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Jeep Liberty Problem Codes and TSBs



  • any1 know what that code means?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That would be:


    See our Maintenance, Recalls and TSBs page.

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  • was thinking thats wut is was thanks for your help.. :shades:
  • my liberty runs good has engine check light on checked codes po442 did tune up- oil change- checked for vacumn leaks reset .light goes off comes back on after driving.
  • :sick: My libby is going crazy! My car keeps shutting completely down. I will run for all of about miles and then shuts off. There is no warning signs just the sterning wheel locks up and the the engine light flashing. The battery died so i replaced it and had the same issues. The Libby was placed on a machine and this code came up. I was a Engine Speed Sensor Circuit. I dont know how much this cost or where it is located at. Is this a easy fix? Do anyone know a very good mechainic in Ohio? :sick:
  • Had a similar problem with my wife's 03 Liberty. Got a P0452 (medium evap leak). Good thing I have my Chilton Jeep manual. P0452, 0455, and 0456 are leaks in the evap system. It's located in the rear to the front left of the gas tank. Small black box is the EVAP container. Has a couple of hoses running to it from the gas tank. With a flashlight, noticed one of the hoses was pretty split. Ordered a new hose from the dealer which unfortunately comes with the entire line that runs from the back to the front along the bottom driver side. Tedious to replace but got it done. However, you don't have to do that. Simply remove the rubber portion from the new tubing and replace the damaged piece only. In my case, the entire line cost only $25. Reset the computer by removing the neg battery terminal and the code is far. It's a week later and no code. Get under the car and confirm if any tubes are damaged.
  • Thank you for answering.I think I found my problem the problem you were right there is that hose and one on drivers side firewall spit as well.I found it when I decided to replace all the hoses.Thank you
  • red40red40 Posts: 1
    i have a 02 jeep liberty and i bought it with a #2 cyl misfire and after taking off the pas side head i found the piston and combustion chamber (#2) destroyed! but the jeep still ran and ran well! so i bought a new head ($350) not from the dealer and a new piston ($85) and it runs like a champ now. got 5000 miles plus on the new parts and everythings ok. what happened is the #2 valve seat (stainless steel) came dislodged from the head (possibly from over heating) and when the valve closed on it it shattered destroying everything it touched! but fixable!
  • Thanks so much for the's sitting in the driveway waiting for repairs. I hate to get rid of it, having been spoiled with the leather heated seats. The subaru I bought to replace it doesn't have that luxury...but it runs!
  • Code P0300 misfire detected. What could it be other than $2000. Engine runs rough on cold start up, Then seems fine after it warms up. Thanks for your advice.
  • i have a 07 liberty the engine light keep coming on i took to have code read and it says o2 sensor high voltage had them clear it and 2 days later it came back on same thing any ideas
    thanx for the help
  • tater5tater5 Posts: 1
    My wifes jeep liberty will go dead at stop lite .or when stopped.No codes or anything show . after a minute or two it will start back . so far anyway Any ideas?
  • Does anyone know what computer code P0158 stands for in a 2003 Jeep Liberty? We were out shopping and the engine light came on. My husband was turning the key and pressing the accelerator and this code showed up on the odometer. We havn't any problem yet but I assume something is brewing. Thanks
  • tnewttnewt Posts: 1
    Help, I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty. Has been a beauty for me. I've replaced 02 sensors left & right bank. I keep getting intermittent engine light, #1 thought bad gas seemed to clear up. Of late driving and vehicle engine will race, kind of buck, stall & restart. Engine continues to rev rpm's whether driving or sitting in park. Friend suggested may be vacuum seal(s) or cracked block. Not cracked block.
    but I did notice onset of symptoms, if tank was low 1/4 tank gas, would rev. Also noticed when acting "funny" interior windows would frost-condensation. So, I tried running heat, thinking low tank, window condensation vehicle, no engine light, seemed to run fine...
    Tonight, 1/4 tank gas typical acting funny time- I ran heat continously-no problems.

