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Hyundai Sonata - Aftermarket Xenons?

islander37islander37 Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
Does anyone know if it is possible for me to install Xenon headlights into my 2006 Sonata GLS V6? I called Hyundai directly and they could not help. Any suggestions or ideas??


  • It is possible to install the kit into your car with the right tool to remove the headlamp assembly and do it yourself. But it would be better to take it to a local aftermarket shop where they are more experience putting it in for you.
  • I think my biggest complaint about my 07 Limited is the headlights. Not a very good field of view and the distance of the low beam has a lot to be desired.
  • Well, several things you can do and that is adjust the angle of your lamp or purchase an aftermarket High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) kit. If you decide to try and adjust the angle of the light, you will find inside your owner's manual where helpful instruction along with detailed graphic that can be helpful in your quest for better lighting. Just becareful not to aim it too high where it can obstruct oncoming traffic.

    I, on the other hand installed an aftermarket 8000K HID Kit, and it definately gives out the brightest spread on the road without having to adjust the andle of the lamp nor does it affect oncoming traffic. The number 8000K represents the the whiteness-blueness emission of the lighting. (3500K Yellowish to 10000K Very Blue)

    Another downfall on the Sonata are the projection style lenses. (Lense that looks like magnifying glass) These type of lense typically spread out the standard bulb lightings in a wider swath therefore you don't get a nice concentrated more narrow formed lighting.

    But on the plus side, they do make a cool looking headlamp! :shades:
  • flatibby - can you provide a link to where I can purchase the HID kit that you did? How much was it and what are your thoughts on the difficulty of installation?

    Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to your reply :P
  • I did a search and found units offered by McCulloch and Phillips. The McCulloch's are around $300 and the Phillips about $150 more. Dealer said the Phillips weren't worth the extra money. I looked at 5000K, the 8000K were running about $335.00

    Interested to hear what brand and what price you paid before I pull the trigger.
  • Found a real nice kit for $190.00

    Going to order it tomorrow. Think I'll do the 6000K as I like the brighter white light with just a light tinge of blue.

    Hopefully we'll get some decent weather and I can put them in when they arrive.

    What's involved in getting the old bulbs out?

    I think this is truly the only way to get the lights to the level we all know they should have designed into the car. The factory bulbs stink and even upgrading the bulbs to a nice Sylvania won't do much good.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Well, my wife works for a company called World Imports International that specialized in Aftermarket car assessories. If you want to give her a call I will email you her number.
    Now in order to remove the old bulb, you must remove the headlamp assembly, which requires unscrewing three bolts that holds the assembly onto the vehicle. Two bolts on top of the lamp and on located behind the lamp next to the high beam round cover. The driver's side is pretty simple in removing the lamp. I find the passenger side inner bolt to be very difficult to find and unscrew unless you have the right tool. Look inside the owner's manual. You will find a graphic describing how to remove the bolts.
    Then make sure you unplug the one piece connector to the assembly before removing the unit completely out of the vehicle.
    Next, you twist open the cover to the regular headlight unit. Then you will need to drill a 1" diameter on the cover inorder to install the rubberized seal that comes with the HID kit to run the wire from the Ballast and the Starter into the innner plug that you will disconnect from the old blub.
    Inorder to remove the old bulb, put some effort & push down on the "U" side of the copper spring away from the screwed down anchor holding down on the bulb. Do Not Unscrew the screw!
    Carefully remove the bulb and Never Touch the bulb with your bare hand.
    Then put in the New HID bulb into place. (Notice it should fit according to the rim) Then return the copper spring back into place. Now plug the postive and negative wire into the small base plug and twist on the drilled cover.
    Re-install the headlamp unit onto the car making sure bolt holes matches evenly for the bolt to easily screw back on.
    The plug back the main wiring unit to the headlamp assembly.
    Place the ballast and starter unit in a secured area behind the headlamp assembly. Make sure it will not interfere with any other components.
    And go ahead and test your unit.

    Now there's another way to install this, and that is to go to your nearest custom audio and electronic store.

