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Dodge Magnum Tire/Wheel Questions



  • The Best Tires If you Are Looking for Orignial Factory Size Is the GOODYEAR iNTEGRITY ;)
  • I am extremly surprised that the tires on my Magnum 2005 RT needs new tires. They only lasted 28,000 miles.

    I also have a pull to the right. They aligned it once and now it is happening again.


    Is there a different tire I should be using. This is a great car, I really enjoy it.
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    I was told by the dealer that the stock tires that came on my 2005 Magnum - Continental self-sealing tires - were a real problem. That's why the dealer replaced them at no charge with less than 6,000 miles of wear.

    That said, it isn't unusual for stock tires to wear out after 28,000 miles. The tires that came on my previous car - a Saab 9-5 wagon - wore out after 30,000 miles.

    You can try the Goodyear tires that Dodge is now putting on the 2006 Magnums.

    The pull to the right seems to be a prevalent problem, which your dealer should know about. Check other postings in this forum or on for more on this problem.

    Good luck.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Cooper Tires has their Touring SLE speed rated tires in exact replacement size for the RT 18" wheel. I put them on after my Continentals were toast at 16,800 miles. The difference was like night and day, and the Coopers are more reasonably priced than the Goodyears. I love my RT and the new tires make it better than it was new!!!
  • lennyskylennysky Posts: 8
    Is Dodge repacing the Continentals with a different tire under warranty since this seems to be a common problem? Do you lose the "self-sealing" option if you use a different tire? I Got my '06 in February, and it had the Continentals on it but I wasn't aware they are such a problem.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Some owners have gotten some credit on exchanges, but if it was from Continental they had to put the same tires back on. That was not worth it to me. There was no way I wanted another set of those! They may have been inproved for the 06 cars, so you may not have a problem.
  • romannumalromannumal Posts: 21
    i have 25000 miles on my mag and i am getting ready to buy some new tires. i will not buy the same cont. that came with the car. i was told that the tire that came on the car was underrated for the car. i also was told cont. has a new tire that they came out with that is right for the car. dose any one know about the new tire or any ideas on what tire i should get and about the price for a good tire. thanks :confuse:
  • mike5806mike5806 Posts: 12
    I recently purchased a dealer's demo 2005 special edition SXT and it came with Goodyears' Integrity tires. Have not had them that long but the car does not pull nor have any other tire related problems. You might try the tire rack website in the area of the consumer survey to check out what other people have written.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    I put Cooper Touring SLE's on my '05 Magnum RT. They had the exact replacement 18" size and the difference between them and the Continentals was incredible. Ran a little over $100 per tire installed, balanced, and new stainless valves. I could not be happier with them.
  • romannumalromannumal Posts: 21
    thank you that is helpful
    do you know if the continentals are run flats i am trying to find out but the dealer was not sure.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Some of the Continentals were and some were not. On the RT, if you got the protection package with side curtain air bags and the cabin air filter, the self sealing tires were included. They are NOT true run flats, but have the goop inside that is supposed to seal a leak if you get one. The self sealing ones had the Contiseal name on them if I remember correctly. The bad thing about the self sealing tires is that they cannot be repaired for a leak if the self sealing feature does not fix the problem, they have to be replaced. The regular Continentals can be repaired like a normal tire.
  • romannumalromannumal Posts: 21
    i have read that the run flats ride ruff. my sister has a bmw 5 and she can not stand how ruff the ride is. dose any one have info on any runflats. getting ready to replace the junk cont. on my mag rt.
  • 2005rtmag2005rtmag Posts: 7
    What pressure does everyone run in their tires? The door sticker on my car recommends 30psig. However, the maximum pressure on the Continental tires is 51 psig. I think I will try about 45 psig to see what the ride is like.
  • 2005rtmag2005rtmag Posts: 7
    The Contiseal tires have a maximum inflation pressure rating of 51 psig. In my opinion the Dodge recommended pressure of 30psig is too low. The car rides great, but it doesn't handle that well at that pressure. I pumped mine up to 45 before driving from the NC coast to Al, a trip of 565 miles. It was mostly interstate 20 with a speed limit of 70mph. I set the cruise on 80 mph whenever possible. I got 22.8mpg for the whole trip. My 2005 RT has around 2000 miles on it. I like the Continentals okay so far.
    I checked with Michelin and they have a 235/55x18 tire that looks interesting. I don't know what the cost would be.
  • The dealer told me I had to take it up with Continental, We did and they would not do a thing. I replaced the tires (Goodyears. They told me and I checked the tires are not covered under the car waranty,tires have their own (continentals)
    How did you get the dealer to replace them?

