind gentleman in one of the Hyundai forums.
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    I'm at work now ... I'll scan the TSB pages and post it on my website. Latter today will give you the link.
    Print it and show to dealer .. it helped me alot.
    In my case 'SE 2007' the dealer didn't argue much after showing him the TSB. He ordered the part.
    Will keep you posted when susp. are installed
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    I have an 06 LX6 as well as an 06 Azera Limited. I had absolutely no problem getting the rear shocks replaced at my dealer. In fact a few other 06 owners who couldn't get satisfaction with their dealer called my dealer and it was done. The dealer is Hyundai of Westchester in Yonkers, NY. I am not sure if I can mention the service manager's first name here (can I Pat?). In any case you can relate the fact that there are other dealers and mine in particular that are doing the fix without any pressure whatsoever. I will admit though don't expect a totally silent ride over a washboard surface. The car simply has a somewhat noisy suspension ( Consumer's Report) and maybe Hyundai has to make some changes to the suspensions. My service manager did say that part of the problem are the 17" wheels which were chosen by engineering for appearance sake and that 16" wheels would be less likely to be as noisy. Trade-off with having low profile, high performance tires. All in all my Sonata is a very good riding car. :)
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    Hey Don, how would you rate the service at your Hyundai of Westchester dealer?? I bought mine from Hyundai of Manhattan and they just closed up shop at the beginning of the year and supposedly referred us for future service to your dealership. My "records" were sent there, so I'm wondering if I should use them in the future or one closer to me such as Koppel Hyundai in Queens and I think there's another one in Long Island that might be near me. FYI I found service at Hyundai of Manhattan to be lousy!! The last oil change/service I got from them, the idiots left the drain plug only hand tight and the coolant overfill resevoir cap flipped open. I was wondering why I had a small puddle of oil in my driveway thinking it was only residue oil that might have spilled removing the oil filter (I have the I4 GLS). Finally decided to put my car up on ramps and figured it out. I was really TICKED off. Couldn't even call to complain since this was right after they closed up shop!
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