    Hope this information would be helpful.
  • txn428txn428 Posts: 41

    I am also looking to get the HID kit for my Sonata. Is the bulb application for the 2006 same as 2007?
  • Yes they are the same bulb. I would like to share more detail on my research of these kits, as there are many to choose from on the Internet, but the rules of this forum prevent me from being allowed to do so.

    If you go to eBay and search for "HID KITS" you will see many options populate. The XLS kit appears to be a great kit and is the option I have chosen for my vehicles.

    You will have to take it from there my friend :)
  • bbigdbbigd Posts: 2
    Though Xenons(HID) lights are a great option for most vehicles, they are not a wise choice for the 06/07 Sonata. These model years Sonatas come with a unique projector style lamp, that amplifies light from the OEM low beam H7 bulb. If you put a Xenon(HID) lighting system in your car(that's 5 times brighter than halogen), you will have blinding light to on coming vehicles. This light could be a road hazard to you, and other drivers or vehicles. Depending on what state you live in, it could also get you a nice ticket from a law enforcement officer. You are better off installing a high-output halogen bulb for better lighting on the road. Recommendation: GE Nighthawks or GE Nighthawk Sport(for whiter light). These bulbs out last and out perform any bulb on the market. Go to for additional information. By the way, I installed the GE Nighthawk Sport, and the distance and brightness is Out of This World. Almost Xenon quality without the blinding light. :shades: :)
  • Intertesting concept bbigd, but not sure I agree as there are many Sonata owners that have made this modification and it appears to be a non-issue.

    I will find out shortly as my kit should arrive next week and will be installed next Saturday, weather permitting.

    As an aside, there are many cars designed today that are HID with projector beam-style headlights. I used to have a Nissan Murano with HID projector beams. I understand that you could say that "yes, but those headlights are designed that way". However, I dont think having a projector beam on the Sonata will have a negative impact as the intense light will still remain focused in the same area..just brighter.

    I am not a lighting expert and you may not be either but I will surely let you know what I find after my install is completed.

    Flattiby - anything to add? You have them now...any issues?

    bbigd - I respect your position. Just not sure it truly holds water.
  • Honestly, a BMW or an Acura TSX I've seen on the road have blinded me more then the HID output on my Sonata. I took a drive in my wife's Altima and had my wife drove the Sonata behind me in the local traffic. Here is my result. The light is noticably brighter than any other Halogen bulbed vehicles on the road, however, it wasn't blinding like bbigd said.

    On the other hand my wife's Altima also have HID installed in her car and her vehicle TOTALLY blind other vehicle since her headlight unit isn't projection lighted. Now part of that is my fault because I have been lazy not adjusting the aiming of her headlight unit. Also an Altima lighting spread up and out more whereas Sonata's projection unit has a plastic housing inside that prevent's the lighting from spreading Upward. But to say the Sonata SHOULD NOT be allowed to have HID is a false recommendation. You must Adjust your aim on the unit, or should I say "You're Able" to adjust the aim on the Sonata Headlamp Unit to spread the lighting onto the road, not to oncoming driver.
  • bbigdbbigd Posts: 2
    First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you guys for having the intelligence to purchase a Sonata. I recently purchased a 2006 GLS V6 Sonata over a month ago. Excellent Ride! A wise man once told me that, sometimes Intelligence and Common Sense don't always sit in the same boat. As well, I entertained the idea of HID in my vehicles several years ago. After having an epiphany about God, priorities, and life I came to the realization that is wasn't important to be able to bench press over 300lbs, or live in a 5000sq ft home, drive a Mercedes Benz, and have the brightest lights on the road. After all, 100 years from now, none of that will matter. What will matter is how you scored one for mankind, and how you made people feel. But I digress..that's another story for another place and time.

    1)Here's what I know..No Hyundai technician will recommend a HID kit or system for the Sonata 06/07. If he/she does, ask to speak to their manager, and hear the phone go click :) Unlike the Nissan Altima, which has a HID option on the 3.5SE, 3.5SL, and 3.5SE-R, there is no HID option for the Sonata. Therefore, the lamp was never designed to accommodate a true HID beam of light.

