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Dodge Magnum Tire/Wheel Questions

ex_shelbyownerex_shelbyowner Posts: 2
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I have an 05 R/T. I have had no problems with the car and have 19k miles on it so far, with the exception of the tires. Got 15k miles out of them and they were worn out. Rotated and balanced every 5k, and have no allignment problems. Continental has a real problem as far as I'm concerned. Yeah, their motorcycle tires aren't any better either. I replaced mine with Yokohama Geolanders 255-55-18, and am satisfied with them. They are exceptional in the rain.


  • My Magnum RT has gone 23,000 miles mostly on hard surface roads. The tires have been rotated 3 times and were regularly checked for proper inflation. The tires show no indication of misalignment or other such mechanical problems, however, the tread is now worn down to the wear bars.

    While everyone is astounded that the tires are worn out, neither Dodge nor Continental warranties the mileage on new car tires, so I need to buy replacements.

    After checking with several tire dealers, the only replacement tire I can find in the right size are made by Continental. I have a lot of faith in that tire.
  • I had the same problem with my G35. Part of it was suspension geometry - very aggressive - hugs the road , but at a cost, part may driving style - also pretty aggressive. One thing that you can do is inflate tires exactly to specs. Yes you will lose some responsiveness but with bigger "footpring" tire is less punished. I tried it - works. Another thing, when replacing tires check treadwear and get highest possible(I believe OEM tires have 420, which is quite high - you probbably don't find much better on the market), of course, that all after you've made sure that alignment is OK
  • If you have any info regarding your problems with your Magnum RT tires. I have 20k on my tires and there bald. I fighting with the Dealer, Continental and Chrysler. I have excessive wear on the outside of the front tires. Continental will not pay, since the tires are worn from bad allignment. Dealer says it normal wear. Chrysler says were really sorry....just see what happens with your next set of tires. Try finding a replacement for your 225 60 R18 rims....your left with ONE choice....the tires you already have. I have also had my Magnum in the shop, transmission was leaking after 10k, You can email me at
  • The tires are my only complaint about my 2005 RT. At 12000 miles they are well over 50% gone. I have never even spun them in a burnout. Goodyear now has the size available and a number of RT and 300C owners are changing to a slightly wider size in different brands. For 2006 DCX is putting the Goodyear Assurance Comfortreads on the Magnum/Charger RT and the 300C. They know the Continental's are crap and that's why they changed brands. Now, what does that do for us? Not much. It all depends on your dealer and area Continental tire rep. Some are getting new tires at greatly reduced prices and some are getting no adjustment at all. I doubt I will make it through the winter on my tires. To say they are a major disappointment would be putting it mildly.
  • For all Magnum RT owners having problems with excessive tire wear, bad alignments and Continental tires, please file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • Many, on other forums, have found that by upping the air pressure, you can get better wear. For instance, I have the self sealing tires and am running 40psi in them. 11k miles and have experienced no noticeable wear.
  • I have run 38 PSI in my tires from the beginning, but it has not extended the tread life so far. I think the tires have soft tread compounds and just wear out too fast. They certainly don't live up to the treadwear ratings on the side of the tire.
  • I got Continentals on my '06 R/T, but only have 2500 miles on them so far.
  • i have only eighteen thousand miles on my r/t and the tires are bald.. the continentals are for the alignment problem i took the car in with twelve thousand two hundred miles and the front tires were cupped on the outside.. the dealer told me that there was a service memo that stated, that all the cradles didn't get placed under the cars just right , and that they would have to be dropped and re aligned.. and that worked good for me but i paid for it.. now i too need new tires and i'm not buying continentals.. period.. they are worthless on snow and ice and im not real impressed with there cornering ability..
  • i've never been one for law suits, but is anyone willing to look into a class action.. i have never bought tires that didnt last at least 25,000 miles. i now have 19,000 on these continentals and i'm to the tread wear know it wouldnt be so bad if you could just roll down to the goodyear supplier and order new ones, but our choices right now are limited..
  • Note to all of us with the crap continentals.....I have been running mine at 39-40psi since new...and have noticed no abnormal wear. I drive very aggressively and usually get no more than 20000 out of a set of tires. Three of them have a small leak, which of course the tire stores won't fix because they are self sealing. I will be upgrading to goodyears when these wear out. I also installed a new K & N air filter in the car, and the gas mileage went up instantly three-four mpg. I now average 24 hwy and about 19 city. Let me know if the class action thing progresses.
  • I have some info that may or may not be common knowledge pertaining to Magnum alignment and tire issues. My RT has 24k and I just replaced the tires two days ago. After 3 dealer alignments, re-balance, rotations evry 6k, the factory Conti's were wasted. I took the car to one of the best shops in the region who happen to have a Hunter P611 alignment rack. Needless to say the alignment was way out of spec. Not only that but the tech informed me that the left front caster was on the very edge of spec yet it was adjusted to the max. In his opinion the car was improperly Jigged on the assemby line, as he has seen MANY Magnims that exibit the same issue. There is hope though. The dealer offers a special eccentric sub-frame bolt that when installed alloes for further caster adjustment thus eliminating the Magnum alignment issue. As far as the "5" star Dodge dealer I was taking the car to since new, he reluctantly showed me a confidential memo from Continental to Chrysler stating that the Conti's compound was too soft for a 4,000 lb car and that complaints should be brought to their attention through the dealer. So, find a GOOD alignment shop, have the ecccentric bolt installed and re-align the car. My car rides amazingly well now with absolutly no drift. It is worlds beyond what it was.. Good luck
  • My RT has conti seals , 22,000 miles , I have rotated per maint schedule . 2 dealers won't help , they don't sell continentals , suggested I call chrysler , Chrysler won't help , they say is a tire warranty issue . Continental sent me to a tire plus dealer who told me that continentals are junk and they don't support their product. Tire dealer stated that they'll tell you car is out of alignment , which brings you back to Chrysler > How does a new 35,000 car get out of alignment after 8 months & 22,000 hwy miles. I would be willing to jump into the class action lawsuit , let me know where to sign . My next step is to contact local media to expose this issue to the general public.
  • I think the Conti tires are at fault as I can tell you from putting the Magnum RT wheels and tires on another car. I put them on my Honda. After about 40,000+ miles on my original tires, those didn't pull or shake, just wore down. After about 20,000 miles with the Continental tires, they pull, and shake and need replacing. I found these tires to be garbage and will be replacing with something different.
  • My 05 RT Magnum ate a left front tire at 26,000 miles. I had had it in at 3000 miles for an alignment check for the pull to the right, and they said all was ok. On wearing out the tire, they told me it was due to not rotating the tires every 5000 miles, and that the alignment was out of spec. Alignments are not covered under warranty, per the service manager. Two new Contiseals at my expense at 26,000 miles. Rears wore bald at 35,000. Changed them to Goodyears. We'll see.
  • I have the same problem @ 22K tires are completely bald. The dealer is just trying to sell me another set.
  • I have Goodyear Integrity tires and they are fine on bare pavement, but with the snow we just got I am having trouble with fishtailing and skidding, and winter has only begun. Dealer says no problems with tires, and Goodyear says they only make Integrity for this size. Any advice out there?
  • I hope you go back to the dealer and ask for the factory adjustment bolt replacement as mentioned by the fellow a couple of articles up. The alignment is just slightly off to the right from the factory and without this special adjustment bolt replacement and a re-alignment, you will continue to have vague pulling to the right sometimes and it will keep eating tires. Your service manager should be reported to Chrysler for not doing his/her job.

