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Jeep Liberty Problem Codes and TSBs

jcarv76jcarv76 Posts: 4
My Jeep check engine light started to blink, and the engine is running really rough. From the posts listed, I found the problem codes: P0300, P0301, P0302, P0455, and P1196. The first three codes I saw listed in this forum as plug misfire codes. This would explain the rough running. However, any idea what the other 2 codes mean? I'm also having an issue with coolant level. The engine seems to be consuming coolant. I don't see any pools or leaks from any hoses or clamp areas. :confuse:



  • john81john81 Posts: 60
    Check for any maintenance-gram pertaining to 2003 engine mis-fires. The Hayes or Chilton manuals for the Jeep Liberty should include a listing of computer fault codes.
    A good technician should only see fault codes as a troubleshooting guide, not the root cause. Misfires could be anything from faulty wiring through the firewall, fouled plugs, defective computer chip, bad distributor cap or rotor, faulty spark plug wiring, weak fuel pump or fouled fuel filter, etc.
    If there is an internal antifreeze leak into the cylinders, I would be looking for white smoke. Blue smoke for oil, White smoke for antifreeze. This would indicate a bad head gasket or the head is warped. Warped heads will distort the alignment of valve guides and any associated mechanics.
    I would tell the technician to get the car off the diagnostic machine and into a maintenance stall and do some real troubleshooting.
  • John,
    I got those problem codes using the key trick on the ignition. It ends up I have two bad cylinders. Fortunately, I only have 69000 on the car so the 70000 warranty is covering this.

  • john81john81 Posts: 60
    Wow, 2 bad cylinder. Good thing its just under 70,000 miles.
    Half of me is curious why those 2 cylinders (bad rings, faulty piston rods, improper clearance between bearings on the crankshaft, etc). The other part of me would only settle for a new engine, NOT a rebuilt engine or either a partial repair of the two faulty cylinders.
    Since it under warranty, the dealership service department (in an ideal world) will fix it like new. But we don't live in an ideal world, but I hope the dealership does what is RIGHT, and not they can get away with.
  • John,
    I didn't get the total details on what went wrong, and what they're planning on fixing. Good point on the new engine idea. I brought the car to the dealer, and frankly I've had it with them. I'm going to call them in a few minutes to discuss options. :mad:

  • I also had a bad cylinder. The "spring broke". Cost $1.14 for the spring - $350 for the labor. that was two weeks ago. Now I have a "catch/hiccup" when I deaccelerate. It stopped on me with no notice again this week - in a dangerous intersection. Garage/dealer has had it two days "can't find anything wrong". I'm picking it up tonight and will probably sell asap. NOT what I wanted to do!!
  • P0203,P1281,P0320,P0325,P0205,P0330,P0700..... My buddies jeep has all those codes, and he is blessing me with figureing out what they mean. Does anyone have and idea or a website i can go to to figure them out??? Thankyou...
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I came across this but I don't know how reliable it is.

    tidester, host
  • rjc23rjc23 Posts: 1
    Could you let me know the trick to reading the codes.

    I Have an 03 with the check engine light coming on. I had the code read and all it said was misfire on #5. The light is on steady.
  • I have a 2002 jeep liberty that is also comsuming coolant. I had my jeep pressure tested and checked out for leaks and nothing showed up. I had a new head gasket and manifold and I'm still consuming coolant. Has your coolant problem been resolved yet?
  • xkmailxkmail Posts: 36
    Send in 4 ounces engine oil for an analysis. They will tell you if it has high sodium or other contaminants, which will point to head gasket leak or engine block crack.
  • mdamickmdamick Posts: 277
    Here is what I have from my new code reader:

    Maybe a bad plug in the harness?
  • bobbyk1bobbyk1 Posts: 1
    My daughter owns a 2002 jeep liberty and the check engine light came on and the speedometer and odometer do not work. She is away at college and I want to have an idea as to what might be the problem and the approximate cost of repair. She is bringing it to a dealer today. Does anyone have a similar experience.
  • jcbuxjcbux Posts: 2
    i have an 02 KJ with 93k miles and has recently been giving me headaches. the extent of my mechanical ability stops at changing fluids and plugs. check engine light comes on and i lose power. i pull off the road, turn the key off for a while and start up down the road again. it seems to happen going uphill, when i'm on the throttle. my garage (not a jeep dealer) has had my rig 5 times over the past month. their computer diagnostic has been the same every time - misfire #3 cyl. they replaced the coil and plug, but the problem remains and is getting worse. the local dealer can't get me in for 2 weeks. i've read the similar postings and i understand now the problem could be many things. this is my only vehicle and i'm limping it to and from work every day. unfortunately the warranty expired after 5 yrs. any advice?

    thank you in advance,
  • deepsouth1deepsouth1 Posts: 1
    Same happened to me at 80k miles, you have to replace the computer, because if don't it'll keep burning your coils. I see in this forum is a common failure, and is common they don't get it at a first glance(i went to a jeep dealer's service), they spent almost 4 weeks working on that.