    Does anybody have any idea what is going on-when engine revs, It's like gas pedal sticks-dangerous situation. Please advise :confuse:
  • I have a 2005 liberty with the 2.8 l diesel. I have 2 codes that have poped up. The code p1250 is for VACUUM RESERVOIR SOLENOID OPEN CKT and the p0299 is for BOOST IN RANGE LOW. i have had issues with the EGR ckt in the past . hose splits, egr valve sticking open. and have been able to deal with them myself, I would like to check the p1250 problem out. but dont know where the unit is located. could use some help with verbal discription or diagrams.
  • Hi, I have been a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep mechanic for 15 years. I am also the only diesel mechanic at my dealer. The P0299 Boost pressure sensor positive deviation, is a common code in the Liberty diesel. TSB # 25-001-05 Rev. A describes this condition. Essentially your PCM needs to be flashed (Reprogrammed) and the EGR valve replaced. The P1250 Vacuum Reservoir Solonoid open circuit DTC is also a code I've seen in the past. You most likely need a new Vac Res solonoid. It is located on top of the Vac Reservoir which is on the passenger side of the engine compartment. It is a kind of stepped cylinder with 2 vacuum lines going to it and an electrical plug. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks dasboot72

    This helps a lot, will driving till I get the issues resolve cause any damage to the engine/car or can i drive with the issues this way? I am away from home for work and can probably get the vacuum issue dealt with. Is the part for the p1250 issue dealer or auto parts store.
  • I doubt you will find that solonoid in the aftermarket, and most likely a dealer would have to order it due to the small number of Liberty dielsels on the road. Also as far as driving it goes, you may experience performance issues when the EGR sticks but no damage will result.
  • I talked to the dealer ship and they had no clue what part I was asking for. I talked to the service dept. and they did not recognize the P1250 code (I don’t know why). Is the vacuum reservoir part of the egr control ckt. or would you a source to find a part number?

  • I looked up the part myself and the problem is that parts catalogs call things different names than service manuals. The best thing you could do is locate the solonoid as I described it to you and see if it has a part number on it. Aside from that it looks to me like the parts catalog is calling it a Vaccum electric modulator. The Part Number for that is 52109543AA. I am about 95% sure that is the Vac Solonoid. Like I said though, try to see if a part number is on the old one, if not go with my part number.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    You can plug the vacuum line and remove the solenoid until you get the new one.
  • nyhugnyhug Posts: 2
    This problem happened to my 2008 Jeep liberty a few times. I had a Jeep Dealer take care of it. The service people did not detect any problem. Did this kind of problem happen to any other vehicle of the same model? What the problem could be?
  • Does anyone know what the computer code P0158 on a 2003 Jeep Jiberty means?
  • P0158 is an oxygen sensor 2/2 circuit high. You most likely need a new 2/2 O2 sensor. (2/2 means bank 2 downstream, and bank 2 is the side with the #2 spark plug or the even numbered plug side.
  • My jeep seemed just fine then I just tried to start it and it would not stay running. It sputters a lot. I can get it started but have to keep my foot on the gas to keep it running. I think i saw the code 6.4 on my trip reset button...but not sure if that means anything. I have not had any of my engine lights go on. Help! I dont know what to do.
  • If you have a start and stall condition and it requires you to Two foot it to keep it runnung it could be a number of things but first you need to either get your battery checked or install a known good battery and se if the problem goes away. I know it doesn't seem to make sense but a weak battery can have enough energy to start a car but not enough to keep all of the electronics needed to run a modern car going. Giving it gas to keep it running is spinning the alternator faster to take up the slack. I'm not saying this is for sure your issue. You didn't give too much info. But it's a good place to start that you could handle yourself. Let me know what happens and give me more details if this doesn't work.
  • Thank you for the info. I will try it in the morning. I did look under the hood and my battery posts were covered with a bunch of mucky stuff. So I hope that this is the answer... :)
  • I also wanted to know if there was a way to get the codes from my car without hooking it up to a computer. I had seen some mention of this on the internet but not sure how we can do it. A friend also mentioned about the fuel filter....would this make my car not run. What other info would you require to answer the question more fully. your advice is most appreciated.
  • dasboot72dasboot72 Posts: 115
    edited February 2010
    Turn your key on then off then on then off then on and watch the digital odometer for the codes. And about the fuel filter. Your jeep dosen't have one. Chrysler hasn't used fuel filters since the mid 90's. The only thing filtering fuel is a strainer on the end of the fuel pump in the tank. They almost never clog. In 15 years I can only recall 1 that had clogged and once that happens it burns out the fuel pump anyway.
  • Well we tried changing out the battery but no success. The code 6lass popped up but not sure what that could of been a G...not sure as it flashed really fast. I do have a crack in my windshield but not sure what that would have to do with my car not running properly. So what do you think my next course of action is? the fuel filter? thanks.
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