    Good luck
  • thank you for that information.. i new of the confidential memo, but haven't seen it to date.. i am going to put on the goodyear comfortread and hope for the best.. my service manager admitted today that the conti's were junk, but offered no replacement adjustment..
  • on my week old 06 awd rt i got the dealer to take off the crappy continentals which came with protection package and put on goodyear confitred's for $80 prior to accepting car. glad to have read about tire problems before picking up car from multiple forums.
  • Hello,I have the 05 magnum SE,and the same constant pulling to the right sometimes left.Will these adjustment bolts work for me and how much did it cist you.
  • I have been a 300C owner for 19 months and have loved every minute of it. My wife has loved the car as well, and instead of buying another one, we bought her a '05 Magnum RT with 14,000 miles last week. I see no problems (such as pulling) with the current tires other than some excessive wear.
    My wife would like some new wheels/rims for appearance purposes. I don't want to go to 22's since I feel this will really affect the feel/ride of the car, but would like 20s. However, the few dealers I have seen don't seem to know what they are talking about. They are giving me different answers (245/40/20.... or 255/45/20) for tires. Do I need 20 x 9 wheels or 20 x 8.5s?
    Also, what brand tires do you recommend? Goodyear Eagles? BF Goodrich? etc. I live in Florida and my goal is ride/comfort more so than speed since I'm hoping my wife won't be dragging around town. I really don't want to spend more than $2k total, and the wheels I like are going to run between $200-300 each.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Hi, I wanted to let everyone know that you now can purchase Cooper Tires for the Dodge Magnum. The 225/18s were released on January 17th. I just put a set on my Magnum and they were like night and day from what the factory put on there with their so-called "Continental" performance tire. The Cooper tires are "H" rated (high speed) very good in the snow and the ride and lack of tire noise is wonderful. Also the pull to the right went away. I did install the castor bolt kit to assist with the alignment.

    After having to endure 30K with the original horrible excuse for a tire that Dodge put on a great car, I am loooking forward to some smooth driving and great handling.

    Run!! Don't wait and get a set of Coopers today.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    What tire name has Cooper given the model that fits the magnum RT?
  • Tire is Lifeliner SLE (HV Rated)

    Bridgestone has just recently released a 225/60R18 tire
    Turanza EL400 H. The limited reviews are very positive in all conditions
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Thanks! I have had great luck with Cooper tires on all of my other vehicles, so that is what I will replace my worthless Continentals with this summer.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Had my routine service done at 15,600 miles and found that I am 1/32" away from the wear bars on the Continental OEM tires on my 2005 RT. I have never had tires wear out this fast, and I do not drive the car hard. I am going to go with Cooper SLE Touring tires that have just become available in the exact replacement size. I will never buy another set of Continental tires and if they are standard on a car I want I will require that they be replaced before I buy it. Such poor tire life is simply amazing in 2006.
  • jerrybojerrybo Posts: 3
    I had the same problem with my OEM continental tires.The dodge house in Sherman Tx. replaced them for me at minimal cost. I now have 32,000 miles on my RT and have very little tread ware. There is a lot of differance between OEM and after market tiers by continental.
  • donnak1donnak1 Posts: 39
    Can I buy the Coopers for the SXT with 17" wheels?

    Donna :D
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Go to and plug in your tire size. It will tell you what products they have in that size.
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