    Also, the Nissan Altima lamp can accommodate a true HID bulb without the blinding effects based on the lamp system, and as you said that the unit must be aim in the appropriate direction. This can be done properly by a Nissan technician.
    (I owned a Nissan Altima, as well :) )

    2) Through research true HID lights, not knock off Kits with 1 year warranties, would produce a blinding light on the uniquely design projector lamps for the 06/07 Sonata.
    If your kit does not produce that effect..that's Great! Overall, I would question the integrity, and light intensity of your product. As well, I would guess that it has a 1-year warranty. When I was in the market..the systems I was looking at ranged $350 to $1200 for true HID with a guarantee warranty of at least 2 years or more to solidify the quality of the light.

    3) Thank goodness it is a free country, and you can buy whatever you like. Personally, it is nice to be informed and to have options. Overall, I do stand by my first statement, with one caveat, the operative words are True HID bulbs. Like you said, it was an "Acura and BMW that had blinded you".. not a HID kit. Think about it.
  • I installed 8000K MeccaTune HID's in my 2005 Elantra. I purchased them on Ebay. Loved them and had no problems installing them or with blinding people. I traded in the Elantra on a 2007 Sonata Limited. My trade in was spur of the moment and happened so fast that I didn't get a chance to remove the HID's. I decided to install new HID's on the Sonata. I purchased both the high beams and low beams on Ebay. The prices have dropped dramatically in the last two years. I have installed them and they work just fine.

    The projector headlight lenses on the low beams are engineered with cutoffs that limit the light pattern of the headlight. The cutoff limits are set by the US NTSB and are agreed upon by most of the governments in civilized countries of the world. The type of bulb that is used in the projector headlight has no effect on the light cutoff pattern. The 8000K HID bulbs are brighter than OEM halogen bulbs and are a diamond blue color. The look is absolutely cool and the difference in night-time visibility is amazing.

    A note on the H1 high beam installation: you may have to slightly widen the hole in the back of the reflector housing to get the HID bulb in. Widen the hole very carefully as the mirrored reflector is made of plastic. I would use a round file and do it slowly. A small amount of filings may drop into the headlight unit unless the procedure is done with the unit positioned so that the filings drop out.
  • Just installed my HID kit in my 2007 Limited Ultimate. All I can say is WOW!

    I got the 4300K bulbs because I wanted the whitest and brightest bulbs I could possible get and really don't care for the bluish color.

    Took me about 1.5 hours to put them in and now my neighnor wants a set for his wife's car.

    Got the kit on eBay and looks to be very high quality and allows you to use your factory wiring for a plug-n-play installation or a full wiring harness comes with the kit if you wish to go directly to the battery.

    Would highly recommend to all of you Sonata owners :D
  • To test the cutoff pattern of the low beams, I parked the car in front of the garage door with the low beams shining on the door. My cutoff pattern is as follows: from the middle of the light beam and to the left, the visible light is below a horizontal line that is roughly at an oncoming drivers eye height and extends below that line to the ground. From the middle of the light beam and to the right, the visible light is below and to the right of a line the rises at a 45 degree angle to the right. Both headlights show the same pattern. Thus roads signs on the right hand side of the road and pavement markings are intensely illuminated while not at all blinding oncoming drivers. The effect of the HID's are outstanding!

    cableguy06-Glad your installation went well! For me the hardest part was finding a suitable place for the ballast. Its crowded behind the headlights! Also did you do the high beams? My kit cost about $125 which does both low beams. Same cost to do both high beams. Congratulations for your successful installation.
  • I only did the low beams as I don't use the highs enough to justify the additional cost. The ballast on the drivers side I wire strapped to an electrical box directly across from the battery which worked out great. The passenger side ballast is attached to its mounting bracket where I drilled a hole and fastened it to the body directly across from the washer fluid bottle neck.

    My kit was $175 shipped to my door and I am very pleased. I saw other kits that were cheaper too so I am glad that your's worked out well too. I am an electrical engineer so I can be pretty anal about anything I buy that's electronic and do a ton of research before purchasing.