  • cbeal22cbeal22 Posts: 3
    I have had my 02 liberty in the local shop 4 different times. The codes have always indicated misfires. I believe on the number 4 cyclinder. After running through several tests by switching ignition coils, cleaning injecters, plugs etc. The shop owners believes it is a problem with a PCM and the dealer can fix it. When I took it to the dealer and talked about the PCM, he gave me the it might be covered it might not be covered under the 8/80,000 Federal Emissions Warranty. Currenty, I have 69,000. Are there really different scenarios for when a PCM is covered or not?
  • dannywondannywon Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Liberty also and all I could say is good luck with the speedometer and engine light. I spend 3000 on it so far and have given up. No one can fix it. They tell me i need a new transmission but the transmission runs fine and Im not about to put in a new transmission for another $2700.
    This is the worst problem I've had with a vehicle ever.

    There is a lawsuit in the future on this problem for sure.
  • grumpyjwgrumpyjw Posts: 1
    Had the same problem. Turns out its a speed sensor on the back wheel. There are 3 sensors but only one that effects the speedometer and odeometer. Easy to change out and not too expensive. Grumpy
  • This is a useful site for diagnosing trouble codes:

    There are others too. Google search OBD 2 CODES
  • wahnsinnwahnsinn Posts: 2
    Hi everyone, about a year ago my check engine light came on with both of these problems (O2 sensor & radiator fan control circuit), had both of them repaired and things were fine for a while. Now the light came on again...for the exact same things, same codes and everything. It's in being repaired again, but I'm curious what could keep causing these same two problems?

    FYI, the exact two codes are:

    P1491 Radiator fan control circuit problem (may be solid state relays as well as other circuits).
    P0153 HO2S Slow Response Bank 2 Sensor 1

    Thanks for any help!

  • wahnsinnwahnsinn Posts: 2
    Got her back from the dealer yesterday afternoon. They ended up replacing the O2 sensor, radiator fan relay, and radiator fan relay connector. I asked the guy if he could guess as to what would cause these things to go bad since I had just (a year doesn't seem like a long time) had them both fixed. He of course said, "I don't know". So I just have to wait and see if they go bad for a third time...
  • My wife's Jeep Liberty has the same problem What was the outcome of your problems? Did you have to replace the PCM?
  • My wife's Jeep has the same problem. Was the PCM covered by the Federal Emissions Warranty or did you have to pay for it? What was the different scenarios for coverage?
  • The dealer said the pcm was fine. They did want to do a combustion chamber clean, new plugs, clean the injectors....a bunch of services for about $800. I agreed to about half of them and now the jeep runs fine. just keep crossing my fingers
  • Would you mind telling me how long it's been since you had the repairs? Any other problems with your jeep?
    We're thinking of fixing, selling and starting over with something else. It's a little frustrating to have major problems after only 74,000 miles.

  • My o2 Liberty had misfires also. The first was two years ago. Repair was made to the tune of $1300. One month later another cylinder went along with another $1300. I just passed 107,000 miles 2 weeks ago when the head gaskets blew! Good luck everyone...anybody know what a good jeep liberty body goes for with no engine obviously. I've had interest but don't know the value.
  • I have a v6 3.7L 2003 jeep liberty and the other day the car would not start. I tried jumping the car but with no success. I figured that my battery had died, so I had it tested. The battery was dead so I got a brand new one. My jeep ran fine for 2 days and now the battery is dead again. So I figure it's the altenator. I had the altenator checked but it's fine. I put the altenator back in the jeep and that's when I noticed that even with the car off and not running, when I touch the neg. battery cable to the battery, I noticed that the fan in the front is trying to move. So what can cause the car to drain the battery without the car running? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • It may be the computer. The PCM on my wife's liberty was causing the battery to drain and they replaced it. It was actually covered by the federal warranty so we didn't get charged. This was one of the few times i was glad I took it to the dealer.
  • lkarrlkarr Posts: 2
    I purchased my 05 liberty in may of 08..three days after purchase, the dealership towed it back due to the tranny light being on.. couldn't find a problem!!! here it is almost 1 year later and the same light is on and they are trying to tell me it is on because it is the "check engine light" and I may need a catalitic converter and or fuel sensor...since when does a converter or fuel sensor have anything to do with a tranny light? I also have a terrible squeel comming from the front end...all brakes, rotors, callipers, and ball joints as well as new tires have been replaced but still there and very loud after running for awhile...can anyone help a girl out? what are these problems and how do I get them fixed....?????????????
  • I found the problem. It was the right rear "down stream" o2 sensor. The wiring came loose from the clip and one of the wires rubbed and broke. I put the wire back together. Will the computer reset or did that most likely short the sensor??
  • lkarrlkarr Posts: 2
    I appreciate your response..Im my case it ended up be 2 bad oxygen sensors. The one before the cadilitic converter and the one after the converter...passed inspection and light has stayed out with no problems ever since.
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