Hyundai Sonata Rear Thump



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    Late is OK! The info that you provided will help me out! Thanks!

    I'll up date everyone on my dealer experience as it happens.
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    Called to get my K-Thunk fixed on Tuesday, March 20. Dealer ordered rear shocks over night, and installed them on March 22. Quiet at last!
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    Dis-concerning? Well, read this about Hyundai Of Westchester, after I brought my car in for service at HYUNDAI OF WESTCHESTER, they gave it back to me with a knock in the motor, and tried to blame it on me, and my Hyundai Sonata 2002 has been sitting in my driveway ever since. They ruined my $10,000.00 dollar car, and the DMV is even a bigger joke, and they're absolutely no help, even with the DMV knowing that they had so many complaints against this dealership. The Giuffre Corporation and Bay Ridge Auto Group own 22 dealerships around the tri-state area. Mr. Giuffre imports marble from Italy to put on all the floors of his dealerships, off the backs of the working class people who couldn't afford to fight against his big corporate attorneys. THE WESTCHESTER NEWS has a 20 min. video on the front page called THE PROTEST about HYUNDAI OF WESTCHESTER. :lemon:

    The best of Luck to all of you.
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    Today I got both L&R struts replaced. It took an hour a & 45 minutes (dealer was busy).
    Hope the following details on invoice will hep
    - Concern 51 Customer states hears a noise in the rear (SOP IN)
    - use spo 07068024
    Operation: 55310R0B
    Correction: R&R struts
    Part #: SPO 552053K251DQQH
    too early to notice the results ... will keep you posted.
    Note: My dealer in Houston Texas is SUPER EXCELLENT
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    Part #: 553053K251DQQH
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    So, I called the dealer to arrange for my next oil change, and asked them to check my VIN for the "k-thunk" problem. I did this because when I was there last, the guy knew exactly what problem I was talking about, and said "We just need to check your VIN to be sure it is affected by the problem"

    The guy I spoke with this morning wasn't aware of the problem, looked up my VIN and said "There's no TSB against that VIN"

    I asked him if he was sure, because I really think my vehicle is affected, and he said "I'm 100% sure".

    My question to the group is: is there any other way for me to check whether I should be eligible for this fix?
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    I just bought a used (near-new) sonata V6. I think I may have the k-thunk problem. But it maybe just a noisy suspension. Is there an easy way I can findout if my can has this problem?

    Also, I definitely have the sloshing fuel problem. Does Hyundai have a fix for this?

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    Go to your dealer and ask them to run the VIN. They'll tell you no you don't have the problem but be persistant.

    Gas sloshing - no fix.

    Congratulations on your purchase! Welcome to the club.
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    The K-thunk problem IS a noisy suspension.

    If it makes a loud knocking sound in the rear when going slowly on bumpy streets, you've got the K-Thunk. If you have it, you are always sure you have it!
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    After reading through all the 169 posts so far, the common complaint seems to be K-thunk, thumping noise, torsion bar under stress or the dreaded clunk. The fixes have been described as rear shocks, strut mounts, rear suspension, new struts and mount brackers, new shock inserts. Finally, there is a TSB 06-01-011 that applied to Sonata equipped with the 3.3L V6 engine that involved the replacement of both rear shock absorbers.
    My problem, with a 2007 Sonata with 4 cylinder engine, involves rear noise, sometimes a thunk sound and sometimes only a metallic rubbing sound, that occurs on 90 degree right turns only. Is this related? Any diagnostician who can help?
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    I've heard of a brake noise in some of the Sonatas. The only noise I hear in my car is gas sloshing and sometimes that sounds like a thud. I'm glad I don't have any of the problems others have noted.

    BTW just how fast are you going when you turn right? :P
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    Just a stab in the dark, but I'm gonna guess the sound you might be describing (metal rubbing) might be the wheel bearings?? Possibly not greased properly from the factory? I also have the I4, but an '06. The suspension is not the quietest, although I wouldn't really call any noise mine make a "K-thunk". Other than that and the occasional gas sloshing sounds, car is great!
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    I know this is off topic but, Pete have you dona mods to your Sonata? Grille, wing, etc.
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    Hey Craig, No, not single mod yet. How about you? Fully stock and 4900 miles. I did get the updated radio remote and I also got the wiring harness. When I have time and when the weather is better and warmer (just had a "Nor'Easter" this past weekend) I'm gonna take a closer look at trying to upgrade the stereo remote. Have you read any recent updates on it?? I read one on the other Hyundai site where a guy list the possible combinations where it will work. It indicates that it can be done with the single cd head unit, but doesn't explain how.
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    Hey Pete,
    Ordered a billet grille overlay, grille and bumper, just got it today, will install this weekend. Should recv. a lip spoiler tomorrow and will install it this weekend at the same time. Sonata has been clean for the last 5 days because I'm driving the Mustang. Raining here, not like you guys, but raining. Didn't want to work on a dirty car also need the trunk lid clean for the spoiler install and I don't want to rewash. I'll send you some pics when I get this stuff on for your enjoyment. :P

    4900 miles and no everything alright? :) How's your gas mileage doing? Have you posted anything there?

    I'm not sure about the stereo control. All the things I read pointed to the 6 disc changer only. I'm happy with what I have unless you can get yours to work without any major modifications to the wiring. I'll be waiting impatiently. ;) Take care man!
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    Thinking about purchasing a Sonata. Which dealer in Houston?
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    I got mine from Best Hyundai Houston on Hwy 59. I don't know the rules here ... am I allowed to give full address?? Sure no sales rep name? mail me if you want full address ([email protected])
    You can google it and will will get there address. They are good both during sale and service
    Best of luck
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    I have a 2006 Hyundai Sonata LX and i had the same "knocking" problem. but one day i took everything out of my trunk (including spare tire) and drove real slow, after a few minutes i figured out it is the sloshing of gas in my gas tank. it does no damage to the car and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it, i try to just keep my radio turned up so i can't here it. good luck!
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    I have a Knock-ka-thunk when making hard right turns. Dealer has been unable to locate it as yet. Now what i have found is a condition where the swaybar has overtravled, driving the passenger side swaybar link into the shock body and denting it. the sway bar also is contacting the lower control arm and touches the coil spring. I have photos of this condition. The dent on the shock body is very noticeable as it has rubbed the paint off and the rub mark is shiny. I do have photos if you can send me you e-mail address I'll send you the pictures. My dealer has not been able to duplicate the condition. I am still working with the dealer to correct this. By the way if you lift the car unloading the suspension the condition the swaybar returns to it's normal position.
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    How hard do you have to turn to get the rub? Will it be encountered in normal driving?

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    The rub occurs when I'm making a right turn into a drive way that goes up a hill.
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