    I'll tell you that I think "most" of the kits coming out of China are of a high quality. Just do your research and know what to look for when making your selection. Most are all ISO certified manufacturers and meet all european spec as well. Typically, as with anything electronic...if it makes it past the first 30-60 days trouble-free, most likely, it will last for many years. As long as mine lasts for 3 years, I'll be happy. That's when I'll be trading this Sonata in for a new Azera ;)
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    )) "I think "most" of the kits coming out of China are of a high quality. Just do your research and know what to look for when making your selection. Most are all ISO certified manufacturers and meet all european spec as well." ((

    ISO certification has to do with coaching, and project assistance in support of organizational improvement and implementation of international management system standards, not product applicability or fundemental design and production quality. Translation: the widgets may be garbage or great, but at least worker bees have nominal protections against abusive and dangerous working conditions - leastways during the regularly scheduled recertification inspection walk-thrus...
  • My low beam HID kit came from China. However, the ballasts are German with German language on them. I compared the ballasts to pictures of the Bosch HID kit and the ballasts were identical as were the HID bulbs and the mounting brackets. I also compared mine to pictures of other Chinese and Korean kits and again they were identical. The packaging was different and the names of the kits were different, even kits of my brand had different packaging. The names of the kits can be quite corny as mine was called "Hid Cool".

    I think that there are two or three manufacturers of the ballasts and bulbs and they are being bought in bulk by Chinese, Koreans, etc and then the kits are packaged and put together in China, Korea or elsewhere. These kits are being sold on Ebay for $130-$150 including shipping. Other Ebay sellers are offering basically the same kits for $250-$400. I think those are ripoffs.

    When I search in Ebay Motors for Xenon Lights and then narrow the search to "hid conversion kits" I get 2800 listings for the kits.
  • aauummm - what is the eBay name of the person you bought your kit from? I am going to install a kit on my wife's Honda and may give the one you got a try to see the if there is any difference between yours and the one I installed on my Sonata.

    Can you provide any info or a link to his kit?

  • This sounds weird but here we go. The sellers name was "my.bijoux" and the name of his Ebay store is "Perlesong". The store is done in French and specializes in women's jewelry (very good prices). At the time that I bought my kit he had a limited supply of kits and now I see that he has none left in his store. However he could be contacted by email at [email protected] The Ebay item number on the kit was 330035251618. As I recall he said that a relative of his owns the HID factory in China and he was selling them on Ebay for him. The kit was shipped to me from Shjiazhuang, China.

    "kilonyx" has MeccaTune kits on her store "HID Options". I bought a set of HID bulbs from her. MeccaTune's were the first HID's that I bought that I put on my 2005 Elantra GT(that I traded in). However the price on those is $250.

    Good luck on your wife's HID installation!
  • To stay on the topic of lighting but moving to the rear...does anyone know how to remove the center mounted brake bulb? I can't figure out how to get in there and the owner's manual shows just about every bulb change except that of the center mounted brake light.

  • Nope-haven't done that yet. I am considering replacing all the rear lights, except the turn signals, with LED bulbs.
  • txn428txn428 Posts: 41
    I was planning to change all my turn signals and tail lights to LED too. Have you done it yet? Where do you plan to buy those bulbs?
  • txn428txn428 Posts: 41
    I've been there, but I'm not quite sure which 1157 bulbs to get for my turn signal. Which one would fit my car? narrow or wide?

  • If you go the "more info" section, it will give you the exact measurements of the LED bulbs so you can compare to your stock bulb. For a turn signal, I don't think it will matter whether it's narrow or wide but I am not positive on that.

    Look at the lumens to compare brightness if the offer different versions of the 1157and remember...when you go LED, the color of the LED you buy MUST be the same color as the lens that it is going to shine through.
  • txn428txn428 Posts: 41
    They don't really have a detail spec between the narrow and the wide. In regards to LED color, the Sonata signal lens has the clear color, and I am getting the Amber color LED bulb. Would that be ok?

  • For a Sonata turn signal, the Amber would be fine. For a turn signal bulb, I think you want to go with a wide spread and not narrow as LED lumination can be far more direct that incandescent and you want the bulb to be visible from more than an 18 degree angle.

    You want the 24-LED model 1157-A24 with radial LEDs and a 100 degree viewing angle.
  • txn428txn428 Posts: 41
    I am thinking to get for the rear signal lights. Do you think the wide would fit through the housing? Has anyone order from this seller before?

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