  • The Dodge dealer where I bought the car replaced the tires at no cost with Goodyears. They told me the self-sealing Continentals were a major problem. I had a lot of other problems the first four months I owned the car. Since then its run like a dream - problem free.
  • edvmedvm Posts: 2
    Due to vibration problems in the steering wheel (alinement is OK)... I'm on to my third set of tires in two months! 4 brand new Integra's failed radial displacement test. Stiff tire. Upgraded to four more Goodyears softer sidewall and more gentle ride. Unfortunately, all four failed (out of round) within three weeks (progressively got worse). Very frustrating. I've ordered 4 new Michelin tires. Tire store stated that they have seen more trouble with Goodyear than other brands. Could be a sales pitch, but we'll see.
    Still waiting to be real happy with this Magnum.
  • mel377mel377 Posts: 1
    I have ALWAYS, since 100 miles off the lot, had serious tire / steering / alignment issues with this car. I finally did the smart thing and got rid of the GoodYear tires all together and bought "bridgestone turanza's" and a life time alignment check. It's been the best thing I have done since buying the car (which was a mistake) I don't think the Magnum is all it was cracked up to be. Sad really, it is a cool looking car on the road, if it would just drive like one. :sick: Mel
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Sorry you have had issues with your Magnum. My 3 year lease is about to expire on my RT and I am going to miss it terribly. It has been a great car, fun to drive, powerful as heck, yet with very acceptable mileage. It holds extra stuff compared to a sedan, yet drives like a sports car. It has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. Sadly, I need to go back to something with 3 rows of seating, so soon it will be goodbye to a great car. My only complaint was the nasty Continental tires that only lasted 16000 miles.
  • dewey4dewey4 Posts: 1
    I have a clunking noise in the front wheel, the shop cant figure it out.Anyone have a idea what it could be?
  • I have a 2006 Magnum AWD with less than 9,000km, which has developed a bad shudder in the front end when turning sharply at low speed, such as into/out of garage, U-turns etc? Anyone else got this?
  • My 2005 R/T AWD and had the same shuddering problem during low speed turning. There is a TSB out there on this issue. The first time, the dealer flushed out the transfer case. When the shudder returned they replaced the transfer case. Haven't had the problem since the replacement.
  • Do you have the TSB number? My 2006 300c AWD has the same exact problem but the dealer denies there is any TSB out there and doesn't notice the noise even when I drive the car with him in it.
  • Only have 11,000 miles on original Continental tires. They have cupped (all 4).
    Continental says out of balance/suspension/lack of rotation the problem. Never have had a car, even with gross neglect of the tire maintenance that have cupped. Now dealing with the rump rump rump sound which is aggravating. Continental does not acknowledge any responsibility. Have cross rotated the tires to attempt to even the wear. Anybody out there with history with this problem. Tempted to get new tires.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Dump the Crapinentals! Mine only lasted 16000 miles before they were down to the wear bars. Got Cooper 18" touring tires (exact OEM size) and they made all the difference in the world. Now with almost 26000 miles on the Coopers they still look great and ride great. Cuppping usually relates to alignment issues. You might want to have that checked, but regardless you need to get new tires ASAP!
  • Replaced my 4 Conti's which were cupped after less than 11k miles. Got some satisfaction from Continental, They gave me $75 credit for each tire. Most of that went back to the Tire Center however for their mounting charges etc. Did however have the wheels aligned. Perhaps the cause of the cupping problem to begin with. Had to replace with the same tire however. Am now enjoying the wonderful quiet ride again. Will definitely pay attention to rotation and alignment henceforth. Seems the Magnum/Continental is sensitive to tire maintenance.
  • I have been looking at tire/rim packages for my new 2007 Magnum R/T AWD. There seems to be many package choices for the RWD version but very limited for the AWD. Question: Assuming the bolt pattern & back space are correct. Why would there be such a difference between AWD vs RWD rims? Can I go up a size to 20"? Also based on the adverse tire info here on the Continentials, what is a good agressive tread tire for the AWD (lots of snow here) that will give a good quiet ride. Thanks for the help.
  • pagetpaget Posts: 7
    I found that going to is a good resource...asks questions on what's important to you...snow, handling, etc.

    I have an 06 and am leaning towards the Goodyear Eagle R series
  • FYI: Just talked to the guys at Tire Rack. AWD rims have a different back space than RWD.
  • My NOS 2006 had really bad highway vibration when I test-drove it (it had been sitting around for a long time). The dealer replaced the tires with new Mastercraft tires (I forget the specific tire, they have several styles named "Avenger"). It cured the vibration totally. Time will tell how they wear (I think they can be had for about $107 a piece).

    (I should say that tires usually last me a very long time, since I drive very conservatively these days. Of course, with that Hemi tempting me, things may change. On cars like my Grand Marquis, they would last 70 thousand miles or better. The front tires on my '87 Grand National only lasted about 30 thousand. I don't know why; I never sped around corners much. I think that those OEM Goodyears are just too soft).
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